Saturday, 4 June 2016

Hidden Secrets in Jamaa Part 1 and Nafaria's Party!

Aloha Jammers! How are y'all? I am feeling a bit sniffly and I have had a sore throat and plugged up nose since Wednesday. But I think it is almost over! Yay! :D

Have you ever noticed small things or paintings on walls in AJ that are almost hidden? I have recently! Now, I do a careful search around the rooms that I am in. I think AJ is the first game I have ever played with so many secrets and meanings behind things. If you look long and hard, you will probably find some kind of secret and it will probably make you wonder what it means! I think there is something hidden in every room and land in Jamaa. So I want to start a new post series called...

Hidden Secrets in Jamaa!

So basically, I will post about hidden things found around Jamaa. It shall be interesting since they are lots of secrets! :D

Let's start with Kimbara Outback.

Isn't this a cute little perch? There are a lot of them around Jamaa and I find them quite nice. ^.^

I don't know if many people notice it but there is a little chair, the sign for Outback Imports.

This is not really a secret but I don't know if many people use it. If you click the bulletin board, you can find many pictures of nature to look at! So pretty... :)

A vision tester? For animals? I guess there are glasses to wear on AJ but who really goes to the doctor to get their eyes tested? I hardly go to the Medical Center and I don't know if others do. There is so many small buildings that Jammers don't use. D:

There is a kangaroo and a koala carving! I bet it's cause Kimbara is the climate for kangaroos and koalas. :) Also, there are cracked steps! And everything is either rock or pottery. ^-^

And now, on to Appondale!

There's a cute little window in the tree. I really like it. :D And it is pretty hidden, right?

There are cracks on the wall and the door has some cool patterns. And there are also cracks on the roof in the stained-glass window. Maybe it's from age or maybe a war happened. Who knows?

There are cracks all over the walls. Also, there are two paintings, one of a sea turtle and the other of a monkey. And there are some swirly patterns on the two pillars near the door. :)

Mushrooms growing on the tree wall. Then there are some cool lanterns that I wish I could buy for my den. And the door is waaaayy big! It looks made for a human!

It looks like honeycomb things. Maybe it was a clue that bees were coming or it is just a design. Whatever the case, it looks awesome! :D

- - -

Today was Nafaria9's party! It happened today at 1:30 mountain time. I had a lot of fun! :D Here are some pictures that I took when I was there.

When I came, lots of people were already there. :D We all said our hellos and I noticed a couple of bloggers were there! Yay, I got to meet them! ;D

Then we all came into the castle area. Nafaria said she was going to tell us what we were going to do at the party. So we all gathered around.

Camping! We were going camping! :D Everyone was happy about that. Cheetah87516 made a mention on how she loved camping. In AJ, that is. I agreed. XD (I have never actually gone serious camping. Unless you count putting up a little tent in the backyard, trying to fall asleep, failing, and then running inside to sleep on my comfy bed camping. XD)

So we went camping. There were bears! :O Everyone started running around, yelling, and having fun. XD Then there were 3 bears! Then 4! Then the bears started hugging us. :P

Then we settled down and talked for a little. :)

Then we ran into our tent. It sure was crowded. Everyone was yelling. XD

Then we found a real big tent. (A.K.A. cabin) We talked about donuts. I apparently ate them all. XD

Then Naffy put some items out. It was so pretty. :o And again, we talked. :P

We ran back to the campfire to tell stories. So Sixty58 started with a story. :D

Still telling the story. :)

While Sixty was around the end of her story, Reddy46 turned into a fox and said there was a triangle of foxes. XD

Then, sadly, I had to go. :( I had to go take care of a dog named Mocha. (She is a Pomeranian and Yorkshire Terrier mix. She is soo adorable! <3) I had a great time at the party, though! Thanks, Naffy for hosting such a fun party! If you want to visit Naffy's blog, The Animal Jam Whip, click here.

So, yeah, that's the last of the post. :) And don't forget to vote on the polls! One is ending in five hours and the other is ending in three days! :)

Have a great evening and don't you forget to...

Jam on!!


  1. That party sure was fun! Great photos! ^-^


  2. I wish I could have gone to the party, it looks like you all had so much fun! :(

    1. Aww, it's ok! It sure would have been a lot of fun if you were there but Nafaria mentioned that she's going to have another party this month! Hopefully you can come to that one! :D

  3. Sorry you had to go. We missed you!

    1. I'm sorry I had to go too. It looked like you guys had lots of fun when I left too. XD And aww, thanks, Sky! <3 ^-^


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