Journey Through the Portals

drawn by Swirlshine
edit by Violet86271

Chapter 1
By Graciepopstar91

Gracie stared at her iPhone, waiting for text messages to come in from her blogger friends on the group message they shared. All of them had found this strange portal looking thing in their closets but none of them knew exactly what it was.

"Should we try to go into it?" Gracie's best friend Coolcat wrote to them.
"I think we should!" Swirlshine wrote enthusiastically.
After a while, they all ended up agreeing on at least trying to go through this strange portal. Gracie's heart beat increased, as she stood right in front of the portal.
"I don't know what the outcome of this might be, but I know God's in control." Gracie told herself, taking a deep breath.
Her phone buzzed, breaking her out of my daydream. She quickly picked it up from where she set it on her bed and saw it was from one of the new bloggers, Daylitedreamer.
"Ready?" she asked them.
"Ready as I'll ever be." Gracie wrote back, taking a deep sigh after it sent.
Walking back to the portal, she held her phone tightly, and she stepped into the portal.
It was completely pitch black, and it felt like she was falling rapidly.
"Whoa!" Gracie yelled.

 The black vortex opened up, revealing what looked like a living room.

 "Ow," Gracie yelped as she fell face first onto the carpeted living room. She stood up and looked above her and realized there wasn't a vortex or anything above.

 As she refocused her gaze on the living room, she saw ten other girls standing there.

 One of the girls outfits looked so familiar to Gracie for some reason. She had a gray beret, red shirt, gray designer skirt, and a red pearl bracelet on.

 "Lostfairy?" Gracie said with a gasp.

 The girl nodded and smiled.

 Gracie's heart pounded, as she realized these must be her blogger friends. She had never met them before in real life, she had only talked to them over the phone, and through messaging.

 After Gracie found out who was who, she asked, "Do any of you guys know what this place is?"

 "Not a clue," Snow said with a shrug.

 At that moment, a girl who looked to be about as old as some of the bloggers came out of a kitchen. She wore a straight gray dress that came down to her ankles and her blonde hair was tied back with a black ponytail holder.

 She jumped as she saw the girls standing in the living room.

 "What are you doing here?" she asked, staring at the bloggers.

 "Uh..." Gracie stammered nervously, not sure how to explain what just happened to them.

 "We went through this portal in-" Arctic started but immediately got cut off by the girl.

 "I see." She said abruptly, and started walking over to a coffee table.

 The girls watched her, confused at what she was doing.

 "Happens to everyone who comes here," she said, doing something with the coffee table that the girls couldn't see.

 "This is how I get rid of them," she said with a strange smile.

 She quickly hit a button that was now visible on the coffee table. The floor the girls were standing on opened up, sending them down a portal. The girls were going in all different
directions, except for Gracie and Coolcat, who were side by side.

 "What's going to happen?" Mega asked them nervously, as they rapidly fell down the pitch black vortex.

 "I don't know," Flora replied.

 Gracie quickly closed her eyes, silently prayed.

 "Whatever happens, God's in control," Gracie said with a smile as she opened her eyes again.

 In the darkness, Gracie saw the outline of one of the girls nod and smile.

 The girls were nearing the end of the portal, and they saw nine different portal openings down below.

 "We might get separated," Gracie warned the girls.

 "I hope not." Swirl said.

 Immediately, Gracie and Coolcat went down one portal and the rest of girls went through separate ones.

 "Stay safe, guys!" Violet yelled to them.

 With that, the girls were separated.
drawn by Purplestarclub
Chapter 2
By Coolcat89252
Suddenly Coolcat was falling into a dark portal. She frantically looked around for Gracie but she was nowhere to be found. Then suddenly, everything got bright. Coolcat figured it was her turn to face the unknown challenges ahead. As Coolcat exited the portal, she could hear music. The closer she got, the louder the music became.
Right before Coolcat jumped out, she prayed quietly to herself, dear God, please help me with the unknown challenges ahead, amen. And with that, Coolcat jumped out of the portal.

Coolcat was blinded by the bright white light that had engulfed her. She had to rub her eyes a few times before she regained her vision. As soon as Coolcat could see again, she gasped in disbelief when she realized where she was.
Coolcat said aloud, ''I'm on Titanic!" She looked around awkwardly as she realized everyone was looking at her. Coolcat brushed off everyone's glances as she looked at all of the ships beautiful details.

As Coolcat was looking around, she seen a group of men playing music. That was the music I heard in the portal! she thought to herself. 
After Coolcat listened to the band for awhile, she realized she was on the first class boat deck. Coolcat couldn't believe her luck to have been transported to Titanic! Coolcat has been obsessed with Titanic even since she saw the movie. She must have seen it over one hundred times. But Coolcat's excitement turned to sheer terror as she realized she forgot one major detail.
Coolcat said quietly to herself, "Wait... I'm on Titanic... And Titanic sinks!"

Coolcat tried to calm herself down as she tried to think about what she should do first. Coolcat figured the first thing she should do is find out todays date and time. Then she could figure out how close she was to Titanic sinking.
Coolcat started walking around on the boat deck to look for somebody to ask. As she was walking, Coolcat couldn't believe her eyes as she saw Officer William Murdoch patrolling the boat deck. As she approached him, to turned to her and said, "Good afternoon, miss."

At least I know its the afternoon, Coolcat thought to herself. Coolcat tried to hold in her excitement as she remembered she was in first class, and that she had to act like it.
Coolcat responded, "Hello Officer Murdoch."
Mr. Murdoch asked, "Is there anything I can do for you Miss?"
Coolcat said, "Why yes there is actually. Could you please tell me todays date and time?"
He said, "Of course, today is April 13th and the time is 3:30 P.M."

Coolcat breathed a sigh of relief and said "Thank you, officer Murdoch."
He responded, "Not a problem."
Coolcat thought to herself, Titanic hit the iceberg on April 14th at 11:40 pm, and she sank on April 15th at 2:20 am. Coolcat breathed another sigh of relief thinking to herself, I have plenty of time to find the exit portal back home before Titanic sinks.
With plenty of time to find the exit portal, Coolcat decided to enjoy her time on Titanic. As she wandered inside the ship, Coolcat saw a flyer on the wall. As she neared closer she read it aloud. It said:

First class dinner tonight at 7:00 pm. Ladies and gentlemen wear your finest attire.

Coolcat said quietly to herself, "I am so unprepared for this, I don't even have a dre..."
But before Coolcat could finish her sentence, she looked down and noticed her modern clothes had been replaced with a beautiful dress.

"Wow, I cant believe this!" Coolcat exclaimed.

Although Coolcat didn't know if the dress would fit the bill for dinner, it was still beautiful.
Coolcat said aloud, "If I have this dress, surely I have to have a room." Just as she finished her sentence, she noticed a key stuck in the ruffles of her dress. As she pulled the key out of her dress, it had a piece of paper with her room information on it. It said: Deck B Parlor Suite Room #235

Coolcat couldn't believe that she was assigned to one of the most luxurious rooms on Titanic. Her room was right near the Grand Staircase. Coolcat was so excited to see the Grand Staircase in person. The closer she got, the more beautiful is was. Although Coolcat would have loved to take in every detail of the Grand Staircase, she had to get ready for dinner.

As Coolcat neared her room, she got many strange glances from passengers on the ship. She figured it was because it was unheard of for a woman to go anywhere without a male escort, much less on a far journey such as Titanic. She brushed it off thinking, if Molly Brown can make the journey on Titanic alone without her husband, so can I. Coolcat also hoped she would run into Molly at dinner.

As soon as Coolcat opened the door to her room, she was mesmerized by how beautiful it was. Pictures didn't even come close to capturing the beauty of this ship. After wandering around her huge room, Coolcat started getting ready.
When she saw the clock had struck 6:00 pm, Coolcat wandered in her closet and put on a gorgeous gown for the occasion. She didn't put any makeup on as she was afraid of making herself look too modern. After some last minute finishing touches, it was time to descend down the Grand Staircase and head to dinner.
Coolcat was worried that she would be confronted about not having an escort, but she reasoned that she would only worry about it if it happened. And with that Coolcat left her room, and headed for the Grand Staircase.

As Coolcat neared the top of the staircase, she jokingly thought to herself, I should keep an eye out for Jack and Rose. Who knows, she could be able to witness their iconic meet up before dinner.
Coolcat descended down the Grand Staircase with poise and elegance. As she neared the dining room, she thought it would be a good idea if she could mingle, and find a friendly group to sit with. She also kept her eye out for historic Titanic figures, as well as Jack and Rose.

Coolcat was amazed to find that Molly Brown was sitting at a large table all by herself. She gathered up the courage to talk with her and see if she could eat with her.
Coolcat walked up to her and said, "Excuse me, but are you Mrs. Molly Brown?"
Coolcat watched as her face lit up in a smile and say, "Why yes I am!"
Coolcat was happy to see that she was just as kind in real life as she was in the movie.
Coolcat said to Molly, "I am traveling by myself and have nobody to sit with. May I sit at your table?"
Molly exclaimed happily, "Why of course!" She motioned for Coolcat to sit beside her, which she did happily.
"I am just waiting for the others," Molly said.
Coolcat asked curiously, "Who will be joining us this evening?"
Before Molly could answer, a man's voice behind us said, "Why, hello Molly."

Coolcat turned around and couldn't believe that Captain Edward Smith was standing right in front of her.
"Why hello Captain Smith," said Molly.
Captain Smith looked different from all the other men. He was dressed in a dark blue suit that had gold embellishments, and he had on his sailor hat. All the other men had plain black and white suits.
Molly stood up and hugged Captain Smith. Coolcat followed suit and stood up to hug Captain Smith. Coolcat had to take a deep breath to stop from shaking in excitement. Coolcat hugged him tight, remembering in the back of her mind what his fate would be in just over 24 hours.

After Coolcat hugged him, she gathered up the courage to engage in conversation with him. "Will you be dining with us this evening, Captain Smith?"
Captain Smith frowned a bit and said, "Sadly I wont be dining with anyone. I am just here to make sure all the passengers are being taken care of."
"I see," Coolcat responded.
"Take care, ladies," Captain Smith said.
"We will," Molly said with a smile.

Slowly more and more people were joining Molly and Coolcats table. Soon they had Mr. Thomas Andrews, Bruce Ismay, John Jacob Astor, Madeleine Astor, and Ida and Isador Strauss. Coolcat couldn't believe that she was sitting with all these Titanic icons. Her favorite was Molly and Mr. Andrews, and she was sitting right in the middle of them.
Through out dinner, no one commented about Coolcat being alone and nobody seemed to notice that she just appeared out of nowhere. It was like she just belonged. Coolcat stayed  mostly quiet and just listened to everyone.
By the time desert came, Coolcat was stuffed. The food was absolutely delicious, and she enjoyed every bite. The dinner conversations were mostly about things Coolcat didn't understand, like politics in their day, sports, investments, and money. She just listened and laughed at jokes when everyone else did.

When nobody was talking, Coolcat said to Mr. Andrews, "Your ship is just marvelous Mr. Andrews, really."
"Thank you very much," he responded with a smile.
Coolcat glanced over at Mr. Ismay and he was giving her dirty looks. While technically Mr. Ismay owned Titanic, Mr. Andrews designed it, which is why Coolcat complimented him. She also was thinking about when Mr. Ismay jumped into a lifeboat when Officer Murdoch wasn't looking, instead of staying behind to help fix the mess he helped cause.
When everybody was finished with their desert, the men headed off to the smoking room, and the women stayed behind to chat. This was a moment Coolcat would never forget and would treasure forever.

After the men had left to the smoking room, Coolcat thanked Molly for her generosity and left.
As Coolcat was walking up the Grand Staircase back to her room, she stopped and looked at the clock. It was only 9:30 pm and she wasn't tired. Coolcat felt like she had so much more exploring to do first. She still hasn't even found Gracie or the portal. Coolcat decided she would go and explore the third class area. She heard there was a party and she wanted to check it out.
Coolcat headed to her room to put on a more comfortable, less fancy dress. And with that, she headed below deck to the third class party.

Coolcat couldn't believe the difference from the first class to third class and she wasn't talking about wealth. The third class people were loud, fun, and just happy. The first class people, although they were mostly nice, they seemed stuck up, Molly Brown and Mr. Andrews being an exception. Even though they could have anything they desired, most of the first class people deep down did not live a happy life. Even Coolcat started to get tired of acting proper and she didn't even live the life of a first class person for six hours. Coolcat was excited to let loose and have fun.

The music was much different from the first class. The first class music was elegant and classy. The third class music was fun and danceable. Coolcat just jumped right into dancing.
 After dancing for what seemed like forever, Coolcat went to get some water then to sit and rest. After she got some water, Coolcat went to an empty bench in the back of the room to sit at. There was a young girl sitting there by herself with her head down.
Coolcat said to her, "Do you mind if I sit here?"
And the girl said, "No, not at all."
The young girl looked up at Coolcat and the two couldn't believe their eyes when they saw each other.
"Gracie, is that you?!"
"Yes, it's me!"
The two girls embraced in a hug.
"Where have you been?" asked Gracie.
Coolcat responded, "I was transported to the first class."
Gracie said, "That makes sense, I was transported to the third class. I tried to sneak upstairs but I got caught."
Coolcat said, "Come on, I can get you up to my room. If you're with me, they can't send you back."
"Okay," Gracie said.
And with that a portal opened up in front of the two girls.

Gracie said to Coolcat, "This is the way out!"
 Coolcat responded, "But we can't go now!"
Gracie said, "No, Coolcat we have to go now."
Coolcat said, "Let's sleep over then come back in the morning."
Gracie said, "Well, I would like to see what first class looks like in person."
Coolcat didn't think Gracie would change her mind and was shocked when she did. But before she could change her mind again, Coolcat grabbed Gracie and raced to her room.

The two girls went back to Coolcat's room so Gracie could change into a fancy dress. After that, the two girls started chasing each other down the halls. Nobody ever said anything, it was like they were invisible.
The two girls didn't even realize that night turned into morning. By the time the two girls finished exploring the ship and playing around, it was 12:30 in the afternoon. The two girls didn't even care they stayed up all night and morning. They had plenty of time to rest then jump in the portal.

Or so they thought.....

 By the time the two girls woke up, it was 1:45 A.M. on April 15th. The two girls have somehow managed to sleep almost the whole day and through Titanic hitting the iceberg.
Coolcat and Gracie woke up to their bed moving.
"What's going on?" asked Gracie. "
I don't know..." said Coolcat.
Everything in the room started to tip downward. Suddenly Coolcat realized what was happening and jumped out of bed. She yelled to Gracie, "WE SLEPT THROUGH TITANINC HITTING THE ICEBERG!"
Both of the girls panicked and raced down to third class to jump in the portal but to their dismay it was nowhere to be found.
Gracie asked panicked, "What are we going to do, Coolcat?!"
Coolcat responded, "It's too late to get into a boat, they are all gone and by now there aren't any lifejackets."

Both girls prayed out loud together, "Dear God, help us find the portal again. We know we should have jumped in instead of goofing off. Please help us, amen."
Both girls headed up onto the first class boat deck to see all the boats were gone. It was complete chaos on the boat deck with people jumping into the water to people racing to the back of the ship as it was tipping deeper into the frigid waters below.
Coolcat shouted to Gracie, "We need to get to the back of the ship!"
Without waiting for Gracie's response, Coolcat grabbed her hand and raced to the back of the ship. Just then Titanic broke in half, and part of Titanic went under. Then the back half of the ship stood straight up. They must have been 500 feet in the air. They only had minutes until Titanic was completely under. Without lifejackets, they surely wouldn't survive the suction of the ship going down in the water.
Just then, way down below resting on top of the ocean was a portal.
Coolcat said to Gracie, "Look, there's a portal! We have to jump now!"
Gracie looked down at the portal then looked at Coolcat and said, "Are you crazy? I'm not going to jump!"
And with that both of the girls heard a voice which could have only been God's voice that said, "Jump, it'll be alright."

And with that, both girls jumped from 500 feet in the air and landed safely in the portal.
drawn by Transions
Chapter 3
By Sarahkey8
Sarah lost sight of all the other bloggers as soon as they all slid down what Sarah could only assume was a portal. She looked down and saw that she was falling into another portal!
Lord please help me, no matter where this portal takes me.
Splash! Sarah fell into the water! She looked up and saw bright daylight through the water.
 She swam as fast as she could towards the land, crawling onto the shore.
Sarah looked around and saw waterslides, an aquarium, and a juice-hut! Sarah shook her head. "No... this can't be..." she said, half to herself. Sarah looked around.

She walked over to the waters edge. "Crystal Reef, and Crystal Sands..." she whispered.
She wandered around for a while, until it was dark in fact! Then she went into the juice hut, found some soft blankets that were in a supply closet, and fell fast asleep.
When she woke up, she made herself a smoothie and walked out.
"Sarah!" a somewhat familiar voice called out.

 Sarah jumped, dropping her smoothie, spinned around to see Gracie and Coolcat!
"Gracie! Coolcat!" Sarah exclaimed running over to them and hugging them.
"So glad you are alright! Coolcat smiled.
"Same here!"
"God kept us safe," Gracie said.
"Do you really think we are in Crystal Sands?" Sarah asked.
"We must be, look at this sign!" Gracie said, walking over to the aquarium.

"Tierny's Aquarium..." Sarah said, her voice trailing off.
Suddenly, they heard footsteps from inside the Aquarium!
"Behind this rock!" Sarah exclaimed, rushing over to a giant rock.
The girls hid behind the rock, the door opened slowly, a girl walked out, looking around cautiously.
"Ja!" Sarah exclaimed rushing out to hug her sister.
"Have you seen anybody else?" Coolcat wondered.
Ja grinned, "Kraft is here too!"
And with that, a girl with blue eyes and long blonde hair, wearing a red plaid t-shirt walked out of the aquarium.
"This is unbelievable! But how did you get here? I didn't see you guys fall down the portal I went down!" Sarah said.
"We got dropped in Coral Canyons," Kraft explained.
"Glad this isn't Aldan!" Gracie joked.
We better start looking for a portal," Sarah said.
"Who knows where that is! We're in Jamaa for goodness sakes!" Ja moaned.
"It's not here... not in Coral Canyons... You guys checked all the buildings in Coral Canyons, right?" Sarah asked Ja and Kraft, who nodded.
"We shouldn't split up, who knows what's around here," Gracie observed. "Let's go back to Coral Canyons, maybe there is something we missed."
So they went to Coral Canyons.

 "Uhm, guys?" Sarah asked.
"What is it?" Kraft asked.
"If this is Coral Canyons... doesn't that mean there are the animals from Animal Jam here? Like the ones from the journey books?" Sarah asked.
"Me and Ja didn't see any, so I guess not," Kraft replied and Ja nodded.
"Phew! Because that would be bad!" Sarah said.
A rattling sound.
"Put down those pebbles, Ja! You wont need a souvenir!" Gracie laughed.
Ja stared. "I put those down a while ago."
"Then what is that noise?" Kraft asked tilting her head.
Suddenly Coolcat's eyes widened in horror and she pointed at something.
"Rattlesnake..." Sarah whispered hoarsely.
"Step back... slowly..." Coolcat said.
The rattlesnake rattled its tail again and then poised to strike, its tail still rattling!
"Run!" Sarah whispered urgently.

The girls ran away as quickly as they could, the rattling faded into the distance.
"Let's not do that again," Sarah laughed nervously.
"Let's keep going," Gracie said.
"There's the art studio," Kraft pointed out.
"Did you and Ja go in it?" Sarah asked.
"Yes, it's pretty cool!" Ja replied.
"Let's go see it!" Coolcat exclaimed.
They entered the studio, which looked very different because it was not cartoon. They stayed there a bit then went up to the bridge.
"Look at this view!" Sarah breathed.
"Don't jump or it will fall!" Ja joked.
"And if you don't jump, you'll be doomed on this bridge forever!" a mocking voice said from out of nowhere.
"That sounded like our 'host'!" Gracie exclaimed.
"It is." the voice said again.

The girls spun around and there stood their host!
The girl was smirking. "Ah, your friends are scattered everywhere. How will you find them?"
"We got this far, didn't we?" Sarah glared at her, barely keeping her temper in check.
"Ah yes, but will your other friends be able to face the challenges? And will you fail at the next challenge?" the girl taunted.
"God will help us," Gracie said, taking a step forward. Everyone else nodded.
"A lot of good your God did you." she spat.
"He helped us find each other," Ja said.
"I'll see to it that you get separated, one way or another." she said. And with that, she ran off the bridge! And disappeared in a burst of green sparks.
"What do we do about her warnings?" Kraft questioned.

"I don't like it, let's get off this bridge," Sarah said. As she was running towards the end of it, she bumped her head on something!
"An invisible wall," Sarah muttered.
They tried every way but there was no way off the bridge!
"Guys! Look below us under the bridge!" Kraft exclaimed
"The portal!" the girls said in unison.
"How do we get to it?" Sarah asked.

  "Jump," Kraft replied.
"Are you sure there isn't another way?" Sarah asked.
"Unfortunately yes," Gracie replied.
"This seems familiar," Coolcat said to Gracie.
"What do you mean?" Sarah asked, confused.
"We had to jump off the sinking Titanic to get to the portal," Gracie explained. Everyone still looked confused. "Tell you later! No time. Jump!"

 Thankfully, everybody landed in the portal, where unknown challenges awaited them. 
Chapter 4
By Floracutegirl
 Pitch dark.
Flora could not see anyone, anything, but she could feel the hard ground on her feet. She could easily tell that they were not in Crystal Sands anymore. While turning on the torch she stored in her backpack, she noticed some sort of a strange liquid oozing from a crack in the ground. It looked like petrol but it had a distinctive purple hue which indicated to some unidentified substance. She firstly considered taking a sample but hesitated afterwards; for all she knew, it could be dangerous.
"Hello?" she asked, wondering if her friends were still there. Flora was worried yet excited, she strangely enjoyed the whole situation, even though it was rather eerie.

   She started exploring the area, marveling whether she could find the rest of the bloggers. Gauche as she is, she slipped and dropped her torch, which shattered on the ground. She didn't mind; she would rather reunite with her friends than cry over spilt milk - or in this case, a broken torch.
Her eyes started adapting to the darkness, therefore she could see better. She spotted a gate, which led to a nondescript chamber. As she entered, she found a lit candle.
"Who on earth would light a candle in the middle of nowhere?" she thought. She picked it up and started looking for the bloggers.
She soon found Gracie, Koolestcat ,and Swirlshine doing exactly what she was doing. The girls were glad to reunite but there was no time for celebrating. They had to look for the rest of their friends, and as soon as possible.

  The four girls sat on the large oak table in the chamber, and tried to come up with an efficient method to look for the rest of the bloggers.
"We could split in two teams," Gracie suggested. ''Koolest and I could look in the chamber and you and Swirl can check the areas surrounding it''
''We should not split, if you ask me - I mean, not only is four heads better than two but what if something happens to one of the teams? If we stay together, we have more chances on actually staying united," said Swirl.

  Something caught Flora's attention. A small porcelain teacup, filled with green tea was placed in the table. But what was noteworthy was that the tea in the cup was not exactly green. More like khaki-grey. Her suspicions were confirmed when she decided to take measures - the beverage included lead.
By using simple seventh grade physics, it was facile for her to discover the truth. By evaporating the water, it was clear-crystal clear that there wasn't just tea in that teacup. It was loaded with lead, which was dissolved in the atmosphere.
''Oh my goodness, look!'' She soon shared her discovery with her friends. The group were startled when they found out that a very toxic substance that was actually threatening for their lives was actually in this room so they rushed out of it. What was in the entrance, though, truly confounded them.

   It was a Phantom King, glaring at them with his enormous eye. He was at least three meters tall. Big eyes tend to look beauteous but his glaring was certainly disturbing and intense. He looked far more irksome, far more bothersome than the ones described in the game. But the group knew that he wouldn't hurt them. You see, the Phantom King may look fearsome but he consists of some gelatinous material, just like jello, and jello has never hurt anyone.

  Unluckily, the King was not the main issue. It was far worse than that. As soon as he arrived, the Phantom watchers got enabled. Those pesky machine-like creatures can roast one like chicken. It was difficult for them to dodge their perilous lasers, until they abruptly stopped shooting.
The group was puzzled. They simply could not comprehend what had happened. They shortly found out. The figure of a wolf came into view. It was no other than Greely, the wolf Alpha. The jammers were thrilled to see him, especially Swirlshine, since he was her favourite Alpha.

  "You should leave," he boomed. "Close the portal before Jamaa gets destroyed."
"We can't close the portal, all of our friends are trapped in there!" Gracie replied.
"Your friends are safe for now. There are two portals that lead in two different dimensions: the Jammer and The Phantom dimension. They have been knotted and if they don't get segregated, both will get destroyed. You must find them all, work together and shun the dark forces of the phantoms."

"" Flora was confused and so were all of the bloggers. The portal - the blogger portal - reappeared and so did their friends... Snowlondon, Sarahkey, Ja, Lostfairy, Crazcatlover... all of them! But their adventure was not over yet.
Chapter 5
By Violet86271
Inside the portal was pitch black like it was in the beginning, there was no pattern like it showed before. The bloggers were lost once again but this time in their very own blogger portal.

“We are all together for once at least,” Violet said enthusiastically.

“I guess you're right, we need a plan, guys, how will we get out of here if we are stuck and lost?” Swirl responded making sure everyone heard.

“I guess we can hope and pray for a portal to magically appear for us, it’s a worth a try. God will help us through,” Gracie said hopefully.

Everyone nodded their heads and agreed. But just as soon as Gracie mentioned that idea, a portal appeared right inside of the portal they were in. All the bloggers held onto each other willingly and jumped into the portal.

“Let's hope we don’t get separated again guys!” Ja yelled.

And with that the bloggers left the portal and entered a brand new portal and then disappeared. 

Violet woke up to a sound of Jammers jumping on ice and a having a feeling of coldness against her small goat body. She decided to go to the cocoa hut and warm up with a small mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows added on top of the nice warm drink. She then bought a nice winter jacket to keep her warm until she could go to a much warmer land of Jamaa.

Violet then realized she was not with any of the other bloggers anyone. Not again, she thought to herself. This can’t be possible. We were all linked together, holding on, making sure we wouldn’t be separated. I guess that portal likes to play tricks on us.

Violet then left the cocoa hut to look for her friends. At that time there was no one left in the land. Violet felt hopeless, it would be such a long walk to get from the cold land to her den to contact anybody. She then decided to try and go back to her den. I mean, I might as well try. Who knows how long it will take to get there, Violet thought to herself while being worried. 

On the other side of Jamaa...
 "Guys, THIS CAKE IS SO GOOD! IT'S SO DELICIOUSLY AWESOME!!!” Lost yelled while chowing down onto the cake which all the Jammers enjoyed walking through.
 “WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO. This slide is so much fun!!” Sarah yelled as she slid down it.
Everyone was having a great time except for Snow. Snow was the only one who noticed Violet was missing. Nervously she went up to Lost and asked her to stop eating the cake for a second.
“Hey, Lost?” she said nervously.
Lost stopped eating her cake for a second and responded, “Yes?”
“Violet isn’t here with us. We have to go find her. Who knows where she could be right now,” Snow stated.
“Okay, we have to tell everyone or else we will get split up again,” Lost replied while motioning to all the other blogger friends.
Everyone saw Lost motion to the others and everyone came to Lost immediately.
“Violet is missing and we have to find her. I’m thinking we should start looking in Jamaa Township and then make our way to Sarepia. Something tells me she is in Mt. Shiveer, looking for us,” Snow said to the fellow bloggers.
Everyone nodded and they decided it was time to go to Jamaa Township to find their friend whom they still didn’t know how they lost.
By now, Violet had almost reached Sarepia when she heard a rustling in the bush. She looked to her left but couldn’t see a creature in a bush. She then looked to her right and found what she thought was a phantom. She remembered what had happened to a few of her friends in the Hive with the Phantom King and the phantom portal.

Violet wondered if it could have been a sign of the phantom portals serogating but she wasn’t sure. Instead, she decided to look for chomper plant. She dashed away from the phantom as fast as she could, making sure the phantom wouldn’t hurt her even though the phantom was following as fast as it could. She got to the chomper plant and stopped, making sure she let the phantom get into the mouth of the plant. The plant closed and then dropped twenty-five gems. Violet picked up the gems considering she was getting low. She hoped she wouldn’t come across anymore phantoms on her journey but only time could tell.

Violet looked ahead, there was still little ways to go until she finally saw jammers dancing for the fire in Sarepia Forest. Oh, how she would love to do that when she arrived in Sarepia. Then after Sarepia, she would be close to her den where she could try to contact her blogger friends. 
The bloggers arrived in Jamaa Township. Surprisingly, it wasn’t busy, considering they were in Aldan. Not once did they see a Jammer asking for a long rare spike or a headdress. It made them smile dearly as that is what Jamaa has turned into, a place for lots of rares, sadly.

Slowly but surely, they passed Jam Mart Clothing.

“Guys, look ahead. We are almost in Sarepia!” Craz cheered.

Everyone decided to cheer as well. They had just crossed a bridge when they saw a goat familiar to the goat Violet looked like. The goat was wearing a newly purchased winter jacket, from what it looked like the Hot Cocoa Hut. The goat came galloping excitedly. Although not many of the bloggers was sure it was her, they decided to ask the goat as soon as she came closer.

“Violet is that.... you?” Swirl shouted to the goat that was perhaps her fellow blogger friend.

"Swirl? Guys? Lost, Sarah, Ja, Snow, Craz, Flora, Transions, Gracie? And everyone else I forgot to mention? Is that you!?” Violet shouted back excitedly galloping faster and faster to her friends.

“Yes, where were you?” Transions asked gently but sort of loudly at the same time.

“I honestly don’t know what happened. I woke up to being in Mt. Shiveer so I thought to go Sarepia and then my den. Luckily I came across you guys. I don’t know how we will stick to together anymore if a portal keeps appearing and we keep separating, Violet responded.
But just as Violet spoke, a big portal 4x the size of the portal normally appeared right beneath all the blogger’s feet. Everyone fell into the portal, not sure what would happen next.

“Ugh, not again!” Ja exclaimed.

“If we get separated again, make sure we find each other and try to stick together again,” Gracie said.

“Let’s hope so,” Violet responded.

Then the portal closed once again and all that was left in Jamaa was the Creators of Jamaa, Mira and Zios, looking at where the portal was before. They stared at the ground in shock.
Chapter 6
By Lostfairy
One moment, Lost was with her friends. The next, she was making her throat hoarse by screaming as she tumbled around in the swirling abyss, at the mercy of the portal. 

Lost twisted and turned for what seemed like forever before she finally flew out of the portal, landing in a heap on the cement ground.
“Where am I?” Lost murmured as she picked herself up. Just as she said it, she heard a faint scream coming from the portal behind her.
 Lost wheeled around just as a blonde haired girl flew out of the portal, crashing right into her.

 “Ow! I think I hurt something.” The girl rolled off Lost, mumbling.
“Koolest?! What-what are you doing here?” Lost cried in delight and helped Koolest up.
“I fell through the portal, like everyone did,” Koolest rubbed her head. “And I guess we somehow ended up together here?”
 “Where is here?” Lost said.
 The two girls were standing on an empty parking lot of some big grocery store that was surrounded by tall skyscrapers and buildings. Buses and taxis zipped by on the roads, honking somewhat randomly. 

 “Koolest, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore. Or, well, the portal. Whatever,” Lost said.
 “Wait, hold up!” Koolest said, pointing at a red bus waiting at a stoplight. “A red bus. That has, like, two levels. Big, tall buildings.”

“Um, good job, we figured out we’re in a city,” Lost said sarcastically. “How does that help?”

 “Don’t you see? We’re in New York!” Koolest exclaimed.
“Oh!” Lost said as it slowly dawned on her. “Well, let’s find out for sure.”
“Lost? Hey, look, hey, Lost!” Koolest said desperately as Lost marched over to a lady on a sidewalk.

 “Excuse me, miss,” Lost said to the lady when she was closer. “Are we in New York?”
“Oh, hello, Lostfairy!” The lady smiled, ignoring Lost’s question, and squeezed Lost into a hug.

 “Do we know you?” Koolest stared.
The lady laughed. “Why, of course! Don’t be silly, girls! I’m your cousin! And yes, this is New York. You flew here yesterday to meet with my mom! She told me all about it in a phone call yesterday.”

 “You are? We did?” Lost said. “She did?”
“Yes,” the lady’s smile flickered slightly. “Well, I’m a busy woman as you know and must get back to work! Bye, girls!"

“Uh, bye,” Lost waved halfheartedly as the lady hurried down the sidewalk.

“What,” Koolest said, “was that?”

“She acted like she knew us! But who the heck is she?” Lost said. “Last I checked, we don’t have a cousin living in New York.”
“Maybe she’s a distant relative?” Koolest shrugged.
 “Huh,” was all Lost could say. 

“Well, let’s start looking around. Maybe we’ll find another portal to take us back to our friends,” Koolest said.

 The two girls started walking down the wide sidewalks and gaped as they looked up at the massive buildings, probably looking like classic tourists. They crossed streets and turned one way, then the next. All the buildings started to look the same.
 “Are we lost?” Lost asked, panting slightly. “No pun intended.”
 “Do you want me to pretend to be the older protective sibling or do you want the truth?” Koolest said.
 “The truth,” Lost groaned, now knowing was Koolest would say.

 “Yup. We’re lost. Completely and totally lost,” Koolest declared.

 “Alright, we can fix this. We have to, if we want to see our friends again,” Lost forehead crinkled, a habit she did whenever she was worried.
 “Lost, please tell me I’m dreaming,” Koolest said.
“You’re dreaming,” Lost said. “How does that help? You know, you seem a little funny today. First you say we’re in a city which I can clearly see and then you want me to say you’re dreaming. Maybe it’s some kind of side effect from the portal.” 

 “I’m going to sound crazy,” Koolest ignored Lost’s remarks, “but I just saw someone who looked like me walk around that corner.”

 “You’re right. You sound crazy,” Lost laughed.

“I’m serious! I saw a girl with blonde hair and wearing my favorite shirt go around that corner,” Koolest pointed.

“Okay,” Lost said after looking at Koolest for a moment, “if you really think something weird is going on, let’s go find out if it was your doppelgänger.”
 Lost and Koolest raced down the sidewalk and around the corner. Lost could see two girls, one blonde haired and the other dark haired, walking across the street up ahead at a brisk pace.
 “C’mon, they’re moving fast!” Lost said.

 Lost and Koolest bolted to the crosswalk and then crossed quickly, making sure no cars were heading toward them. As Lost and Koolest chased after the girls, the brown haired one looked behind her. She then hurriedly nudged the blonde haired girl, who looked back to.

Suddenly, they too started to run.
 “Oh great, we look like creepy nutso stalkers,” Lost panted.
 “We can’t let them get away now, they could call the cops on us,” Koolest answered. “We need to at least catch up to them and explain ourselves.”
 “Alright, then let’s hurry up!” Lost said.

 Just as they ran around another corner, something rushing into an alley caught Lost’s eye.
 Lost nodded toward the alleyway, hoping Koolest got the gesture, and walked quietly toward it. Holding her breath, she turned into the alley.
 And saw herself staring right back at her.
 “Woah!” Lost yelled, stumbling backward, arms spinning wildly.
 “Lost, what is it?” Koolest asked just as she turned into the alley. “Oh my.”
 The two girls they had cornered in the alley were both staring at them with wide-eyed expressions and the dark haired one’s legs trembled.
 Oh yeah, there was also the fact they looked exactly like Lost and Koolest.
 “How-how-how do you look exactly like us?” the Koolest doppelgänger stammered.
 “And why were you following us?” the Lost doppelgänger quivered
 “Oh dude,” Lost absently rubbed the back of her head. “It’s like we’re in some kind of alternate universe.”
 “Ohhh,” Koolest said. “That makes sense. Kinda.”
 “What’s that supposed to mean?” Lost’s doppelgänger said.
 “Look, okay, so, me and her,” Lost pointed at Koolest, “fell through a portal when we were with our friends, got separated from them, and landed here. Another world. I think this is like our world except not exactly."
 “How so?” Koolest’s doppelgänger replied, leaning against a garbage bin in the alley.
 “Well, like, if that was me, I wouldn’t be cowering in a corner over there like she is,” Lost gestured at her doppelgänger.
 “Hey!” Lost’s doppelgänger said, straightening up.
 “I think Lost means that our personalities might be different,” Koolest gave Lost a small frown.
 “Here, let me try to explain everything,” Lost said, brow crinkling. “Let’s pretend the earth we came from and your earth are twins. Identical twins. But twins don’t have the same personalities or interests, right? So they are slightly different in that way. They look the same but deep down, they aren’t.”
 “Wow, that’s really hard to wrap my brain around,” Koolest’s doppelgänger said. “But the fact we look exactly alike makes it easier to believe."
 “What now, then?” Lost’s doppelgänger said, visibly relaxing. “How are you going to get back to your friends?”
“We don’t know, to be honest,” Koolest said.
 Lost’s doppelgänger looked at Koolest’s with a questioning look. Koolest’s doppelgänger nodded.
 “We could help you, if you want,” Lost’s doppelgänger said, looking back at Lost and Koolest.
 “Really?” Koolest said. “You don’t have to, you know. Just because we look alike doesn’t mean you gotta-”
 “Yeah, you could go see your cousin or aunt or whoever,” Lost cut in Koolest’s rambling.
 “We do have to be back at our aunt’s in a while but we can try to figure out how to get you back to your friends,” Koolest’s doppelgänger said.
 “Do you know where the portal will just appear?” Lost’s doppelgänger asked.
“No, not really. Portals are random. Sometimes they appear in closets or just out in the open.” Lost said as she leaned against the brick wall.
 “Wait! What if we go back to our home and check the closets there?” Koolest said excitedly.
 “Uh, we’re in New York. Not anywhere close to home.” Lost pointed out.
 “Right,” Koolest sighed.

“But that’s a start!” Koolest’s doppelgänger encouraged. “Let’s keep thinking.”

 Soon, the four girls were brainstorming ideas on how and where the portal would show up. Slowly, the idea making turned into sharing goofy stories from their earth. Laughter filled the alley and all the worry about getting back to their friends seemed to leave Lost and Koolest.
 “Oh man,” Lost’s doppelgänger said, checking her watch, “it’s getting late. And we didn’t even help you guys out!”
 “It’s fine!” Koolest told her sister’s doppelgänger. “Me and Lost will figure it out.”
 Just as Lost was about to agree, a loud crashing noise filled the alley and the ground trembled violently. Lost could have sworn the bricks on the walls seemed to move slightly. Suddenly, a light green portal appeared on the brick wall and started swirling wildly, pulsing with incredible energy.
 “Look, it came to us! It’s our way back to our earth and friends!” Lost cheered over the noise.
 “It looks like it’s time for us to go,” Koolest said, looking at their doppelgängers. “Sorry for running after you. And thank you for hanging out with us. We had fun.”
 “So did we,” Koolest’s doppelgänger smiled sadly. “Now go! Go back to your friends!”
 Lost nodded. “Goodbye! We’ll never forget this!”
 Lost looked at Koolest, grabbed her hand, and together they ran and jumped into the portal. Almost immediately, the portal swirled faster and sucked itself back into the wall.
 “Neither will we,” Lost’s doppelgänger murmured softly.

Chapter 7
By Swirlshine
Swirl felt nothing underneath her feet as she fell through the void between portals. All she could see were bright, jumbled up colors, which whirled around her until she felt dizzy.
She closed her eyes, wondering what would happen next. Where would this portal take her? What kind of strange things lay ahead in the next portal?
That is, if there is another portal. She slightly opened one eye, wondering if she would be stuck in nothingness forever.
Her narrowed eyes opened wide as she spotted a portal outlined in gray stone, the only normal surrounding. She fell towards it, and, as she got closer, she felt herself being sucked in by its powerful force. A blinding light appeared, and Swirl shut her eyes once again.
A few moments later, she felt herself land on solid ground, and she blinked her eyes open. Getting up, she rubbed her head a few times, then observed her surroundings. She was on a dusty, flat piece of land, which looked as if it might have been a field once. However, no matter where Swirl looked, she didn't see one patch of grass.
That's odd. Why is this place so barren?
Then Swirl whirled around, and what she saw made her sigh in relief. A city, its skyscrapers stretching high into the air, sat not too far away from where she was now. Swirl immediately started towards it.
When she reached the edge of the city, she stopped to look up at the huge buildings towering over her, and-
Swirl's exclamation came out as an awestruck whisper. The structures, instead of being clean and modern-looking, were dull and dirty. Some windows were completely gone, and some had large holes in the glass. Cracks ran up and down the concrete walls, and some parts of the towers were even just large dents.
Fear beginning to strike inside of her, Swirl cautiously walked a bit further into the city. She glanced around in concern. Stores had tattered overhanging canopies, and all the windows that hadn't been broken were covered with wooden boards. Cars were parked on the sides of roads, and they were starting to rust, as if they hadn't been used in many years.
Everything in this place looks like it's been abandoned, Swirl thought. 
Suddenly, a loud creaking noise sounded right above her, followed by the noise of crumbling and cracking stone. Completely startled, Swirl yelped and dove away, falling to the ground and covering her head.
A loud crash sounded, and then there was silence. Swirl warily lifted her head and turned around. A large pile of stone now sat where she'd been just a few seconds ago. Glancing upwards, she saw that they had come from one of the skyscrapers.
"That was close", she muttered out loud, still slightly trembling. She dusted herself off, relieved she hadn't hurt anything in her mad dash, and started off again- this time, in the center of the road. After all, none of the vehicles seemed to be moving, anyway.

After a few more minutes, she still didn't see any signs of life.

"Hello?" she called out through the silence.
Her voice echoed off the walls of the buildings, but nothing answered her back. 
"Lost? Sarah? Gracie? Are you guys out there?" Swirl yelled at the top her lungs, her heart beginning to race at the thought of being all alone in a dangerous abandoned city.
Still no reply.
Letting out a shaky breath, she decided to accept the fact that her friends had probably been taken through completely different portals. Plus, if they had come with her, they probably would've fallen through the same portal, and landed in the same spot as Swirl... right?
Swirl continued walking through the concrete jungle, feeling more anxious with each step. But suddenly, as she was passing an alleyway, she heard a whisper.
"What are you doing here?"
Swirl jumped, whirling around in surprise. "Wh-who's there?"
A girl stepped out of the shadows. She wore a tattered tan top, covered in stains, and her gray pants were in the same condition. Her dark brown hair was tied back in a messy bun, and her matching brown eyes glinted in a mixture of curiosity and fear.
"What are you doing here?" she repeated quietly. "I... I haven't seen anyone around this place for ages."
The words tumbled out of Swirl's mouth before she had a chance to think. "Me and my friends came from another dimension and got sent through a portal, and we keep getting split up, and then I fell out of another portal into this place."

 Swirl expected the girl to stare at her as if she were insane, but instead, her eyes widened in curiosity. "A... portal?"

 Swirl nodded.

 "Pardon me for asking", the girl said politely. "But... what's a portal?"

 Swirl blinked. "What's a portal? Well... it's... um..." Then she remembered that the only ones who had really heard of true portals before were her and her friends, and apparently, that girl who had sent them down the first one. This stranger probably wouldn't understand, much less believe her.

 "Oh, never mind", Swirl sighed. "It's hard to explain." She looked around the quiet, broken city. "Do you live... here?"

 The girl nodded solemnly. "But it wasn't always like this, you know."
"What happened?" Swirl asked curiously.

 The girl turned to face her. "You say you come from another dimension. Is your world the opposite of this one?"

 Swirl nodded. "Yeah, pretty much."

 The stranger sighed. "I was afraid of that. If what you say is true... then... this IS your dimension. In the future."

 Swirl stared at her. "That can't be true. This place looks nothing like where I come from!"

 "Not right now", the girl replied. "But if-" She broke off. "Come with me." She grabbed Swirl's arm and dragged her through the alley, stopping at a fire escape ladder leading up the side of a building. She started up it, and Swirl followed cautiously.

 Finally, the girl stopped in front of her, stepped onto the roof, and turned to look out across the city. Swirl copied her, and at once, her eyes widened.

 The city looked even worse from up here. Destruction stretched as far as she could see. Piles of materials that once belonged to buildings now lay on the ground, and an entire skyscraper was dangerously close to tipping over. When Swirl looked to the fields beyond the concrete jungle, she saw nothing but brown.

 "Soon, if your dimension's citizens continue with what they're doing, your world will look like this." The girl's voice was little more than a whisper.

 Swirl kept on staring at the city, her heart beating faster. "How... how do you know?"

 The girl didn't turn her head. "It's happened with many dimensions before. I've seen visions of them, and they've all turned out to look exactly like this."

Visions? So this girl has some sort of psychic powers. Maybe she knows more about my world than even I do. 

 "I know many things you do not, trust me", the girl said, as if she'd read Swirl's mind. Then she gave a small smile. "By the way, my name's Raine, in case you were wondering."

 Swirl grinned back sheepishly, feeling guilty that she hadn't asked the girl's name sooner, and that she hadn't shared hers. "I'm Swirl."

 Raine was silent for a moment. "So... I'm guessing you want to get back home."

 "Yeah", Swirl replied. "I need to find the rest of my friends."

 "Well, we better find this 'portal' you came through quickly. If the sun goes down, and you're still here, you'll be trapped in this dimension."

 "Like on TV?" Swirl asked, raising an eyebrow and grinning in amusement.

 Raine blinked, looking slightly confused. "I... I guess so."

 Swirl quickly glanced up at the sky. The sun was beginning to stain the sky pink and orange.

 Raine stood up. "Show me where you appeared."

 Swirl nodded, and led the way down the metal stairs all the way to the barren field she had arrived in.

 "So... what does a portal look like, exactly?" Raine asked, scanning the horizon.

 "Well... it's like... some kind of magical circle," Swirl fumbled. Gee, that sounds believable. "And the one I came through was bright green."

 Raine sighed. "Well, I don't see anything around here. Maybe we should try the city?"

 Swirl nodded, and this time let Raine lead.

 When they stopped again, the two girls looked all around, scanning for a green circle. Just as Swirl was about to suggest they try another place, Raine gasped "Look!" and pointed above her. Swirl squinted up at one of the crumbling skyscrapers. A familiar bright green circle, with white lines inside that constantly changed, floated at the top.

 "The portal!" Swirl gasped. Then she stiffened. How on earth am I supposed to get to it up there?

 "You'll have to climb up to it", Raine said, somehow reading Swirl's thoughts again.

 Swirl blinked, taking a step back. "Y-You can't be serious." Climb up inside a building that looks like it'll fall any minute? And to the very top?

 Raine raised an eyebrow. "Can you fly?"


 "Then climbing up is the only way."

 Swirl glanced up at the sky again, and was shocked to find that the sun was beginning to touch the brown hills in the distance.

 She sighed. "Okay, I'll go."

 Swirl dashed up to the building and opened the door, but looked back.

 "Thank you", she said to Raine. "I... I hope you'll be okay here by yourself."

 The girl smiled slightly, then gave a small nod. "Hurry and go. The sun has almost set."

 Swirl nodded back, then ran inside, leaving Raine staring after her seriously.

 Inside, everything was coated in a layer of dust, and various things were scattered across the tile floor. Sometimes, a small piece of the ceiling would fall off, making Swirl jump out of the way. However, the eerie silence was what worried her the most. Everything was still, and Swirl half expected something to leap out at her from the dark shadows around her.

 She groaned. Why did the portal have to appear here, of all places?

 Figuring the elevator wouldn't be much help, she began to climb the stairs. Some creaked as she stepped on them, and she flinched.

 She kept climbing set after set of stairs, until finally, she stopped, panting, at a door marked "To roof". She waited to catch her breath, then pushed the door open. A cold wind blew as she stepped outside the building onto a balcony, and the sky looked even darker than it had before. Swirl began to rush up the last few sets of stairs to get to the roof, trying not to trip and fall in the process.

 Suddenly, a loud crack split the air, and she felt air underneath her feet where there was supposed to be concrete. With a scream of horror, she reached out her arm just as she began to fall, and barely managed to grab onto a stair rail. The pieces of the platform she had been standing on tumbled down past her.

Don't look down, don't look down, DON'T LOOK DOWN, she repeated over and over in her mind.

 But she did anyway, and she instantly regretted it. She was so high up that the rusted cars looked like tiny toys from where she was, and, if Raine was somewhere below her, she certainly couldn't see her. Swirl yelled as loud as she could for help, but she was sure the sound wouldn't reach Raine, or anyone else.

 Her fingers began to slip, and she gripped the bar tighter, trying to ignore the searing pain in her hand. She turned towards the hills. The sun was almost completely hidden behind them now.

I'm not going to make it, Swirl thought in despair. The portal will disappear without me, and I'll be stuck here forever! She felt her fingers slipping again. That is, if I don't fall. Oh, Lord, help me!

 Finally, she could hold on no longer, and she released her grip on the bar, letting herself fall to the ground below.

 But something flashed underneath her, and a green portal quickly formed, catching Swirl in its depths and swallowing her. Swirl opened her eyes to see the odd, but familiar, abstract background of the void between portals, and she let out a breath of relief.


 Three voices shouted the exact same thing. Swirl turned to see Lost, Sarah, Ja, and another girl falling towards her through the empty space.

 "This is Daylite", Ja told Swirl once they had reached her. Swirl smiled at the girl, and she smiled back and gave a little wave.

 But, as they neared more portal entrances, the mysterious magical force began to pull at them. And then, the bloggers were sent through different portals yet again, on to different adventures of their own.

Chapter 8
By Daylite Dreamer
Daylite was terrified and in awe at the same time. The inside of the portal was breathtaking. It looked like a shining purple galaxy. Jumping in the portal wasn't as scary as she expected it to be, especially since she was with some of the others. Another blogger, Swirlshine, joined the four.

 Lost, Sarah, and Ja greeted her in unison. "Swirl!"

 "This is Daylite," Ja told Swirl. Daylite smiled shyly and waved.

Okay. I still don't know where I'm going! What if I land somewhere dangerous? What if I'm stuck there? What if I'm stuck in here? A far away light caught Daylite's eye. She tried to stay calm and not to think about where the portal would take her. As she grew nearer to the blinding light, she became more excited to see where she'd end up rather than scared.

Seconds later, she was sucked out of the portal and fell onto what felt like a huge fluffy cloud. Her aqua maxi dress and fuzzy vest had transformed into gold and white lounge clothes and her headphones were replaced with a new rose gold pair, which looked a bit like the futuristic headphones on Animal Jam.

Daylite looked up and saw she was in a neat, modern bedroom. There were no windows, and the only colors in the entire room were white and gold. All of the furniture was floating right before her eyes. But the thing that surprised her most was the fact that she actually landed on a cloud! There were a few decorative pillows and a soft blanket on it, too.

So... I guess the people here use clouds as beds.

 She stood up and found a pamphlet on the nightstand.


"The Dome..." Daylite murmured to herself. She scanned through the welcome packet and found a map of what apparently was "the Dome."

Hey, there's a cafeteria! I could eat. Daylite walked briskly out of the room, which turned out to be a large apartment. This blogger thing is tougher than I thought. She was somewhat new to the blogger community, and though the others were super nice, she still didn't know them very well.
A girl in a cute metallic mini skirt approached Daylite in the halls. "Excuse me! Are you Daylite? Syd and Moon's cousin? The girls who run the theater club?"
"Yes, I am Daylite, but I'm not Syd or Moon's cousin. And there's a theater club here?" Daylite's eyes lit up.
"Yup. Right now they're rehearsing for that old musical Hamilton for their spring show."
"Old? That musical came out, what, three years ago?"
The girl looked confused. "Uh... no. You know it's 2035, right?"
No! I didn't! Daylite thought. I haven't even met these Syd and Moon girls and I already like them, though.
Daylite spotted the cafeteria and ran over to grab a spot in the long line. Like her apartment, everything was glowing and floating.

When it was her turn, the bartender frowned. "Um... don't you belong over there?" she gestured to an area of the café that was extremely glamorous. There were a few stairs which led to a red carpet- which was floating like the rest of the things in the Dome.

Wait. That's the upper class cafeteria. Rose gold means upper class, gold means middle class, and silver means lower class. My headphones are rose gold! That's probably why everyone knows my name! I think that was in the welcome packet...

She ordered a sub and a coffee to go from the lower class café anyway and headed back to her apartment. She was about to forget about the whole portal problem when a girl wearing a rose gold tiara rushed in with a slice of pizza.

She must be one of my roommates. Wait... I've seen her before...

"Snow! Boy, am I glad to see you! Where's Mega?" Daylite exclaimed. The girl was Snowlondon, one of the other bloggers.

"That's the problem. I don't know!" Megadiancie was usually with Snow since they run a
blog together.

"Well, I fell out of the portal into one of the bedrooms in here. Maybe Mega did, too."
Hmm... let's check." The two hurried in just in time to see Mega belly flop out of the glowing green portal onto the bed.

 "Mega!" Snow exclaimed.

 "Hey. Whoa, where am I?"

 "2035. I'll explain the rest later. We have to jump in the portal bef-"

 The portal closed up before Daylite could finish.


 "Well. Who wants to help look for another portal?"

 "Uh, we could try opening it again." Mega walked over to where the portal was. She tapped the empty space where the portal had been and to Snow and Daylite's surprise, it actually made a sound. Mega paused, then banged on the portal and it burst open.

 "Quick! Get in!" Snow shouted. The three girls dove in.
 Chapter 10
By Arcticstar
"WAUUUUUUUGGGHH! Oof." Arctic's freefall was interrupted by a sudden rough landing. At least she was still with her friends...not.

"Zounds! Not only have I lost track of my friends, it looks like I've landed in easily the most boring location yet! This place looks exactly the real world!" she exclaimed exasperatedly.

It was true. The world around her was completely, disappointingly normal and positively un-dangerous in every way. She also noticed that she had landed in a bathroom for some reason. Not a public one either, but a regular household one. She hoped she could find her way out before the owner of the house found out that there was a stranger in their bathroom.

"Man, I wish this was actually a fun portal, something with adventure would be nice." Arctic sighed.

Grumbling, she began to walk toward the door when she hit something cold. She tried to step forward again, and hit the strange force field again. It was only then that Arctic began to notice the other strange things about the seemingly normal room. Everything was a little... glassier than normal. With one more valiant effort, Arctic slammed into the invisible force. It wouldn't budge.

Trapped? thought Arctic. Suddenly, someone stepped into the room and turned to face her. How could this stranger go through the invisible wall? Arctic's surmounting horror reached its peak when the girl turned to face her and smiled a most sinister smile. She had lengthy blonde hair and was wearing a plain, grey dress. At last, it clicked.

"Hey-!" yelled Arctic in her most commanding voice. The girl even looked taken aback for a second before regaining her cold composure. "I KNOW... YOUR FACE! Ehmm.. YOU'RE THE PORTAL WEIRDO!" Arctic stammered, trying her best to keep her intimidating stance, but to no avail.

"Looks like you got what you wished for, loser. You finally got the adventure you wanted, and if I do say so myself - a most perfectly crafted one at that."

"Listen here you - if you don't let me go... I'll rub your face on the floor like... like... like floor soap! Yeah, that's what I'll do - so you'd better watch out!" Arctic yelled. The girl only scoffed.

"If your little brain has managed to comprehend it yet - you are trapped within my mirror, almost like an alternate world. The unfortunate thing is, whatever I do to it here will, shall I say, reflect itself over there." With that, the girl looked Arctic dead in the eyes and turned the tap on full. Arctic watched the water steadily pool into the sink and realized where this was going.

"Escape comes from the door unseen. Have fun, you have fifteen minutes." the girl cackled madly and left the room. Arctic ran for the door but was once again evaded by the invisible barrier.

"Oh Lord oh Lord oh Lord please HELP! The water is rising! What will I do?!" she screamed. "The tap must be magical - the water is coming out way too fast!"

Surely enough, the water had now filled the sink and was spilling over the sides and onto the floor in a rapid cascade of impending doom. Panic was all that was on her mind - but there was no time for that. Arctic needed a solution, and quick!

She banged, kicked, pulled, and shoved every cabinet door and wall she could find but it was no use.

"Door unseen, door unseen, DOOR UNSEEN. WHAT DOOR WHAT DOOR?!" she cried in desperation. Thinking back to the many detective adventure shows she had seen, she tried finding hidden triggers or symbols in the tiles. All she found were some dead flies and a Q-tip. Gross.

The water was now up to her ankles and steadily on the rise. Could a toilet be a door unseen?

"This world is imaginary - so maybe all I need to do is imagine a door. Or maybe a rhino to bust a hole in this forcefield." So Arctic did her very best to imagine doors, keys, and multiple large animals but all she got was a headache.

By now, the water was up to her knees. She tried miming a door and going through it. Apparently "the door unseen" was not part of a pantomime.

"Did the other blogger have to do this?! Confound my loud mouth- wishing for more trouble than I ought to have!!" The water was up to her hips and she was losing hope. Arctic tried flushing the excess water down the toilet but all it did was create a small torrent in the corner of the room.

She kicked the tap in anger, hoping it would lessen the flow of water. Big mistake- the tap snapped clean off and the water started gushing out faster than ever before. Before long, the water was up to her shoulders. Arctic couldn't do it anymore - she began to cry, and couldn't seem to stop.

"I miss my friends, I miss my family. Oh Lord please keep the other Bloggers safe. I wish I could be braver. I wish I could have found a way. I only wanted to help everyone get back together, and I wanted a fun adventure with my friends. Look what I've done. Look.. what I've.. done..." The water came up over Arctic's head, stealing her breath, obscuring her vision, and everything went dark.

They say that even in the darkest of situations, so long as you keep your faith - hope can be found, and that the light will always shine through. No matter how bleak something can be- no matter how high the waters rise, you'll always find a way. So as it is said, so it happened.

The darkness began to fade before Arctic's bleary eyes. 'I'm... okay?' she thought, startled. She had been spluttering and choking only moments before, but it was as though something strange had come over her that protected her. A warmth radiated from her very core- and out of the watery darkness appeared a welcoming wooden door, with a golden light glowing from behind it. Arctic could not reach the knob at first, but stretched with all her might to touch it. At last, her hand made contact with the golden knob. With all her effort, she turned the knob and passed through.

Was she floating? Still swimming? Arctic could not quite tell. At first, it was too bright for her to see anything. Her eyes eventually adjusted to the light and she could make out the figures of several girls, standing together. It was as though she was looking into a scene from far above.

"Arctic!" They called. "Oh, Arctic where are you?"

"Has anyone seen her yet?"

"No, none of us went through any portals with her... did we?"

"Not since the first one where we all fell through."

"Wherever she is, may the Lord keep her safe."

Arctic called out to them, but they could not hear her words. It was then that a soft voice spoke into her ear.

You have kept your faith Arcticstar. You solved the riddle - the door unseen has been opened. In your hour of darkness, you called out for help, you shared your sincerest desires, and you thought first of your friends. By doing so you opened the door to your heart - the door unseen. May all your journeys be swift from here.

The shattering of glass. Arctic was free.

The next few minutes were a blur. She rushed out of the mirror world and into the real one - completely soaked. She was going to find that portal and get her friends no matter what it took. At last, she found it, and without the slightest hesitation she jumped into the bright green light.


"So she escaped. There was no way to get out. There were no doors. She never should have been able to leave... The next challenge will be all the more perilous. Beware, bloggers."
Chapter 11
By Snowlondon and Megadiancie7

Megadiancie7 and Snowlondon hit the ground with a loud thump. Seeing they were together, they both let out a relieved sigh. They then got up quickly, wondering where they could be. Despite the fact that each portal brought new challenges, they couldn’t help but be a little curious. If it was like the stories, anything could happen!
They found themselves in a hallway with a checkered floor. As they stood up and brushed the dirt off their clothes, they realized they were in a high school. No regular one, either.

Glancing around, Mega and Snow saw students wearing everything from top hats to spiked collars, floral crowns to bows. As they looked down at themselves, they realized they were no different.
Mega was dressed in a pink dress with yellow crescent moons all over it. Behind her ear perched a sparkly blue butterfly, complete with a half heart necklace around her neck. Snow was wearing a light pink leotard with a lilac tutu, as well as a matching necklace. On her head sat a simple tiara.
Snow got an idea. “OhmygoshMegaIthinkwe’reinJamasianHigh!” she squealed.
Mega was used to her lightning fast way of speaking and replied breathlessly.“ Jamasian High?!”
“Yes!” exclaimed Snow happily. “Look around you!”
“And everyone looks like a humanized Animal Jam character!” agreed Mega.

They high fived. After all, out of all places to wind up, an Animal Jam high school wasn’t that bad.
Just then, the school bell rang.
“Oh no! We don’t know our classes!” cried Snow.
Mega, however, had a hunch. “If it’s anything like the books, then we should magically have everything we need,” she pointed out.

They looked in their backpacks, and sure enough, they each found a map and a schedule. Comparing their schedules, they were ecstatic to find they were exactly the same.

“I guess the portal wanted us to stay together!” grinned Snow. “Now what’s first?”

“History,” replied Mega.

Snow read hers too. “It’s with Liza!” she said excitedly. Liza was her favourite of the main

Using the map, they raced to Liza’s classroom, not wanting to be late. They ran into the classroom and dove into the nearest chairs. They focused their attention on the figure in the front of the class.

Liza’s hair was a pretty shade of black. She had two buns, and a long loose braid that went down past her back. She wore a turquoise dress, along with matching earrings. A brown utility belt was fastened around her waist, and a golden arm band was wrapped around her arm.

“Good morning, class!” Liza greeted, smiling.

Good morning!” called Mega and Snow cheerily.

To their embarrassment, the whole class turned to stare at them.

“I don’t remember them…”

“What are they doing here?”

Even Liza seemed a little baffled but she shook her head and continued. “Today, we will be learning about The Super Jammers.”

Mega and Snow gasped.

“But… That’s our story!” stammered Snow.

“Hmmm…. Jamasian High was a ‘story’ too but we’re standing in it…” mused Mega.

“You mean to say… All the bloggers stories…. Real?” asked Snow, eyes widening.

“Possibly. In fact, probably,” replied Mega, equally in awe.

“Who can tell me all the names of The Super Jammers and what animals they were?” asked Liza.

Both Mega and Snow raised their hands but a different girl was picked. She answered without missing a beat, “Shadow the owl, The Howler the wolf, Arctica the arctic fox, Water Otter the otter, and Striped Claw the tiger.”

Mega and Snow were quite impressed that someone knew their ‘story’ so well. They tried to get a better look at who had answered. Her plain outfit was a stark contrast to the funky outfits around her. Her blonde hair was tied up in a ponytail and she wore a long grey dress. Something about her seemed familiar to Mega and Snow, but they couldn’t place their finger on what.

“Thank you. Now, can someone tell me their powers?” continued Liza.

Once again Mega and Snow raised their hands but once again, the other girl was called upon.

“Arctica could create blizzards and freeze liquids, Water Otter could manipulate water, Striped Claw had super strength and amazing instincts, and… Um…. Uh…” the girl hemmed and hawed and eventually Liza picked Snow.

“Shadow had super speed and night vision-”

“And The Howler had a super sonic howl,” finished Mega.

They high fived.

“Correct,” praised Liza, as the mysterious girl glared furiously at them. “I will now be handing out some questions about the remarkable Super Jammers,” instructed Liza, passing out a sheet of paper.

“I’ll help you, Miss Liza.” said a sickly sweet voice. It was the mysterious girl again. It seemed she was the teacher’s pet. That would explain her anger at being wrong.
Mega was just finishing the last question when the bell rang. “Next we have science with Cosmo,” she informed Snow.

Checking the map, Snow noticed it took place outside the school, in an area labeled the School Gardens. With the map as a guide, Mega and Snow managed to exit the school and trek through the deep forest until finally they reached what they guessed was the School Gardens.

It was a huge clearing with warm sunlight shining through. Flowers and trees sprouted here and there. The most impressive thing, though, was in the center of the clearing. It was a house carved out of a massive tree! Everything in it was made of plants, from the stairs constructed entirely out of large leaves to the potted plants adorning the walls. A blue brook babbled lazily over the stone floors.

“Hello and welcome!” called out a voice. “Be careful not to squash the flowers, apparently they’re feeling delicate today,” it added.

Then the mystery person came out from behind the trees. It was Cosmo. He had shaggy brown hair and light brown glasses around his chocolate brown eyes. His clothes were made completely out of big green leaves, as was his hat, on which there was a jaunty daisy.
“Today we will be reviewing photosynthesis, with my friend Asclepias Syriaca.” He held up a vase filled with milkweed.

Mega and Snow recalled Cosmo could speak to plants.

“If you do not remember, photosynthesis is how plants get their food, so to speak. You see, by using sunlight, water, minerals and carbon dioxide, the plant can make glucose, which is the energy for the plant,” he explained. “Now, do any of you have any questions for Asclepias Syriaca?“ he asked.

A few people raised their hands.

“Does it hurt to do photosynthesis?”

“Can you taste the glucose?"

After Asclepias Syriaca had answered these questions and more (with Cosmo as two way translator), Cosmo moved on to the second part of the lesson.

“Now, let’s do something a bit more hands on, shall we?” he said, after putting down Asclepias Syriaca. He then gestured to a shelf behind him filled with potted plants. “The plants say they want to be in the ground, rather than vases, so we are going to be replanting them!”

After explaining how to properly replant the plants, Cosmo passed out potted plants; three to each person. Mega and Snow took theirs, and then headed onto the grass. Despite the students chattering around them, it was peaceful. They quickly got into the rhythm: dig, scoop, bury. Dig, scoop, bury.

After finishing carefully planting the many exotic plants, they looked around. While they weren’t the last to finish, it seemed most had finished long before. For example, the mysterious girl. Keeping up her teacher’s pet behavior, she was helping Cosmo out with some sort of soil problem, and looking very self-contented while at it.

Finally it seemed everyone was done planting, and Cosmo went around inspecting. When he came to the mysterious girl’s, he looked delighted. “Now look here class! See the careful way this jammer dug out her holes, and the way she gently replanted them? Splendid, splendid,” he said, smiling.

The mysterious girl stuck her tongue out at Mega and Snow, who shrugged, knowing they couldn’t be perfect at everything. Suddenly, the bell rang.

Mega checked the schedule, and her face lit up. “English!” she exclaimed.

English was both of their favourite subjects, but would it meet their expectations here? They certainly hoped so.

“Come on, we’ve got a bit of a walk to get back into the main building,” reminded Snow.
Mega and Snow had just taken their seats when trumpets blared.

"Da da da daaaaa!”

Sir Gilbert walked regally into the room. He had fiery red hair that was slicked back neatly, and a bushy white goatee. His eyes were jade green. He was covered in silver armour and a red velvet cape billowed behind him.

“Welcome to English class," he greeted grandly. “As you well know, last class we started writing stories. Today you are to continue them.”

Mega and Snow had not known about the stories, but they figured if they wrote fast enough they could make up for the time lost.

“What should we write about?” asked Mega.

Snow was stumped. “I can’t come up with any story that rivals what’s been happening today.”

Eureka!” cried Mega with excitement.

“What?” demanded Snow.

“We write about what’s happened to us today!” explained a giddy Mega.

“That’s it!” agreed Snow, suddenly elated.

Checking their desks, they each found a beautiful leather bound journal complete with the emblem of Mira and Zios. They also found two gorgeous black quills and bottles of ink. It seemed Sir Gilbert liked commemorating the olden days. Mega and Snow dipped their quills in ink and began to write...

Time flew by and before they knew it, the bell had rung. And not just any bell… The lunch break bell!

The mood of the whole class seemed to elevate as they got up and left the classroom. Unlike everyone else, Mega and Snow were nervous. They had always eaten packed lunches before and had heard rumours that cafeteria food was awful. They supposed they’d just have to hope.

Once more they used the map to find their way to the cafeteria. They didn’t know what they were expecting – maybe a dirty, nasty place with evil lunch ladies ladling out foul smelling muck – but that was certainly not what they found. It was a room so large it dwarfed everywhere else they’d been that morning. Its walls were a warm beige colour. There were tall windows all around them which let in streaming light. There appeared to be no plates, as jammers all around them were walking while munching.

This brought their eyes to the food.

And what food it was! There were tables overflowing with cheesy pizzas and huge roast turkeys, fluffy mashed potatoes, and buttery rice. There were juicy hamburgers, crispy fries, and warm ramen. And then there was the desserts. Tall layer cakes and soft donuts. Fresh pumpkin and apple pies. Rich brownies. Mountainous blobs of jello. There were even smoothie and hot chocolate machines, busily puttering away. Everything looked straight from a cookbook. A delicious one, too.

Mega and Snow had just eaten their fill and were walking towards their next subject (math with Graham), wanting to get an early start, when they ran into someone. Literally. Snow ran headfirst into, yes, the Mysterious Girl.

“I am so sorry! Are you okay?!” Snow apologized quickly.

“No, I’m not. No thanks to you,” she retorted.

It was then Mega and Snow recognized her.

“You’re the one who dropped us into the portal!” accused Mega.

“About time you remembered,” she sniffed. “Today at the end of the day we have art class. And in that art class, we will be having an art competition. And I am going to win. And you are going to lose. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have math class. Oh yeah, by the way, when I made your schedules identical, I also made mine the same.”

With that she flounced off, leaving Mega and Snow staring in her wake.

To get to Graham’s classroom, they had to walk up a long, narrow, winding wooden staircase. When they arrived, panting, they immediately collapsed upon the chairs (all of which were decorated with golden pipes and cogs). They had about two minutes until the bell would ring. They used this time to survey their surroundings.

They were in what was probably the highest room in the building. It was small and dome shaped with floors that were half stone and half wood. On one side of the room there was a chart with complex calculations written upon it and next to it, a telescope! It wasn’t your average telescope, either. It was made of what appeared to be gold with all sorts of levers attached. But what really made it stand out was its size. It was easily five times as big as them and so wide they could probably fit snugly in. It jutted out of the window and probably gave views to marvel the Hubble Telescope. And right there, at the telescope, scribbling furiously on the chart, was Graham.

His hair was a great mass of electric white hair along with a messy beard to match. He wore strange working goggles that made his sea blue eyes look different sizes. His clothes were all blue and a green gem was strapped to his stomach. There was two brown armbands on each of his arms, one of which had a gold plate attached. There was a golden key hanging from his neck and a utility belt similar to Liza’s around his waist.

Briiiiiiing!” rang the bell. It seemed to jolt Graham out of his work. “Why hello there,” he said in a voice raspy with age. “I have been observing the planetary movements. But I suppose that is boring to you youngsters.”

There were a couple laughs.

“Instead, we shall be constructing and battling robots,” he explained to the excited students, which instantly irrupted into chatter.

“My robot is going to crush yours!”

“Nu-uh. Dream on!

“My robot will be THE BEST.”

“As if. It’ll be mine and you know it.”

Even Mega and Snow couldn’t wait to start.

“There are not many rules. In fact, there are none. As for the materials...” Graham trailed off, before dumping a large box of random junk onto the floor. “This should cover it.”

The world has never seen such a stampede as the one created when every student in the class went running for scrap materials Graham had laid out – well, dropped – on the floor. Mega and Snow were bashed left and right. Finally, Mega and Snow slipped in to scavenge what they could together.

It was surprising what they found, really. There were wooden sticks, straw bales, bamboo shoots, slabs of stone, and even some precious metals such as silver, gold, and gemstones. When they were finished gathering everything they thought they might need, they set to work.

After about an hour, they had finally finished their robot. He (they decided to make it male) had a body of real gold, and arms of bamboo. They wired him using silver due to its conducting properties. Around them they saw a vasty different variety of robots. The one that really stuck out to them was that of, (surprise, surprise,) the Portal Girl. Unlike theirs, hers was woven into a complex pattern completely out of straw, save for the wood foundation. Rather than working with electricity, she had dabbled in Rube Goldberg-like engineering, ending up with a robot that functioned using a series of complex chain reactions.

“Very impressive, very impressive,” Graham said as he carefully inspected all the robots. “There’s no doubt you’ve all gotten the looks aspect of this assignment. But have you gotten the battle skills?”

At this, some jammers blinked, as if they had forgotten that they had been told to make battle robots instead of art displays. It indeed seemed like half the class had forgotten that their robots were supposed to function.

“Now, here are the matchups for the first round," Graham announced before listing out the pairings.

Mega and Snow’s first match was with a non-functioning stone robot, also made by two partners, with a sharpened, hammer-like head. It was so heavy that it took both of its creators to lift. The enemy pair was very careful to place it a certain distance from Mega and Snow’s robot and didn’t let go until the match was started.

The moment the countdown ended, however, their enemies released it. Like a falling anvil, the robot streaked forward. Still, Mega and Snow hadn’t spent an hour programming their robot for nothing. The robot dived out of the way before springing back to its feet, ready for action. But the action never came. The stone robot, falling on the stone half of the floor, neatly split in half, though with the accomplishment of denting the floor under its belt as it broke.

The next few battles were practically the same. Non-functioning robot after non-functioning robot. Finally the battles came down to the finalists. You can probably guess who they were. Mega and Snow, and, of course, the Portal Girl. She simply flipped her hair and readied her robot. Mega and Snow did the same (minus the hair flips).

“Ready yourselves, final contestants. On your marks. Get set. GO!”

Mega and Snow’s robot quickly prepared for attack, just as the Portal Girl snapped a rubber band, starting her chain reactions. Her robot marched forwards and aimed a strike at theirs. Luckily their robot parried with an almost identical strike. Her robot aimed a kick. Their robot sidestepped it. Her robot leaped at theirs. Theirs caught her mid leap and thrust her away. It continued and continued, seemingly with no end.

Snow had an image of the robots battling for eternity while they looked on, helpless. In fact, she was just about to ask Mega if they should yield rather than have their robots fight forever, when she heard a crunch. She looked over, wondering which robot had snapped.

Imagine her shock when she found out it was both.

By the looks of it, the two robots had aimed punches at the exact same time, and as a result were both broken and mangled.

“Aaaaaand…… It’s a tie!” exclaimed Graham with gusto.

Mega and Snow looked at each other. This Portal Girl was hard to defeat. Still, a tie was alright.

“To gym?”

“To gym!”

Mega and Snow ran down the steps eagerly. After all, Greely was Mega’s favourite alpha.

According to the map, gym was directly behind the school.

When they finally got to the gym, though, Mega and Snow got a shock.

“There’s a wall around the gym!” Mega cried.

“Not just any wall… It looks to be made of phantom pods!” observed Snow, staring at the disgusting bulbs.

After standing in silence for a moment, Snow asked, “So, do we just hit it?”

“I think so…” came Mega’s uncertain reply.

”Ok,” Snow decided. “On three. One, two, three!” On three, they both hit a section of the wall with all of their might. The pods popped with a crack, giving them an opening. They stepped through quickly.

“Ah. You’ve all made it through my newest challenge. Shame, I was hoping to be missing some jammers, but it seems you’re all here,” muttered none then than Greely himself.
He was similar to Sir Gilbert in that he too had a white goatee, as well as a cape. There were still differences, of course. Unlike Gilbert’s, Greely’s hair was dark blue, and his cape a tattered purple colour with a gold clasp. His eyes were sunny yellow, a colour that did not match his personality. Around each arm were two leather straps.

Mega and Snow looked around them. There were what looked like they were once stone buildings, though by then nature had reclaimed them. Trees were growing on everything in sight. The most unsettling part, however, lay past the trees. It was a gigantic grey volcano that was belching out worrisome red smoke. Oddly enough, none of the other students seemed to care. Their main worry seemed to be Greely.

“Listen up!” he barked. “We’re going to be playing Phantom Ball. There is one rule: don’t get hit by flaming phantoms. Easy. Of course, since Mira probably doesn’t want you dying, the phantoms will be fake. But trust me, their fire is very real. Anyway, enough chattering. GO!”

At this final word, flaming phantoms did indeed start falling from the sky. As you can probably imagine, panic was immediate. Jammers were running left and right, trying desperately to avoid the phantoms.

Mega and Snow weaved in and out of the crowd, holding hands so as not to lose each other. All around them fellow students were yelping as the flames licked their skin. The phantoms, once small and insignificant, were now getting progressively larger. Still, they hadn’t spent hours playing Falling Phantoms for nothing. They knew when to stand still, when to run. When to cower in a corner, when to advance to the middle.

Using their knowledge, Mega and Snow managed to survive until there were only two others besides themselves left. One was, obviously, the Portal Girl. The other was someone they’d never before seen, wearing brown with a brown and turquoise top hat and a black sword.

They heard a cry and saw that the Portal Girl had been hit. They knew that there was no way they could both win. They looked up and saw a massive fireball of a phantom falling towards them. Squeezing each other’s hands, they closed their eyes, and braced for impact.
It never came. They felt slightly hot for a moment, and before they knew it they were on the side of the field, listening to the class cheering for the person who won, who was apparently named Wolves12345.

As the bell rang, they stumbled, dazed, towards what they had both been looking forwards to and dreading all day. The final showdown, no ties, no excuses: Art class.

Up close, the Art Studio was even quainter than they had been able to see on the small screens of their computers. It was warm and inviting with walls made of wood and long green tiles on the roof. Right above the door was a painter’s palette. Inside, the walls were covered in drawings, from simple stick figures to complex animals. The many shelves were loaded with pottery, some beautifully detailed, some lumpy and disfigured. In the center of the studio were a couple rows of chairs.

Mega and Snow had sat down and were trying to stay calm despite their nervousness when they heard someone.

“Do you mind if I sit next to you?” asked a girl.

Glancing up, Mega gasped. The girl had long brown hair and brown eyes. She was wearing a long white gown.

“KARALEE?!” cried Mega.

“Mega? Snow?” replied Kara.

“It’s us!” responded Mega and Snow in unison.

“I thought I was alone!” explained Kara.

“We did too,” nodded Mega and Snow.

After comparing schedules they saw that they were completely different, except for art class.

“Is that you guys?” asked a girl with light brown hair and blue eyes, along with a white shirt and grey skirt, and pink glasses.

“SARAH!” exclaimed Mega, Snow, and Kara.
“HI!” replied Sarah excitedly. She too had had an entirely different schedules besides art.

“I guess the Portal Girl wanted to ‘defeat’ all of us,” concluded Snow after explaining everything.

Sure enough, more and more bloggers came. There was Gracie, Coolcat, Swirl, Daylite, Lost, Kraft, Flora, Crazcat, and Ja, to name a few.

Once they had all found seats in a clump together, they waited for teacher to come. And they waited some more. And some more.

Suddenly a young woman jumped through the one of the open windows.

“BOO! Did I scare you? Did I? Oh well. Anyhoo! Today….” The woman trailed off. “Oh look, a butterfly!” she chirped.

Mega and Snow exchanged a look. “Peck?” asked Mega.

“Peck.” agreed Snow.

Peck had a short violet bob. Her eyes were an intense fuchsia. On her ear was a yellow bell that would tinkle pleasantly whenever she moved her head. She wore a lavender dress that was simple and loose, and purple sandals.

Peck continued to stare at the butterfly, forgetting all about them.

“Peck, you’re teaching us,” reminded a cold voice belonging to the Portal Girl.

“I am? Oh yes! Well. Today….” Peck scratched her head. “What are we doing today? Hmmmm….. I don’t remember!”

“We were doing the annual art competition. It’s a big deal, remember?” the Portal Girl reminded once again.

“Oh yes! That’s it!” smiled Peck, bouncing excitedly. “You will divide into two groups. Each group will paint a work of art using this large piece of paper. You will have half an hour. Good luck!”

Quickly, the Portal Girl got up and started tapping students on the shoulders, gesturing for them to come. After the non-Blogger half of the class had gone to one side, she walked to them with an unmistakable swagger.

“Hey Bloggers. Guess who I have on my team?”

The Bloggers were silent.

“All the Youtubers. We will be unbeatable. After all, no one cares about you stupid bloggers. Plus, we will be recording it all to put on our channels. We will get SO many subscribers!” She walked away, snickering.

“I wish I could punch her,” muttered Swirl, her voice thick with the loathing all the other bloggers felt.

“Instead we’ll just have to beat her,” decided Ja.

The Bloggers quickly made a huddle trying to decide what to paint. A Blogger Plaque? All the AJ Bloggers? Nothing seemed quite right until- THE BLOGGER PORTAL!

All the Bloggers agreed. It seemed perfect. They got out their paintbrushes, and painted.
Because the portal had looked different to everyone, they each painted what they’d seen. As a result many different shades and colours and patterns were blended together. Bloggers of all different artistic skills worked together to create a painting that represented them as a community.

When half an hour had passed, Peck leaped up and down joyfully. “IT’S TIME TO PRESENT YOUR ART!” she squealed gleefully, apparently vastly enjoying the competition. “Which group wants to go first?”

“YOUTUBERS! YOUTUBERS!” chanted the Youtubers.

“Alrighty! Go on, show us your masterpiece!” encouraged Peck.

With a flourish the Youtubers held up their painting. It was a lifesize version of the Portal Girl.

“Because of my extreme awesomeness, the Youtubers begged to paint me,” explained the Portal Girl. By the looks of it though, the Youtubers had not begged, or even been that willing. It seemed they weren’t happy to be the Portal Girl’s puppets, for good reason. Still, some seemed completely loyal to her.

“This was our LIT art of the SWAG her!” cheered one while recording on her phone.

“We are going to CRUSH those weird Bloggers,” drawled another.

Even though the drawing was literally an homage to the Portal Girl, the Bloggers had to admit it looked good.

“Now, the second group! Please present your artwork!”

Nervously the Bloggers smoothed out the piece of paper. They were just about to explain what it was when the wind started howling, even though they were indoors. Before they knew it, the paper started evaporating, save for the part with the portal, which slowly became 3D. The Bloggers began to understand what was happening. The portal…. it was their drawing!

“Everybody hop in!” yelled Mega to the Bloggers.

They were just jumping in when the Portal Girl dashed out of her chair.

“Don’t think I’m not coming!” she growled as she leaped in.

“I thought we had gotten rid of her,” skulked Snow.

“Come on!” repeated Mega, grabbing her hand. And with that they leaped into the swirling void.

Chapter 12
By Lostfairy

Everything was dark and loud.

The portal was swirling and whooshing, winds of some unnatural source carried Lost further and further into the magical vacuum.

Realizing her eyes were shut and that was why she couldn't see a thing, she opened her eyes, letting her eyes wander and look at all the vibrant shades of colors swirling.

Lost looked down and let out a gasp that never reached her ears, due to the wind. She was floating in midair, over the portal's ever-changing colored force. No matter how many times Lost had gone through a portal in the last few days, she still couldn't get over the sensation of it all.

Lost looked up and squinted. There seemed to be another person in the portal.

That could be one of the bloggers! I need to get to them somehow. Hm...

Lost waved her arms and kicked her legs out like she was swimming, only instead of normal water, she was floating through... who knew what.

Lost continued to swim, glad the current of the portal was helping her. As she got closer, she saw it was a blogger! The pointy blue wizard hat gave away who it was.

"Swirl!" Lost shouted above the portal's noise.

Swirl twisted around, her confused frown flipped into a wide grin. "Lost! You're here!"

Lost then noticed more of her blogger friends hovering nearby. "Sarah! Mega! Flora! Talloose! Violet! Coolcat! Daylite! Everyone is here!"

"Not everyone. We're missing Koolest, Ja, Purple, Transions, and Gracie," Sarah pointed out. "Also, glad to see you're okay, Lost!"

"Maybe the others were behind Lost?" Mega suggested.


Lost whirled around and saw the missing bloggers float over to their group.

"Whew, who knew swimming in a portal could be so hard?" Ja panted.

"I'm so glad we're all together now. This portal jumping adventure was fun and all but I sure missed you guys," Violet said.

Everyone nodded and murmured in agreement.

"Speaking of which, we haven't had any time to talk. Where did everyone go in the portals? Me and Coolcat almost drowned on the Titanic," Gracie said.

"I went to this school in 2035. It was insane!" Daylite said, grabbing onto Sarah to keep from floating away.

"I went to the future as well but further ahead. A girl there named Raine helped me out," Swirl smiled softly, as if remembering a good time.

"Wait, you actually met someone who wasn't one of us?" Flora asked, eyebrows raised.

"Yeah, she was the only one in this giant city that was crumpling apart. I feel so bad for leaving her behind," Swirl sighed. "Even though I doubt it would have worked to take her with me. She's from the future, after all."

Lost reached over and squeezed Swirl's hand gently. "You did what you had to do, Swirl. Raine understands that. Don't feel bad!"

Swirl nodded. "Thanks, Lost."

"Well, we all went to Jamaasian High together," Snow said, going back to the previous topic. "And even though she went into this portal too, I don't see that nasty girl.
"That girl started this whole mess!" Mega continued loudly, splashing the portal's watery substance with her hands. "That girl made us all get separated and just laughed at us as we tried to get back together only to get torn apart again by her."

"I wonder who she is and why she is so set out to get us," Karalee wondered out loud.

"Who cares? I just want to find her and make sure she doesn't bother us again," Talloose said.

"But what if she has a reason why she is doing this to us?" Lost said.

"What reason could she possibly have? We've never seen her before! How could we have done something to her when we don't even know her name?" Purple said.

"Uh, guys?" Koolest said unsurely.

"What?" Ja asked.

"The portal's current seems to be picking up," Koolest said.

"Yeah, it doesn't seem to like us staying in one spot," Violet agreed.

"Woah!" Gracie yelled, pointing behind Lost. "HOW CAN THERE BE A TIDAL WAVE IN A PORTAL?"

Lost whirled around and gasped as she saw a gigantic wave created by the portal coming towards them.

"Everyone! HOLD YOUR BREATH!" Transions called just as the wave came splashing down on them.

One moment Lost was gaping at the wave as it crashed over her and the next, she was getting pushed under and couldn't breath.

Lost frantically opened her eyes, immediately feeling the portal's watery substance burn at her eyes. But despite that, she kept them open because she knew she needed to see which way was up if she wanted to survive.

She squinted through the portal's shimmering liquid and saw all of her friend struggling to swim up to surface. Lost tried to follow suit but the underwater current pushed her back down. Lost kicked and flailed her arms around, trying to propel herself upward but the portal pushed her back down again. Lost's attempts started slowing down, her vision blurring, her lungs about to burst, her heart and head pounding.

As Lost sunk lower, she felt her body relaxing, as if she was accepting that she was drowning and didn't care. As if it was just accepting that life was over.

A hand reached out to grab her just as Lost blacked out.

- - -

"I think she's waking up!"

"How can you tell?"

"Her eyelashes are fluttering!"
Lost coughed and opened her eyes. All of the bloggers were surrounding her, looking deeply concerned.
"Lost! Are you okay?" Ja asked, her eyes wide.
"I think so," Lost said hoarsely and struggled to sit upright on the soft bed her friends must have put her when she was knocked out. "What happened?"
"You almost drowned, Lost," Coolcat said, voice full of concern. "We were all so worried."
"Oh, right." Lost remembered almost drowning, all the portal's colors swirling around her as she tumbled lower into the water. She pushed that memory aside and looked around. "Where are we?"

They were in a cozy room with a creaky wooden flooring and pretty floral wallpaper. A small chandelier hung from the ceiling, casting a warm glow over the chocolate brown bookshelves and sea blue armchairs. The bed Lost was sitting on stood across from the bookshelves, making Lost assume this was a spare bedroom of sorts. The room was

hardly big enough for all the bloggers. 

"Don't you recognize this place? This is where we all came after we jumped through the portal for the first time," Violet said.
"A few of us did some looking around while you were knocked out. We're in some sort of mansion. From what little we explored, it looks like we're all alone in here," Sarah told Lost.

"And we found lots of these blueprints," Transions said, waving a rolled up blue paper around.

"Let's go to a bigger room to look at it," Lost winced as she got out of bed.

Everyone agreed, the room really was too small for all of them, and walked out into the living room where they had all landed the very first time they went through a portal.

"It feels funny to be back here, where it all began," Swirl said, sitting down on a cushy couch.

Transions walked over to the coffee table in the middle of the room and spread out the blueprint. All the bloggers surrounded the table and looked down at it. 

"Is this a blueprint for the portals?" Daylite pointing at the shapes covering the paper.

Lost leaned over to get a better look and saw circular shapes drawn all over the blue paper. There was multiple versions of it but they all looked like the portals they had been jumping through.

"Did this portal girl create all the portals?" Flora said.

"But what are these little notes written on here too? 'Portals seem to be controlled with a blogger's mind.'" Gracie read out loud.

The girls were silent as they stared at the strange notes written on the blueprint, along with some mathematical equations.

"What does this all mean?" Ja asked. "How can a portal be controlled with your mind?"

"And how come we can't do it? We're all bloggers, aren't we?" Lost said.

"Maybe we have made portals come..." Swirl murmured. "Think about it, when we drew the blogger portal at art class, the drawing turned into a real portal!"

"That's true! And just when the Titanic was about to sink and we needed a portal most, it appeared right in front of Gracie and I," Coolcat said, nodding.

"And when me and Lost were in an alternate universe, just when we needed a portal to take us home, it appeared on the wall of an alley!" Koolest said.

"Alternate universe?!" Snow cried. "Where did you guys go?"

"It's a long story." Lost smiled. "We'll have to tell you all later."

"Yes, you will have to tell them later. Much later," a girl's sickly sweet voice said from behind them.

All the bloggers whirled around and saw the portal girl smirking at them.

"Why are you here?" Ja asked, clenching her fists.

"What? You aren't happy to see me?" the girl mocked. "This is my mansion, therefore you are trespassers. I should be angry that you invaded my privacy. But I feel full of mercy today so I'll let you off easy."

As she walked over to the coffee table, her long grey dress swishing around her feet, she looked at the blueprint spread open. She clicked her tongue disapprovingly. "And you rummaged through my things. I really did think better of you, you know."

"We didn't know this was your home," Karalee said evenly.

"Oh, I wouldn't call it home. It's more like... my study," the girl waved her hand. "But that doesn't matter. Because I'm going to get rid of you. Again." She grinned and reached for a small button on the coffee table.

Lost reached out and gripped her wrist tightly, causing her to yelp a little.

"No," Lost scolded. "Nuh uh, I am not going through that again. No more tricks. It's time we talked this out. I'm really frustrated that you have something against me and my friends when we did nothing to you!"

"Yeah, we've had enough of your fun and games," Purple agreed, stepping forward.

"Why are you even doing this to us? We don't even know you!" Swirl said.

The portal girl glared at all of the bloggers. "That's just it, you don't even know me!"

"Uh, are we supposed to?" Mega and Snow asked in unison.

"Well, I don't know. Maybe you should know one of the people that helped create Animal Jam blogging! Maybe you shouldn't forget about those great people who helped you become who you are today! Maybe you should appreciate people who came before you!" the girl said, her voice getting higher with each word.

The bloggers were silent until one of them broke the silence.

"I'm sorry but we really don't know who you are," Talloose said gently.

As Lost let go of her wrist, the portal girl looked up at them and brushed back a strand of hair that had come undone from her ponytail. "I apologize for my outburst, I'm usually very calm and collected but sometimes you guys get me ticked off."

"And as for who I am, I am Cheetahperson1234! You must have heard of me," she said grandly.

The bloggers shifted their feet and shook their heads.

"Not even a mention? Maybe you merely glanced at my blog?" Cheetah said desperately.

"Wait, you're a blogger? An Animal Jam blogger? Like us? How have we never heard of you?" Violet raised an eyebrow.

"Because you're all arrogant!" Cheetah growled.

"We're trying to understand this, Cheetah. Please, explain!" Lost said, waving her hands.

"Fine, if I must," Cheetah rolled her eyes and flipped her hair.

Mega and Snow mocked the hair flip dramatically, making Lost shake her head at them.

"I was an Animal Jam blogger back in the beta days. I had a blog named "Your Animal Jam Know-It-All" and it was extremely popular. There were lots of Animal Jam blogs, more than there is today, and everyone came to us for tips and updates," Cheetah said. "All of us bloggers were great friends and loved the appreciation the fans gave us."

"I've never even heard of that blog before," Koolest whispered to Transions.

Cheetah shot a glare at Koolest before continuing.

"But then, people started creating YouTube videos about Animal Jam," Cheetah's eyes narrowed, her voice low. "And all of our fans decided that going to them, watching videos filled of facts and glitches stolen from bloggers was suddenly much more interesting. Our commenters abandoned us, despite our efforts. Our followers forgot about us, despite loving our posts before."

"We were forgotten!" Cheetah continued. "Bloggers quit, not feeling needed anymore. I tried to keep contact of all my friends but they never answered back. I knew I had to do something. A portal that allowed me to visit my friends would be just what I need. I needed a Blogger Portal."

Lost gasped and saw all the other bloggers looked shocked too.

"I thought long and hard about it, imagining it how it would work, how I would use it, every detail. Suddenly the portal appeared right there in front of me! I realized I had summoned it with my mind, somehow this magical portal knew I needed it. So I thought of a blogger friend and jumped in. The portal spat me back out, it did that each time I thought of a blogger friend. I couldn't figure out why until suddenly I realized that since this is a Blogger Portal, only bloggers can use it. Which means they forgot about blogging!"

"My own friends forgot about me! Forgot about me, forgot about blogging, forgot about everything!" Cheetah screamed and grabbed Lost by her shoulders, shaking her. "Do you know how that feels?"

"Hey! Let go of her!" Swirl said, pushing Cheetah away from Lost. "What's your problem?"

"And now you Animal Jam bloggers don't even remember the bloggers who came before you! Who created Animal Jam blogging! If we didn't do what we did, you all wouldn't have met each other!" Cheetah said, ignoring Swirl's comment. "I needed a place to study the portal so I thought of a place like that and landed here. I've spent countless hours in this mansion, alone and trying to figure out the Blogger Portal, trying to get it to take me to my friends. And then one day, you guys come because you're the new bloggers. You took our place and don't even take the time to remember us. I'm sick and tired of being forgotten! Sick of it!"

Cheetah was crying angrily now, she furiously wiped the tears running down her flushed face. "Not like you care, right? You just care about yourself, your own group of friends."

"Cheetah, we're sorry you feel forgotten," Swirl said softly. "We never want anyone to feel like that. How can we make it better?"

"Yeah, we care about all Animal Jam bloggers, no matter what!" Ja said.

Cheetah sniffed and shook her head. "You're just saying that. I don't believe you."

"Cheetah, we mean it!" Lost said. "How come you don't believe us?

Cheetah just merely shook her head. "I can't believe I'm saying this but... sorry."

She sniffled one last time and snapped her fingers. A portal appeared next to her, its strong winds causing all the bloggers to brace themselves by digging their heels into the floor.

"Goodbye, new generation," Cheetah said.

With that, she jumped into the portal. As she did, the portal disappeared as quickly as it appeared.

The bloggers stared at each other in shock.

"That... was unexpected," Lost whispered quietly.

"Is it weird that I feel bad for Cheetah?" Sarah asked. "I just couldn't imagine having you guys forget about me. That would be awful!"

"I agree, it was wrong what Cheetah did but... it must be hard," Gracie said.

"We should to post about this," Mega declared.

"What? What do you mean?" Flora asked.

"We should make blog posts in honor of all the old Animal Jam bloggers, to show we appreciate them," Mega said.

"That's a great idea! But how are we getting home? We don't know how to summon a portal," Lost pointed out.

"Let me try," Swirl said, squeezing her eyes shut in concentration. "Cheetah said you just had to... imagine it somehow."

Suddenly, a giant ever-changing colored portal appeared in front of them.

"Wow, it actually worked!" Swirl said.

"Is this goodbye then?" Lost asked sadly, turning to look at all her friends. "I know it was hard trying to find each other while we jumped through portals but I actually had fun!"

"It was really fun." Daylite grinned.

"But we could always portal jump later, right? Now that we know we can summon portals whenever we want!" Ja said.

"That's true," Lost said. "Okay, that makes me feel better!"

"In that case, goodbye, everyone! Thanks for the fun adventure!" Coolcat said as she jumped into the portal.

Lost watched as everyone said farewells and went through the portal. The last ones to go were Ja, Sarah, Koolest, and Swirl.

"Bye, guys!" Sarah and Ja said in unison as they jumped through the portal together.

"See you soon! Swirl said with a smile and a wave before she jumped after them.

"You ready?" Koolest asked Lost.

Lost took a deep breath, looking at the mansion's living room one last time. "Yup, let's go home."

Lost grabbed Koolest's hand and together, they leaped through the portal.

- - - - - -

Lost walked into her room, closing the door behind her, and sat down at her wooden desk. She flipped open her laptop and waited for it to turn on. As soon as it did, she went onto her Blogger dashboard and clicked "New Post."

Lost smiled as she wrote the title of her new post.

"A Special Message to All the Old AJ Bloggers, Especially Cheetahperson1234"


Special thanks to all who participated in this group AJ Blogger story! That includes all the talented writers, artists, and editors! We also thank all the readers and inspiration givers!

It was an amazing adventure and I had a lot of fun on the journey! I hope you did too. ^.^



    *claps for everyone who participated*
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    Everyone did such an amazing job on their chapters, and you, Lost, did an amazing job wrapping the whole story up!!! You definitely had a challenge, figuring out how to finish the adventure, but you did SUCH AN OUTSTANDING JOB!!! YOU BETTER BE PROUD OF THIS, MISSY! XDDD!

    But ahh, it was so great to see this story get an ending at last!
    And some of the small details in the last chapter I absolutely loved- made me smile, hehe! That one part where you almost drowned (AHHHH NO DROWNING, I'D BE TERRIFIEDDD, XD) even reminded me of Jamaasian Middle, which I liked a lot, hehe!

    Thank you so much for completing this, Lost! Hope we can do a group project like this again someday! ☺️

    ~Swirlshine (who's on her phone because she couldn't wait to comment!)


    And I made the last chapter! XD YESS! I've made another Blogger story!

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    It was such a fun idea, Even though I didn't do anything, I still enjoyed everyone else content, Molto Bene! :D X3

    1. Okay.. Now that I'm reading this again it sounds like I'm taking credit.. Xd I meant that I made it into another story.. Whoops.. XP

  4. Awesome idea to make this page on your blog in the first place, I am so glad you did it Lost! The last chapter is amazing, it’s a perfect way to end the book:)

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