Monday, 27 November 2017

Birthday Party Pictures and Gifts I Got!

Helloooooooooo there! XD

If you didn't know, on Saturday, I had my 15th birthday party! :D I tried to take as many pictures as I could cause it was a really fun party and I want to remember it forever but I was trying to enjoy the party as well. I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted but at least I have some!

Let's take a look at the photos I took! :D

My party started off with BANANAS!!! Like literally everyone went crazy and was shouting nonsense. It was the best. XD

Playing find-the-plushie! (But it was hard mode because it was in Liza's den, DUN DUN DUN DUNNN! XD) It's a favorite of mine so it always gets played at my parties. XD

LOL! Ja was 'getting annoyed' that Snow was sitting on top of her. XD
Next we did the Lost Quiz. I was making up the questions as I went so they were really, really random. (Example: What is the name of my oldest sister's blog?) Sarah won with 8 points!


Still doing the Lost Quiz. XD This was the last question and the easiest: What is this party for? XD

Cake time!!! Also known as CRAZY FUN TIME! XD


Group picture! :D

Playing hide and go seek! Hehe, can you see me? :o

We forgot to sing happy birthday so just before everyone had to go, my friends sang for me. :')

Aww, you guys are the best. ^.^ (And haha, Ja Ja! XD)

A HUGE thank you to everyone who came:

On my birthday and at my birthday party, I was given some amazing gifts! And I really want to show you them so, let's look!

This amazing art is made by Floracutegirl! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I LOVE IT!! ^.^


This is awesome, Sarah!!! ^.^ It's my favorite piece of art you've even done. ;) LOOK, THERE'S A LEGEND OF ZELDA FAIRY!!!!! XD

AHHHHHHH, I LOVE IT, THANK YOU, KOOLEST!!!!! ^.^ "Newt A5 The Glue." Best thing ever. XD

This was given to me by Ja on Chicken Smoothie! IT'S AN AWESOME DRAGON! I NAMED IT CLAY. CX


This animation was made by Transions! LOOK, IT WIGGLES AND IT'S SO CUTEEEE! Thank you so much!!!

Thank you so much for making this, Gracie! ^.^


Daylite gave me these two diamond items! Thank you so so much!!! ^.^

And now! For my IRL gifts! :D (I apologize for the bad quality!)
I got this fuzzy sweater from my Grandma! ^.^

Left to right: Wii U amiibo, The Dragonet Prophecy, The Lost Heir, Bounty bar, Reese Peanut Butter Cup, Nintendo eShop card, and two bite brownies
All of these gifts were from my three siblings! I GOT WINGS OF FIRE, YEY!! AND CHOCOLATE! AND VIDEO GAME STUFF! WOO! XD

 This drawing was done by Koolestkat/Chloe Grace. IT'S SO GOOD. LOOK AT IT! I must hang it up on my wall. ^.^

And lastly, my parents gave me some perfume! It smells so good and I will most likely use it almost every day. :D It's my first real perfume!
Have an amazing day and don't forget to...
Jam on!!
Comment call: If you came, did you enjoy the party as much as I did? :D

Saturday, 25 November 2017

My 15th Birthday Party - Reminder

Hey guys!! My birthday party starts in half an hour (1:30pm Central)! There’s going to be games like hide and seek or find the plushie! Prizes too!

Hope to see you all there!

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

A New AJ Movement - No More New Spikes!!

Hey everyone! Lost here with a quick little post talking about a brand new AJ movement that needs to get out into the AJ world because... it's a good movement. XD

It all started tonight when I was chatting with Sarah and Swirl. Sarah randomly mentioned that AJHQ was making more new spikes. So we started... not really complaining cuz that sounds like we're little kids (*tries not to think of how we were all screaming "NOT MORE SPIKES!!!!!"* XD) but we started talking about how we didn't need MORE spikes!

So! Putting our heads together and me using my editing 'skills', I whipped this up!


Anyhoo, just thought I'd throw this out there! :D

Have an amazing morning/afternoon/evening, and...

Jam on!


Sunday, 19 November 2017

Awkward Birthday Situations - A Birthday Post!

Me: *bursts into room with confetti and balloons flying* HELLO EVERYONE!
You guys: *sits on sofa, reading the newspaper looking very bored* What do you want? *looks up and frowns*
You guys: *throws down newspaper and jumps off sofa to avoid getting jumped on* WHAT? Why would we have presents for you?
Me: *slowly stops bouncing* Well, it-it-it's my birthday! *lip trembles*
You guys: Oh.
Me: ...
You guys: *slowly smiles* Well! Good thing we remembered! *reaches behind back and pulls out a gift*
Me: YEYYYYYY!!! *tears it open*
You guys: *smirks*
Me: *looks at gif and stutters* It-it-it-it's...
You guys: It's? *smirks very evilly*
You guys: *cackles* IT'S CUZ YOUR SO OLD NOW, YOU OLD DEER!
Me: :'(

Wow. Apparently 15 means I'm old. Thanks, you guys. XD

Anyway, yes, you read right! Today is my birthday! I was born today, November 19th, 15 years ago. Violet told me that that means I'm halfway to 30. 0,O I don't wanna think about that. XD

Last year on my birthday, I posted a really huge, long post filled with a lot of fun info on me. Sadly, I didn't come up with anything as extravagant as last years. But if you want to reread that post, click here! (A lot of that stuff is not accurate now but oh well! Some of it is. :P)

But I still have a special post in mind for today! It's just not gonna be as long and information-y. XD

I call it "Awkward Birthday Situations!" Basically, I will be talking about some possible awkward birthday moments and situations. It’ll make more sense when you keep reading. *rubs hand together* This shall be fun. XD

Awkward Birthday Situations:

1. You wake up and almost forget it's your birthday.
Honestly, it feels like just a normal day! And then something clicks or someone says happy birthday to you and you realize, "Oh yeah! IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!" This has happened to me at least once. Other times, my first thought when I wake up is, "IT'S MY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYYYY!" (Like today. My first thought was literally that. XD)

2. Someone says "Happy birthday!" and you say "You too!"
Ahem, yup. This happens. It's just a thing to say, right? Like, someone says "Have a good day!" and you say "You too!" Someone says "Good morning!" and your instant reply is "You too!" So it makes sense why you say that.

It's just kind of awkward. XD

3. You feel bored. ON YOUR BIRTHDAY!
I hate this when this happens. Like, c'mon! No one should feel bored on your birthday! Being bored is... boring.

4. You feel like telling some random person that it's your birthday cause you're so happy.
Don't tell me you haven't wanted to do this or haven’t actually done this.

5. Everyone's singing happy birthday to you! Uh... what do you do?
This happens to me. Every. Single. Birthday.

Do you sing along with them? Ya know, just sing your own praises and all that.

Do you just sit there like a weirdo and smile as people are all staring at you and singing?

Do you just zone out and wait for it to be over? Just stare at the cake. Like you're really hungry and want the singing to be done so the awkward moment is gone.


It's a mystery of life.

 6. You get a really awesome present! You love it and everything but... all of a sudden... you can't... smile...
Ahem, yup. It's like, inside, you're freaking out about how awesome it is. But in reality, you're all fake and forcing a smile.


Reality: *smiles really fakely and talks weirdly* Oh! This is so... um... uh... cool! Um, yeah, than-thank you! *shoves gift away and grabs another*

Uhm. Yeah. -.-

7. You are so happy, you just wanna scream, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!" but then you sound weird...
Uh, yup. I basically did that today. I pretty much almost started singing "Happy birthday to me!" And yeah. I stopped cause I didn't want to sound weirder than I am. XD

Annnnnnnnnnnd that's all I can think of at the moment! Sorry that this post is SO short!

Also! Thanks to all who have given me gifts already or will give gifts! It means so much to me, that'd you would take the time to draw me something or get me something special. You all rock. ;)

Have an amazing day, eat some cake to honor my birthday (XD), and never forget to...

Jam on!

Comment call: Whatcha all doing today? :D

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Birthday Party Plans!

Hellooooo everyone! ^-^ How's everyone doing?

I'm doing pretty good myself. I'm very excited, actually! *bounces happily*

Why, you may ask?

CAUSE TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!! And my bro tells me his present is the best! YEYYYYY!!! :D

And since tomorrow is my birthday, I gotta have an AJ birthday party, right?

I whipped up this little invite for ya. Aren't I so sweet? (That sentence made no sense, oh well! You get what I mean!)

I'm actually super excited for my birthday. :3 I get to have pancakes for a Sunday breakfast which never happens. (But I do have to wake up early tomorrow. *groans*) I get to have waffle pizza and FRENCH FRIES for supper and Nanaimo bar for my dessert.

Uh, why am I just talking about the food...? XD

I'm also super happy my birthday is on a Sunday cause that means my whole family is home. ^.^

Anyhoo, sorry that this post is all jumbled up! I'll try to have a better post up later this week. ;)

Have an amazing day and...

Jam on!

Comment call: Can you make it to my party? :D

Thursday, 9 November 2017

The Bibliophile Sweater Tag - A Sweatery Bookish Tag!

Hey guys! :D Today's post is going to non-AJ related so if you came here for loads of AJ talk and not a post about sweaters and books and sweater-ish books, then you may leave right now! No hard feelings. *covers face and sobs*

AHEM. Ignore that. ^

This wonderful graphic is made by the tag's creator, Mary Horton!

A few weeks ago, my oldest sister Tracey Dyck at Adventure Awaits tagged for me for a super adorable tag created by Mary Horton at Sunshine and Scribblings. (Knowing that there was some confusion last time I posted a non-AJ related tag, no this is not created by me nor is it an AJ tag. XD)

Mary whipped up some rules and their pretty simple. Let's read them, shall we? ^.^

- Give the person who tagged you a never-ending supply of cookies (or just thank them - either works) (Thank you, Tracey for tagging me! *looks in cookie jar* There's only one... Here, you can have it! *gives to Tracey* ^-^)
- Answer all the questions and use the blog graphic for this tag somewhere in your post (Already done. ;))
- Pass along the tag to at least five other people (Oooo, what if I can't decideeeee? XD)
- Wear a sweater (okay, this is optional...but why wouldn't you want to??) (*looks down* Darn, I'm not wearing a sweater and with the heat on in the house, it's too warm! >.< My camp shirt will do!)
Simple enough! Let's start!

Fuzzy sweater (a book that is the epitome of comfort)

Alright, so, I hope I'm getting this right because I don't exactly know what epitome means and DICTIONARY.COM IS NOT REALLY TELLING ME. XD

But I'm guessing it just means it's comforting. In that case, 11 Birthdays is a perfect example. I have reread this book... 5 times? Maybe 7 times. Who knows?! I've read it a bunch and IT'S SO AMAZING. Of all the Willow Falls books, this one has a special place in my heart. It's an easy read and has amazing chemistry and Leo is awesome. ;)

Striped sweater (book which you devoured every line of)

This book sucked me into it's dystopian world the moment I read the first line:
"He began his life standing up, surrounded by cold darkness and stale, dusty air."
Doesn't it already sound intriguing? Just writing it down makes me want to run (ha, see what I did there?) and start reading it again. I loved every tense moment and every deep talk between the characters. I loved how all the characters sometimes just rubbed each other the wrong way and got angry. I really did devour each word, each line, each page. If you haven't read The Maze Runner yet, I highly suggest you do!

 Ugly Christmas sweater (book with a weird cover)

Alright, all the Deltora Quest books have really weird covers so I just picked the first one. I am always slightly embarrassed when I check these ones out of the library. 0.O And... yeah. It took me a while to figure this one out since I love a lot of book covers!

Cashmere sweater (most expensive book you've bought)

Okay, okay, so I didn't buy this book, it was given to me but it was the only expensive book that I owned that I could think of! It's about $23 in Canadian dollar and $21 or something in American. But to me, it's worth the extra money! Disenchanted The Trials of Cinderella is the sequel to Grounded The Adventures of Rapunzel and both are amazing twists on fairy-tales! Again, I highly recommend the series!

Hoodie (favorite classic book)

This is my actual copy!
Oh man, this is definitely my favorite classic. The plot, the characters, the style of the writing, it is just the best classic EVER. I really love the humor. And the fact that Peter Pan has a slightly dark side to him, that he isn't just a unique little boy who still has baby teeth and spunk? Now that is an interesting part of the tale. And Hook, don't get me started on that hilarious coward of a pirate. XD And Wendy is incredibly motherly even to Tinkerbell who is constantly trying to kill her. Honestly, just pick this book up some time read it! (Make sure it's unabridged!)

Cardigan (book that you bought on impulse)

So, I bought Behind The Gates at a used book faire on impulse because I had never seen this series before in my life. If I had, I wasn't interested in reading it. I just saw this book in mint condition in the middle of all the roughed up books along with the second book in the series in the same condition. So I picked them up and decided to buy them! I didn't even read the back to see what it was about. When I finally read this book a year or so after I bought it, I realized I had bought a really amazing book! Cheers!

Turtleneck sweater (book from your childhood)

Well, I may be copying the book Josiah chose but this is the book I remember hearing the most growing up. I remember my mom reading it to me while I studied the illustrations with awe. Even then I liked looking at art. ^.^ It's a really great book for kids. I'm blessed that my parents read it to me as a child. And, to kind of quote Josiah, this story has a likeness to the story read in a The Flash episode called "The Runaway Dinosaur." <3

Homemade knitted sweater (book that is Indie-published)

Sadly, I have not read any Indie-published books. At least, I'm pretty sure I haven't... Maybe in my sleep? o.O

V-neck sweater (book that did not meet your expectations)

The first book in The Selection series was really amazing. I loved all the characters and the writing style. It did have a few too many mushy gushy love scenes that went a little too far but I handled it. I was expecting the same in The Elite but sadly, it went downhill. There were even MORE almost inappropriate scenes and the main character seemed to be cheating on the two guys falling for her. Having special moments with one guy one day and then the next day with the other guy. Seems a little wrong to me. I then found out the third book had an actual inappropriate scene and I dropped the series. It stinks because this series had so much potential!

Argyle sweater (book with a unique format)

This book. This book is amazing. The writing style makes the whole book seem like a giant poem! The shorter sentences with lots of describing of feelings and emotions and pain. The whole world is filled with pain what with having no decisions in life because the government pretty much decides your whole life. Where you work, who you love, when you die. Yet again, I am telling you, read this book! ^.^

Polka dot sweater (a book with well-rounded characters)

Okay, before anyone screams "You already used The Maze Runner as an answer and that's THREE books, not one! CHEATER!" please let me explain! XD
As soon as I got to this answer, I thought of these books. But I had already used The Maze Runner so I tried thinking of another book. But I knew if I didn't choose this series, I'd be lying. So, I may be a cheater, this may be breaking a million tag rules, but all I care about is being honest!
I picked this series because I absolutely love the main characters. They all have lots of flaws, they all mess up, they say stupid things at times, but they all care for each other and look out for one another. They act like normal humans and sometimes humans are amazing and sometimes they aren't.
And lemme tell ya something. I'm in the middle of reading The Death Cure and am bawling my eyes out about the characters. But here's the catch. I have never cried reading a book. That, to me, shows this series is awesome.
Thank you so much again, Tracey, for tagging me! This was a delightful tag! And now! I hereby tag:
And anyone else who would like to do this tag! (Sorry, couldn't think of 5 people!)
Have an amazing day everyone!
Jam on!
Comment call: Did you enjoy reading my answers? Which was your favorite answer? Will you do this tag on your blog?

Friday, 3 November 2017

Doll Devine Pixie Scene Maker and Chibi Maker Character Haul!

Hey, howdy, hey! ^.^

Today is going to be quite a long post with a lot of pictures. Curious? Good!

A few weeks ago, I found an online dress-up game that I mentioned back here named Doll Devine. There's a lot of different dress-up options, such as chibi, fairy, anime, dragon, etc. My favorite is chibi but I also enjoy the fairy one. ^-^

And I found out that I love making characters from books. I don't know whyyyy! XD It's just so fun.

So, I will be posting all of my creations on one big massive post so let's start or else we'll be here all day! XD

- - -

Pixie Scene Maker

This was the first one I made (on left)! I made it look kinda like my fairies outfit (on right). I hadn't seen any bows and I was trying to figure out all the different things you could do so yeah. XD

This is Knife and Paul, two characters from a book called "Spell Hunter" (Also known as "Knife") by R.J. Anderson. The characters are really cute together. ^.^

Again, I didn't know that I could get rid of wings so Paul is a fairy! He really isn't supposed to be...

Since I've been in a Maze Runner craze, I made my favorite character, Newt! I think he had a bow in the book... Maybe not... 0.o Too bad they didn't have shovel or something, like he had in the movie... Anyway, he's awesome. CX

I made Peter Pan! I was trying to do the Once Upon A Time version (AKA the best Peter Pan ever) BUT I DIDN'T CHANGE HIS EYEBROWS TO BE ALL RAISED AND COOL. So, it's kind of a lame attempt since everyone knows Pan has his eyebrows raised a lot in OUAT. XD It's his signature or something!

This random fairy me and Koolest made together! She looks a little sad but I don't know why...

These next few are all from the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. I just HAD to make these characters because THE SERIES IS SU AMAZING AND THE CHARACTERS ARE ALL SO WONDERFUL!!!

Linh Cinder and Emperor Kaito! (Kai's my favorite character. :D)

Scarlet and Wolf!

Cress and Captain Thorne! (Thorne is hilarious. XD)


Chibi Maker

My first chibi person I made is Barry Allen from The Flash! He is so sweet and is such a great hero. ;)

Modern day OUAT Peter Pan! I wish there was a better hair for him but oh well, that works! And YEY FOR QUIRKY EYEBROWS! XD

It's Newt again! The first one is his outfit in the Glade and then the second is his outfit in the Scorch. I can't decide which outfit I like best. XD But I realized I made a mistake on the Scorch outfit! I didn't make him wear cargo pants. DX

These next two are me and Koolest! I could have given Koolest a book too but she loves her coffee/hot chocolate. ;) And I NEED THAT SWEATER I'M WEARING. XD

Koolest told me I should make Nancy Drew when I asked her who I should make one day. So, HERE'S NANCY DREW, GIRL DETECTIVE, WHO IS REALLY SMART AND NEVER EVER GETS HURT!!! XD

It's Link and Zelda from Legend of Zelda!! I would have added a hat to Link but he looked like a Christmas elf so I ditched it for elf ears. And he has the Master Sword, duh duh duh DUHHHH! ^.^ (That was an attempt to sound like the music that plays when you receive the Master Sword. ^)

Am I the only one who thinks they look like siblings? XD

These next 5 are from the series Wings of Fire! They are the Dragonets of Destiny and are only main characters in books 1-5. This would be they would look like if they weren't, well, dragons. XD


I really like all of them but Sunny and Glory might be my favorite outfits that I did.

These next 7 are also from Wings of Fire. I made the dragonets from book 6-latest book. (I think... I haven't read them all yet.)  I really like these 'new' dragonets, more than the Dragonets of Destiny, actually! They are just so fun and get on each other's nerves. It's the best. XD





Winter's sister, Icicle!

I actually love how I made all of them. CX

This next  are from Wings of Fire again! I made all the Queens in Pyrrhia as chibi! Most of them are kinda cranky and murderous... And creepy. And the ones who aren't scary are kinda ditzy. And let's look at them, shall we?! XD

 Blister, Blaze, and Burn. They are all sisters fighting for the throne of the desert. (If you can't tell, Blister is the sneaky smart one, Blaze is the fashionable ditzy one, and Burn is the sarcastic murderous one. Which one is fit to rule? 

Queen Moorhen of the Mudwings!
Queen Scarlet of the Skywings!
Queen Coral of the Seawings!
Queen Battlewinner of the Nightwings!
Thorn the leader of the Outclaws!
Queen Glacier of the Icewings!

I actually like Queen Scarlet a lot, even in the books. Yup, it shocks me too. I like a scary, murderous dragon queen who hates the Dragonets of Destiny. But she's so FUNNY. XD

This next collection is AJ Alphas as chibi!!! :D I really enjoyed making these with Koolest and I love them all but Greely is my personal favorite that we made. :D


Sir Gilbert!




And my last collection for this post is my big Once Upon A Time collection. I made Storybrooke (our world) versions and Enchanted Forest (fairy-tale world) versions of some of the main characters! I REALLY LIKE HOW THEY TURNED OUT!! :D

Storybrooke - Emma!

Enchanted Forest - Emma!

Henry! (He doesn't really ever change his outfit... Like ever.)

Storybrooke - Mary Margret/Snow

Enchanted Forest - Snow White

Storybrooke - David/Charming

Enchanted Forest - Prince Charming

Storybrooke - Regina

Enchanted Forest - Evil Queen

Storybrooke - Killian Jones

Enchanted Forest - Captain Hook

Storybrooke - Mr. Gold

Enchanted Forest - Rumpelstiltskin

Storybrooke - Belle

Enchanted Forest - Belle (Her name is the same in both places. XD)

I personally am proud of this collection since I think I made the characters accurately and I'm a big fangirl of OUAT. XD

I hope you enjoyed this long, picture-filled post!

Have an amazing day, let it snow, ho ho ho, Christmas is coming, and...

Jam on!

Comment call: Did you like the characters and people I made? Who was your favorite?
If you're wondering why I added a bunch of Christmasy stuff to my outro, it's because it snowed a week ago!! And I'm so excited for Christmas!!!!!