Thursday, 5 October 2017

Back To School Fashion Show Day #2 - One Elimination

Welcome to the second voting session of the back to school fashion show!! :D

Thanks to all who voted yesterday! Let's see who's out, shall we?

Aw, good job, Victory! You did well! And there's always going to be another fashion show for you to enter again! ^.^

Alright! Same thing as last time! Vote by commenting on this post or JAGing me. And don't use your extra accounts for voting, please!

Good luck, fashionistas! :D

Jam on!


  1. I vote out... King Grandjoy, sorry sis D:

  2. You did great Victory! I vote out Wild Kindjoy. Sorry!

  3. Hmmm, I vote out King Frozenfoot. Sorry whoever you are! >.<


  4. I vote out wild kindjoy

  5. Uhhhh hard choice! I vote out King Frozen Foot, Sorry! D;
    *Husky Ninja