Friday, 25 November 2016

Reacting to Old Art!

Hi jammers!

(Now THAT was an old intro I always did. How boring!)

Me: Hey! I'm back!
You guys: You haven't posted in a whole WEEK! *sniffs and sticks nose in air*
Me: *scratches head* I've been... busy. Yeah! Busy! Not lazy, nuh uh, nope.
You guys: *stares accusingly

(Much better! XD)

Well, sorry for the week break! That last post drained me, I guess. (It took 3 whole days to write it...)

Speaking of which, Swirlshine just made a post almost exactly like mine but about herself! You should go on over and read it. :D

In today's post, I am going to be doing a... what do you call it...

Reacting to old art!

I got the idea from Purplestarclub and Swirlshine. And I thought, "Hmm, what if I did this?"

So I looked through some old notebooks and found some crazy awesome drawings to show you! (NOTE: Today, 'crazy awesome'=terrible... XD)

Let's begin! And get ready to laugh like crazy! 😄

O.O What... is... THAT?!
Oh wait, I know! It's a girl with the squarest head in the world. And squarest body. And creepy legs. XD And look at that great hair! So stylish.
Okay, I actually remember drawing this. I was pretty young. I think I showed it to Koolestkat and she liked it. :P

Let's go to the next one... Oh brother... XD

Oh my goodness, guys! I found the rare monster with a mohawk and sideways feet and knob fingers!! XD Though really, just stare at it long enough and you will have nightmares of this. o,o

Okay, I actually know what this is. XD It's a zoo with lions and a hippo and a giraffe. But I don't think I finished it...

I think there's Northern Lights in the sky. Or fall leaves. Or it's nothing but scribbles. But that HAIR! And one arm/hand is circle and the other is rectangle?
I should redraw this on AJ... XD

Um, why is Sunshine on her back? Is she cloud watching? :o
For all you who don't know, Sunshine is my Webkinz lion. She was one of my two first Webkinz. Younger me thought it would be amazing to have a lion with a mane be a girl. Because, all lioness's have manes... XD

O,O That, I believe, is a person getting hypnotized and just got hit by lightning so their hair is stuck up weirdly. And they lost their legs and arms. And they have the ugliest nose. XD

I think that is my stuffed Ty hamster. I have nothing else to say except that he is looking very happy.
And you thought YOUR hamster drawing looked bad, Swirl?! XD

Uhh, that is a giraffe butterfly kite. With lollipops for antennae. And look! The girl has a beard! XD

Well, I hope these drawings made you laugh. I certainly laughed at them. XD

Now, your all thinking, "Actually, these are pretty good for a 5 year old."

I was not 5. I was 7 when I did the last one and 8 when I did the hamster. Some of them might have been when I was 5 but...

This was 3 years ago.


Dude, I look at it and I'm like, "How did I come from hating drawing to considering being an artist later?"

I showed my family and they were surprised. They remember when I drew like this. Messy and weird. But they are all shocked at how much I have improved.

I hope you can tell I have improved in my drawing. XD

And speaking of drawing,

Just this last week, I drew some Pokémon!






What do you guys think? Which one is your favorite? :D Should I try coloring them in online?

Before I end this post, I'd like to say something about Jamaasian High.

My life has been kinda full. It sounds like a dumb excuse but it's true. And then I tried to write a little while ago but my fonts went all wonky and weird. I THINK they are fixed... And I have always had my hands full with a little fan fiction for Gracie's contest that ends in 5 DAYS!! INEEDTOHURRYUPANDWRITE!!!! XD

I will try to write JH after I am done my short fan fiction. :)

Now remember, keep calm, stay swag, and...


P.S. Who likes the new blogger dashboard? It... takes some getting used to... XD

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Party is Starting Soon!

Hey everyone, here's just a little reminder! My birthday party is beginning in 15 minutes, so at 3pm CST!

Hope you can all make it!

Nope, Swirl and Kara! You didn't miss it!

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Birthday Ramblings

Me: *walks cautiously into a room that's all dark* Hello? Anyone there?
You guys: *jumps out of giant chocolate birthday cake* SURPRISE!!!
Me: *jumps back* Woah! How the heck did you all fit in there?!
You guys: Uhhhh...
Me: Aw, who cares?! THANKS, GUYS!

Yes, the day is finally here. After all the waiting, the moment is HERE!


Ahem, well, uh... XD

You probably have guessed by now that today is...


Okay, nope. Though that's not a bad guess. XD

It's my birthday! And boy, do I have a post in store for you!

I was thinking a lonnnng ways back, maybe a few months ago, that I wanted to do something special on my birthday because, well, it's my special day! ;D

So after some thinking, I got inspired by 2Fangwolf. She had done a post in June called "A Huge Post About Me!" which I really enjoyed. It made me feel like I knew her better, you know? So I decided, I would do a post about me! Note: I don't wanna seem selfish like, me me me. So, keep that in mind. XD

I feel like I don't give a whole lot of stuff about me on here, so I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed writing and thinking about it. ^-^

Alrighty, you better fasten your seatbelts! It's time to begin!

- - -

AJ user name:

(Gasp, Swirl! I finally gave it away! Now you can see how old I am! XD)

Today, November 19th

One of the biggest pet peeves I have:
When someone hates something/someone for no good reason. And when asked why, they give the silliest excuse.

One of the biggest things I love:
Well, I love a lot of things but one the biggest is family moments or memories. I love it when all my family are home and we have the best time ever.

Most embarrassing moment:
Goodness, I have a lot of these. But one of the most embarrassing is probably when I had to say the Fruit of the Spirit in front of my whole Sunday school. Like, 'Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control'. I remember I was competing with a younger boy and we were both on the stage with the teacher. I was supposed to say them first and all I could do was look at the microphone and I could barely speak. But I said them nervously. I missed one. The younger boy won. My best friend (at the time) was like, "What?! You don't know the Fruit of the Spirit?!" The way she said it made me feel so dumb.

I used to HATE drawing. (It was because I thought I could never draw as good as my siblings. I think I was right, oh well. XD)

Most funny moment:
Oh man. I don't have just ONE funny moment. XD
One of the most funny moments is probably when me and Koolest were walking Mocha and we were passing by a fountain where a group of people were hanging out. Mocha decided to stop and use the washroom. So me and Koolest are just standing there while Mocha takes her jolly ol' time. Koolest noticed that the people were staring at us so she wanted to get going. So I tugged on Mocha's leash but it got stuck on her back leg and she started hopping weirdly. I was kinda bouncing, trying to get it unstuck. Finally, I succeeded and I glanced over at the people. There was a cute guy staring at us, who made me think of my other crush, and he was almost laughing along with the other people. So me and Koolest started running down the sidewalk, dragging Mocha after us. And then we reached Mocha's street and started laughing. It was really funny. XD

Most scary moment:
Me and my family were tubing down a river when there were a bunch of rapids. The water was shallow so rocks were sticking out of the water. I heard a frantic yell and I looked behind me and I see this look of complete panic on my brother's face before he falls into the water. My dad jumps out and tries to keep the tubes from floating away. My brother has to walk over sharp rocks to our tubes. I am crying and just wanna get off. 10 minutes later (which feels forever when your panicking and shaking and crying), we get off. My brother could have hurt his head badly from the rocks. But all he got was a few scratches and he lost his glasses. I still thank God that nothing worse happened.

Favorite artist(s):
Ross Lynch
Dove Cameron
Owl City
Bethel Music
For King and Country
Lindsey Stirling

My sister (Koolestkat) describes me as:
"Lostfairy is an amazing sister and friend! She always knows how to cheer me up when I'm feeling gloomy. And when I'm sick, she is an excellent caretaker. Lost ceaselessly cares for me. <3 ^.^
We somehow always know what the other is thinking. One look, and I know what she wants to do or what she thinks of the situation we are in. We have so many inside jokes, it's unbelievable. (Isn't that right, take-y bro? :waves two fingers in Lostfairy's face: )    
We tend to have the same opinions on everything, such as books, music, games, boys, and dogs.
If I didn't have Lost, I don't what I'd do all day. (Probably cry. XD ) I am so glad I have you, Lost! XD"

Favorite foods:
French fries
Cake pops

Favorite Animal Jam animals:
Snow leopard
Arctic fox
I am a bit boy-crazy. As in, I squeal when I see them, blush when I talk about them, and have pictures of movie star crushes on my wall. Oh yeah, and I dream about them. XD

Weird childhood memory:
When I was 4, I couldn't wait until I was 5. But for some reason, I thought being 4 meant it was the longest year of your life. I think I told my mom that one day and then later told my grandma. :P

Dream item (at the moment):
iPad Mini 2 or a drawing tablet. XD I really want to play Animal Jam Play Wild! and other apps. Plus, I want to try drawing on it. And I want a drawing tablet because I want to expand my drawing abilities. Who knows, maybe I'll be an artist when I am older? ^-^

Favorite author(s):
Wendy Mass
T.T Sutherland
Phoebe Stone
Rick Riordan
Tracey Dyck (my sis!)
Michael Buckley
J.M. Barrie
Gordon Korman
Cindy Callaghan
Jonathan Auxier

My dad describes me as:
"My Lostfairy is very sweet. She loves to cuddle with me. She is very smart, good with words, and very precise in her actions.  She is kind and gentle, and loves to encourage others, loves puppies and little people. She is an excellent daughter. I really love her."

Time when I laughed the most when I was embarrassed:
Oh boy, this was just last year on Christmas Eve. We were giving a few gifts in the evening. It was Koolestkat's time to give a gift to me. I opened the box and found some things. But then I saw the paper in the bottom. Ohhh boy, I knew what it was. She had gone and printed a picture of two of my movie star crushes (Ross Lynch and Cameron Boyce). I laughed so hard I was crying and my face felt so hot. I didn't wanna take out the picture cause I was too embarrassed but I finally did and blushed even more. XD

Silliest lie that I remember I told:
One time when I was younger, I was sitting out on the curb in front of my house. I watched cars go by. But then I saw a white car. Maybe it was Grandma! So I looked and it wasn't her. But for some reason, I ran up the driveway, into the garage, and told my dad that I had seen Grandma. I think I told him a year or two later that it was a lie. o.0 XD

I've liked pink since I was young but I don't like being called a girly girl.

Random fact:
When I was 5 or 6, my friend and I were hanging around in the branches of my tree. She told me that I should start an orphanage. But then a couple of months later, she told me I could be a missionary because I could persuade people. XD

My mom describes me as:
"Lostfairy is a very special daughter to me! She loves to laugh. When she was 4 or 5, she told me that her gift was making us laugh! She does that a lot! She loves to have me sit beside her and "tickle" her. She gives great hugs. She is kind, encouraging, sensitive to those around her, helpful, fun-loving, and very sweet. Lostfairy loves to read. She loves doing things outside with her sister, Koolestkat - like riding bike, rollerblading, skateboarding and going for walks."

Favorite drink(s):
Ice tea
Hot chocolate

Favorite season and why:
I love summer, which is cliché but I like it for a number of reasons. In summer, I have no school so I have day after day to spend time doing things I love, like going outside, going to the beach and swimming, going for bike rides, and for playing computer and reading books all summer long! I also love family vacations and family bike rides or anything family. I like the summer heat and (sometimes) working in the garden.

Favorite weather and why:
Well, I really love it when the sun is out. It makes you feel happier, you know? But if I couldn't choose sunny weather, maybe when it drizzles? I like the cold feeling on your skin and biking in the rain is fun. :P I also like it when it snows! It makes you feel all jolly and ready for Christmas.

Favorite thing in nature and why:
I like trees. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. And it's really fun hiking around in a forest or something. I like staring at all the branches up in the sky. ^-^

Favorite animals:
Arctic foxes
Red pandas
Fennec foxes
(almost any kind of baby animal)

My other sister describes me as:
"Lost Fairy is one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet! She's smart, sticks up for her friends, makes people laugh, and is really fun to be around. Her art, whether digital or on paper, shows her creativity and attention to detail. And she's a great blogger to boot! ^_^"

Animated movie crushes:
Jack Frost

Favorite video games:
The Legend of Zelda
Animal Crossing

TV shows I watch (that just happen to be my favorite):
Once Upon A Time
The Flash
Austin & Ally

I do not own a cellphone or any device that can text. XD

Book I am reading at the moment:
"Libby's Sweet Surprise" by Lisa Schroeder

Favorite candy:
Mars bar
Snickers bar
(almost any gummy or chocolate candy)

Favorite alpha:
Cosmo or Liza. :P I really like how Cosmo looks. He is so cute. XD And Liza is really cool and hey, in a quiz, I WAS LIZA! :D

Favorite computer faces:

Favorite cat gif:

Which one is better, Grumpy Cat or Boo?
Boo, the cutest dog in the world!!! XD (Just look up pictures or gifs and he will steal your heart. XD)

My brother (Dreadwisp) describes me as:
"Lost is like a festival of sunlight: she's bright and cheerful, and if you happen to be frowning, she'll soon rotate that funny face 180 degrees. She laughs easy and will make virtually anyone laugh as well. With an infectious pep in her step, she'll make your day better than it was before.

Not only that, but she also happens to be loyal and trustworthy. She stands by her friends and defends them with all her might. Say something negative about a friend of hers, and she'll quickly correct that wrong--which isn't a bad thing.

She's an avid reader, a great dog-walker, a fun fellow gamer, a nice blogger... but most of all, she's the best youngest sister I could ask for!"

Scariest animal moment:
Me and my family were going on a walk. I was 6. We were just walking by this house on my street when two little dogs ran out of a garage door. One Dachshund and one Chihuahua. They ran around us on the street. I accidently fell behind. All of a sudden, the Chihuahua was right next to me. Then it lunged at me and bit me right on the leg. I screamed and ran to my dad. He picked me up and put me on his shoulders while I cried. The owner finally came and picked his dogs up by the collars and marched inside. The dog had bitten through my jeans and the wound was kinda bleeding. o,o

I cry really, really easily. But my mom said that those who cry easy, laugh easy, so it makes sense cause I laugh a ton. XD
Funny childhood story:
I remember when I was younger that I for some reason thought there were skinny police men in traffic lights. I thought they lived there or something. And they would always have to change the light colors and stuff. And then I thought they always knew which way we wanted to go so we could go home and they would make a green arrow pointing the right direction. A.K.A. A turning lane. XD
My friend (fluffykittenlover17) describes me as:
"She is one of the closest people in my life who I will tell everything and anything. Lostfairy always knows how to brighten someone’s day and makes everyone around her inspired by her all-powerful greatness. Lost is the purest friend you will ever meet in your lifetime and will make you positive by her presence. How can someone possibly not be friends with her? She is amazing in every way. Keep on ruling the world Lost 😉."

Odd fact:
A couple of years ago, me and my siblings made a little movie! I was the main character! *smiles proudly* XD It was medieval and I was a princess, along with Koolestkat. Dreadwisp was the villain who kidnaps Koolest and holds her for ransom. My other sis was our guard person... thing. XD So in the first scene, I think we see Dread hiding behind some bushes. Then me and Kool walking down a path, talking about how our father, the king, was ill. Then I get upset at my sister and march away, unaware that while I was gone, Dread kidnapped her! So I come back and find the note asking for ransom. So I bring it to my guard and we set out on an adventure. So, the first obstacle was in a forest. There were bandits who wanted our money! So I gave them my special necklace and they let us pass. (The bandits were Kool and Dread dressed up differently. XD) The next obstacle was a field of deadly dust. It makes you sleep and then die. (dun dun dun) So we dramatically ran across the field yelling encouragement to each other and we almost didn't make it! But we did. The last challenge was a toll bridge. We had to give one gold coin and then answer a riddle in order to cross. (We only had three coins.) So the toll bridge person (Kool again.) asked us a riddle and I shouted the dumbest answer ever. So we gave another coin and tried again. And again I shouted something wrong. So it was now our last chance. The guard guessed it right and we passed over the bridge safely. (In between these challenges, we see Dread talking to Kool while she is tied to a tree with a gag in her mouth.) We finally made it to our destination. We ran into Dread's evil lair outside in a swamp thing. He fled while we rescued Kool then ran after Dread. The guard and Dread fought an 'epic' battle on a bridge and Dread died. And the last scene is me and Kool and the guard walking away, laughing.
This post took me 3 days to write. XD
- - -
Well, I hope you all enjoyed this post! Feel free to comment on what we have in common! Also, if you have an questions, ask away!
Jam on!

Friday, 18 November 2016

All New Item!

Yo! What is UP, jam-a-jam-jam jammers?!

I just found an all new item that I think not many people know about!

As you all know, a little while ago, if you went to Pixel Place on the Epic Dens list, you could get a secret item, a Piñata.

Well, the Pixel Place has changed to Sky Kingdom! And I found the item!

You can get this cute Root Lamp! ^-^

It even comes in different colors too, awesome!

Well, I better go. Hope you all have a spectacular day and don't forgot to...

Jam.... ON!!!

Also, don't forgot! My birthday party is on Sunday at 3pm CST!

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Party Invite and AJ Toys!

Hey hey hey, look who's back?

Yuppers, it's me, Lostfaiy! And I am here with...

A newwwww post!

In this post, I'll be announcing a party and talk about AJ toys.

Well, I'm gonna leave the party last, because that means there's suspense! XD

So, let's begin with the Animal Jam toys!

I mentioned in my last post that I was going to my Toys R Us. I had just previously checked another Walmart, just to see if it was that other Walmart that didn't have them. Turns out, I really don't think any Walmarts where I live will have them >.<

So I went to Toys R Us. I had been expecting a little stand like I have seen others find. So I walked up and down aisles. Nothing.

I told my mom that we had to ask them because sometimes they are hidden in the most bizarre places. So my mom walked up to a worker and asked him if they carried AJ toys in their store. I was hoping he wouldn't give the same response the lady in Walmart had: "Animal Jam toys? I don't think we have them..."

He actually said they were down an aisle we had just come down! I looked and found them smack-dab in the middle of the shelf. I wanted to squeal or jump for joy. XD I saw the Small House Den and the Club Geoz. I also saw the plushies and the Light-Up ring toys. I saw the normal toys and the Adopt-A-Pet houses. Everything! :D

I, sadly, only bought one Adopt-A-Pet house. But still! My birthday is coming up and Christmas is getting closer and closer. Koolestkat also bought an Adopt-A-Pet house as well.

Here's some pictures:

Heh, you get to see my desk! :O

Sorry for the bad quality, I was in a hurry. XD 

I got the little pink pony while my sister got a gecko. Too cute!!
Mine came with the cutest green butterfly for its head while the gecko got a yellow ladybug for its back. ^-^
I'm so pumped about my toy. I really want more and more! XD
Now for the code!
I excitedly went onto AJ, typed the code in and...

What the ham and eggs?! 500 gems?!

Ah well, that's ok. :P It was a lousy first code but whatever.

Now my sister also put her code in and got...

1,000 gems.

Yup. She got 500 more than me! Rip-off! XD

After I bought my toys on Wednesday, I went to a fast food restaurant to get my favorite cold chocolate drink that has chocolate whipped cream and chocolate sauce. *drools thinking about it* XD So my mom buys a coffee and me and Koolest buy those drinks. We're waiting. And waiting. This new guy working has 6 coffee cups on the counter, waiting for pick-up. No one's taking them.

All of a sudden, this lady who works there comes and asks my mom if we have what we ordered. When she finds out we don't, she looks at the guy and realizes that he forgot to clear out the order screen and is making drinks that no one needs anymore! So she tells him to go to the counter while she dumps out all the coffee. All 6 cups wasted.

The guy doesn't even call up anyone to get their orders! He just stands there, looking around at the counter and stuff. Then he looks up and quickly looks down and says kinda quietly, "Next."

Then the lady asks the guy to make our drinks. He hurries over. Minutes later, she asks him if they are done. He walks over and then sheepishly says he hasn't mixed them but he put the whipped cream and sauce on! She then has to dump out the whip cream, waste again, and then mixes them. Instead of the smalls we ordered, we get mediums! She tells us it's because she doesn't wanna waste more.

But that guy was sooo bad. XD I had a good laugh after, remembering his face of sheepishness. Oh well, hopefully he gets better. :P

I hope you enjoyed looking at my new toy as much as I liked buying it. :D And I hope you liked my story. XD

- - -
Now for the moment you've all been waiting for!
My newest party invite...
My birthday is coming up fast! And I really wanna celebrate it with you guys. <3
So please mark November 20th on your calendars! I hope to see you at my den next Sunday at 3:00 PM! ^.^
Jam on!

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

I'm Alive!

You guys: *stares at one another while crickets chirp*
Me: Ahem, I'm Lostfairy, remember? The author of this blog? The deer with the gray beret and red skirt, pearl bracelet, and heart locket? The one who does weird intros like these?
You guys: Ooh yeah, that rings a bell. Actually, no. It doesn't.

Well, you probably have guessed by now but...

I'm back!

Sorry for my week break. I literally had no idea what to post about and felt like I had no time. But I'm back and here to stay! :D

While I was gone, an update came on November 4th. Two updates in two weeks? Interesting. AJHQ must have been eager to get news out.

In the last update, these bottles have been washed ashore in Crystal Sands. Each message has more information yet AJHQ is still not letting us know the full story

So recently, there's been rumors of Peck being kidnapped, toucans being captured by phantoms, a new land coming. I have no clue which one is right.

Some evidence for Peck being kidnapped has been found. (I don't know what I've all come up myself or what I got from blogs, so sorry if I sound like I'm stealing your idea.) The eyes on the notes look a lot like bunnies eyes. Peck is a bunny but her eyes look quite different. Also, one of the prizes was a paint covered stool. Peck is known for loving to paint and draw. Would this be a clue?

Other evidence for toucans being captured (this I think I made up) is that the eyes look very similar to the ones in the notes. AJ also made a toucan video with the toucan painting. Could the paint covered stool be a clue for this too?

And more evidence for the new land coming is pretty simple. In the Jamaa Journal, the goats are leaving but they give us a message. It talks of the goats going in a boat, so they will see us later. AJ literally just moved some signs on the map to make room for a new ocean. Could we finally get what we all have been waiting for?

Oh yeah, and in the Jamaa Journal, toucans are the confirmed new animals. Many non-members are hoping they are free for everyone. But wouldn't AJHQ have to make Forgotten Desert for non-members too? Aren't the prizes usually members only?

Well, sorry if this post has been stuff you've already heard. XD

But another thing is abuzz in Jamaa! AJHQ announced yesterday that today is Fabulous Fez Day where they will BUDDY you for today only! o,o They will also give you a plaque just for wearing a fez hat with a cool outfit. I submitted 4 fez outfits. XD

Seriously though, AJHQ made the Fez Hat very popular today. Everyone seems to be wearing them!

Also, I'm super excited for tomorrow. I might get AJ TOYS FINALLY! Yes, Swirl! The battle of Walmart might be ending soon! I have been waiting for this since June or July.

For some silly reason, I think my Walmart will not be carrying Animal Jam toys. Instead, Toys R Us does!

So, tomorrow, I'm going on a little shopping trip with my mom and Koolestkat. And I'm super hoping my Toys R Us (yes, I now own Toys R Us. IT'S MINE! XD) has them. If so, I will buy one or two and take pictures. And then show them to you guys! :D

Alrighty, have a gooooooood night and always remember to...

Jam on!!

Little bonus for you guys, check out my latest masterpiece that I did on Sunday!
Edit: Remember my den contest? Didn't get many entries. The deadline has been moved til I get more entries. :)