Sunday, 8 October 2017

Back To School Fashion Show Day #5 - One Elimination

Howdy partners, Lost here is back with another voting session for the back to school fashion show, y'all!


Okay, fine, I'll stop being western. *throws cowboy hat away* Bye, hat! I'll missssss you! (XD)

Well, thanks again to everyone who voted on the yesterday! And since yesterday was a double elimination, there's two more people out!

Muddy and King, you did so good! And I love fashion shows so there's always going to be another one in the future. ^.^

Alright, today, vote out one person by commenting on this post or JAGing me on AJ! And no extra accounts, as you all know. ;)

Good luck to the five remaining!

Jam on!


  1. Hmmmmm who to vote out today... I guess I’ll go with mythical snowytulip

  2. I'm still there? :O Wow!

    I'm gonna vote out Lucky Desertpaws. I'm really sorry! :(


  3. I vote out Princess Alien Stars! So sorry