Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Items, Definitions, and Harmony's Art!

Hola, Jammers! It's the middle of the week already! Time sure flies!

On to AJ! Let's see if there is anything new...

Jam Mart Clothing

Diamond Shop

Shiveer Shop

Sunken Treasures

Bahari Bargains

Well, that's all the items that are new and the ones that are leaving. :)

- - -

Alright, so this is a little bit random but I was curious what some of the AJ names meant. So I thought, "Hey! That sounds like a post idea!". So I looked some AJ names up and found out what they meant! Let's begin, shall we? :D

Let's first begin with Mira. After all, she was the one who created Jamaa so it makes sense to start with her!

The word "Mira" is from the Latin origin. It literally means "wonderful" which suits Mira quite well! "Mira" is also a red giant and component of a binary star in the Cetus constellation. I have no clue what a binary star is but who cares? It sounds cool! :D Also "Mira" could also mean the following: strange, remarkable, amazing, surprising, extraordinary. But the name "Mira" also means "behold" and "admirable". Notice how the word "admirable" has Mira in it! Coolio!

Sadly, I do not know Zios's name meaning and I don't even know what language it comes from! If you know, please comment and inform us all of your knowledge! :D


Now here's Liza! She's the first Alpha you meet. The name "Liza" means "Consecrated To God" which is from the Hebrew origin. I also saw Spanish for the origin so one of those! :P That's all I found about her so on to the next one!

I think Greely is named after a man named Adolphus Washington (1844-1935) who was a U.S. general and arctic explorer. "Greely" is from the English origin and means "gray meadow", whatever that means! :p

Graham's name comes from Old English origin. He was named after a Scottish chemist named Thomas. (1805-1869) "Graham" means "gray home" and the name means "Home In Gravelled Valley"

Sir Gilbert is the only Alpha no one can meet! I hope that AJHQ will put him in an adventure or something. Sir Gilbert was named after Sir Humphrey who was a soldier, navigator, and colonizer in America. (1537-1583) His name means "trusted". "Gilbert" is from the English origin.

I couldn't find much about the name Peck. Since it isn't really a common name... XD But anyhoo, Peck was named after Annie Smith who was a U.S. mountain climber. (1850-1935) "Peck" comes from the Middle English and Old French origin.

I didn't find much about Cosmo either since I doubt anyone is named Cosmo since it's not really a name... :P But the word "cosmo" means "outer space", "universe", or "world" which makes sense since he is the most naturey and potion making-y Alpha. :)

Now on to what Lostfairy means! :D

Here's what "lost" means: "having gone astray or missed the way; bewildered as to place, direction, etc, no longer found."

And "fairy" means: "one of a class of supernatural beings, generally conceived as having a diminutive human form and possessing magical powers with which they intervene in human affairs."

So basically, my name means "astray"and "bewildered" "supernatural being" that "possesses magical powers". Heh, that's me! ;D

Since my blog is called "Animal Jam Jumble", let's see what "jumble" means! "Jumble" means: put or throw together without order; to be mixed together in a disorderly heap or mess

So really my blog is an AJ blog that's "mixed together" and "thrown together". Interesting! XD

- - -
So a week or so ago, Harmonypurr9 asked me to draw her. I agreed and I finally finished it! :D

Ta da! :D I drew it with pencil and colored with paint online. Harmony, you can take this and use it on your blog or whatever! :) Thanks for waiting so long!
Well, that brings me to the end of my post. Have an amazing day! And don't forget to...
Jam on!


  1. Cool name meanings! You did so much research. (Cosmo looks adorable, btw.) And way to go on that artwork, sis! <3

    1. Hey, thanks sis! :D Lol, yes I did do some research. (IKR?) Thank you! And thanks for commenting on my blog! ;) <3

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, swirlshine! :D BTW, I like your new profile pic! ;)

  3. Ah! I love reading your blog posts! :D
    I seriously never knew that the clothing shop underwater was called Bahari Bargains. Lol!
    That's really neat! I like the way Mira was in the word admirable. Mira is pretty sweet. B)
    I have no idea where Zios comes from. It makes me think of two things. 1. Zion from the Bible (you know, like how the Jews used to call God by that name) 2. Some random Greek god (I feel like you could totally see that name in a Percy Jackson book.
    I love that Liza picture you picked. :) The way AJHQ designed her is so fabulous.
    Greely's meaning for his name is so sad. :( Gray meadow, sounds like a pretty, blossoming meadow died or burned! D:
    Graham's name meaning makes me think he lives in a gravel pit... :P
    Sir Gilbert has such a cute little smile! How could you not be happy at seeing that? :D
    Does Peck secretly mountain climb? :O
    Aww... Cosmo is so cute... And he's holding a tiny ladybug. :) But, yikes, that koala has loooong fingers! :P
    Oooh! Cool meaning for Lostfairy!
    Wow! That drawing is so good, sister! ;D Love it!
    Till next comment,

    1. Aw, thanks, sis! :D And man... @_@ You did a LONNNGGG comment! XD
      LOL, you didn't? Really?! :P
      Hm... Interesting... I wish AJHQ would tell me where the name Zios is from! It's a mystery, that's for sure!
      Ya, they sure did! Liza is really cool looking. :o Along with all the other Alphas too.
      O.O It does sound sad! But it makes sense, since Greely is the loner Alpha... D:
      Graham's deep dark secret has finally been revealed... He lives in a gravel pit!! XD
      Awww, his smile IS cute! :D
      :O Gasp! Maybe! ;)
      He is cute! And I didn't even notice! That is almost a little disturbing... O_o :P
      :) Thanks, sis!
      Till then and thanks for the lonnnggg comment! :D