Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Ooo! Taggies, Yey!


Well, that was short and sweet. ;)

Today, I will be doing two tags! They are actually both made by Graciepopstar, which is a funny coincidence!

Let's just jump into the post!

This first one Gracie herself tagged me for. :D

Animal Jam Tag by Gracie:

1. What's your favorite clothing item?
Hmm, my whole main look, actually! I really like all the pieces of clothing I'm wearing and own every color of beret and pearl bracelet.

But besides my main look, I like: French braids, ribbon scarves, plaid shirts, pants, shorts, nerd glasses, high top sneakers, tutus, Cosmo charm necklace, mysterious cloaks, hoodies, phantom shirts, clover leg warmers, silver or gold chains, holiday sweaters, candy cane socks, flower crowns, sports jerseys, and my hero mask. (Flash mask ;))

Heh, I like a lot. XD

2. What's your favorite den item?
All my masterpieces! Made by me, my sister, my friends, and donations!

But let me say a FEW other den items I love: any koala plushies, arm chairs, sectional sofas, wavy bookshelves, secret door bookshelf, any portal, pretty much any beta (not cause of rarity, cause of looks), painter's easel, reader's sofa, Zios plushies, any plant, any bookshelf, any desk.

I like a lot more but the list could go on and on!

3. What's your favorite AJ animal?
Ohhhh, this is toughhhh... And like all of my other answers, I don't have just one favorite! ^.^

I love: deer, koala, sheep, flamingo, coyote, cougar, owl, bunny, and arctic fox.

(You may be surprised I didn't say wolf or arctic wolf but I like being unique. And those animals are a wee overused. XD)

4. Diamonds or gems?
Man, I can't choose. Why?

Without diamonds, I can't buy new animals or pets or masterpieces. And I love doing all of those so without diamonds, I'd be pretty upset!

Without gems, I can't buy most den items and clothing items. Or RIMs or gem animals and pets. Basically, everything.

So, both, please! :3

5. What's your favorite den?
The masterpiece gallery den is the one I use most often but I really adore the enchanted burrow. Not too big but not too squishy. Just perfect! And the feel of it being underground makes it seem really cozy. If I lived in Jamaa, I'd want a enchanted burrow den. :D

6. Minigames or adventures?

I love them all. 'Nuff said.

7. What animal would you like to see in AJ?
Hmm, this is tough... Every time I think of an animal I'd like to see, I'm like, "No, that wouldn't work. No, that looks like an animal already made. No, that's a bad idea."

Maybe a buffalo? I know Arctic made an edit of one and it looked adorable! (Or a newt.)

Or maybe a zebra? I know we have horses and can make them look like zebras but AJHQ could make the zebras more graceful looking and with shorter hair and a zebra pattern that you could take off and on. And maybe a cuter face? XD

So yeah, a buffalo and zebra is my answer!

That was fun! Thanks, Gracie, for tagging me!

I tag: anyone who wants to do the tag! It's free for the taking!

And now, this one Arctic kind of tagged me for, so thanks, Arctic!

(I can't come up with very amazing facts so I'll just put RANDOM facts, woo!)

15 Random Things About Me!

1. I'm obsessed with Doll Devine right now.

Seriously! If you just heard that Doll Devine was a dress-up game, you probably think I'm 2 years old. But it's more experienced than a kid dress-up game. Plus, I love making outfits on online games so this is kinda perfect for me.

You should check it! And maybe you will when I do a huge post later with all my creations. XD

2. Sometimes, when I read books, I feel like I'm part of that world.

It's true. If a character in a book gets in trouble, outside the book world, I feel like someone I know is in trouble. When a character is hurt, I feel like I should be hurt. When a character is confused, I feel like I should be troubled and confused. When a character dies, I feel like someone I love was lost.

Sometimes it's a nice thing, other times it feels pretty bad. Shows I'm a bookworm. ;)

3. Once I find something I like, I fangirl forever.

If you hang out with me, you're gonna hear me talk things I love and can babble about. Likeeee Wings of Fire, The Maze Runner, Peter Pan, The Flash, Once Upon A Time, some guys, etc.

Haven't heard me talk about any of these? Well, you did just now didn't you? CX See my point?

4. I have an emoji.

One day, my friend was texting me and we were just being random and stuff. Suddenly, she did a blushing smiling emoji and was like, "*insert my real name*, this looks like you! Because you have rosy cheeks all the time!" So, thus was born my emoji! :D

5. I have dimples, yey!

Yup, I know it's random but I do have dimples. Someone once told me that dimples were imperfections but I prefer to think of them as special. ;)

6. When I'm at home, I make weird voices when I talk. And act weirdly.

Ahem, yes. I can be the randomest person at home. In public, I am pretty quiet but at home, oh boy, I shout at random times, copy what a sibling says in a weird voice, dance randomly... Still here? Good, you didn't leave me because of this fact. XD

7. I love weekends.

Yes, I know most people usually do but for me, weekends are lazy, fun days that I get to spend with my family. We watch TV shows, read, play games together, draw, drink hot chocolate, go outside, garden together, and just simply hang out.

So if I could have it my way, I'd like a 7 day weekend. ;)

8. I share a room with Koolestkat!

Most people know this but yeah, we do! We have for almost as long as I can remember. (Although I do have a faint memory of sleeping in a crib in my dad's study... o.0) It's fun and it means we can fangirl alone without anyone listening. ^.^

9. I used to hate drawing, like whaaa?!

My mom always loves telling this story about how when I was little, I never wanted to draw because I thought I couldn't draw as good as my siblings. So I never did.

If I could, I'd go back in time and get my younger self to DRAW because it would mean I could have practiced when I was little. Welp, I only started to love to draw when I started AJ and decided to draw AJ animals.

10. I don't like to talk to a big group of people...

I am definitely am trying to work on this but uh, whenever I try to public speak, I forget what I was going to say and I end up fumbling. Not the worst thing ever but I'd like to figure out how to actually speak sentences in front of a crowd!

11. I am a weird gamer.

Uh, I start video games but then hardly ever finish them.

So like, a few years ago, I started a Legend of Zelda game and was almost finished. But... I never finished the game? And I still haven't? So I have started multiple games but haven't finished them. o.O But I love playing video games so what is wrong with meeeee? XD

12. I may or may not love Link from Legend of Zelda a lot.

Speaking of Legend of Zelda made this random fact popped into my head so I thought, why not say it?

You may be a little confused so let me help out. I love Link. He's so cute. And yes, he doesn't talk. But GAH, he packs so much emotion into his actions and face. Don't get me started on talking about Skyward Sword Link. He's my favorite Link. :D

Ah, my legendary hero... :P
13. I like making lists! But doing the stuff on the list? Heh, not all the time...
I absolutely love writing up lists. Packing lists, to-do lists, lists of what to draw, etc. But sometimes... I find it hard to actually do the stuff on the list. Oopsy!
14. Biggest pet peeve? Hearing people eat.
Ahem, yup. It's kinda sucky cuz I hear people eat ALL the time so I should be used to it. But gah, it's something about hearing that crunching, slurping, munching noise. *shudders*
15. I wish I could sing good because I love music!
Ever have that moment when a good song comes on and you just wanna sing? Yeah. I wish I could sing good. I sound really odd when I sing. And trust me, I have sung alone before. Buuuuuuuuuut I sometimes just gotta do something to enjoy the good music! So I just hum along with the tune. XD
Well, that was fun! Even though coming up 15 facts was kinda hard, I really enjoyed it! :D
And now! I tag: anyone who wants to do this tag!
Have an amazing rest of your week and...
Jam on!
Comment call: Did you enjoy reading my answers? Did you know all
the facts about me or no?

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Hunting for Treasu-I Mean Art!

Welllllcome back to another post of Animal Jam Jummmmmble! XD

(Throwback to exactly last year's post! Ah, I reread that post and the cringe is REAL. XD)

Yesterday, I went around AJ, looking for artists that are good but aren't necessarily popular.

Finding an incredibly amazing and popular artist on AJ is pretty easy. Just go to some popular person's den and BOOM. You find a lot of GOOD art that have a million likes!

But finding incredibly amazing artist that isn't popular is a real treasure!

So, I went on a treasure hunt. ^.^

I looked at the art in Jammer Central. I went around Jamaa, clicking random people and checking their trade list or Jammer Wall. I went to my friend's dens and snooped around. I even asked "Who has good art that you want to be featured in a post? Say I!"

I think I found quite a good collection of gems! So let's begin! :D

(Credit to this kind of post to Swirlshine!)

Ah, this one I need so badly!!! It totally makes me think of a Skywing from Wings of Fire. And just look at the incredible detail! From the scales to the trees to its wings, everything is incredibly done! Amazing job, Esterbun123!

Another Wings of Fire drawing! (You may see a theme here) I think this is Tsunami. Or maybe just a random Seawing? Anyway, it's amazingly done and I love how simple it looks if you glance at it but if you stare harder, you'll see all the shadowing and gleam! I don't get how this art only has 70 likes!

Aww, this one makes me smile. Just look at how happy and cute it looks? The fur on this corgi(?) is splendid! And the eyes have so much DEPTH to them! I'd love to give this art a home. CX
This one has a naturey, abstract feel to it that I love. It looks good not being completely detailed and has that cool 'unfinished' look! Love the moon!

Eeee! Who doesn't love pink haired smiley anime guys?! He really pops against that abstract dotty background! And my goodness, his HAIR is beautiful! Also, love the nose. IT'S SO GOOD.

Awww, LOOK! It's wittle Pikachu! He's so cute and squishy looking! I wanna hug him. ^.^

Oh. My. GOODNESS! Look at this! EVERYTHING IS SO DETAILED AND AWESOME!! From the girl's cold looking face to the horse's softttt looking hair to the ice and PENGUINS, this art is hands-down amazing. Makes me cold, just looking at it! And it looks like it has a story behind it. :D

Whoa, what now?! This amazingly realistic toucan and butterflies art only has 41 likes?! This is so good, though! It totally warms me up after that frosty drawing. I want to go on a vacation now. XD

Ok, now this might not look like much but I saw this and knew EXACTLY where it was from! And to me, that counts as good art! It's a Nightwing (Starflight?) in the volcano Nightwing home! I love how p81222 even drew stars on the wings, just like they have in the books. :D

If you can't tell, I'm a Wings of Fire fan. CX

AWWW, this has such a fallish feel! Doesn't it look like it should be on Google on the day fall begins? I love how simplistic this looks and how it looks like it should be in some old, childrens classic.

I don't know who this is for but AH, LOOK HOW NEAT AND STRAIGHT THE LINES ARE! I saw this art and fell in love with the cartoony style! :D

Ooo, this one has an abstracty mystic feel. I love the 'furriness' of it and how they used a star as an eye for the wolf(?), it just adds a neat feel to it!

Okay, wow! This one is GOOD! The writing is really neat and the flames are awesome! In case you didn't know, this is from the Disney movie called "Descendants." ^-^

AWW, IT'S CUTE, KAWAII, FUNNY EEVEE!!! I love the pastel colors and her WITTLE CUTE FACE! :3

Another dragon, I know. But this one was too good to not post so HERE'S ANOTHER DRAGONNNN! XD

I really love the sketchish feel to this and how the scales are far from being perfect but that's how it's supposed to be! I think this is a dragon from Wings of Fire but I can't tell what kind... I'm gonna guess Nightwing or Mudwing.

Even though it says it's a work in progress, I think it's amazing! I love the texture and vibrant colors! And the background is beautiful! Great job, Dragonofdoges!

Haha, thought of Arctic when I say this kawaii lemon! It's really cute! :D Love the face!
Ah, Swirlshine never ceases to amaze me with her art! ^.^ I was so ecstatic when I found this is my JAGs last Christmas. The frosted berries look so REAL! And ahh, the branch is so detailed! :o


 It'ssssss Undertale! (Ha, funny coincidence, I'm listening to Undertale music right now. xD) I really love the colors and style of this drawing. And the SWEATER, I WANT IT! (Even though it would mean I'm a kid since wearing stripes means your a kid in Undertale.) AMAZING job making Frisk's expression, Cheesiecat!

If there's anything I might like more than Wings of Fire, it's THE MAZE RUNNER!!! I got swept into the dystopian world the moment I started reading the book. And then, heck, watching the movie was literally the best thing ever.
So when my sister, Koolestkat, drew this lovely scene from the movie where Newt is explaining some things to Thomas, I JUST HAD TO GET IT!!!! XD
Seeing my favorite characters manga is awesome! I love the detail on Thomas's shirt and shadowing on the whole piece of art. And the glow of the fire is SO good! So in general, I love every detail on the art. (One might even say it's "bloody inspiring," am I right? ;))
Well, I hope you enjoyed this little treasure hunt! I think we found quite a few gems, right? :D I liked hunting so much, I'll probably make another post like this soon. ^.^
Have an amazing day, don't get attacked by dragons or Grievers, Wicked is goodQueen Scarlet is evil, and...
Jam on!
Comment call: Do you enjoy this post? Which gem was your favorite? Did I reference too many things at once in my outro? (Yes, I did. I'm a TMR and WOF nerd.)

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Chapter 6 of the Project - By Yours Truly

Me: Ello, mate! Or... do they say "g'day?" Hmm... *rubs chin*
You guys: What is the purpose of this?
Me: Noooo, waitttt! They drink tea! And have crumpets!
You guys: Um, pretty sure that's the cliché picture of British people, yup.
Me: Nooooooooo, that's not it! They wear rice hats under cherry blossom trees!
You guys: Chinese?
Me: Ride sleds pulled by huskies past their igloo houses?!
You guys: Canadians?!!?
Me: *does dramatic gasp* How dare you?! I was talking about penguins in the arctic. *pouts*
You guys: *groans* Penguins don't ride sleds and what is the point of this?!
Me: I don't know! I'm hyper! *bounces*
You guys: *walks away*

Um, I am way too hyper to get rid of that intro. So just ignore it. XD

As you read on the title, it's my turn to post a chapter for the Project! And that means there's been five other chapters so if you haven't read those, here you go! :D

Chapter 1-3 by Gracie, Coolcat, and Sarahkey
Chapter 4 by Flora
Chapter 5 by Violet (If your planning on reading or in the middle of reading The Maze Runner series, go down past the spoilers at the beginning of the post! This is just a warning!)

Well, I hope you enjoy my chapter! ^.^ I had a load of fun writing it and I think I got my character written accurately. :D I made sure Lostfairy had some sarcastic replies and responses to everything cause I am like that in real life.

Without further ado, here's chapter six!

- - -
Chapter 6 of the Project - By Lostfairy

One moment, Lost was with her friends. The next, she was making her throat hoarse by screaming as she tumbled around in the swirling abyss, at the mercy of the portal.

Lost twisted and turned for what seemed like forever before she finally flew out of the portal, landing in a heap on the cement ground.

“Where am I?” Lost murmured as she picked herself up. Just as she said it, she heard a faint scream coming from the portal behind her.

Lost wheeled around just as a blonde haired girl flew out of the portal, crashing right into her.

“Ow! I think I hurt something.” The girl rolled off Lost, mumbling.

“Koolest?! What-what are you doing here?” Lost cried in delight and helped Koolest up.

“I fell through the portal, like everyone did,” Koolest rubbed her head. “And I guess we somehow ended up together here?”

“Where is here?” Lost said.

The two girls were standing on an empty parking lot of some big grocery store that was surrounded by tall skyscrapers and buildings. Buses and taxis zipped by on the roads, honking somewhat randomly.

“Koolest, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore. Or, well, the portal. Whatever,” Lost said.

“Wait, hold up!” Koolest said, pointing at a red bus waiting at a stoplight. “A red bus. That has, like, two levels. Big, tall buildings.”

“Um, good job, we figured out we’re in a city,” Lost said sarcastically. “How does that help?”

“Don’t you see? We’re in New York!” Koolest exclaimed.

“Oh!” Lost said as it slowly dawned on her. “Well, let’s find out for sure.”

“Lost? Hey, look, hey, Lost!” Koolest said desperately as Lost marched over to a lady on a sidewalk.

“Excuse me, miss,” Lost said to the lady when she was closer. “Are we in New York?”

“Oh, hello, Lostfairy!” The lady smiled, ignoring Lost’s question, and squeezed Lost into a hug.

“Do we know you?” Koolest stared.

The lady laughed. “Why, of course! Don’t be silly, girls! I’m your cousin! And yes, this is New York. You flew here yesterday to meet with my mom! She told me all about it in a phone call yesterday.”

“You are? We did?” Lost said. “She did?”

“Yes,” the lady’s smile flickered slightly. “Well, I’m a busy woman as you know and must get back to work! Bye, girls!"

“Uh, bye,” Lost waved halfheartedly as the lady hurried down the sidewalk.

“What,” Koolest said, “was that?”

“She acted like she knew us! But who the heck is she?” Lost said. “Last I checked, we don’t have a cousin living in New York.”

“Maybe she’s a distant relative?” Koolest shrugged.

“Huh,” was all Lost could say.

“Well, let’s start looking around. Maybe we’ll find another portal to take us back to our friends,” Koolest said.

The two girls started walking down the wide sidewalks and gaped as they looked up at the massive buildings, probably looking like classic tourists. They crossed streets and turned one way, then the next. All the buildings started to look the same.

“Are we lost?” Lost asked, panting slightly. “No pun intended.”

“Do you want me to pretend to be the older protective sibling or do you want the truth?” Koolest said.

“The truth,” Lost groaned, now knowing was Koolest would say.

“Yup. We’re lost. Completely and totally lost,” Koolest declared.

“Alright, we can fix this. We have to, if we want to see our friends again,” Lost forehead crinkled, a habit she did whenever she was worried.

“Lost, please tell me I’m dreaming,” Koolest said.

“You’re dreaming,” Lost said. “How does that help? You know, you seem a little funny today. First you say we’re in a city which I can clearly see and then you want me to say you’re dreaming. Maybe it’s some kind of side effect from the portal.”

“I’m going to sound crazy,” Koolest ignored Lost’s remarks, “but I just saw someone who looked like me walk around that corner.”

“You’re right. You sound crazy,” Lost laughed.

“I’m serious! I saw a girl with blonde hair and wearing my favorite shirt go around that corner,” Koolest pointed.

“Okay,” Lost said after looking at Koolest for a moment, “if you really think something weird is going on, let’s go find out if it was your doppelgänger.”

Lost and Koolest raced down the sidewalk and around the corner. Lost could see two girls, one blonde haired and the other dark haired, walking across the street up ahead at a brisk pace.

“C’mon, they’re moving fast!” Lost said.

Lost and Koolest bolted to the crosswalk and then crossed quickly, making sure no cars were heading toward them. As Lost and Koolest chased after the girls, the brown haired one looked behind her. She then hurriedly nudged the blonde haired girl, who looked back to. Suddenly, they too started to run.

“Oh great, we look like creepy nutso stalkers,” Lost panted.

“We can’t let them get away now, they could call the cops on us,” Koolest answered. “We need to at least catch up to them and explain ourselves.”

“Alright, then let’s hurry up!” Lost said.

Just as they ran around another corner, something rushing into an alley caught Lost’s eye.

Lost nodded toward the alleyway, hoping Koolest got the gesture, and walked quietly toward it. Holding her breath, she turned into the alley.

And saw herself staring right back at her.

“Woah!” Lost yelled, stumbling backward, arms spinning wildly.

“Lost, what is it?” Koolest asked just as she turned into the alley. “Oh my.”

The two girls they had cornered in the alley were both staring at them with wide-eyed expressions and the dark haired one’s legs trembled.

Oh yeah, there was also the fact they looked exactly like Lost and Koolest.

“How-how-how do you look exactly like us?” the Koolest doppelgänger stammered.

“And why were you following us?” the Lost doppelgänger quivered

“Oh dude,” Lost absently rubbed the back of her head. “It’s like we’re in some kind of alternate universe.”

“Ohhh,” Koolest said. “That makes sense. Kinda.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Lost’s doppelgänger said.

“Look, okay, so, me and her,” Lost pointed at Koolest, “fell through a portal when we were with our friends, got separated from them, and landed here. Another world. I think this is like our world except not exactly."

“How so?” Koolest’s doppelgänger replied, leaning against a garbage bin in the alley.

“Well, like, if that was me, I wouldn’t be cowering in a corner over there like she is,” Lost gestured at her doppelgänger.

“Hey!” Lost’s doppelgänger said, straightening up.

“I think Lost means that our personalities might be different,” Koolest gave Lost a small frown.

“Here, let me try to explain everything,” Lost said, brow crinkling. “Let’s pretend the earth we came from and your earth are twins. Identical twins. But twins don’t have the same personalities or interests, right? So they are slightly different in that way. They look the same but deep down, they aren’t.”

“Wow, that’s really hard to wrap my brain around,” Koolest’s doppelgänger said. “But the fact we look exactly alike makes it easier to believe."

“What now, then?” Lost’s doppelgänger said, visibly relaxing. “How are you going to get back to your friends?”

“We don’t know, to be honest,” Koolest said.

Lost’s doppelgänger looked at Koolest’s with a questioning look. Koolest’s doppelgänger nodded.

“We could help you, if you want,” Lost’s doppelgänger said, looking back at Lost and Koolest.

“Really?” Koolest said. “You don’t have to, you know. Just because we look alike doesn’t mean you gotta-”

“Yeah, you could go see your cousin or aunt or whoever,” Lost cut in Koolest’s rambling.

“We do have to be back at our aunt’s in a while but we can try to figure out how to get you back to your friends,” Koolest’s doppelgänger said.

“Do you know where the portal will just appear?” Lost’s doppelgänger asked.

“No, not really. Portals are random. Sometimes they appear in closets or just out in the open.” Lost said as she leaned against the brick wall.

“Wait! What if we go back to our home and check the closets there?” Koolest said excitedly.

“Uh, we’re in New York. Not anywhere close to home.” Lost pointed out.

“Right,” Koolest sighed.

“But that’s a start!” Koolest’s doppelgänger encouraged. “Let’s keep thinking.”

Soon, the four girls were brainstorming ideas on how and where the portal would show up. Slowly, the idea making turned into sharing goofy stories from their earth. Laughter filled the alley and all the worry about getting back to their friends seemed to leave Lost and Koolest.

“Oh man,” Lost’s doppelgänger said, checking her watch, “it’s getting late. And we didn’t even help you guys out!”

“It’s fine!” Koolest told her sister’s doppelgänger. “Me and Lost will figure it out.”

Just as Lost was about to agree, a loud crashing noise filled the alley and the ground trembled violently. Lost could have sworn the bricks on the walls seemed to move slightly. Suddenly, a light green portal appeared on the brick wall and started swirling wildly, pulsing with incredible energy.

“Look, it came to us! It’s our way back to our earth and friends!” Lost cheered over the noise.

“It looks like it’s time for us to go,” Koolest said, looking at their doppelgängers. “Sorry for running after you. And thank you for hanging out with us. We had fun.”

“So did we,” Koolest’s doppelgänger smiled sadly. “Now go! Go back to your friends!”

Lost nodded. “Goodbye! We’ll never forget this!”

Lost looked at Koolest, grabbed her hand, and together they ran and jumped into the portal. Almost immediately, the portal swirled faster and sucked itself back into the wall.

“Neither will we,” Lost’s doppelgänger murmured softly.

The End!

- - -

Well, I hope you enjoyed it! ^.^ If you did, feel free to let me know in the comments!!

Have an amazing day and don't forget to...

Jam on!
Comment call: What did you think of the chapter? :D

Friday, 13 October 2017

Back to School Fashion Show - The Winner!

Welcome to the winner ceremony for the back to school fashion show! :D

 For the past week or so, there have been voting sessions for the fashion show. Now, the winner shall be announced!

The winner is....................

Congrats, Swirl! You won the back to school fashion show! ^.^ When you log onto AJ, three rares will be sitting in your Jam-A-Gram inbox! I kinda spammed you... Since I forgot to add a gift to a JAG once... Heh. XD

And that's not all! You also get to pick one masterpiece done by me! Just comment or send me a message saying which one you want and what frame. :D When it's approved, I'll send it to you! :D

Here is a list of masterpieces you can ask for!



Whew, that's a lot of pictures. XD

Well, have an amazing day, congrats again to Swirl, and...

Jam on!!