Friday, 29 April 2016

Jamaa Journal

Hey Jammers! I hope you are all having a splendid day! :D Now yesterday in AJ there was a big update so let's begin this post with that.

A new den has come to stores! Just in time for spring! I took some pictures of the Spring Cottage on the Epic Dens list. :D

I adore these steps! :D

I really like this area but was wondering what
those little moving lines were...

Simply love this book area! I'm in love with it!!

So creative...

Love the garden!
 Like most dens that AJ makes and puts in the Epic Dens list, there are some things that are unreleased. But the one that stood out to me the most was the new plushie!

I like the look of it! Maybe some day, us Jammers will be able to get our own! :D

Moving on to the next page of Jamaa Journal!

Graham's Workshop is back! Its first appearance was on August 20th, 2015. I enjoyed playing it then and can't wait to play it again. :) There is lots of cool items to buy. I see lots of the same items but some new ones! Its a fun adventure, that's for sure!

Oh yay! More buddy spaces! I totally needed that! :D And a new outfit is coming! There are two of the items available in the Diamond Shop so far.

The Cruise Ship Party is back! This is a sure sign that summer is coming soon! :D

Also, pets can now Dance, Hop, Sleep, and Play along with you! I think its super cute how now pets can dance and stuff. :D I took some pictures of me and Kittypaw showing off her new moves.





Hyenas are coming back to Jamaa! I feel like they just left... But who cares? The more animals the better! :D And also, another sign that summer is coming! Summer Carnival is coming soon!

That's the last bit of the update! :D And I know there is some stuff leaving shops but I don't have enough time to take the pictures of them and crop them. Sorry guys!
- - -
Well, something strange happened to me yesterday night on Animal Jam. I was in Coral Canyons in the server Aldan. I usually don't hang out in that busy server but I saw someone yell "GO TO CORAL CANYONS ALDAN, APARRI IS THERE" in Jamaa Township in a different server. So I thought I might as well go try to see this famous person. (I don't actually know how famous she is because I had never heard of her till someone told me about her a while ago. XD) So I went there and saw a bunch of people trading and yelling things about trading. It was very laggy and full of people. I didn't see Aparri though. Then some red arctic wolf is like, "HEY GUYS, I'M A PART I!". I'm guessing they were trying to say Aparri. Their name tag was hidden though and people shouted at the wolf saying they weren't really Aparri. I looked up Aparri's name on the name list thing and saw she was wearing some clothes and this wolf, claiming they were her, was not wearing any clothes. So I knew they were lying. Then, another red arctic wolf came wearing the exact clothes as Aparri! But again, this person was hiding their tag. Jammers started yelling and screaming her name. Others were saying that that was not her. I didn't know what to think. :P But then after a while, "Aparri" said, "I feel so special" and then moved so you could see their name. It was not Aparri. XD The person then changed into a penguin wearing a glove on their head.

I thought this was kinda odd but I bet people do it a ton. It takes all kinds to make Jamaa, that's for sure! :D
Anyhoo, jam on, Jammers! Till the next post! :D

Monday, 25 April 2016

Rare Item Monday

Hi Jammers! :D You know what day it is... RARE ITEM MONDAY!!!

This rare is really neat! I love how they are just plain gray and black instead of being purple, green, or yellow like most rares! :D Pick these Rare Duel Samurai Swords up at Epic Wonders! Like most of the things sold in Epic Wonders, they are kinda expensive. 3,300 gems! And again, these are for members only. :( I feel like AJHQ makes a non-member rare every two months... I will need to research that!

Also, when I was checking out Epic Wonders, I noticed something cool!

These new clothes are a perfect match for the Egyptian den items you can buy! You could totally make a Egyptian role-play or den or something! :D

Well, have a great Monday!

Friday, 22 April 2016

Items and Randomness

 Hello Jammers! :) Today's post is going to be a wee bit random, so I hope that's fine.

Let's go see if there is anything new in Jamaa! There is, of course, some things leaving as well.

That's it for new stuff! Here is all the items that are leaving.

From Treetop Gardens

From Epic Wonders

From Diamond Shop

Now, you must be bored silly by all these items leaving and coming. So let's go into more interesting stuff! (NOTE: I took the pictures of the stuff leaving yesterday and didn't think till AFTER I cropped all the pictures. XD So please just subtract one day from each item leaving. Thanks!)

I'm going to tell you a story about my life. It may or may not be interesting. Only time will tell so let us begin! ;)

The setting is on a normal street in my city. Its after supper and still nice and sunny. I am skateboarding with my sister, who you may notice comments a lot as Koolestkat. :) So we are skateboarding having fun and we are kinda going slowly cause... I don't really remember why! Maybe cause a pebble stopped us or we wanted to talk a little. If you have ever skateboarded, you may know what I mean by pebbles stopping us. Pebbles are nasty when one is skateboarding. If one hits your tires, it will make a horrible noise and stop you and stopping you might mean that you launch forward off your board and breaking your wonderful glide! I should write a story about the mean pebbles... XD

Anyhoo, I'm getting ready to push off and go when all of a sudden, Koolest says to me, "Lost, am I seeing right?" (Actually it was my real name that she called me by, she was not using my AJ name. Though that would be funny if she did!)

I, of course, am wondering what she's talking about. At first I'm thinking, "Is it a cute guy?!" or "Is it weirdos following us?!". So I turn around and my mouth drops open.

There marching on the street like that are the kings (or queens) of the city, are cows trotting across the road.

You heard me. COWS!!! Like the animals you get milk from, that are on farms not in cities, that are smelly and kinda huge! XD

"Is it just me or is there a kangaroo?", says my sis. (She is using a quote from "Austin & Ally" one of our favorite TV shows ever. So some of you readers might get it if you watch it... :P Tell me in the comments if you have ever watched "Austin & Ally", "Kangaroos and Chaos"!)

"No, I see the cows too!" I say.

We watch as all four of the cows walk along. Me and my sister look at each other wondering what to do. We decide that we don't want nothing to do with the cows. So we start skateboarding again.

After a teeny bit of skateboarding, I look back to see the cows, but they are gone. I look at Koolest and say, "Let's just go and see what they are up too."

We skate back and see the cows are walking into a backyard. We watched, shocked and then decide to keep going.

And that's the end of my tale. Hopefully it will be amusing enough for you, wonderful reader! :)

- - -

On Daily Explorer, I noticed there was a contest ending tomorrow. So I decided to enter! :D

So I went on my laptop and started working on a flowery area! :) It took a while for a number of reasons. Such as, I got lag a ton and had to refresh after a few minutes, I wanted to make it nice and flowery, and my colors were quite hard to do since I had to match four different colors!

So I finally picked being blue and yellow to match the flowers. What do you think? Let me know in the comments if this is worth winning or not. XD
Also, if you want to, come by my den and check out the real place! :) And please, don't mind all my stuff everywhere. I am currently making my den into a "Teen Beach Movie" den. It still needs work but whatever! :D

Now talking back to Daily Explorer, I have noticed something... different.

See that? I have circled Online Safety because it used to be Daily Explorer. This change happened a while ago. Maybe a week or so? But now I have to go all the way to Google, look up 'Animal Jam Daily Explorer', move my mouse all the way to the right search result, and click down on the left side of my mouse. Instead of going to Animal Jam which is on my Favorites list, go down to Daily Explorer, and click down on the left side of the mouse. (Please note that I actually don't find it hard. I am using sarcasm. XD)

But I still find it inconvenient, just a tad. Am I the only one who notices this? :)

Well, that's all I can think of for posting about. So I will post some time next week! :D Have a great rest of your Saturday!

Monday, 18 April 2016

Rare Item Monday

Hi Jammers! Its Rare Item Monday!

Today's rare are Rare High Heels! These babies would be perfect for the beach or a fancy restaurant. Pick these shoes at Jam Mart Clothing for 1,000 gems. A small price to pay for these adorable shoes! Though sadly, these are for members only... :(
That's all for now! And by the way, I know it seems like I am going to post every day but that is not how I am doing it. Like I said in my first post, I will not have a schedule. I don't know how busy I am going to be. So my next post will probably be on the weekend. Cya then!
Jam on, Jammers! :)

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Party time and items!

Hey Jammers! Welcome back to Animal Jam Jumble! Prepare yourself for a longish post today!

Yesterday I went to my first AJ party ever! And I don't mean those parties Jammers can host by paying a diamond or the parties that AJHQ puts on every half hour. No, I am talking about a person putting a on party and inviting people from their blog kind of party!

Yesterday, at 2:30 Eastern Standard Time, one of my favorite Animal Jam blog authors, hosted a wonderful party at Captain Melville's Juice Hut! I had a blast there and there were wonderful people enjoying the party as well! I even made a new friend there. :) Doomypanda is a great hostess and I loved the party. We talked and danced and had juice. Which, is what you do at a juice hut usually but still!
We danced and talked and had fun. (By the way, the party was celebrating the success of Doomy's blog! It was for 200,000 page views! Way to go, Doomy!) Right here is the first few people that came... (jhana was Doomy's friend, Doomypanda, me, and my sis, Koolestkat!) We chatted about lots of things from garage sales to blogs to music boxes! :D
I thought it was pretty cool how we all got the different juices and we didn't even plan it! Yummy!
Then we kinda went around, playing the claw game and sitting and talking. (Of course! We talked lots... Or at least, I did!! :P) Then jhana had to leave and another guest came! Again, we danced! I mean, that's what a party is for, right? :)
Then the other two guests left. That left me with Doomy! I still had fun though.
Hey, look! Me and Doomy are twins! :D Heh, my outfit is not as good as Doomy's or the right colors but close enough!
So that was the end of the party! I sadly, had to leave after 35 or so minutes. I had a lot of fun though! And here is a link to Doomy's blog! Click here if you want to see her amazing blog, Animal Jam Stream!!
- - -
Now on to stuff happening in Animal Jam! There are a lot of stuff leaving and a few newish stuff so here it is:

This is not 'new' but I feel like it has not
been noticed
I think that's it for today. Have an amazing rest of your Sunday!
Jam on, Jammers!