Monday, 29 August 2016

RIM, Tags, and I'm Back!

Me: Hello, everybody!! I'm baaaaccck!!!!
You guys: ....... *whispers* who is she? I don't remember her.
Me: Uh, hellooo?
You guys: *shrugs and waves*
Me: Yay! You remember me!
You guys: *gives each other nervous looks*

Heh, I just copied my good friend, Swirlshine. She sometimes does these little skit thingies. XD

Anyhoo, guess who's back from a long week at camp? Meeee!!

Ahem, I will tell you more about camp later in this post. For now, let's talk about today.


Today's lovely rare is... a Rare Head Bandage. A purple bandage. o.O Interesting. It's sold at the Medical Center Shop for 900 gems. Wow. XD I don't know why AJHQ likes bandages right now. Last week it was a leg brace or whatever it's called. I would have thought the rares would be school-ish and stuff. (Like bringing nerd glasses back...?!)

And now for my usual RIM calendar!

Blue for non-member rares and yellow for member rares

- - -

Guess what? I got tagged by Graciepopstar91! ^.^ Thanks so much for tagging me, Gracie! And also, thanks 2fangwolf for tagging me as well. :D

Let's start, shall we?

1) If you could only have one clothing item on AJ, what would it be?

Oh man, that's tough! I love all my items! But I'd have to say... my designer skirt. (the red or yellow) I really like them and they and you can still have a great outfit with just that item. I'll show you, using my fox and both of my designer skirts:

See? They don't look too bad, right? XD

2) What's your favorite AJ feature? (such as masterpieces, buddies, etc)

Well, buddies, definitely. But besides that, I love masterpieces! :D And JAGs!

3) What animal would you like to see on AJ?

Oh! Good question! Uh, lemme think. This is really random but... A PLATYPUS! XD I don't know, it'd be kinda cool. :P

4) AJHQ just granted you 100 diamonds. What do you spend them on?

LOL, I almost already have that! (I have 89 diamonds) But if I got 100, I would spend it on animals, clothing, and the armor. Like the Princess set and Phoenix set. Or maybe the Wind set... XD

5) If you could create your own world on AJ, what would it be?

Hmm, maybe like China? Mountainy and lots of bamboo and waterfalls. And really cool, peaceful Chinese music playing in the background. :) It'd be pretty nice.

Thanks again for those wonderful questions! And I don't know who all got tagged so this tag is free for anyone who wants!

- - -

All right, it's time for me to talk a little bit about camp. :D

So when I got there around 4pm on Sunday, the 21st, we were early. But there was this mom with her girl also waiting. Turns out, my mom knew the girl's mom and the girl's mom works where my brother works! ^-^

The girl was really nice and friendly. I was hoping we'd get the same cabin as her. And we did! Me and Koolest were in the same cabin with six other girls and two cabin leaders. The girl we met in the parking lot was in our cabin too. Yay! XD

I had a BLAST at camp. It was a way better experience then I had last year. I connected with my cabin instead of last year where I was my shy, non-me self. :)

My cabin leaders were sooo sweet! One of them woke us up all the time at 8:30 every morning with this bright, beautiful "Gooooood morning!" :D She called us 'munchkins' when we went to bed. She also hugged me and Koolest a ton before we left. :')

Our other cabin leader was one of the people singing in chapel. She had a great voice! :D

Oh, and the camp had hardly any campers. There were forty-five campers when the week before they apparently had a hundred. There were four girl cabins and only one boys cabin. XD

At camp, me and Koolest had the same activities (called 'skills' at camp)! We had (in this order): crafts, drama, swimming, and survival.

In crafts, we sanded a piece of wood, painted it, and then thought up a Bible verse to put on it with nails and thread. I picked Ephesians 3:17-18. :)

In drama, we did a skit on Esther where it was like a talk show thingie. It was kinda like the selection of picking the new queen for the king. I, proudly, was Contestant Number Three. XD I was all shy and quiet. I borrowed a girl's hoodie that was grey and 'shy-ish'.

In swimming, I swam. XD It was a nice big pool. A lot of campers were there. The life guard remembered my name, which is awesome. ^-^ I had to stay in the shallow end because, confession, I can't swim. I haven't swam a lot in my life, maybe a few times a year. So at the pool, I practiced. I could swim a bit but not too much.

In survival, we learnt how to tie cool knots, make a fire, make a shelter with trees. We even learnt how to cook a frog! XD Koolest had a small piece. She said it wasn't bad. We first had to go into groups and spread out into the woods. Then, we caught as many frogs as we could. Next, we brought them back and pulled off their skin. After that, we stuck the frog meat onto a stick and roasted it over a fire. XD I had a lot of fun, though! (not because my camp crush was in survival, like c'mon.... XD)

My cabin leaders said they saw me grow. I do feel more confident in myself and in my faith. I cried a ton when I left camp. I made my cabin leader cry too. But I'm also glad to be home and to sleep in my own comfy bed. ^.^

Oh, I have a story for you guys! You don't mind, do you? :D Okay, so, on Wednesday, we had our afternoon skills canceled because we were doing the Amazing Race! In there, we were separated into teams. So my team was my cabin, Mizpah. One of the funnest games in the Amazing Race was when we had to cross the river. We all had to hold hands and cross the river and find a ball. Then we had to bring it back. The highest the river water went was up to my neck and I was on tiptoes! Also, none of us used life jackets. It was scary at first but then I had a blast. :D After we finished, the person in charge of that game thingie said that some of the boys in the boy cabin didn't even do it. LOL, they were too wimpy! XD

Another fun game in the Amazing Race was pushing a van. XD We had to push a van all the way down a curve in the road and then back to where we had started.

If I had to describe my week at camp with one word, it would be: amazing. XD Or friend-building. :P I seriously made quite a few friends at camp. Which is totally surprising for me!

I hope you enjoyed my blabbering about camp. :)

- - -

I feel like doing another tag made by Violet. It's an awesome movie tag so here it is:

1. Who is your favorite actor or actress?

Oh man, so hard! >.< I really like Ross Lynch and Dove Cameron but Robbie Kay is also good in Once Upon A Time so I don't know. XD OH! And the actor who does Barry in The Flash! He's also really good. :P

2. What is your favorite movie/movies?

Uh, this is hard! Well, I like Teen Beach Movie and Teen Beach 2. I like Inside Out, Big Hero 6, and Zootopia. I like a lot of movies. :D

3. Do you have a favorite movie series? If so, what is it?

Um, I don't think I watch any movie series... 0.o

4. Which do you prefer, books or movies?


5. What type of movies do you like?

Um, family friendly ones, like Zootopia. And some musicals. :)

6. Your opinion on movies vs. TV shows.

I like TV shows because you really get to know the characters because TV shows are longer then movies. But lots of movies are really good so I don't know.

7. Is there a movie you currently really want to see?

Um... Kinda! I really want to see The Jungle Book, The Secret Life of Pets, and Finding Dory. :P

Thanks for that fun tag, Violet!!

And I don't know who to tag so everyone can do it!

Well, that's the end of my post. I hope you enjoyed. Also, I haven't started writing Jamaasian High again since camp so the next chapter might take a little bit of time. Sorry! >.<

Have a fantastic day and...

Jam on!!

Friday, 19 August 2016

I'm leaving...

Hey guys!

Today, I have to say something sad...

I'm leaving.

HA! Got you! XD Ok, probably not because you can just see down here that I said "HA!" so...

Well, actually, I am leaving. But not forever! That would be awfully sad. I couldn't leave all my friends. >.<

I'm leaving for camp on the 21ist to the 27th. I'm going with my sister, Koolestkat, so it should be a lot of fun. :D It's my second time going to camp so wish me luck!

But. I'll miss you guys. And I'll miss my RIM post! Ah! I'll miss all your comments that I get.

And speaking of comments, I'll be turning off comment moderation just of the week I'm gone. But no spam and mean things. If I get any, I'll delete it when I get home.

Oh man... I can only imagine how many posts I'll have to catch up on after I come home. Man, it'll be a lot! XD

Since I'll be leaving, I thought I should post another chapter of "Jamaasian High"! In it, you'll meet some new characters... COULD IT BE YOU? XD

And just a reminder, if your not in the story yet, don't worry. You'll get in it soon. :)

Well, this is goodbye... Forever... Nah, just for a week but still. XD

Bye, guys. Oh man, I think I'm tearing up.

Jam... sniffle... on! (XD)

Wow! This is the 50th post! :O

Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Hey, guys! Sup? XD

So today's post will be super short but I think that'll be fine with you because the time is here.

It's time for you all to know my secret.

In my last post, I mentioned a secret. A big secret. It was a work-in-progress but I think it's ready.

Get ready.

A week or so ago, I was wondering around a blog called "Animal Jam Story Books". AJkraft started this story called, "Jamaasian High" which got me thinking.

Swirlshine and I have talked about how awesome it would be to have all the AJ bloggers at a camp or school. Wouldn't that be epic?!

I really liked this idea and AJkraft gave me that little push into making me want to write a story like that.

So, I started writing. I used the same name as AJkraft did, "Jamaasian High." I worked hard at it and my parents had to practically drag me off the computer cause I got so wrapped up into the story I have woven.

After all the editing and redo's of countless scenes, it's finally ready.

I have made a brand new tab just for my story. Chapters will get published from time to time. I already have three chapters I could publish but today I'll just post one. ^.^

I hope you all find the story entertaining. :D And I hope the secret was big enough. XD

Jam on!

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Tags, Theory, and Teeheehee!

Hey. Pssst. Hey, over here!

:leaps out from behind a bush:


Well, that was a different way to start this post. But hey, I'm different (in a good way XD).

Today, I have answer two tags! Well, one was just a tag if you wanted to do it and I wanted to. :)

So, it's an Animal Jam tag made by Purplestarclub. Thanks for tagging me! ^.^

1. Who was the last person you buddied?

Well, the last person who became my buddy was someone named isabella822.

2. Do you have any famous jammers on your buddy list?

I have Nafaria9. :D And that's it. I almost got to Julian2's buddy a couple of days ago.

3. What thing done by your buddies makes you happy?

I like it when my buddies talk to me. But not like the boring conversations that go like this:

"Hi." "Hello." "How are you?" "Good, you?" "Good." "Well, bye." "Bye."

XD I'm sorry but that's boring! I like actually having a great conversation with them. It makes me happy. :)

4. Who was the last buddy you talked to?

Oh man... I think that was fluffykittenlover17. ^.^

5. Do you have any one "best friend" on AJ?

I have tons of awesome blogger friends that I all call my best friends but the one I have been friends with the most would be fluffykittenlover17. We actually met in a different game and then switched to AJ last year. I've known her for three or four years. :)

6. How many people do you know IRL that play AJ?

Three. XD My sister, my brother, and a girl I met one time.

Thanks again for the most awesome tag, Purple!!

And now I tag...

Anyone who wants to do this tag, take it and post it on your blog! :D

Now for the tag anyone could use made by Graciepopstar91!

1. What's your favorite Animal Jam animal?

I'd have to say the fox. It looks good in a lot of clothes and I just like the style of it. :D

2. What's your favorite Animal Jam clothing item?

Oh man. That's tough! I'd say designer skirts, head flowers, flower crowns, nerd glasses, and butterfly head bows. :)

3. Have you ever been scammed? If so, do you have any advice for jammers to stay away from them?

Yes. I have been scammed. It's not fun. XD

My advice for advoiding getting scammed is to think what the scammer is saying. Does it sound right? Probably not. So if someone says, "Trade me ___ for ___, you'll get a ___ if you do!", it's probably a lie. Why can't you just directly trade for it? So, just trade the normal way and be careful.

4. What is your favorite land in Jamaa?

Oh, I don't know! This is too hard. I love them all. :)

5. What's your favorite Animal Jam song?

I like "Bass Camp" and "Ocean Base Camp". I also like "Mt. Shiveer", "Crystal Reef", "Appondale", and "Twists And Turns". ^.^

Thanks for the wonderful tag, Gracie!

And anyone can take this tag! Have fun with it!

- - -

I have theory! XD

Yesterday, me and my siblings were chatting about AJ. All of a sudden, I got a theory. :P

Here. It. Is:


Look at their eyes! They both have weird, green eyes. And before "The Hidden Falls" came out, Sir Gilbert wasn't in any adventure. You never met him. And yes, when he had creepy eyes, it was beta but still! :P

- - -

I have a surprise for you guys. A super secret surprise. I'm not ready to tell it yet but I will be soon... I just wanted to get some suspense. XD It's pretty big. And secret. And a work in progress.

Wah hahaha! You must wait... XD Aren't I so evil?!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my post! Also, feel free to answer the tags in the comments! And what do you think of my theory? What do you think of my secret? Make a comment and let's chat. :D

Jam on!!

Monday, 8 August 2016

RIM, AJ Tag, and Book of the Month

Sup, dudes! It's me, Lostfairy, dude. I am a cool dude, that think's everything is swag.

XD Man, I feel inspired to make weird beginnings to my posts because of Swirlshine and Penguin. (Look at what you did to me!)

Well, it's Rare Item Monday!

Today's rare is Rare Keytar. You can find it at Jam Mart Clothing for 850 gems and again, it's members only. :/

And now for my RIM calendar, as always!

Blue for non-member rares and yellow for member rares. :)

- - -

I got tagged for an amazing Animal Jam Tag! Thanks so much, Princessbg, for tagging me! ^.^

1. How many buddies do you have (including IRL)?

In Animal Jam, I have 197. XD And in real life, I have my family and two others. :) But I feel that all the AJ bloggers are my friends. <3

2. What is your main look?

Well, when I first started this blog, I didn't know that my profile picture would turn into my main look since my deer isn't even my favorite animal. XD But it is my deer and what it is wearing is: a gray beret, a gray designer skirt, a red heart locket, and a red pearl bracelet.

3. Were you even included in bad drama? If so, tell us!

Hmm... I have probably been in some but I don't know what you count as bad drama. XD

4. What computer are you using right now?

Uh, some kind of laptop... XD

5. Who is your favorite blogger?

I don't have one. I have a whole bunch! Including Swirlshine, Nafaria, Doomypanda, Skywatcher, Penguin, Cookycupcake, Purplestarclub, Violet, Cosmiccheetah, Graciepopstar, Awesomepanda, Ineffable, Kimberly, Pinpun, and Canineclaw. Whew, that was a lot. XD

6. How many rares do you have?

I currently have around 70 rares... They are mostly RIMs. XD

7. How much do you care about rares?

Not a whole lot. They are just items to me. :)

8. Would you get hacked of all your items or quit AJ?

I would get hacked. I do not want to quit AJ and I have so many good friends on there!

9. In all the years you have played AJ, who is the meanest jammer?

I have met a lot of mean people. Also, I'd rather not say any names. :)

10. What is a feature you want to come back?

Oh, I don't know! Maybe that non-members can gift or have the chat log up. Or the play timer. ^.^

Thanks so much for the fun tag!
Now, I tag:

- - -

So I might have almost completely forgotten about Book of the Month. XD But I shall do it now!

So the Book of the Month for July is...

It's a tie!! A tie between "Gold Medal Winter" and "The Night Gardener".


"Gold Medal Winter" was an amazing book about a 16 year-old girl who goes to the Winter Olympics. Esperanza Flores has been dreaming and working for this moment for her entire life. Now that she is going to the Olympics, she has to deal with no distractions, including the news, where she could see people discouraging her. Also, when she is finally at the Olympics, drama starts, including: cute boys, prissy girls who want to win and only care for themselves, and more.

I thought it was an awesome book. I highly recommend it! ^.^


"The Night Gardener" is a really good horror book. It's scary yet I could still sleep and stuff. It's about a sister and brother named Molly and Kip. They are traveling to this place called sourwoods to work at a family's house. But everyone warns them not to go into the sourwoods. When they get there, they start working for an odd family. Kip does the yard work and Molly cleans inside. But the strange thing is, why is there a giant, dark tree so close to the house that it is growing inside? And who or what keeps making big, muddy footprints in the night?

It is really good, so you should totally read it! :D

Also, shout-out to two amazing books, "Lost in Ireland" and "Lost in "London". Those two were SUPER good! :D

And since on my last post, I mentioned "Top of the World" by Dove Cameron, I decided to post it! Enjoy!!

Well, peace, dudes! I mean, have an amazing day! XD

Jam on!

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Beach Pictures and Music Tag!

Hey, guys! It's me! Lostfairy! The one that posts here!

Wait, you haven't heard of me before?!


Okay, when do I ever go crazy like that? I think Swirlshine and Penguin made me do that. XD

Ahem, now I shall be serious.

.......... NO WAY! Ok, ok, calm down, Lostfairy...

Well, I hope you guys liked the different way to start. I bet you thought I had gotten sucked up by aliens and they did something to me. :P

So, you probably know, on Wednesday I went to the beach! It was so much fun! The water was cold but I got used to it pretty quickly. Plus, it was nice and sunny so that was perfect.

I wanted to show some pictures I took at the beach! Here they are:

Here is the water! XD Sorry for the bad quality!

Me and Koolest made a ladybug! It was kinda supposed to look like the Animal Jam one but it turned out different.

We also made a sand AJ tophat! :D Probably got run over in five minutes but whatever. :P

Well, that's all the pictures I took. Sorry that there wasn't a lot... >.< I guess I was spending my time swimming and eating a great picnic lunch. I had a peanut butter and Nutella sandwich, grapes, cherry tomatoes, chips, and a two-bite brownie. Things just taste better outside, right? ^.^

I saw a little dog swimming in the water too. It had such a hard time staying up in the water. But it was sooo cute! :)

And randomly speaking my life, I just started watching the TV show, "The Flash". It is pretty good! :D It's also the first ever superhero movie/TV show that I have watched. I started this week and I am already on episode four. I watch it with my brother, dreadwisp on AJ, and Koolestkat.

LOL, sorry for this randomness! :)

- - -
Guess who got tagged for an amazing music tag?! Meeeeee!!! XD
I got tagged by not one but TWO people! Thanks so much Cookycupcake and Swirlshine!
This tag is made by Cookycupcake.
First concert?
The first concert I ever went to was by an old band called pureNRG. And it was... kinda sad. XD There was another concert by some weirdos that were first and then pureNRG sang. But the crowd was not very enthusiastic. At all. XD
Music type?
Pop. XD No question. At all.
What song are you obsessed with currently?
Uhh, I don't really have any but if I had to choose, it'd be "Top of the World" by Dove Cameron.
Favorite album?
Oooh, tough one! Maybe "Turn it Up" by Ross Lynch and Laura Marano.
Favorite artist/band?
I don't even have to think about this. Ross Lynch or Dove Cameron. :P
What instrument(s) do you play?
Sadly, none. Unless you count a CD player! XD Though, I do want to learn how to play guitar.
Thank you again, Cooky! And Swirl. :P
Now, I tag...
I basically can't tag anyone else because everyone else I could think of was tagged already. XD
But I am also letting anyone who wants to do this tag to do it! Take it and run! ^.^
Well, that's all for today! Hopefully you enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it! :D
Jam on!

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Summer Fashion Contest Results!

Hola, Jammers! ^.^

The summer fashion contest voting is now over, so the it's time for the winner to be announced! So exciting!

And the winner is...

Countess Prettyflower!!

Congrats, fluffykittenlover17! This means you win these prizes:

The prizes will be in your Jam-A-Gram mailbox sometime soon. :)

Thank you, everyone who entered. This was my first fashion contest and I say it went pretty smoothly. I love doing them, so you should expect another soonish!

Totally off topic but, I am going to the beach in, like, less than an hour! ^-^ I am super pumped because I love swimming and I haven't gone to the beach since last summer. I might take some beach pictures but I dunno. :)

I just hope it doesn't rain... XD (It's forty percent chance in the afternoon! Ahh!)

Well, I hope you all have a splendid day. And try to go out in the sun, it's fun! (Ha, I'm a poet and I didn't even know it. Sorry, I'm hyper. XD)

Jam on!

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Summer Fashion Contest Day #6 - One Elimination

Hello, guys!

Well, yesterday was almost a tie! When does that ever happen? Probably never, right?

Aw, today we have to say goodbye to Flora Spiritmoon. You did a very good job!! :)

Ahh! The last voting session! :o So, vote for one person in the comments or by Jam-A-Gram. ^.^

Jam on!

Wow, this is probably the shortest post in history. XD

Monday, 1 August 2016

Summer Fashion Contest Day #5 - One Elimination

Hello, Jammers!
It is day five already of the summer fashion contest! :)

Yesterday was double elimination, so we, sadly, have to say goodbye to Leaping Berryhero and Victory Theotter. You did such a good job! And there will always be another fashion contest. :)

Alright, so today, vote out one person! It can be in the comments or you could send me a JAG.

And totally off topic but today is Rare Item Monday!! XD

The Rare Drum is found in Jam Mart Clothing for 800 gems. And it's members only.

And my RIM calendar:

Blue for non-member rares and yellow for member rares.
C'mon, AJHQ! Breaking your pattern again. :P

Anyhoo, have an awesome day!

Jam on!