Saturday, 29 April 2017

Jumble of Events Party!

Hey guys! :D Lost here with an update of the party that was held at my den today!

It was a total success, which was very nice for me. XD We laughed, talked, joked, and played games.

Here's what happened:

First off, me and a few friends sat around and talked. Then when more people came, we took 4 group photos. (Since today's party was a Jumble of Events party. :P) Next, I held a fashion show and Arcticstar8404 won! :D After that, we played 5 rounds of Found the Koala Plushie. Everyone won that one at least once. XD Then the party slowly came to an end but not before Sarahkey8 held a mini fashion show! (The theme were memes. XD They were: bold banana, unicorn in a banana suit, hairy brownie, blogger portal, bread nugget, and balloons. The last one wasn't a meme but whatever. XD)  It was between me and Talloose. (I think we both won, LOL!) Then, I was a bold banana and invited my new buddy to come and party. (My new buddy was.... Nymphaeaalba. *gasp*) She replied back to my JAG saying "In a few." So I thought she was coming. Turns out, she LIED TO US! XD *cries waterfall* Oh well, that's ok. :P Then Sarah tried inviting AJHQ. They didn't show up either. But we still had fun! :D

Picture time!

Group photo number 1! I made each floor of the castle dedicated for each event. This floor was for my sister's birthday. :D

Second group picture! This floor was for AJJ's blogiversary! ^.^

"Happy Easter everyone!!!!!!!! :D"

This third group photo was for Easter! ;)

And this last group photo was for AJJ reaching the milestone of 60,000 pageviews! (Hehe, I spent 2,000 gems on pillows so they could write out 60,000. XD)

This picture was taken during the mythical animal theme in the fashion show. We have griffons, nymphs, magical llamas, and magical parakeets. XD

Ouch, Arctic, don't hurt your nose. XD

Ok, this picture makes me laugh. XDDD I bet you all think the theme was dress up like me but no! It was famous jammer! But it turns out, 4 people were... me... XD

I found it funny to be surrounded by phantoms in the phantom theme. XD Might make a creepy edit out of this picture or something. :P

Now this is when the second fashion show was taking place. I'm a unicorn in a banana suit, 'nuf said.

I was a bold banana and Talloose was a sparkly bold banana. XD

Tall, nice breakdancing. XD

My bread nugget horse will haunt your dreams. Just look at it's face as it stares at you right through your screen. XD

Sniff that air, Sarah, SNIFF IT! XD

And this last photo is the blogger portal theme. The pet deer is supposed to be my main look and I'm the portal. So, yeah. XD

Thanks for EVERYONE who came!! :D

Well, I hope you all have a splendid evening! (Or morning. Or afternoon. Or night. Whatever time of day it is for you!)
Jam on!

Monday, 24 April 2017

Chapter 12 is Up!

Hey guys! Just a little notice, a new chapter of JH is up!!! :D (Finally, right?! XD)

In this chapter, Lostfairy meets an old/new friend and she then later realizes her science teacher is quite nerdy. She also meets a new friend! ^.^

Enjoy the chapter! I shall post another one soon-ish! :D

Saturday, 22 April 2017

AJ Blogger Memes?!

Hey howdy hey! ^.^

It is me, Lostfairy, the fairy who is forever lost in a world of animals... XD

Ahem, well, today is going to be a more... goofy post. :P

Ever heard of memes? You most likely have. They are pretty big in the internet world. Some are funny, some are just plain weird and don't make any sense.

I decided to make AJ Blogger memes.

You see, on random AJ blogs, us bloggers randomly have conversations about the weirdest things. Like, for example, bread nuggets. Or a unicorn wearing a banana suit underwater. Ever heard of a bold banana?

These are all kind of inside jokes of the Animal Jam Blogger community. So I created oddly edited pictures to be memes, of some sort. XD

Enjoy these 8 memes!!

This here is a bold banana! If you do something bold, you are a bold banana. And you get a banana flavored lollypop and gold star sticker with a banana on it. ;)

This is a bread nugget. I have no idea what it's purpose is. It's just... a bread nugget. XD
LOL, this one cracks me up. XD It's for a song by AJkraft called "Wheat Fields and Cows." It talks of a truck hitting a cow and there's something about a frog sitting on a can... XD
This sorta speaks for itself. IT'S A UNICORN! IN A BANANA SUIT! UNDERWATER! It makes loads of sense. *nods fast* XD

Here is the newest clan! The Cookie Clan! I am part of it, actually...
Our enemies are Spinny Bois and Cheese Heads. Be a cookie or else you will get FROSTED! Anyone can be a cookie! XD
Wouldn't you wanna eat a hairy brownie?! I honestly have no clue what purpose this has, either... o.o
*leans over to Sarah* What are hairy brownies?
Oh ok! XD By the way, that was literally what Sarah said. :P
This is one of my favorites. Maybe because the Blogger Portal is a big part of the AJ Blogger community. :D You can choose which girl is jumping through the portal! You could be you (if your a girl. XD) or it could be me...

And this last one is for Jamaasian High, the most popular story in the AJ blogging community! The building is kind of how I imagined my JH looking like! :O And credit to Koolest for the little version of me and Snowyclaw. XD
Edit: I forgot "peace love ninjas!" Here it is:
Us bloggers always say this goodbye message. XD
Well, I hope you enjoyed these memes! :D
Also, one last thing before I end the post.
Since Koolest's birthday, my bloggiversary, Easter, AND AJJ getting 60,000 views, I will be hosting a giant party for all of these events!! ^.^
Sarah, you got your wish. There's a banana. XD
I hope you all can come!! :D
Jam on!
By the way, the next JH chapter will come out maybe in this next week!
Comment call: What was your favorite meme? Can you make it to the party?

Saturday, 15 April 2017

🎈🎉 My First Ever Blogiversary!! 🎉🎈

Welcome to Animal Jam Jumble!

Those were the first words I ever said on my blog, exactly a year ago from today.

It's my first blogiversary!!! ^.^

Has it honestly been a whole year since I started this blog? It's felt so long yet so short, all at the same time. And look how far this blog has come! We used to get 50 view a day and now...

We just hit the 60,000 view mark! How crazy is that? In a year, we got 60,000! :D And 27 followers! To all who are following my blog, thank you so much! To all my commenters, thank you so much! To all my viewers, thank you so much! Without you, we wouldn't have gotten this far!

Now! For old times sake, let's read my first ever blog post! (Be prepared to cringe... XD)

Oh. My. Goodness.
That post literally doesn't make any sense. Why is there a 'fun fact'? Why am I acting all boring and formal?! That post has zero character. XD
I hope you guys are glad I changed up my style. I know I am. :P
Does anyone remember when the blog had this background?

I also had a weird orangey theme for the writing that looked... odd. :P

Remember when I had a plain, purple header that had plain white writing? I'm so glad Awesomepanda made me a new header. ^.^

Also, do you remember when I did Rare Item Monday? It probably got pretty boring since every Monday I would post the rare, talk about it for a little, and then do my 'RIM Calendar.' That's it. I am so glad I don't do that anymore. XD

Looking back at the comments on my first ever post, it shocks me what they all say. They all say my blog looks great. Even though my first post was far from great, thank you all who commented on that first post!

Speaking of thanking everyone...

Just a few minutes ago, I was so low on inspiration so I logged onto AJ.  I saw lpslover98989/Frozen and Arcticstar8404 was on. I quickly JAGed them saying I needed help. Then I went to Arctic's den where she was and then Frozen came too. Together, they helped give me some inspiration. Thanks guys!!

So, using the idea they both gave me, I will talk a little about some of my friends who helped me along the way and appreciate them!

First off, I wanna thank my family. Thanks to Mom and Dad, I got to make a blog. I was so happy they allowed me to make this crazy blog. Also, thank you, Tracey, for inspiring me to make this blog. I really wanted to write just like you did, with excellence. ^.^ Thank you, Koolestkat/Chloe Grace, for giving me confidence that I could write a blog with interesting things to say. You gave me that boost of courage to reach for my dream. And thanks, Dreadwisp/Josiah for just being there for me. :D

Next, thank you so much, Fluffykittenlover17. You were the first person to comment on my blog and you give me little bits of feedback on different posts. I always smile when you tell me that you're gonna go check out my latest post. ^.^ Thanks for being there for me!

Thank you, Doomypanda, for inspiring me to write a blog. Your blog was the first one I ever read and I loved the blog so much, I wanted to copy it. XD You were also the first blogger I ever met and you were so kind to me. <3

Huge thank you to ALL the AJ Bloggers. In no particular order, that means: Swirlshine, Talloose, Flora Cutegirl, CosmicCheetah, PenguinBoss, Graciepopstar, Arcticstar, Awesomepanda, Ineffable, Violet, Doomypanda, Karalee, Canine Claw, AJkraft, Gfox, Purplestarclub, 2fangwolf, Cookycupcake, Sarahkey, Ja, Pinpun, Nafaria, Scooter, Coolcat, Crazcatlover, and all the other ones I missed. I have no idea what to say besides... You guys rock!!!

Okay, so I got some bad news...

I tried uploading the video that I was really hoping to show you guys today but it didn't work... I even tried putting it on YouTube. Nope, didn't work either. So I will try to film another or something! Sorry for getting your hopes up! D:

(The reason why this post is up SO late is because I tried uploading the video hours ago and it SAID it was uploading. But after hours and hours, I canceled it and THEN it said the video wasn't gonna work. O.o So... yeah. XD)

Have an amazing day and don't forget to...

Jam on!!

This siggy has been around since the first day! :o

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Koolestkat's Birthday!!

Hey guys!! Sorry I haven't posted in a while...

But today is a day to celebrate! It's my sister's birthday!!! :D

Sis, this is for you...

Happy birthday, Koolest!!! :D

You are such a sweet sister, Koolest. I don't know what I'd do without you. ^.^ I just want this day to be extra special! You are such a sweet, caring, fun sister. Love ya to the moon and back and around the galaxy and to infinity. XD

If at all possible, guys, pleassssseee send gifts to Koolest. For me. C: I want this day to be EXTRA special for her. ^.^

Welp, gotta end this post short even though I could make a huuuge post all about my amazing sister. ;)

Cya on Saturday for my bloggeriversary! :D

Jam on!!

Pssst, guys! I just made a quiz! Take it to see how well you truly know me...

Sunday, 2 April 2017

And the Winner is...

Hey guys! I got some exciting news! :D

Yesterday, I hosted a mini giveaway for the headdress I got in Forgotten Desert.

I have chosen a winner. ^.^ I hope they will enjoy this headdress:

Sorry, it's fuzzy! O.O
The winner is...


Okay, most of you got me yesterday that it was a joke. :P I feel so bad for tricking you guys... Sorry!!!

Jam on!

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Joke's On You! - a comic

Hey guys! Wowie, it's the first day of April! Spring is surely coming soon! Also! Today's the day dedicated to pranks and practical jokes! It's April Fool's Day! Be sure not to fall for any jokes...

Did you guys enjoy that last update? It was insane and overwhelming! We got:
  • New den item set for everyone
  • New den
  • Adventure came back
  • New rares every day for the weekend
  • Party came back
  • Animal came back
  • You can get an ADORABLE spring bunny if you buy an AJ membership card
  • And the highlight, 1,000 buddy spaces!!!
Honestly, my favorite part of the update is the buddy spaces. I can now be friends with famous people and stuff! I buddied Floofyart today and they said yes! ^.^ I hope Nymphaeaalba accepts too...

Well! I took some pictures from the Spring Festival and the April Fool's Day party that I want to share!

From the Spring Festival:

Yuck! There's a spider!

Just painting a nice, pretty, shiny egg. ;)

Don't get lost in the maze! Me and Koolest almost did... (kinda, not really. XD)

Hmm, where am I? :P

What a huge golden egg! I wonder who painted it and if there's a super special prize inside, like the other golden eggs.

From the April Fool's Day party:

Nothing like a tipsy view of a castle, right?

This party has lots of unreal things happening...

I would highly suggest going to both the Spring Festival egg hunt and the April Fool's Day party. They are both a lot of fun!

And now! In honor of today's special holiday, I present to you an April Fool's Day comic! (it's... odd... I was feeling random so please bear with me!)

- - -

Once upon a time, there were two cougar friends.

One day, one of them ran into a wall.
A little while later...

A little while later...

Velvet stomps downstairs and heads over to the pool...

Velvet gasps and makes a discovery...

Velvet then storms off angrily...

Velvet then ponders about the many mysteries in life...
After a little while of pondering, Empress approaches...

After Velvet and Empress hug, Empress says something...
Empress quickly does a superfast costume change...


The end.
- - -
Well, I hope you enjoyed that super random April Fool's Day comic. XD
Special thanks to Koolestkat for letting me use her account to play Velvet. XD
On to a more serious topic...
I really didn't want to tell you guys this but you know my main look? Grey beret, designer skirt, pearl bracelet, and heart locket?
To me, it's getting a little... old. I don't really prefer it and I think I'm going to change it. I just feel the need to change it up cause it's not really... me. You know?
So, after a lot of thinking, I decided on a new main look. Here it is!


Okay, I admit, that was a super bad prank. But it was fun anyway. :P

Well, have an amazing day, don't fall for jokes, and...

Jam on!

Hey guys! Guess what! Yesterday, I was playing Forgotten Desert and I got...
A headdress! :O
The thing is, I have literally no use for it and I honestly hardly wear my rare items so it'd go to waste. That's why I'm giving it away! :D Just comment saying your username and why you want it and I'll randomly chose the winner tomorrow. ^.^
Good luck, guys!