Friday, 30 September 2016

Awesome Update, Life Stuff, Another Theory, and WOOHOO!

*spooky music plays*


XD Ok, that was a splendid way to start this blog post off!

Guess what?! Yesterday was update day!

I really don't feel like taking pictures of all the pages of all the Jamaa Journal pages so here's a little summary of the awesome update:

Pet phantoms came! A new discovery has been found by Swirlshine that the tentacles on the top part of the phantom are actually EARS?! What an amazing discovery. (XD) Also, you can find all the adventures in the Adventure Base Camp, you can now ask people to play games in an easier way, there are new names for your animals such as: Rad, Swaggy, Swag, DJ, Kawaii, Dash, Potato, Bean, and more. Bitter Sweets is back, the Haunted Manor den is back, the Phantom Vortex is back, Snow Leopards are leaving, Polar Bears are returning soon, Haunted Forest Party is back, and World Animal Day is coming up.

Now that that's taken care of... WASN'T THAT AN AWESOME UPDATE?! XD

- - -
Remember how I said on Saturday that I was babysitting for the first time? Well, I had a lot of fun! It was a good time. We went outside, drew with chalk, jumped on the trampoline, ate pizza, played hide-and-seek, play charades, and read stories. Me and Koolest even put the kids to bed! Woo! XD But seriously, it was good. I hope I can babysit there again.
The kids were REALLY shy and sometimes didn't answer but whatever. :P
Also, speaking of my life, yesterday me and Koolestkat went with our auntie out for lunch and then she took us to this place were we painted ceramics. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! We both painted cute little owl mugs. I would show you a picture of them but I don't have them at the moment.
You see, with ceramics, you paint it and then it needs to go in an oven at a really high temperature for a couple of hours. Then it needs to cool down for 12 whole hours. It also gets glazed so it's shiny and stuff. :D
You should expect a picture of it sometime next week. ;)
- - -
Are you guys tired of my silly theories? Are they really hard to read because they don't make any sense? Do you get bored reading them?
Well... TOO BAD! XD I have another one.
Me and Koolest were being super hyper and talking while we were playing Battle for the Beacon (it should really be "Battle for the BACON" but hey, it might offend the animals. XD).
So Koolest said something and we kinda were like, "Whoa." Then I was all like, "I'm gonna post this on my blog!" XD
So. Here. It. Is. (get ready, it's really crazy...)

*cricket cricket*

Ok, you're all probably wondering why it says "Could they be made from mascara?" Well, lemme explain.

There's this one Animal Jam legend that says Mira cried and created phantoms from her tears. How did she create evil when she's supposed to be all good and pure?

Well, have you ever looked at Mira's eyes? She doesn't have mascara on. What if  way back when, she wore mascara and cried once. Her tears were black from all her heavy mascara that they turned into phantoms.

Now she doesn't wear mascara. She learnt her lesson.

So the phantoms, their tentacles could actually be eyelashes. They have one eye because they were formed from tears that come from an eye.

BOOM. There's my theory. XD

NOTE: This is not supposed to be serious at all! I do not believe in this theory. It's just for fun and I like being goofy.

- - -
Well, guys. I gotta apologize to you.
I haven't posted a Jamaasian High chapter in 2 weeks. >.< My life has been busy with school, my siblings going to college, garden work, and other things.
I'm gonna try harder to post chapters faster. :)
Hey, I posted chapter 5 of JH! :D It introduces 4 new characters. It could be you. :o
Enjoy!! ^-^
Well, I gotta go! Bye, guys!
Jam on!

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Art Request Details and AJHQ!

Hiya, guys! *yawns* Man, it's pretty early!

This post is gonna be short and snappy. It's about the art requests. :)

I don't think I told you guys but I'm doing the requests in this order: Gracie (already done), Ja983, Sarahkey8, Pob93, and then Swirlshine. It's the order of who asked first. It's fair that way.

I only know ALL the details for the requests for Sarahkey. The rest, there's some things I need to know.

Ja983: You want your bunny and in a stone frame. I asked what kind of background but you didn't answer. I need to know soon other wise, I'll start doing Sarahkey's art. Please let me know what background you want. Like your bunny in nature or just a plain color for the background or something.

Sarahkey: I know ALMOST everything for yours. I just need to know what color of writing for your fox's name should I use?

Pob: All I know is you want your bunny and in a gold frame. Any background? Your bunny standing in nature? Just a plain background? Also, does your bunny always wear the same outfit?

Swirlshine: You want your otter in a wood frame. Any background or nature? Anything at all? Or just your otter, like the style I used for my Aparri and Snowyclaw masterpieces?

- - -
Guess what? You know how I said in my last post how I almost saw AJHQ?
Yesterday night, I was playing Battle for the Beacon to get the phantom statues. After I got them, I quit the game and randomly looked up AJHQ. I went to their den because I wanted to see if they had added some new masterpieces. When I went into their den, I saw this huge screaming crowd. AJHQ?! I looked. And there they were...
Before I came though, my sister randomly went to her friend's jammer wall. THEY HAD MY APARRI ART IN THEIR WALL! I hadn't even given it to her! Koolest asked where they got it from and they answered, "AJHQ." o.o AJHQ gave my art to some random person who turned out to be my sister's friend. Crazy!
Anyway, I quickly decided that I wanted to give AJHQ my Liza masterpiece. So I put it on trade and asked them to trade me.

AJHQ. Traded. Me.
They traded me 6 rares for my art! I clicked yes... AND THEN REALIZED I HAD NO SPACE LEFT FOR CLOTHING! O.O
I then asked AJHQ if they would try again but this time with 1 item. They did. They traded me a snow leopard claw machine.

I took that last night. :D

So then I had to go and left the den.

But this morning, I go to AJHQ's den to see if they put up my masterpiece. And there they are! Again!

I saw AJHQ twice in less then 24 hours. o.0 Weird!

Then guess what! XD

:O AJHQ SAID MY NAME! *dances happily in circles* I was asking them if they had put up my masterpiece and they said "Not yet lost fairy but we will."

MY LIZA ART! ^.^ If you guys wanna see my art in AJHQ's den, just go downstairs and you'll find it. :D

I think AJHQ's my favorite 'famous' jammer. :P

Well, I have to go now. School is calling me.

Jam on!

Hey, Graciepopstar... I noticed you wondered if jammers would have grocery stores in their den in your comment on Animal Jam Community.
Here's my answer. XD

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Life, AJHQ, and Theory

大家好!由我欢迎回到另一职位,失落的童话!(ignore the 'tale' part. I couldn't do 'fairy' without tale... :P)

LOL, if no one got that, it said "Hello guys! Welcome back to another post by me, Lostfairy!" in Chinese. (thank you Google Translate. XD)

Well, that was a great way to start this post! :P

Today, I'm gonna be random. Really random. Hopefully it's a good, interesting random!

I first wanna talk to you about me. No, I'm not trying to be selfish. I mean me, as in my life.

Me and Koolestkat, for the first time, are babysitting today...

Yes, yes, I know. I should probably have taken my course like, a couple of years ago. But I only took it in June. So I finally got a job today, woo! :D It's for 5 hours and there's 3 kids. I am super nervous yet excited. *thinks about all the times the babysitting instructor talk about dangerous things the kids could do* XD

But, like, me and Koolest went to the library yesterday and got some little kid books. It was kinda awkward, walking around with "Green Eggs and Ham" and a LEGO book when I'm too old for them. We also printed some little kid coloring pages like "Sofia the First" or "Jake and the Neverland Pirates". XD

So we are prepared for everything! Hopefully. XD

I have no clue why I just told you what I told you but whatever. I wanted you to enjoy a little piece of my life. XD

- - -
I saw a famous jammer yesterday! Ok, I didn't really see them but I almost did.
I almost saw AJHQ.
Last night, I randomly looked up AJHQ in my friend thingie and gasped when I saw I could click the little trade thingie. So I went to their den and everyone was like, "OMG, AJHQ IS ON!" So I asked where they were. One person said Kani Cove. But which server? I had no clue.
So I searched around different servers in Kani Cove and couldn't find AJHQ's white shark.
I went back to their den and decided I should see if I could send them a Jam-A-Gram. But of course, I didn't expect my little "where are u?" JAG would actually send! It did. o.o
I then quickly sent another JAG saying, "Hey AJHQ! I love this game! Please enjoy my art!" and I sent them my copy of my Aparri art. IT WENT ACTUALLY SENT!
I keep checking their den to see if they have put my art in their den. I haven't seen anything yet. If one of you guys happen to see my art in AJHQ's den, please tell me!
But it was kinda cool, being so close to seeing AJHQ. From what I've seen, they look really funny. :P
- - -
Alright, just so y'all know, I have finished Graciepopstar91's back to school fashion contest prize. It got accepted from AJ in less then an hour. They were really on the ball!
So, I'm gonna post a picture of my work. :D


I hope you like it, Gracie! Congrats again! ^.^

- - -
Have you noticed something about my blog?
It's gotten to 5,726 pageviews! :O
Just over half way to 10,000!
Oh, thank you guys soo much! I don't know what I'd do without each and every one of my wonderful readers and commenters. Thanks!
To show my appreciation, I have made a poll on what we should to do party the achievement of over 5,000 views!
I have made a poll for YOU guys to vote and decide what's gonna happen. :D
Also, little bonus fact. Animal Jam Jumble has 874 comments! And 63 posts! Woo! ^.^
Thank you again, everyone!
- - -

 Remember that one time I made a theory about Sir Gilbert? Remember that?
Well, I have another little silly theory!
I was thinking about it and realized the Spring Cottage and the Pixel Place are a lot alike. (I always thought it was Pixel PALACE but it's place. o.o Weird! XD) Let's see, hm?

The wallpaper is VERY similar. Both are light blue with lighter blue stripes, yellow flowers with 4 petals, and pink flowers with 4 petals. The ground is kinda similar too.

Look, they both have 3 sets of stairs. Two short and one long. They both have a small square first floor and the long stairs are in the same area. Both of the roofs are yellow. Both have trees behind the den.

Both dens have bridges and rivers. The pixel bridge has a funny 3 leveled bridge while the wooden bridge almost have 3 levels but the wood hides it better.
There are more similarities but these are the main ones. Interesting right? I personally like the Spring Cottage better then the Pixel Place. What do you guys think? Which den is better?
Well, that's the end of my post. I hoped you enjoyed my life/theory. Also, don't forget to vote on my 2 new polls!
Jam on!!
P.S. Sorry that I haven't posted JH recently. My life is kinda busy. School is one. Also, helping out in the home, keeping this blog updated. Things just add up. Sorry if this is a lame excuse. I'll TRY to write tomorrow and edit on Monday or something. Sorry! >.<

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Back to School Fashion Contest WINNER announced!

Hey howdy hey! XD

It is the end! The end of the back to school fashion contest! Wowie, it was short, wasn't it? ^.^

The winner is... Oh wait, one more thing! :P You must remember, the winner gets the prize of a masterpiece done by moi!

Now, the winner is...............

This is Gracie in her main look, not her fashion contest look XD

Graciepopstar91! Congratulations, Gracie! You won the back to school fashion contest! You get any kind of masterpiece done by yours truly, me! :D

And to everyone who entered: You all did amazing. I couldn't have chosen the winner. It'd be a huge tie between you all. ^-^

And to everyone who voted: Thank you! I seriously couldn't have done this voting without you. ^.^

Alright, Gracie. I will need to know what kind of masterpiece you will want. All the details, please. :D As soon as I get the details, I shall begin. Though, it might take a few days or so. You'll just have to wait for it in your mailbox. ;)

Anyhoo, on yesterday's post, I mentioned how if any of you really wanted a drawing done by me, you'd just have to ask. Well, surprisingly, FOUR people wanted one! :o I had no idea people wanted my art. Thanks, guys! ^-^

Ja983, Sarahkey8, Pob93, and Swirlshine, I accept all of your requests! :D Though, I warn you. It WILL take time to get all of them done. It might take a couple of weeks because I want to get them all just right. ^.^ I hope you understand that you won't get them right away, like in a day or something. I'm not very fast with art. XD

I also need the details! Each person who requested art, please reply to the questions that I ask you in the comments. :)

Ja983: You requested a drawing of your bunny. Does your bunny always wear the same outfit? (like the one down below.) Do you want the drawing done by pencil or on Animal Jam as a masterpiece? If you want it by pencil, do you want it colored online or offline? If you want it as a masterpiece, which frame?

Sarahkey8: You requested a fox in ice armor. Do you mean the AJ ice armor from the diamond shop? What color should the fox be? Do you want it done by pencil or on Animal Jam as a masterpiece? If you want it by pencil, do you want it colored online or offline? If you want it as a masterpiece, which frame?

Pob93: You just requested a masterpiece. What do you want me to draw? Which frame?

Swirlshine: You requested your otter. Do you mean the outfit already on your otter? (like in the picture below.) Do you want it done by pencil or on Animal Jam as a masterpiece? If you want it by pencil, do you want it colored online or offline? If you want it as a masterpiece, which frame?

Is this the one, Swirl?

Edit: I'm gonna be doing these drawings in like, first come, first serve, kinda thing. So I'll do, in this order, Gracie, Ja, Sarah, Pob, Swirlshine, and then Cheetah too. :D

Also, speaking of art, look at this AMAZING art that I found! It will literally blow you away! It's the best art I've EVER seen. In real life and in AJ. It will KNOCK your socks off! If you don't have socks on, you better put them on. Or else your feet will knock off... (XD) You ready? It might be so amazing, you'll faint or cry for hours because it's so wonderful. It's so amazing, you'll just HAVE to show it to everyone, so everybody sees such greatness. You say you're ready? Ok, don't say I didn't warn you of it's beautifulness...

Here. It. Is.

Wasn't that gorgeous?!

*cricket cricket cricket*

Ok, if you haven't guessed by now, I'm joking. Completely. It is kinda bad. BUT LOOK AT THE LIKES! O.O Why even... XD

I found it in Aparri's den. Right in the middle. Not even on a wall. Crazy. And people LIKE it?! *shakes head* Art these days. XD

Also, just now, I went to his den again and found the art he had done has bumped up to 6,000 and some. o.o

I check his scribble of art and LOOK!


Alright, have an awesome day! And don't forget to...

Jam on!

Monday, 19 September 2016

Back to School Fashion Contest #4

Hi there! XD

Today is day number 4 of the fashion contest!! Wowie!

Let's see who's out today...

:O A DOUBLE ELIMINATION! It was a tie between Swirlshine and Sarah. D: Aww, you did really good, guys! (Also, if you REALLY want a masterpiece done by me, feel free to just ask me. I might surprise you... ;D)

Alright, today is THE last day! Time to vote out one person in the comments or in a JAG for the LAST time! XD I'm BEING like AJHQ now, CRAZY! XP

Have a wonderfully amazing day!

Jam on!

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Back to School Fashion Contest Day #3

Good afternoon, jammers! It's a beaaaauuttiful Sunday! Time to relax and enjoy family. ^-^

Today is the third day of the contest! Wow, time does fly by. XD

Let'sa see who ya voted out...

Aw, sorry, Koolest! You did superb! (I love the bow. <3) I'll always have more fashion contests though. I love 'em. XD

Alright, it's the same as usual. Vote one person out in the comments OR on AJ in a Jam-A-Gram. And I finally posted this on time-ish. XD So the today's voting session will only be for today.

Happy voting, everybody!

Also! I have some exciting news!

The Animal Jam Friendship Community is hosting an awesome contest! You get to write an AJ fanfic! :O And the winner gets a secret rare item! Awesome!

Check out the AJFC blog with the link up above! There's a post with some contest info and that post is where you will comment your fanfic. :)

Here are the rules that were posted on AJFC:
  1. Your story must be 3-5 chapters long. Each chapter must be 750 (minimum) -950 words (maximum) words 
  2. Please do NOT include ANY personal information in your story. Such as your phone number, or your parents phone number, your name, email, home address, etc. If you do, you may be disqualified from the contest. 
  3. Please do NOT copy ANYONE else's stories.
  4. You MUST have your stories in the comments by November 30th. And for safety reasons, I will only have your story published in the comments for a few minutes, then save it in my writing program, so no one can cheat and use parts of your story in theres. 
  5. Please do NOT include ANYTHING: inappropriate, anything with rude humor, anything with language, drugs, anything with God's name in vain (such as Oh My ...) in your story. If you do, you may be disqualified. 
  6. You MAY get more points if your story includes faith in it. Such as someone witnessing to Jammers about God. 
  7. Please, do NOT find stories online to enter in this contest. 

I am so entering this! Also, random question for you guys. Is Jamaasian counted as a fan fiction? XD

Jam on!

Friday, 16 September 2016

Back to School Fashion Contest Day #2 and Happy B-day!


What is with me and posting these voting session posts so late in the day? XD

Alright, let's see who you guys voted out...

Aww, sorry, bro! But don't worry. I'll have another fashion contest soon. ^.^

You guys know the drill. Vote out a person in the comments or on AJ in a JAG. And you have today and tomorrow cause I posted late. >.<

Also, before I end this short and snappy post, I'd like to say a word. Or a few words. Or a few sentences. Or paragraphs. XD

Today, I celebrated someone super special. She's a big part of my life. I would probably bawl every day without her. She was there for me when my best friend drifted away from me.

Fluffykittenlover, you've been with me for many years. In Animal Jam, Amazing World, and other things. I love our hangouts. Our chats about life or about silly, random things. I hope you know today and tomorrow that you are amazing and I am so glad I met you that one day, years ago, in Amazing World. I'll never forget it. <3

Me and Koolestkat put on a party today for Fluffy! :D We had lots of laughs, fun, and cupcakes! I took a group picture. :)

Happy birthday, bestie. :D

Jam on!

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Random Story and Back to School Fashion Contest Day #1

Me: Hello, world! It's me, Lostfairy!
You guys: Um. We're not the world. The whole world doesn't even read this blog.
Me: Aww, don't crush my dreams!
You guys: Whatever. :crushes:

XD That was a good way to start this post off, don't you think?

Well, here's a proper post starter.


Alright, now that that's done, let's begin this post!

First off, lemme just say that I'm sorry I keep missing the Rare Item Monday posts. I just keep forgetting. Sorry. But like, you all already know what it is so why should I say it again? But yeah, sorry.

Now, today I want to tell a story. A true story. You guys ok with that? Good. :P

So, this happened yesterday evening. Me, Koolest, and my mom were all home. My dad was at work and my other siblings were at college. It was just the three of us. So we decided to go to Walmart. Me and Koolest's memberships are running out and we were gonna buy membership cards. (Cause truthfully, I don't like being a non-member after I just had membership. I was fine when I hadn't had membership before but now that I have lived with the perks, I can't go back for long.)

So we got to Walmart. I used the joke I had heard in a video (made by a guy named Brent Miller, I believe.) for some random reason. XD So I say:

Me: "Hey, I bet a guy named Wallie met a guy named Marty and said, "Hey, let's put our names together and make a store!" I mean, that's the only reason why it's called Walmart, right?"

Mom: "..."

Koolest: "..."

Me: :shifts in chair:

XD So my joke fell flat but whatever. Anyway, we walk inside Walmart and I suggest going to the toy section. (I was hoping AJ toys would be there!)

Once we get there, I walk the aisles and of course, no AJ toys. Then I ask my mom if we should ask someone if they have AJ toys. So my mom asks a worker if they have them. She says she doesn't think so but to go ask some worker who's a toy expert or whatever. So we ask her and she also doesn't think they have them. My mom says the toys are new. The lady thinks the toys are too new to be in their store.

In my head, I'm like, "Um, these toys were supposed to be out in AUGUST and it's SEPTEMBER! I NEED THE TOYS!!" XD

So yeah, I go out of Walmart with a membership card (that my parents bough for me because I worked so hard on digging the potatoes out on Sunday!) and no AJ toys. I really want them!

LOL, I hope I get the toys for my birthday or Christmas or something!

Speaking of which, I will probably be having a birthday party for my b-day. It's kinda fair-ish away but not by much. So, expect a b-day invite in a month or so... XD

Also, I have this crazy idea. While I was trying to do school, my mind was wandering around and was thinking of my Back to School party. I had this random thought. What if, I had a party almost EVERY month? Wouldn't that be crazy?! So then I started yelling to Koolest. "A PARTY EVERY MONTH! A PARTY! EVERY! MONTH!" XD

Here: (if your confused by my excitement. :P)

January: New Year's party
February: Valentine's party
March: St. Patrick's Day party
April: Easter party
May: nothing (maybe)
June: Summer party
July: July 1st/Canada Day
August: nothing (maybe)
September: Back to School party
October: 'Halloween' party AND Thanksgiving party
November: Birthday party
December: Christmas party

LOL, I think I'm in a party craze. Lemme know in the comments if this sounds like TOO many parties!

- - -
Alrighty, it is time! It is time to vote! We've got 6 lovely back to school outfits on 6 lovely jammers!
Thank you: Swirlshine, Koolestkat, Dreadwisp, Fluffykittenlover17, Graciepopstar91, and Sarahkey8 for entering!
So, the voting is simple. Comment OR send me a JAG on AJ the name of the animal on who you think should be out. Be kind in your voting comments! :D
Since I posted this so late today, you can vote all day tomorrow too before I do another voting session post.
And remember! The winner gets to choose what kind of masterpiece I will make for them!
Happy voting!
- - -
LOL, this is really random but next door, there are kittens. Adorable kittens! I think there are 5 or 6 of them. The mom is there too. I love seeing the kittens play. I WANNA TOUCH THEM! XD Me and Koolest think the kittens are tuxedo cats. ^.^
Also, my neighborhood is like, cat neighborhood. We have 10 or so cats running around. Now we have more. o.o So. Many. Cats! XD
Well, have an amazing night!
Jam on!
Expect a new chapter in Jamaasian High tomorrow... or sometime soon. XD

Sunday, 11 September 2016

My Back To School Party Pictures!

Hi, jammers! Welcome tooooo... ANOTHER POST BY LOSTFAIRY! XD

Edit: Oh goodness, how could I forget... HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWIRLSHINE!!! XD

Today, I shall be posting some pictures I took at my Back to School party. It was yesterday and I loved every second of it. :D

Ok, to tell you the truth, I thought only two people would show up. Turns out, four did! And then some others came later.

The people who attended the party were: Swirlshine, Cosmiccheetah, Purplestarclub, and my sister, Koolestkat! And then later on, Ja983 and Floracutegirl. Thanks for coming, guys! ^-^

Alright, picture time!

First, I showed Cosmic, Swirl, and Koolest my new-ish Liza masterpiece made by moi. XD (thanks so much for complimenting it, guys. ^.^)

Still talking about the drawing. :)

Then I let my guests explorer my school Bunny Borrow.

Then we ate cake and Koolest asked a tough question. Cupcakes or cake?! I said cupcakes but... Cake is soooo good! XD

We were just chilling around, talking. :D

LOL, don't ask why we were talking about mochas and coffee.

I got hot chocolate for Swirl but to repay me, she ate all my marshmallows! (or as I called them, "My babies!" XD) Swirl kindly left one for us but then ate it without knowing. Now she thinks the llama or one of us ate it. XD

Group picture time! If I known Swirl was gonna say "LOST IS AWESOME!!" I would have said something about my amazing guests. XD

I randomly decided to do a fashion show. (Well, all my RIMs are piling up... :P) The theme was your favorite color. (Swirl's is random... XD)

Theme was like a 'famous' jammer. XD

Still the same theme... :P

There was a WisteriaMOON who couldn't buy clothes (XD), Bepper, and GOAT BEPPER?! :o

Random picture... Also, it's the final round! Swirl and Purple are now doing a stare down. XD

Theme was most like an alpha. Oh my word, that was a good round. XD (look at Swirl's awesome Greely outfit!)

LOL, nice goat Liza, Cosmic. :D Also, after a tough time picking the winner, Swirlshine won the 'grand' prize. A RIM. XD

This room gave me such big Jamaasian High vibes... AND LOOK! PURPLE BEPPER! :D

Random chatting. :)

Talking about JH. (thanks guys, your so full of kind compliments. :D)

LOL, now we're talking about my Liza art again.

Aww, thanks, Cosmic. :D

Again, random chatting. :P

Ja983 came in for a little while and then sadly had to go. But thanks for coming, Ja! Also, Floracutegirl came by with some of her accounts.

Then, after a while, I had to go because I had to go pick up a friend and then we hung out for an hour and a half. :)

My sad farewell. >.< I seriously had a TON of fun. This party turned out really good. I can't wait for my birthday.... XD

This Back to School party lasted an hour and all the guests were super duper amazing. Thanks again!

Well, I hope you enjoyed these pictures! ^.^

Jam on!

P.S. Today, at 12:40 PM, me and my parents and Koolest pulled out all of our potatoes from our big garden. We only finished pulling the potatoes out, washing them, and putting them on blankets at 6 PM. o.o I. Am. TIRED. XD