Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Back To School Fashion Show Day #7 - One Elimination

Happy day after Thanksgiving! XD

Well, the fashion show is winding down soon. Let's see who's out now!

Aw, you did great, Mythical! And don't forget! There's always going to be more fashion shows in the future!

You all know the rules! Vote by commenting or JAGing me the animal's name and remember not to cheat by using extra accounts!

Have a great day, watch The Maze Runner like I did yesterday (again XD), and...

Jam on!

P.S. You all really should watch The Maze Runner. XD


  1. I vote out Princess Alien Star. Sorry!
    *Husky Ninja

  2. Okay, I vote out Miss Windyspirit. :feels bad to vote out people: >.<

    Haha! The Maze Runner WAS awesome to watch again!! :D Now I really wanna see the next one. :3


  3. Hmmmm..... I vote out Miss Windyspirit.... Sorry!


  4. *Winces*
    I... um...
    I'M SO SORRYYYY! *Runs and hides*


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