Sunday, 17 April 2016

Party time and items!

Hey Jammers! Welcome back to Animal Jam Jumble! Prepare yourself for a longish post today!

Yesterday I went to my first AJ party ever! And I don't mean those parties Jammers can host by paying a diamond or the parties that AJHQ puts on every half hour. No, I am talking about a person putting a on party and inviting people from their blog kind of party!

Yesterday, at 2:30 Eastern Standard Time, one of my favorite Animal Jam blog authors, hosted a wonderful party at Captain Melville's Juice Hut! I had a blast there and there were wonderful people enjoying the party as well! I even made a new friend there. :) Doomypanda is a great hostess and I loved the party. We talked and danced and had juice. Which, is what you do at a juice hut usually but still!
We danced and talked and had fun. (By the way, the party was celebrating the success of Doomy's blog! It was for 200,000 page views! Way to go, Doomy!) Right here is the first few people that came... (jhana was Doomy's friend, Doomypanda, me, and my sis, Koolestkat!) We chatted about lots of things from garage sales to blogs to music boxes! :D
I thought it was pretty cool how we all got the different juices and we didn't even plan it! Yummy!
Then we kinda went around, playing the claw game and sitting and talking. (Of course! We talked lots... Or at least, I did!! :P) Then jhana had to leave and another guest came! Again, we danced! I mean, that's what a party is for, right? :)
Then the other two guests left. That left me with Doomy! I still had fun though.
Hey, look! Me and Doomy are twins! :D Heh, my outfit is not as good as Doomy's or the right colors but close enough!
So that was the end of the party! I sadly, had to leave after 35 or so minutes. I had a lot of fun though! And here is a link to Doomy's blog! Click here if you want to see her amazing blog, Animal Jam Stream!!
- - -
Now on to stuff happening in Animal Jam! There are a lot of stuff leaving and a few newish stuff so here it is:

This is not 'new' but I feel like it has not
been noticed
I think that's it for today. Have an amazing rest of your Sunday!
Jam on, Jammers!


  1. First comment! XD
    Yeah, that party was fun! I'm glad I came. :) Lol! I like you and Doomy sitting together with "matching" outfits.
    Wow, that's a lot of stuff leaving. I think I'm going to/have gotten everything on the list. (I'm not going to the table with orb. But who knows I might get for trading.)
    Anyhoo, great post!
    'Till next comment,

    P.S. Yay! I'm on a few on the pictures! :D Does that mean that I'm famous now? :P

    1. LOL! XD
      Yes, I enjoyed you being there! And I know right? I think we both got a picture of that! :D
      Yeah, AJHQ likes making things leave. Probably cause they want to add new stuff!
      Cya then! :)

      P.S. Ha! I don't know. My blog doesn't seem very famous at the moment so I don't know! :P

  2. Sorry for not commenting soon enough, but thank you for coming! At first I was a little worried but the meet-up ended up being so fun that I'm sure to do one at least once a month from now on! :D


    1. Hey, that's fine! :) Oh yeah, it was amazing! :D A party worth talking about! And posting about... :P That would be so neat! :O ;)


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