Thursday, 26 May 2016

Peckish Jamaa Journal!

Hello Jammers! Today, there was a very exciting update! Let's go to Jamaa and see!

:O This sounds interesting!! Hmm, more info on page two... Let's see!

OH. MY. GOODNESS!!! OHMYGOODNESSOHMYGOODNESS! This is wonderful!! :D I am seriously so thrilled that they listened to my idea! I sent in my idea a little while ago, basically saying that I wish we could make flags and draw on them and then send them to AJHQ to approve them. And look! They made my idea more beautiful then I imagined! :D

Well, on to the next page... :P

Another den!! :o This update is getting better and better! And this update seems to revolve around Peck! Cool!

Hats! Get your hats for 50% off! That sounds like a good deal to me! I wonder if they included the hats in Graham's Workshop...

Cya in winter, polar bears! And helloooo pigs! They are quite cute, actually. Though I wonder if others will be upset at their cuteness... Since technically, AJ should have wild animals and wild pigs look different then these adorable, pet-ish styled, pink pigs.

No, wild pigs look way different then what the AJ pig will look like. Oh well! :D

Pig facts! Neat! :D I am quite excited about the pigs coming.

Now let us see the results of this update!

Now the Art Studio looks like this! Nice!
Ignore my bad computer writing... XD

Four frames to choose from!
For two diamonds, you can buy your art! I should hope if AJ doesn't approve your art, they would give the diamonds back. :P They probably would.

Next result to the update!

They make you bounce! :o

:O The colors in there are AMAZING! It is totally artsy and fun. For 7 diamonds, pick it up at the Diamond Shop! Man, I need to buy this den and the Spring Cottage! They are both awesome!

Like my Chef's Hat? :P
All hats are on sale! Even the Diamond Shop ones and Graham's Workshop ones AND even the Summer Carnival ones!! But it has to be an actual hat to be on sale, not antlers or something. :)

- - -

For today, I am going to only post what item is leaving today. So, the item leaving today is...

... Nothing is leaving today! Hardly anything is leaving soon! Except for the birthstone sold at Epic Wonders, the Elf Tail sold at the Diamond Shop, and the birth flowers at Treetop Gardens. I think that is everything.

And all the salon items are in Jam Mart Furniture!  Also, the new item today had to do with the update! The new item is...

Sold at Epic Wonders, this adorable easel is only 1,500 gems! Pretty cheap for Epic Wonders... :D

Also, yesterday I started a poll on whether I make Book of the Month a monthly thing. Feel free to vote!

Well, I think that is everything! Do you like the new creating your own master piece update? Are you excited for the pigs coming? Will you pick up the new den? :D Tell me in the comments!

Have a wonderful day and always remember to...

Jam on!

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