Monday, 30 May 2016

Rare Item Monday and New/Leaving Items

Hallo Jammers! It's Rare Item Monday again! :D

It's a Rare Musketeer Hat! This item is sold at Jam Mart Clothing for 1,100 gems. Hmm, again the rare is purple. XD Most RIMs are purple or blue. Oh well! ;) And also, it's another member rare. Sorry non-members! >.<

Now let's see my RIM chart.

Blue for non-member rares and yellow for member rares. :D
Aha! That pattern continues! That stinks that the next non-member rare will probably be on June 27th... D: Oh well!

- - -

There are a few new items! And one thing that I didn't see yesterday that is leaving.

Claws 'N Paws

Diamond Shop

Den Shop

Diamond Shop
Anyhoo, I think that is everything! Also, don't forget to vote on the polls! They close in 5 and 9 days!

Well, have a great day!

Jam on!

Sunday, 29 May 2016

500 Pageviews!!!

Hi Jammers! It is a beautiful Sunday and the weekend is almost over! Actually, I have two days of school left. The joys of being homeschooled... :P

Well, this post is going to be a bit longer since it is a celebration on Animal Jam Jumble getting 500 pageviews!

Wowie, and to think, I started on April 15th only! I wouldn't have been able to make it to this milestone without AJJ's lovely community! Thanks guys! :)

Before we go on to more interesting things, let's do a quick peek on what's leaving and what's new.

Treetop Gardens

Epic Wonders

Jam Mart Furniture

Outback Imports
Also, when I came on to Animal Jam to take these pictures, I noticed I had a letter. So I checked it. There was a gift attached to it!

Wondering what it might be, I opened it. And there, in front of my very own eyes, was my dream item! Nerd Glasses! :D VictoryscreechxD, if you are seeing this, I would like to say thank you. Thank you sooo much!!! I have wanted Nerd Glasses for a long time and I have no idea how you knew I wanted them. :) Thank you again!

Don't you love how Flyingdude is sitting there?! ^.^

- - -
I have decided to post more of my artwork! Since my good friend, swirlshine (visit her awesome blog here), was curious about my art, I thought about putting more up on here. :) I haven't drawn anything recently but I do have a few from a little while ago!

Heh, my monkey and owl look kinda odd but whatever! XD I was just winging it. The wolf is actually copied from the Animal Jam - Play Wild! app icon thingie.
Well, mine is not quite as good but I had fun drawing it's open mouth smile. :D I drew this picture at a family gathering and my grandma passed by me. She looked at my wolf and said, "Hey, that looks like the wolf that ate granny." And I'm guessing she meant from Little Red Riding Hood. :P At least she knew it was a wolf, right? XD
And here is an AJ paint studio drawing that I did in September last year. :)
The owl is so fat... :P I think this picture got posted in Jamaa Central but I don't know. Cause on my vacation last year, I hadn't been able to play AJ for 9 days or something. So when I came back, I had gotten a message saying that my art has been displayed and I never knew which one it had been. Oh well! ;)
- - -
Alright, since this is a celebration of 500 pageviews, I think I should add some things to spice up AJJ. :D
  • Every month, I would go through a cycle of these few things: "Buddy of the Month", "Den of the Month", "Book of the Month", and "Outfit of the Month". See how to be, quote on quote, one of the month winners below.
  • Make tags and tag other AJ blogs. See below on more of this.
  • Have "Quote of the Month" every month. See below for details.
  • More artwork put on here.
  • A summer contest.
For the "Buddy of the Month", "Den of the Month", etc, here are more information on it: For "Buddy of the Month", the name basically says what it's about. If you have been a great buddy to me in the last month, I will put your user and animal on here at the end of the month and say a little bit about you. :D
For "Den of the Month", during the month, I will pick a den that I have gone to and liked and then show it on my blog at the end of the month. I will give the person's user and say a little bit on why I like the den.
For "Book of the Month", I will pick a book that I have read during the month and put it on the blog as my favorite that I have read in the month. I will also give the plot and why I liked the book. :)
For "Outfit of the Month", I will take a picture of someone's outfit that I found amazing and post it on my blog at the end of the month. I will give the user and why I liked the outfit.
Now about the tags thing. A tag is when somebody does a blog post on a certain topic. It can be questions and then they answer them or it could be something else entirely. Also, people make tags such as a list of questions and then they tag a few other blogs to make a blog post with the questions and then they answer them. People who get tagged don't have to do the tags but it is fun to do them.
And "Quote of the Month" is, I will find a cool or funny or inspiring quote in the month and then post it at the end of the month.
Sorry if that info made no sense! If you have questions, feel free to ask in comments!
Also, I will probably do a contest in the summer! :D So stay tuned for more on this later in June.
Now, to celebrate the 500th pageview on here, I decided to have a poll to pick what I should do to celebrate this blog and it's community! Please vote on the poll to tell your opinion! ;)
 Anyhoo, I think it's now the end of the post! Have a great night and remember...
Jam on!!

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Peckish Jamaa Journal!

Hello Jammers! Today, there was a very exciting update! Let's go to Jamaa and see!

:O This sounds interesting!! Hmm, more info on page two... Let's see!

OH. MY. GOODNESS!!! OHMYGOODNESSOHMYGOODNESS! This is wonderful!! :D I am seriously so thrilled that they listened to my idea! I sent in my idea a little while ago, basically saying that I wish we could make flags and draw on them and then send them to AJHQ to approve them. And look! They made my idea more beautiful then I imagined! :D

Well, on to the next page... :P

Another den!! :o This update is getting better and better! And this update seems to revolve around Peck! Cool!

Hats! Get your hats for 50% off! That sounds like a good deal to me! I wonder if they included the hats in Graham's Workshop...

Cya in winter, polar bears! And helloooo pigs! They are quite cute, actually. Though I wonder if others will be upset at their cuteness... Since technically, AJ should have wild animals and wild pigs look different then these adorable, pet-ish styled, pink pigs.

No, wild pigs look way different then what the AJ pig will look like. Oh well! :D

Pig facts! Neat! :D I am quite excited about the pigs coming.

Now let us see the results of this update!

Now the Art Studio looks like this! Nice!
Ignore my bad computer writing... XD

Four frames to choose from!
For two diamonds, you can buy your art! I should hope if AJ doesn't approve your art, they would give the diamonds back. :P They probably would.

Next result to the update!

They make you bounce! :o

:O The colors in there are AMAZING! It is totally artsy and fun. For 7 diamonds, pick it up at the Diamond Shop! Man, I need to buy this den and the Spring Cottage! They are both awesome!

Like my Chef's Hat? :P
All hats are on sale! Even the Diamond Shop ones and Graham's Workshop ones AND even the Summer Carnival ones!! But it has to be an actual hat to be on sale, not antlers or something. :)

- - -

For today, I am going to only post what item is leaving today. So, the item leaving today is...

... Nothing is leaving today! Hardly anything is leaving soon! Except for the birthstone sold at Epic Wonders, the Elf Tail sold at the Diamond Shop, and the birth flowers at Treetop Gardens. I think that is everything.

And all the salon items are in Jam Mart Furniture!  Also, the new item today had to do with the update! The new item is...

Sold at Epic Wonders, this adorable easel is only 1,500 gems! Pretty cheap for Epic Wonders... :D

Also, yesterday I started a poll on whether I make Book of the Month a monthly thing. Feel free to vote!

Well, I think that is everything! Do you like the new creating your own master piece update? Are you excited for the pigs coming? Will you pick up the new den? :D Tell me in the comments!

Have a wonderful day and always remember to...

Jam on!

Monday, 23 May 2016

Happy Rare Item Monday!

Hi Jammers! Today is gonna be a great day! :D


It's Rare Ram Horns! Sold at Jam Mart Clothing for 1,000 gems, this rare will look great on your goat or any other animal! But again, it's a members only RIM so sorry non-members! Man, I love those colors together... So pretty! ^.^

Looks great, doesn't it?! XD

Also, on my last RIM post, I had made this calendar thing for keeping track of all the RIMs and to see if there was any pattern on when a non-member rare would come. So I updated it today!

Blue means it was a non-member rare and the
yellow means it was a member rare. :)

And so the pattern continues. Hmm, if AJHQ is using the pattern I think they are using, that would mean the next four rares will be members only. Interesting! I think I will keep this up all year or something or just till the end of June cause that's when I would see if the pattern was correct.

Do you like this rare? Do you like the way the RIM calendar pattern is turning out? Tell in the comments! :D

Well, happy Monday and jam on!!

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Items, Collages, and Books!

Oye bloqueadores! That's "hey jammers" in Spanish. ;) Yay, it's the weekend! I only have 5 days left of school so that means I'll be done on May 31st. Which means I will have more time to post, yippee!

Let's go into Jamaa and see if there is anything new!

Jam Mart Furniture

Sunken Treasures

Summer Carnival, this camera is so adorable!!! :D

And now there are some things leaving shops. Here they are!

Jam Mart Furniture

Jam Mart Furniture

Diamond Shop

Bahari Bargains

Bahari Bargains

I also took a few pictures about things I haven't notice before and also for fun. So here they are! ;)

I never noticed before that this whole page is green and
naturey! Neato!

This is the last day to buy an eagle pet. So I decided to buy
one! Ha, Sloppyeagle is the closest to Swoopy Eagle like the
 AJ game! XD

Me and Flyingdude were dancing in my AJJ hangout to celebrate
me getting an eagle pet. XD He is so cute! ^.^ Also, feel free to
come to my den and hang out!

- - -

Well, yesterday I had this idea to make a collage of all the AJ animals and then another one of their real life selves. So I spent probably 2 hours on making them. XD Take a look!

Ta da!! :D I didn't have room for all 33 AJ animals on one collage so I made 2. :D It's pretty neat, in my opinion. Tell me what you think of it in the comments!

- - -

One of my favorite AJ bloggers asked for others to please talk about her blog on ours so it could pick up some speed. :) So I would like to help out and talk about The Weekly Jammer News. It's author, swirlshine, is amazing. Her blog is really funny and very creative. I love reading swirlshine's posts. She is an awesome friend and fellow blogger. The Weekly Jammer News was made on September 26th, 2014. Please check out The Weekly Jammer News here. :D

- - -

Ok, this is really random but hey! I warned you guys on my "Welcome" post that this blog will be random and that I'd post about school, books, and stuff. I haven't done that yet so I decided that today will be a first!

I love books. I seriously love 'em. No joke. I could sit for an hour or longer and read. I can read a book in a day. :P Some people ask me, "What's your hobby?". And then I have to think, "What is my hobby? I am not sportsy or musicy. I do not write books. I am not a daredevil. What do I do?". So my answer is usually, "Reading". XD That is what I think of first. Not skateboarding. Not blogging. Not playing video games. Not anything really but books. So you can already see that I am a bookworm, through and through. ;)

So let's talk about books! I have read some super good ones recently... So I will say my top favorite for this month. :D


"Cake Pop Crush" was an AMAZING book. Full of romance, recipes, friends, and fun, this book was hard to put down. Me and my sister, Koolestkat, made some cake pops after she read this book. They were amazing! I would seriously recommend making them. They were so sweet! But this book was also sweet and funny. I give Suzanne Nelson a thumbs up for writing this book! It's one of my faves!

The plot is: Ali's family owns a bakery called Say It With Flour and she loves working there. But all of a sudden, a new, hip, modern bakery named Perk Up comes to town right across from her bakery. She then enters a bake-off with the new bakery's owner's cute son to get more customers.

If you haven't read this book yet, you definitely should. ;)

"A Pocket Full of Murder" was wonderful!! Full of mystery and a little bit of romance, R.J. Anderson wrote an amazing book. Isaveth and Quiz are adorable! I really love Quiz... :P He is quite funny and can be serious too.

The book's genre is Golden Age. I like how there is magic woven into the story as well. I found the book quite enjoyable and I bet you'd like it too!

The plot is: Isaveth's father is accused for murdering some governor and gets taken away to prison. Isaveth wants to prove that someone else killed the governor and joined by Quiz, they start unravelling the mystery.


"Don't Kiss Him Good-bye" was a very good book! Again, it's got romance. :P This book was fun and had good characters.

The plot: Savvy is newish to England and she also writes in her school newspaper. It's almost May 1st which means the May Day Ball is coming! Everyone in school already has a date... except Savvy. So she starts searching for one. Also, she wants to write an article about the May Day Ball but a former newspaper staff comes back to town and also wants to do the May Day Ball article.

I really like this book too so again, I recommend it! :D

Okay, so I have this idea. Would it be okay if I posted something every month Book of the Month? Tell me in the comments! :D

Well, hopefully you weren't bored silly reading this post. :) Have an amazing day, Jammers!

Jam on and happy Saturday! :D