Saturday, 24 September 2016

Life, AJHQ, and Theory

大家好!由我欢迎回到另一职位,失落的童话!(ignore the 'tale' part. I couldn't do 'fairy' without tale... :P)

LOL, if no one got that, it said "Hello guys! Welcome back to another post by me, Lostfairy!" in Chinese. (thank you Google Translate. XD)

Well, that was a great way to start this post! :P

Today, I'm gonna be random. Really random. Hopefully it's a good, interesting random!

I first wanna talk to you about me. No, I'm not trying to be selfish. I mean me, as in my life.

Me and Koolestkat, for the first time, are babysitting today...

Yes, yes, I know. I should probably have taken my course like, a couple of years ago. But I only took it in June. So I finally got a job today, woo! :D It's for 5 hours and there's 3 kids. I am super nervous yet excited. *thinks about all the times the babysitting instructor talk about dangerous things the kids could do* XD

But, like, me and Koolest went to the library yesterday and got some little kid books. It was kinda awkward, walking around with "Green Eggs and Ham" and a LEGO book when I'm too old for them. We also printed some little kid coloring pages like "Sofia the First" or "Jake and the Neverland Pirates". XD

So we are prepared for everything! Hopefully. XD

I have no clue why I just told you what I told you but whatever. I wanted you to enjoy a little piece of my life. XD

- - -
I saw a famous jammer yesterday! Ok, I didn't really see them but I almost did.
I almost saw AJHQ.
Last night, I randomly looked up AJHQ in my friend thingie and gasped when I saw I could click the little trade thingie. So I went to their den and everyone was like, "OMG, AJHQ IS ON!" So I asked where they were. One person said Kani Cove. But which server? I had no clue.
So I searched around different servers in Kani Cove and couldn't find AJHQ's white shark.
I went back to their den and decided I should see if I could send them a Jam-A-Gram. But of course, I didn't expect my little "where are u?" JAG would actually send! It did. o.o
I then quickly sent another JAG saying, "Hey AJHQ! I love this game! Please enjoy my art!" and I sent them my copy of my Aparri art. IT WENT ACTUALLY SENT!
I keep checking their den to see if they have put my art in their den. I haven't seen anything yet. If one of you guys happen to see my art in AJHQ's den, please tell me!
But it was kinda cool, being so close to seeing AJHQ. From what I've seen, they look really funny. :P
- - -
Alright, just so y'all know, I have finished Graciepopstar91's back to school fashion contest prize. It got accepted from AJ in less then an hour. They were really on the ball!
So, I'm gonna post a picture of my work. :D


I hope you like it, Gracie! Congrats again! ^.^

- - -
Have you noticed something about my blog?
It's gotten to 5,726 pageviews! :O
Just over half way to 10,000!
Oh, thank you guys soo much! I don't know what I'd do without each and every one of my wonderful readers and commenters. Thanks!
To show my appreciation, I have made a poll on what we should to do party the achievement of over 5,000 views!
I have made a poll for YOU guys to vote and decide what's gonna happen. :D
Also, little bonus fact. Animal Jam Jumble has 874 comments! And 63 posts! Woo! ^.^
Thank you again, everyone!
- - -

 Remember that one time I made a theory about Sir Gilbert? Remember that?
Well, I have another little silly theory!
I was thinking about it and realized the Spring Cottage and the Pixel Place are a lot alike. (I always thought it was Pixel PALACE but it's place. o.o Weird! XD) Let's see, hm?

The wallpaper is VERY similar. Both are light blue with lighter blue stripes, yellow flowers with 4 petals, and pink flowers with 4 petals. The ground is kinda similar too.

Look, they both have 3 sets of stairs. Two short and one long. They both have a small square first floor and the long stairs are in the same area. Both of the roofs are yellow. Both have trees behind the den.

Both dens have bridges and rivers. The pixel bridge has a funny 3 leveled bridge while the wooden bridge almost have 3 levels but the wood hides it better.
There are more similarities but these are the main ones. Interesting right? I personally like the Spring Cottage better then the Pixel Place. What do you guys think? Which den is better?
Well, that's the end of my post. I hoped you enjoyed my life/theory. Also, don't forget to vote on my 2 new polls!
Jam on!!
P.S. Sorry that I haven't posted JH recently. My life is kinda busy. School is one. Also, helping out in the home, keeping this blog updated. Things just add up. Sorry if this is a lame excuse. I'll TRY to write tomorrow and edit on Monday or something. Sorry! >.<


  1. No, it says "Hello everyone! Welcome back to another post by me, lost fairy tale!"

    1. I know. I couldn't do fairy without the tale part. It's close enough.

  2. Oo.. Good luck with babysitting 😳 Babysitting my baby neice can sometimes be a challenge. Good luck :)!

    Awe.. Thank you so much for the masterpiece! My bunny is so adorable XD thank you again!!

    Congrats on getting over 5,000 page views!!

    Omg! Those dens are super similar! Weird...

    Remember, God made YOU!

  3. You get to babysit?? Lucky. That masterpiece is beautiful! NEWS FLASH Snowflake Strongclaws (or Snowflake Strongfox when I'm member) has realized something... Masterpieces are getting approved faster! XDD I have had the Pixel Place and Spring Cottage theory for a while XD And I also thought it was palace not place XD
    Great post! :)

    1. I have a Masterpiece that was made more than 2 months ago. Never got approved. D:<

  4. Also, a couple weeks ago I saw AJHQ! I ALSO GOT AN AUTO! Then AJHQ left for like fifteen minutes, THEN THEY GOT ON AGAIN! What if you could trade JAGS.. Hmm, I wonder how much you could get from AJHQ's or a famouse youtubers JAG XDDDDD And on the day Lemurs came out they came on for like 5 minutes XD :)

    1. Cool! I have a Jam-A-Gram from AJHQ somewhere in my mail. If it got deleted, I swear...

  5. "I personally like the spring cottage more then the pixel palace*


    1V1 ME NOW LOSTFAIRY 1!!1!1!

    nobody offends my life hub by saying a beautiful, majestic cottage is better then it1!1! D':<

    *please don't take that seriously lol*

    I wish the minecr-sorry, pixel den, had a cave system or something in it. Wait... We need a pixel MANSION!
    Must happen. *gettin sidetracked*


    P.s that art is niceee!

    1. If they added a cave, I'd for sure get it!

    2. LOL, what?! XD

      LOL, the spring cottage is really cool though! XD

      Yeah, a cave would be epic! :D O,o A PIZEL MANSION?! XD

      P.S Thanks!! :D

  6. Wow! They are similar!

    Congrats on the babysitting! Try not to let them yank your hair out. XD I'm kidding! (Kind of.)

    Trust me, we are never "prepared for EVERYthing". There is a small chance that something may come up that you did not think of. The important thing in those situations is to keep a cool head.

    Prepare for the most you can think of, don't yell, (even if they hit you in the head with an action figure... or a plastic block... or a metal spoon...), and keep the house clean. Lastly, be fun and engaging! :D

    Please don't think I'm some sort of know-it-all, I took a babysitting class a while ago and parroted some of it just now. ;P I know you will be THE BEST BABYSITTER EVER!


    1. Yeah, it's crazy how similar they are. :P

      Thank you! ;D

      Well, I was kinda joking about being prepared for everything. XD But yeah, your so right. Things DO happen sometimes.

      O,O Luckily, I didn't get hit! *breaths sigh of relief* LOL, yeah, I TRIED to keep it mostly clean. XD

      Nah, it's fine! I like your tips. :D AWWW, THANK YOU, SWEETUMS! XD

  7. Replies
    1. Yeah, I didn't see all the connections till I thought long and hard. XD

  8. I babysitted my cousins and survived :P At least I got paid and bought AJ toys with that money XD

    This masterpiece is so cute!!

    1. XD Thank goodness you survived! :o I NEED AJ TOYS! *screams and throws temper tantrum*

      Oopsies. XD

      Thanks! :D

  9. Awesome! Your first babysitting job! How did it go?

    That's awesome! You almost saw AJHQ? I think I did once, too! Well, either I saw them, or I ALMOST saw them. I forgot.
    I just realized that everyone calls AJHQ a them when it's one person on one account. XDD
    But the question is, is it always the same person on, or is it different every time?
    Ah, the mysteries of AJHQ. XD

    That Masterpiece, though not mine, is SPECTACULAR!! You're a great artist, Lost!

    Woah!! I never thought of that before! Perhaps the Pixel Place den IS the Spring Cottage den, know...PIXELATED! XD

    And I agree, the Spring Cottage is much better than the Pixel Place den. I didn't even care to buy the Pixel Place, personally.

    1. It went pretty well! Thanks for asking! ^.^

      Wow! :D Almost seeing AJHQ is a thing to cross off on a bucket list. XD
      Welllll... I feel like AJHQ calls themselves "them". Like in the Parade of Dens, they said they were a 'them'. o.o XD
      Yes. So many mysteries. XD

      Awww, thank you!!! <3 I feel very happy, hearing that from a fellow artist who has AMAZING abilities. ;D

      :O YEAAAAH! XD *scribbles note to AJHQ asking if that's true* XD

      Yeah, I haven't bought the Spring Cottage yet but I WANNA SO BAD! XD

  10. If I babysitted someone then I would have plenty of stuff at my house :P And I kinda babysit sometimes.... (such as babysitting my little spassy brother when my mom and dad go out XD)

    1. LOL, yeah, well, your family is quite the large one! :D I bet you have lots of kid toys and things. (your baby bro sounds so cute. XD)

  11. Yay, Chinese! XD Their alphabet is so different than ours. Theirs looks way more complicated. :P

    Babysitting was pretty fun, wasn't it? :) (Lol, we didn't even need all those books! XD Oh, well, now we know for next time.)

    Awesome art, sis! Love the colors! So nature-y. XD You did a good job on the bunny. I love the teeny, tiny details on it. :D

    You're getting quite high in the number of page-views. Congrats!

    Amazing graphic/picture thing for the theory! I like how the circle around the Spring Cottage looks like it's glowing and fading out at the same time. XD
    Yeah, it all makes sense with the connections for the Spring Cottage and Pixel Place. I mean, they did come out at the same time even! What other connections did you make?

    Till next comment,

    1. O,O Yesh. Chinese looks SO STINKIN HARD! XD

      It was. :D (LOL, yeah... Oh well!)

      Thank ya! <3 I like adding teensy details. :P You should know... *thinks of my teensy writing that I do sometimes*

      Thanks! ^.^ WE'RE AT 8,000 NOW! :O

      LOL, that's all because of Picmonkey and the eraser on there. XD
      Yeah, they came out pretty close together. And uhhh.... I can't remember. >.< XD

  12. Hello so my mom hates the hassle of recurring membership so i wondering does it recur if you buy a gift card?
    (also i won't be on until October 7th aleast.

    Also i have a theroy about Mira so the new update is out and instead of a mira statue in jamaa township there is a phantom, and that's what i think what Mira is, kinda also goes with the ending of the front lines


    1. Ohh, I can see why! Well, when you use a gift card and when it's close to the time when its almost run out, AJHQ send you an email. But it doesn't recur it. ;)

      :O Oh my! Mira? A phantom? Well, she did MAKE phantoms from tears... o.o GASP, NOOO! NOT MIRA! XD


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