Saturday, 25 June 2016

Hidden Secrets in Jamaa Part 2

Hello Jammers! Welcome back to another post about....

Hidden Secrets in Jamaa!

This is part 2 of Hidden Secrets in Jamaa. For the first part, click here!

This time we are going to be looking at the famous and well known Jamaa Township and the cold, frozen Mt. Shiveer. Let's begin with Jamaa Township!

Here is a tiny little piece of land that is usually forgotten. It is great for hide and seek! :D I think the darkness and rocks are from the Temple of Zios.

There are some interesting signs on the side of Club Geoz. And look! Diamonds lead the way to the Diamond Shop. Hmm, what's a potted... orange, I think, plant doing at the side of the Diamond Shop? So many questions, so few answers.

Ever wondered why Jam Mart Clothing looks like a castle? Me too! XD Also, there are tiny, little clothing items sitting outside. Couldn't someone take one and run? :P That is not very safe, what with all the people running around there...

So many little items outside Jam Mart Furniture. And the sign says, " Everything you need for your den!". Cute! :)

This statue of Mira seems to be forgotten. It is actually a really pretty place! :) I like the river and the big trees nearby. Makes the place seems hidden.

What a big forest! Must be part of Sarepia Forest. I love it how AJ made all the areas seem connected!

In Club Geoz, we have two old looking arcade games! They don't look like any of the other games you can buy at Sol Arcade. Also, don't be fooled by their likeness. They aren't the same game. One is actually Spider Zapper and the other is Phantom Fighter.

Zios is on the door with a door handle stuck right in the middle of his face! XD And look! Cracks on the wall! That means the Diamond Shop is old! :P Oooh! Diamonds growing on trees! Why can't we have diamond growing trees?

So much clothes! And some look unreleased! Also a statue of Mira and there is a wall thing with Zios! :) And a... PINNED BUTTERFLY?! :O XD

Funny markings on the wall... And pottery in the Pillow Room? That's interesting! :D

A little perch with some mystery light glowing from the old boards that cover the gape in the rocks. What could be in there that would shine so much?

Hmm, a couple of items that are in shops and some unreleased items in Jam Mart Furniture. Another Mira statue in the shop. Jammers sure love Mira, don't they? :D

And now on to Mt. Shiveer!

So much... sky. XD I don't think most people even know about all that sky. So much yellow sky... :P

What is on that bag of... cocoa beans??! XD I see SRI or SBI. What does that mean?! :P

Well, sorry for the short post!! Also, don't forget to enter the giveaway! It ends on July 2nd and winners will be announced on July 4th. For more details, check the post named "RIM, Art, and Giveaway." I will be back with another post on Monday! ^-^

Jam on!


  1. Hiya, I came here to inform you that the lettering on the bag of cocoa beans says "SBI," which is short to Smart Bomb Interactive. SBI was the name of the company that created Animal Jam before it changed to WildWorks.

    "We can't say the creator of the game but we can host pooping parties" -Meloetta385

    Here are some more information on the SBIs:

    1. Oooh!! Thanks for informing me! I had no idea that was what that meant. Thanks for telling me. ^-^

      Ok, I will check that out! Thanks again so much! :D

  2. I read your comments to Purple on My Little Jammers after I commented my very long comment, XD! That made me smile, though. I need to take your advice more often! :P :)

    1. LOL, yeah... Let's just say on that comment, I had typed 280 some words. XD (Yes, I know how many words I wrote... I'm weird, remember?! XD) Ha, I need to use my own advice as well. Sometimes I forget but I should try harder. :P


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