Saturday, 17 February 2018

A VERY Random Post!

Me: Howdy, I'm LOSTY! LOSTY the FAIRY!
You guys: *stares weirdly at Lost* Since when did you call yourself Losty? Didn't you say you didn't like that nickname?
Me: *totally ignores You Guys* Hmmm... You're new to the blog, aren'tcha?
You guys: *glares* What?! We aren't new! We've been here... well... since Swirl came up with intros like these!
Me: *stills ignores You Guys* Golly, you must be so confused. Someone ought to teach you how things work around here! I guess little old me will have to do. Ready?
You guys: *is frustrated* Ready? For what?
Me: Here we go! *somehow transports everyone to a very dark room*

You guys: *leaps back in surprise* What?!
Me: You idiot! It's kill or BE killed! Do you want to have a bad time?
You guys: *runs away in fear* AHHHHHH, LOSTY IS A MURDERER!!!!!!
Me: Nyeh heh heh! I, the great Losty, scared them away!

Ahem, sorry for that very Undertale-ish intro! I guess I've been in an Undertale mood lately. XD

(You have no idea how long it took to make that edit, heh.)

Today's post is going to be a bit random! Let's just start off by giving Swirl and Sarah the art I promised to make them for the summer story contest... uh, yup. Let's ignore the fact I said "summer" and pretend I didn't take a VERY long time to give it to them.

You guys: *says in mocking tone* You took a ver-


Let's not take any longer! Here is Sarah's requested art for her being the runner-up of the contest!

You can crop out the words if you want! I just wrote it because my sketchbook page looked so empty. XD (I draw too tiny.)

I hope you enjoy it, Sarah! ^.^ (I thinkkkk I saw somewhere that you didn't like how AJ cheetahs were drawn? I saw that after I drew this so I apologize! D:)

I personally like how I drew the tree. It turned out good! ^.^

And now! Here are Swirl's two requests!

It's her dog on Chicken Smoothie! I actually had a ton of fun drawing it. ^.^ Now I really want to draw a bunch of CS pets. XD

Swirl, free feel to crop out the words too! I added them for the same reason as Sarah's. XD I hope you like it!!

And lastly, it's King Ekon from the story from her wining story! I copied a bit off of Swirl's drawing of him that she drew as a reference for me. ^.^ I had fun drawing his eye, it's so... sassy. XD

Again, you may crop the words out! :D And I hope you enjoy it!

Speaking of contests, it's time to announce the winners of the Dab Police contest!

Since only three people entered and there's three winners... EVERYONE WON, WOO!!! XD

Here's all the entries:

- - -

Story written by AJKraft:

Kraft brushed the slime off her jacket and walked through the portal hallway. Surely her home had to be somewhere... A sudden explosion caught her attention. Coming from a neon rainbow portal was a pug! Kraft squealed like a happy baby and ran towards it, but then it did the unthinkable...

The pug


Kraft let out a blood-curdling screech and drew her sword. She was determined to uncover the cause of this pug's awful actions. She jumped through the portal, landing in a VERY bizarre world. A bizarre looking Knuckles walked over.
"heyo Kraf. Do you kno de whey?" He asked. Kraft hit him with a book and ran through the jungle. Plants with Doge faces widened their eyes at her.
"I can't be..." Kraft looked up to see Nyan cat, who was being ridden by a crudely drawn Shrek.
"I'M IN MEME LAND!" Kraft tripped over a fidget spinner and lands in a pit of lava. She stood up and drank some water.
The bottle was knocked out of her hand by a green frog on a unicycle.
"Dat Boi!" Kraft grinned.
"NO. DAB BOI!" Dat Boi dabbed. Kraft's eyes began to water with rainbow sparkles.
"no... NOT DAT BOI!" She wailed.
Kraft drew a badge on her jacket with a sharpie.
"THE DAB POLICE SAYS NO DABBING!" She yelled. DanTDM appeared out of a tree.
"ya called?"
"sorry... All these memes.. I'm going crazy!" She cried. Then, an army of 10 year old boys emerged from a bush
"DAB!" They yelled, holding a water bottle in the air.
Kraft wiped her nose.
"NO!" Her eyes began to glow red, "I SHALL NEVER DAB!" The children cried and ran home to their Doritos while Kraft went to find some better memes.

- - -

Story written by Sarahkey8:

The Meeting At AJHQ

AJHQ #1 sat at the board meeting that was about what the new animal could be, with allthe other AJHQ's. Kate was scrolling on the computer looking at Gellyjones videos when on the side she saw the words "Dab Police" by Dantdm AJHQ #1 happened to see and shouted "I GOT IT!" Everyone looked at her, confused. "DO YOU SEE THAT VIDEO!?" AJHQ #1 now nicknamed Po. "Which one?" Mo asked Po, "DAB! DAB POLICE! WE SHOULD MAKE A NEW TYPE OF HORSE.
Everyone gasped. Clark gasped and grasped his flask. "OH MY GOODNESS THAT IS JUST PERFECT PO!! JOE AND TOE GO WORK ON THAT NOW!"
Kate looked confused. "What is it Kate?" Clark asked, "What should the play be?" Mo's ringtone went off, it was the 3-2-1Penguins theme song "A ROCKE!" Kate exclaimed "BRILLAINT THIS ANIMAL IS JUST GOING TO BE A MESS!"
- - -

Art drawn by Swirlshine:

- - -

ALL OF THESE ENTRIES ARE AMAZINGGGGGGG!!!! *proudly gives gold stars to everyone* I loved them all, the stories were hilarious and the art is stunning! You should be proud. ^.^

I will make Dab Police masterpieces and send them to you soon!

- - -


A few days ago, Koolest and I were downstairs watching Josiah (our older brother) play Breath of the Wild on our Wii U. We were really hyper for some reason and Josiah was like, "Oh yeah, I am going to go attack a lynel!"

Now, a lynel is basically a mix between a centaur and a minotaur. So it's a horse with a mane and horns. It's also a bit humanoid. But these guys are one of the toughest badies to fight in the game!

For one, they can trample Link (Josiah is playing as him) easily.

Second of all, they are VERY fast and are good with a bow and arrow.

And thirdly, I looked up how to kill one and you need this power called Stasis upgraded to freeze lynels for a short time, jump onto it and then attack it from there until it bucks you off. Then repeat. Again and again.

Here's the catch.

Josiah doesn't have that power upgraded.

And the lynel had electricity arrows. And it was raining. Bad combo. XD

So anyway, Josiah rides in with his trusty steed named Blocky (We named it Blocky because one time it went right in front of Josiah just as he was about to shoot a monster with an arrow. So it blocked him... thus it's name Blocky. We also named a horse Oreo and Cookieeeeeeee. We are SUCH good horse naming experts. XD) and rides up to the lynel and one swipe with it's sword and uh, Link dies. :1

So Josiah kept going back and trying to kill it but ended up dying a ton. Around that time, we were all yelling about lynels when I misheard Josiah or Koolest and thought they said something about a lynel in space. So I yelled "A LYNEL IN SPACE?!" and Josiah yells back "THAT'S A MOVIE I WOULD WATCH!" I was like "WHAT? A MOVIE?" and Josiah claimed it sounded like a movie title.

So, uh... me and Koolest created this:

Wouldn't you want to watch a movie about a centaur/minotaur wearing a space helmet and jetpack in space surrounded by epic explosions and a UFO? Josiah Dyck would!
Uh, I basically just wanted to show off my weird edit. That took me an hour and a half to create. XDDD
Welp, this post has gotten... out of hand. And really random. I promise a semi-normal post will be up next week!!
Have an amazing day, aren't you glad I'm on a four day weekend I know I am, and...
Jam on!!
Comment call: I've got nothing... How's your week been? :D Let's chat!

Friday, 9 February 2018

Found Some More Treasure!

Me: *is getting dragged by You Guys* Hey! Stop! What are you doing? Ow!
You guys: *drags Lost over to her computer and pushes her onto her chair* Sit. Write a blog post. Now.
Me: Umm, why?
You guys: Because you haven't written a real post in foreverrrr. Plus, HAVE YOU EVEN COMMENTED BACK TO PEOPLE FROM LIKE, LAST MONTH?
Me: *glances away awkwardly* Um, no... I keep forgetting to...
You guys: *snaps fingers* THEN DO IT NOW. POST.
Me: *gulps*

Welp. That happened. XD

But it's true, I haven't written an actual post in what feels like a long time. I miss it! And yes, I haven't commented back to people from weeks and weeks ago but I will try to do that sometime soon!

Anyhoo, today's post will be about art because... I love art. XD

Let's start off with this AMAZING realistic cat drawn by Artistictiger5! I can't get over how beautiful the eye is! And AHH, I love this piece a lot! :O

OHHHHHHHHH MY GOODNESS. HOWWWWW! If you know me, you know I loveeee manga drawings so much! And this one is so pretty! I loveeee the hair!

Eeeeeep! Manga guys are even betterrrrrrrr! XD I really love this! :O The eyes are so detailed and I love how the girl manga is connected with this one. Here, lemme show ya...
It's so cool together!

Awwww, this is so adorable and realistic! :o I love how Atlartis made the background sorta fuzzy so it focuses on the golden retriever. ;)

This. Is. SO. CUTE! I love how Turtleberry55 made all of... the... Eeveeutions... together! (Haha, please forgive me if I'm wrong, I don't any my Pokémon names very well. XD)


I really love this basic sketch! The crystally things are really amazing looking as well. :o The white outline around the wolf gives it a really nice... stand out look. If that's a thing. XD
It is now. Stand Out Look©

I've actually seen this a few times in art galleries and it's SUCH a good idea! :O I love that, AJ Friendship Quilt. ^.^

This looks so cool! I really like how the eye just pops (Stand Out Look©) and how the whole dragon looks... sketchy and kinda watery? If that makes sense. XD

OOOO, GUYS, LOOK! It's my long lost cousin's aunt's sister's brother's dog's grandma's friend! (Hehe, Swirl, you know where I got this from. xD)

But in all seriousness, this looks really amazing! The reflection in the water is unbelievable! 

I know this is super simple but 1. simple isn't always bad and 2. I love how they wrote "hi" in such small cute letters! I actually like this cute simple style a lot! Makes me think of like... an old fashioned plushie.

Oh goodness, I have weird descriptions today. xD

ANOTHER DRAGONNNN! XD I really like the colors on this little guy and he is just so CUTE! Honestly, I want a pet dragon like that. ^-^

*looks at drawing and bursts lot laughing* IT'S BRITISH NAYAN CAT!!!!!!! XD

*laughs again cuz it's so cute and hilarious*

I don't know what kind of creature this is but man, I love the shading on this! It's so bold and (you guessed it) Stand Out Look© and cool!

I love how soft and mystical this drawing looks! The unicorn's hair is SO pretty and soft looking and it's eyelashes are really pretty. ^.^

Okay, yes, this is from that giant ship artist collaborative thing. But I only realized a few weeks ago when I took this that this machine attacking the masts is a Guardian from Breath of the Wild!!!!!! I LOVE that game so much! And the Guardians are so creepy but their music rocks and Anteiiku drew it so well!! :O

This is also from a giant artist collaborative thing! But I never realized how creepy it is to see Peck look like that! And that little doll rabbit is creeping me out, along with the skeleton climbing out of the ground. Starbeing is so talented!

Another amazing realistic dog! I love how soft it looks! And the cherry blossoms are so gorgeous!

Ahh!!! This is SO realistic! And adorable! I love the fox's eyes and expression! ^.^

Now THIS is a creepy scarecrow! But it's so detailed!! And the crow is really cute! ^.^ (I love crows. XD)

Aww, hehe, this cats looks so derpy and squishy! ^.^ I love the sleeping one. XD

I don't know why the face got airbrushed out but I like how soft this wolf looks! It's probably someone's main look, although I don't know who's. Still, I really like it!

This sounds like song lyrics but I don't know which... Anyway, I like how basic it is and how neat the writing is. ^.^
I still have loads of art saved I could show you but I think I will have to do that a different day. ;)
Have an amazing day, don't freeze outside like I do when I go outside, and...
Jam on!
Comment call: What was your favorite piece of art? Why?
P.S. The winners of the Dab Police contest will be announced next week!