Thursday, 30 June 2016

Memories, Memories...

Hey-ho Jammers! Today's post is going to be different than all the others. Wanna know why?

Because it isn't about AJ.

Yes, I know the blog is named "Animal Jam Jumble" and it should be all about AJ. But I have been wanting to post about this for a while and I thought you might be curious about the game I used to play and adore. That game was called Pixie Hollow.

I think it was the best game I have ever played. No joke. Now, don't tackle me because I just said PH was better than AJ! I love AJ, don't get me wrong. I have tons of amazing friends on there! But Pixie Hollow didn't have scammers, hackers, or rares. Sounds wonderful, right? XD There was NO trading in that game. You could only send gifts to people from ONE shop. So even if someone was jealous of one of your items, you couldn't even give them it!

There was also NO famous people. Sure, there were the cool people. Doesn't every game have those? But they didn't have crowds following them, shouting for autographs. There was none of that. It was just a fun game. :D

I spent hours on there. I played in the morning. In the afternoon. In the evening. I spent time playing games, hanging with amazing people and friends, and shopping.

I want to show some pictures I took in my last few weeks of playing before it closed down on September 19th, 2013. ^-^

This is me. :D I was Sunshine, the Light Talent fairy. I had SO many clothes and I loved them all.

So you see all those buttons on the picture? I will tell you what they all meant! I will start with the far left side. The chest was of all your house items. You could see them all and go through them. The book was for changing your outfit and such. The pouch was to see what level you were on and how far till your next level. The map and compass was the map of Pixie Hollow.

Now on the far right, the little house was for your home. The flower was for going to your garden. The little fairies was your friend list and the party hats showed all the parties going on.

Oh and another thing, the yellow blocks at the side were called whispers. Whispers were really just a big private group chat with just your friends. You could whisper ALL your friends that were on in a group or just whisper one of them. ^.^

One of my pretty ball gowns. :D There was a shop called "Queen's Boutique" that just sold pretty gowns. Sometimes they would leave shop or sometimes there would be new gowns. Whenever a new one came in, the shop was VERY busy. :)

Sunshine's home. :D My house has four levels on it. I think I added the ladders myself... Oh, there were SO many things you could buy! I love my bed. It looks so fluffy... :3 (I made the bed myself with a gazebo, fluffy rug, and pillows.) Also, that square was a chat log of your whispers. :) I remember whenever someone sent a whisper, there was this hushy noise that sounded like a whisper. XD

My boy fairy! Technically called a sparrow man. :P His name was Thatcher. He was a Tinker Talent. It was quite funny when I was him. All these fairies swarmed around me with love faces. XD I flew around super fast, trying to get away, and they followed me. Oh, those were the good 'ol days. ^.^

Thatcher's suit! Heh, he's smiling! How cute. XD

My other fairy! Ebony the Garden Talent, who did have black hair when she started but she dyed her hair blond. :) I loved going to the salon and changing my hairdo!! It was so much fun!!

Another outfit of Ebony's. I loved all the clothes so much...

Aha! The Pixie Hollow map! It was soo big! There was a spring, summer, fall, and winter area. Winter and Summer only had three places to go, while spring and fall had four, I think...

Also, the game used diamonds as well! Only members could get diamonds. You could use the diamonds in the Post Office, where whenever you bought clothes there, you could pick one of your friends to give the clothes too! So then you both had the same clothes! I remember when I bought stuff, I would whisper to all my friends, "Who wants a gift?" And EVERYONE said, "Me!". XD

You could also dye your furniture or clothing items and make them a whole new color! You had to pay with acorns, raspberries, blueberries, or dandelion fluff. :D

Well, I hope this post was interesting! If you have any questions, feel free to comment and ask. :) Also, if you guys want, I could post more pictures from PH. Again, tell me in the comments!

Oh, guys! We are at 1,220 pageviews!! And the 500 pageview giveaway hasn't even ended!! XD Thanks to all my wonderful readers, comments, and friends!!! You guys rock. I wouldn't have made it to this milestone without you. :D Thanks again!!

Till next time...

Jam on! Or fly with you later, as the fairies say! ^-^

Monday, 27 June 2016

Rare Item Monday and Outfit Ideas!

Hallo Jammers! Welcome to another post about...

Rare Item Monday!!

Rare Sandals! They are sold at the Summer Carnival and can be bought for 5,000 tickets. Mamamia! XD That is a lot! Also, surprise, surprise, the rare is members only!
Blue for non-member rares and yellow for member rares.
Wowie, AJHQ broke their pattern!! :o But maybe the non-member rare on Make Music Day counted for something. Who knows? ^.^
- - -
Today I felt like giving outfit ideas! Both member and non-member. :D
Since Freedom Day is coming up, let's start with a non-member outfit and a member outfit.

A Freedom pig! All the items all for non-members so anyone can wear this outfit. ^-^

Technically only the sword is members only but I realized that I hardly have any member Freedom clothes! XD
Now for summer outfits!
The blue Sun Hat is wonderful for the beach and the Ribbon Scarf works nicely with it too!
The Hula Skirt and Sun visor will be perfect for the beach. And add some bling with beachy pearls!
And the last outfit idea is adventure! ^-^

You could really have any color of Bow and Arrow or Raccoon Hat. Anything that matches! :)

Kind of Robin Hood-ish looking. But it still looks adventurey! :D

Well, sorry for the short post!! I'll post later this week. Have a great rest of your day!

Jam on!

Sunday, 26 June 2016

1 Year!!!

Hey Jammers! Guess who just turned 1 on AJ?!

If you guessed me, you're right!! I started playing AJ on June 26th last year. ^-^ Since it is my Animal Jam b-day, I might as well tell you how I found out about AJ and why I started playing.

Me and my sister, Koolestkat, like reading National Geographic magazines that are in the library. Sometimes there would be AJ ads and I would think how fun it looked. But I didn't really wonder if I would want to play it. But then randomly, me and Kool decided to check it out.

Turns out, the game looked really fun and had a cool style to it! We asked our parents if we could join and they said yes. So I started the process of making an account! :D Once that was done, I started the fun journey of joining AJ!! ^.^

After I played for a while, my sister almost had drag me off the computer so she could make an account too. XD

Now for some trivia!! Yay, more facts about me. :P

  • The first game I played on Animal Jam was Overflow.
  • My first animal was a panda and my second one was a seal.
  • The first clothing item I bought was a Turquoise Ring.
  • I only got membership on Christmas Eve last year.
  • The first dream item I had was a Bow and Arrow.
  • My first username was Marimoss but then AJHQ didn't like that. I then changed it to Lostfairy. :)
  • I picked Marimoss because of the other game I play, Amazing World. On there, I am Marigold Mosscurtain.
  • I picked Lostfairy because of my good, good friend from the game, Pixie Hollow. When I heard Pixie Hollow was closing down and I asked her to join Club Penguin. Her username on Club Penguin was Lostfairy too but she never played after she made the account so now I can't talk to her. :(
  • First AJ blog I ever read was Animal Jam Stream.
  • The panda picture of me up above is what I would usually wear in my new jammer time.
  • When I first started, I loved trading a ton.

I hope that is enough trivia to satisfy all of you! ^.^ If you have any questions about my youngster self on AJ, comment with your question! :D

Don't forget to enter the giveaway! If you want to see the details on the giveaway, click here! Have a great Sunday!!

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Hidden Secrets in Jamaa Part 2

Hello Jammers! Welcome back to another post about....

Hidden Secrets in Jamaa!

This is part 2 of Hidden Secrets in Jamaa. For the first part, click here!

This time we are going to be looking at the famous and well known Jamaa Township and the cold, frozen Mt. Shiveer. Let's begin with Jamaa Township!

Here is a tiny little piece of land that is usually forgotten. It is great for hide and seek! :D I think the darkness and rocks are from the Temple of Zios.

There are some interesting signs on the side of Club Geoz. And look! Diamonds lead the way to the Diamond Shop. Hmm, what's a potted... orange, I think, plant doing at the side of the Diamond Shop? So many questions, so few answers.

Ever wondered why Jam Mart Clothing looks like a castle? Me too! XD Also, there are tiny, little clothing items sitting outside. Couldn't someone take one and run? :P That is not very safe, what with all the people running around there...

So many little items outside Jam Mart Furniture. And the sign says, " Everything you need for your den!". Cute! :)

This statue of Mira seems to be forgotten. It is actually a really pretty place! :) I like the river and the big trees nearby. Makes the place seems hidden.

What a big forest! Must be part of Sarepia Forest. I love it how AJ made all the areas seem connected!

In Club Geoz, we have two old looking arcade games! They don't look like any of the other games you can buy at Sol Arcade. Also, don't be fooled by their likeness. They aren't the same game. One is actually Spider Zapper and the other is Phantom Fighter.

Zios is on the door with a door handle stuck right in the middle of his face! XD And look! Cracks on the wall! That means the Diamond Shop is old! :P Oooh! Diamonds growing on trees! Why can't we have diamond growing trees?

So much clothes! And some look unreleased! Also a statue of Mira and there is a wall thing with Zios! :) And a... PINNED BUTTERFLY?! :O XD

Funny markings on the wall... And pottery in the Pillow Room? That's interesting! :D

A little perch with some mystery light glowing from the old boards that cover the gape in the rocks. What could be in there that would shine so much?

Hmm, a couple of items that are in shops and some unreleased items in Jam Mart Furniture. Another Mira statue in the shop. Jammers sure love Mira, don't they? :D

And now on to Mt. Shiveer!

So much... sky. XD I don't think most people even know about all that sky. So much yellow sky... :P

What is on that bag of... cocoa beans??! XD I see SRI or SBI. What does that mean?! :P

Well, sorry for the short post!! Also, don't forget to enter the giveaway! It ends on July 2nd and winners will be announced on July 4th. For more details, check the post named "RIM, Art, and Giveaway." I will be back with another post on Monday! ^-^

Jam on!

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Spikes and Slothy Jamaa Journal!

Hi Jammers! Today is update day! So let's see what's new! :D

Spiked Collars and Spiked Wristbands are on sale at the Diamond Shop! I love the new colors. ^.^ I think I will probably buy one for fun in the teal color. It is only 3 diamonds so it's a really good deal!

Jammers, welcome to the den of Minecraft! XD I find the flooring that came with it very dizzying... @_@ But it still is a cool den. :)

Adorable penguins are on sale! They are so cute, I have to buy one! ^-^ And the Freedom Party is now on the party list! Jamaa Township has a very freedomy feel now!

A new building! :o Or tent, I should say. It is filled with Wild Explorers videos where you can ask Cami questions and also some experiments from Animal Jam Academy. Neat!

YES! Finally! Now we can save artwork in process to work on later! I will use this... ^.^ And new Masterpiece frames! One looks like a Zios one... :o

Aha, a new animal! I think I know what it is... A sloth!! Sloths have long legs, are nocturnal, and live in trees! It has to be them. They were also in the voting a while back. I voted for sloths back then. :D

Isn't it cute?! I like it a ton! I would be happy if they made this animal. :)

And the pet hippos from the gift cards are leaving soon! I just got a hippo yesterday! XD Pick up those membership cards now if you want a hippo!

And that is all I have time for. I will post again in a few days! Also, don't forget to enter the giveaway! Details in my last post! Giveaway is ending on June 2nd. :)

Till then,


Monday, 20 June 2016

RIM, Art, and Giveaway!

Hola amigos! Or Jammers. Whichever one you want. XD

It is Rare Item Monday! Hoorah! ^-^

A Rare Sombrero! Again, it is members only. It is found in the Summer Carnival for 4,000 tickets. Also, the rare has AJHQ's favorite colors for RIMs. Minty green and purple. :P Not the worst colors they could like. What would happen if they liked puke green or something?! XD

And now for my RIM calendar!

Yellow for member rares. Blue for non-member rares.

Next Monday's rare is gonna be non-member!! :D Yay!

- - -

So on Saturday, a friend of mine asked for a masterpiece on AJ! This was my first person asking me to draw them one. So I agreed and they wanted me to draw their animal. I started almost right away! It took me, like, 30 or so minutes. And here is my finished work! :D

I thought I didn't do too shabby. I mean, I am not that amazing with computer painting and I had to keep flipping from a picture of Jammer4yw3f to my paint. :) Then I sent it to AJHQ!

Just this evening, I got a Jam-a-Gram, so I clicked on it...

Dang, it wasn't approved! D: I bet they didn't approve it because I added the username! Why did I do that?! >.<  If I could go back to the past, I would change that. Oh well. I guess I could either make a new one or tell my friend that I can't! Next time, I AM NOT ADDING USERNAMES!! xD

- - -

Ok, I know my polls ended a while ago. I just kept forgetting about them! :p So today, you will finally find out about the details of the 500 pageviews giveaway!

Here are the prizes!

First place!

Second place!

Third place!

Here's how you enter the giveaway: Send in a comment saying your username. Also, say a reason why you want to win. Simple! :D I will then put the users in a draw to pick who the winners are! The giveaway ends on July 2nd and the winners will be announced on July 4th.

Also, you can not enter with your storage accounts. Just so things are fair. :)

I think the more people that enter, the funner this will be! So if you don't mind, I would love it if you could spread the word about it on your blog or something. Thank you so much!!

Good luck to everyone! ^.^ 

- - -

Just this evening, I was playing AJ with my sis and all of a sudden, she saw two people talking. They were saying their hair and eye color! One of them said they knew Wisteriamoon in real. That they were in the same country and were BFFs. 0_o So then the fox (who is "BFFs" with Wisteria) said if the other had "sk". I am guessing they meant Skype! The other one (who is a pig) was confused. So the fox said something along the lines of, "the thing you use to chat with people in private". So the pig then got it and said they had it! The fox then said, "my name is complex" and then the pig disappeared, thank goodness! I swooped in and told the fox that it was WRONG to try to contact others and that they shouldn't do it. They said, "why? :)" And then left.

I just couldn't believe it. Hopefully they never are able to contact each other. I think they became buddies though so... >,<

Stay on the lookout! For Jammer's safety! XD

Have an amazing day!

Jam on!