Saturday, 12 November 2016

Party Invite and AJ Toys!

Hey hey hey, look who's back?

Yuppers, it's me, Lostfaiy! And I am here with...

A newwwww post!

In this post, I'll be announcing a party and talk about AJ toys.

Well, I'm gonna leave the party last, because that means there's suspense! XD

So, let's begin with the Animal Jam toys!

I mentioned in my last post that I was going to my Toys R Us. I had just previously checked another Walmart, just to see if it was that other Walmart that didn't have them. Turns out, I really don't think any Walmarts where I live will have them >.<

So I went to Toys R Us. I had been expecting a little stand like I have seen others find. So I walked up and down aisles. Nothing.

I told my mom that we had to ask them because sometimes they are hidden in the most bizarre places. So my mom walked up to a worker and asked him if they carried AJ toys in their store. I was hoping he wouldn't give the same response the lady in Walmart had: "Animal Jam toys? I don't think we have them..."

He actually said they were down an aisle we had just come down! I looked and found them smack-dab in the middle of the shelf. I wanted to squeal or jump for joy. XD I saw the Small House Den and the Club Geoz. I also saw the plushies and the Light-Up ring toys. I saw the normal toys and the Adopt-A-Pet houses. Everything! :D

I, sadly, only bought one Adopt-A-Pet house. But still! My birthday is coming up and Christmas is getting closer and closer. Koolestkat also bought an Adopt-A-Pet house as well.

Here's some pictures:

Heh, you get to see my desk! :O

Sorry for the bad quality, I was in a hurry. XD 

I got the little pink pony while my sister got a gecko. Too cute!!

Mine came with the cutest green butterfly for its head while the gecko got a yellow ladybug for its back. ^-^

I'm so pumped about my toy. I really want more and more! XD

Now for the code!

I excitedly went onto AJ, typed the code in and...

What the ham and eggs?! 500 gems?!

Ah well, that's ok. :P It was a lousy first code but whatever.

Now my sister also put her code in and got...

1,000 gems.

Yup. She got 500 more than me! Rip-off! XD

After I bought my toys on Wednesday, I went to a fast food restaurant to get my favorite cold chocolate drink that has chocolate whipped cream and chocolate sauce. *drools thinking about it* XD So my mom buys a coffee and me and Koolest buy those drinks. We're waiting. And waiting. This new guy working has 6 coffee cups on the counter, waiting for pick-up. No one's taking them.

All of a sudden, this lady who works there comes and asks my mom if we have what we ordered. When she finds out we don't, she looks at the guy and realizes that he forgot to clear out the order screen and is making drinks that no one needs anymore! So she tells him to go to the counter while she dumps out all the coffee. All 6 cups wasted.

The guy doesn't even call up anyone to get their orders! He just stands there, looking around at the counter and stuff. Then he looks up and quickly looks down and says kinda quietly, "Next."

Then the lady asks the guy to make our drinks. He hurries over. Minutes later, she asks him if they are done. He walks over and then sheepishly says he hasn't mixed them but he put the whipped cream and sauce on! She then has to dump out the whip cream, waste again, and then mixes them. Instead of the smalls we ordered, we get mediums! She tells us it's because she doesn't wanna waste more.

But that guy was sooo bad. XD I had a good laugh after, remembering his face of sheepishness. Oh well, hopefully he gets better. :P

I hope you enjoyed looking at my new toy as much as I liked buying it. :D And I hope you liked my story. XD

- - -
Now for the moment you've all been waiting for!
My newest party invite...

My birthday is coming up fast! And I really wanna celebrate it with you guys. <3

So please mark November 20th on your calendars! I hope to see you at my den next Sunday at 3:00 PM! ^.^

Jam on!


  1. Happy early birthday! I don't think I will be able to make it, as Sunday afternoons are usually rather busy for me, but I hope you have good time nevertheless. ^.^

    1. Aww, thank you! ^-^ Oh, ok. We all will miss you there! <3

  2. My walmarts and Toys R Us lack AJ merchandise

  3. I'm so freakin' mad because the AJ toy pics won't show up! GRRRRRRRR YOU DARN LAPTOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    XDDD! That'd be me trying to work there! XD!
    No, seriously! (Time to get personal XD) Every time I try to do something on my own in certain classes at my school, I end up either doing it wrong, or getting scared I'll do it wrong and asking for help. I feel like some people may think I'm helpless, but of course I don't know for sure. :1
    No worries, I'm not being bullied or anything! Unless you count my own mind as a bully. XDD

    YOUR BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP!!!!!!!! Ooo!! Now THAT'S something I'm looking forward to! I'll be sure to mark that date! Happy early birthday, Lost!

    1. WHAT?! NOOOO! XD (I think I fixed them! :P)

      Really? That guy was um... really bad. I doubt you'd be that bad. XD
      NO! Don't bully yourself! (even though I struggle with that too. >.<)

      YYYYAAAAAAAAAYYY! (NOTE: My birthday is actually on the 19th but there was a different bday party the same day so... o,o) Thank you, Swirl! I'm so pumped to celebrate it on AJ! Last year I didn't know many people so I didn't celebrate. XDD

    2. Oh.




    3. @Lost

      I can see them now! :D

      It would all depend on what kind of day I was having, hehe!
      Ah, it's okay. I'm working on fixing my brain. XDDDDDD!!!

      Oh! Then I'll be wishing you a happy birthday on the 19th AND the 20th! :D


      Woah! That's cool! Happy early birthday to you, too!

    4. @Swirl


      Heh, yeah. I guess I could be like that dude too. XD
      Yes, Swirl! Ya need to fix da brain. XDDD (I do too. o.o XD)


      Ha, I guess it is! When I saw your birthday was on the same day, I was like, :OOOO XD


  4. *Screams on top of lungs* ADOPT A PET TOYYYYYYYYZ!!!! I bought one on Sunday, with a bunch of quarters my mom has been
    collecting >.< #Awkward

    Uh oh.. I can't view the pictures o.o I'd love to see them though :)

    Oh dear XD I think that guy needs training.. Big time... Reminds me of a little experience we had at Starbucks yesterday..

    We go to Starbucks, we order, and my mom puts some money on her "Gold Card" (pretty much a Starbucks gift card but you get points, or as Starbucks calls it, stars, to earn a free drink) then she pays with it to get her stars, but my mom put 5 dollars on it, and we went over. But it shouldn't be that expencive.. The lady said the coconut milk costs more, and the tax, wait huh?!? Something went wrong. *screen goes to black for a second* AND WE'RE BACK! XD I'm not to sure what happened.. It's all so confusing.. But we were in line for what seemed like forever. It all got straightened out, (by the help of some other lady) and my parents got their drinks 🎉

    Woooo hoooo! PARTYY! And I had a problem with time zones last time.. Would this be at 1 PST?

    WOOOO!! It will be back to back parties! My party is at around 4 PST on Sunday :)! Yes! My Sunday afternoon won't be boring! XD

    And that was this weeks long comment 😳 I'm gonna go take a nap before bed. #Weird

    Byeeee! Night night! XD XD

    Remember, God made YOU!

    1. *screams loudly too* AAAAAAAJJJJJJ TOOOOOYYYYSSS AREEEE MINNEEEEE! XD Really? That's epic! What kind of pet did you get? :o

      Shoot. I think I fixed them though! :D

      Uh huh. He totally needs training, badly! XD

      Woah! That's quite the story! That machine needs training too! XDD

      Yeeeeah! XD Partyyyy! Hmm, lemme figure it out... I think it's gonna be 1pm PST. :D

      Really? Awesome! Though, I probably can't make it. D: Sorry!

      Hey, I love long comments! ^.^ #Youareawesomelyweird

      Byeeeeee!!! XD

    2. A got a lemur I think ^.^ I think.. Yeah... XD

      YAYAYAYAYAY their fixed! OMG I've never seen a purple house... 😱 I'll try and find a bunch of quarters and then ask mom to take me to Toys R Us after Good News Club hehe...

      Mhmm XD

      #WritingThisCommentWhileImStillInBed #Weird

    3. #CommentGlitch

      Hmm.. 1 PM.. I probably can make it but will be a bit late.
      Aw, wish you could come! I'll take some pictures for you :)

      Byeeee XD

    4. What about a lemur? XD

      Yay! I'm glad it got fixed!! ^.^ LOL, I wish you luck in finding a purple house. XD

      I hope you can come!
      Ok, thanks, Gracie!!

      Byyyeeeeeee! XD

  5. Aw, you're lucky, I really doubt that AJ toys will be available in my area within 2016 😧

    I'll definitely be at the party, that's for sure :D

    1. *Correction: Same day :DDDDDDD

    2. Awww! Can you order them online? D:

      DAY!!!!!!! XD

      Can't wait! :D

  6. Wait there's a purple house now?!!!!! I needa that! I'm going to toys rus next weekend cause we have to get a birthday present for my nephew so I am gonna get a few more toys:)

    1. Yeah! My sis got a purple house! XD (Who would paint a house all the same color?! XD)

      I hope you get some toys!!! :D

  7. Replies
    1. Um, if I figured it out correctly... 4pm Eastern time?

  8. Whoot AJ toys for the win! I totally don't spend all my money on them and markers... Heh... Heh...

    Man, I wish I could come to the party but I'll be asleep DX

    expect a mysterious birthday jamagram ;)

    1. Yes, totally!!! :D Heh, nope. You TOTALY did NOT! XD

      Aw, man! D: We'll sure miss you, that's for sure!


  9. ADOPT A PET TOYS! YAY!!! *reads coffee story* LOL *burst out laughing* We have a Mc'Donalds around us that ALWAYS get's our orders wrong inless we order just icecream. No srsly! XDDD Good thing we dont go to it very often!

    Happy early Bday! :D WOW is EVERYONE'S birthday in November?! Bunnygirl's (My youngest sis) Bday is on the 20'th, Custard's bday was just here, ppl on the DE keep saying it's their bday! WOW. And mine is coming up! :D (Btw are you coming to my bday party? Its Thursday this week, the 17th, at 2:00 your time if you forgot XD) ANYWAYYYY I might be able to come! As I said its Bunnygirl's bday, and a special event at church. We hopefully will get home at 3:10? idk.. I can't come to Gracie's TG (thanksgiving) party becuz its at 6:00 my time and we might do presents at that time! *thinks about it* But I should make it to your party, MIGHT be a little late..

    Gotta go eat.


    Srry for the long comment

    P.P.S Is chapter 7 of JH coming out soon? (dont mean to rush!)

    Jam on!

    1. WOOHOOOO! XD LOL, glad to make ya laugh!! ^-^ What?! That McDonald's needs to learn how to make stuff correctly! :P

      Thank you! And really? That's a lot of November birthdays! And then add another one, Flora's birthday is on the same day as mine! :D Hmm, the 17th? I miigggghtt, but I don't know for sure. D: My day is kinda busy on the 17th... Sorry!! Yeah, I can't come to Gracie's either because it's also at 6pm so I'll be eating supper. >.<

      Adios amiga!

      P.S. I love long comments!!

      P.P.S. Ah, yes. It should be coming out soooonn ish. XD My font for the letters is going all wonky. o.o I'll try to fix it and write more!

      Jam on, Sarah! (Or Share a! XD)

  10. idk if i can come it is one of my siblings birthday on the 20th

  11. LOST LOST LOST! You know how my bday party was on the 17th? It's not anymore! Turns out, we are going to a friends house at that time! SOOOO it is switched to the 19'th (Saturday) 2:00. Hope you can come! :D :D :D

    Jam on! (I like saying Jam on! XDD)

  12. I have TERRRRIBLE news.. Yesterday I was in AJHQ's den, and they were there! They were trading art and... YOURS WAS THE LAST REMAINING PEICE ON THEIE TRADE! I frantically tried to trade for it, but before I knew it, it said something like AJHQ NO LONGER HAS THAT ITEM! I'm pretty sure they traded away your Liza art... I looked, and it wasn't in their den... I tried to get it, but it was too late =.=

    Remember, God made YOU!

    1. Why'd they do that, Lost's art is actually so good! They'd better use it at the Masterpiece party or else...
      No seriously, why? Would they trade NymphaeaAlba's art away, no. Would they trade a ''marvellous'' masterpiece by Aparri away if they had one, no. But they trade away other masterpieces made by jammers who actually want their art to be in their den. And with that I don't mean I would ever compare Nymph to Aparri, lol XD

    2. Yeah. But it's really weird, they were trading away some really good art o.o maybe they were trying to make room for new art? Idk... 😣

    3. Omg! Srsly! :( WHY AJHQ!!!!!!!! *sighs*

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Lost! We have switched the party to the 26th becuz we are going to a museum this Saturday. Hope you can come!

    6. They regularly trade away the art to update the gallery x.x it's rather sad.


  13. Guys. I got diamonds AGAIN TODAY! 4th day in a row I now have 64 diamonds.. All those from the daily spin. O.o Good thing I'm getting membership soon! *thinks about what I will spend with all the diamonds* ;)


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