Thursday, 12 May 2016

Jamaa Journal and Shortish Post

Hey, hey, Jammers! Today in AJ, there was a fair size update. So let's begin!

New Jamaa Journal! :D Hyenas are available to buy now! Pick one up at the Diamond Shop for 10 Diamonds!

The Summer Carnival is back! Technically it's not summer yet but who can complain about summer things coming early?

More about the Summer Carnival. Also, the clothing stores in Jamaa are now updated! You can see how your animals look in items before buying them! Neato!

:O A Heartstone is almost found! Pigs are coming to Jamaa! Hmm... First goats, now pigs. Are we gonna have farm animals roaming Jamaa? XD What's next, cows? :P That could quite funny, actually...

And lastly, polar bears are going to leave on May 26th. Pick them one up before they leave!

Well, that's the end of the Journal. Now let's see the results of the updates. :)

Me and my sis, Koolest, were hanging out at the Summer Carnival. :)

How do you like the hat on me? Amazing, right? XD
I also noticed little updates that AJHQ didn't mention in the Jamaa Journal. Let's see...

New Summer Carnival Jam-A-Grams! I don't know if they have been released before or not. If you know, tell me in a comment! ;) Also, when I was in the Diamond Shop, I noticed they made it so not all the random clothes and den items were all together. Pretty handy and it doesn't look too different from before! :D

Well, that's all for now. Have an awesome rest of your day! And--get ready for it...

Jam on! :D


  1. Yay! Hyenas! I totes will get one! :D They look so different than the other animals in AJ. Hardly anyone using them, so it's cool to see 'em around again.
    I know I won't complain! Summer is so awesome. I can hardly wait to have no school. We'll have so much fun this summer, sis! ;)
    The pig is soooo cute! It almost looks like a pet. :)
    Cows would be so funny on AJ! I could just imagine-cows dancing around in the Jamaa Township, calling out about fashion show my den! XP (Don't ask me why, but I also imagine the cows doing the arctic wolf dance... *shudders* Creepy...)
    Yayness! I'm famous! <3 :D *puts on sunglasses and a boa* Who's wants my autograph? ;P
    Yeah, the new Diamond shop update doesn't change a whole lot, but I like it. :)
    Anyhoo, have a great day!
    Till the next comment,

    1. Hmm, that sounds like a good idea! I think I shall do that as well! ;)
      Ohhhh yeah! I love summer!! :D
      Yeah, some other people think it does too. I bet they will make it look a little different though! :D
      O.O XD That would SERIOUSLY look hilarious! XD Man, the arctic wolf play would ALSO not look superb... :P
      I do! :P And yes, you are 'famous'. XD
      Me too! ;)
      You too!
      Till then!

    2. Hee, I just noticed that the last 3 lines of my comment are 2 words each... XD

  2. Heyyo! Amazing work on your blog, as always. ^0^
    I've kinda forgotten to add you to my blogroll, but I'm doing it right now!

    1. Heyo!! :D Thanks, Doomy! ^_^
      Hey, no problem! ;D And thanks for commenting, Doomy!

  3. Cool update! I wonder what the pigs will look like...

    1. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog, Nafaria! :D And yes, the pigs are certainly a mystery... ;)


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