Friday, 30 September 2016

Awesome Update, Life Stuff, Another Theory, and WOOHOO!

*spooky music plays*


XD Ok, that was a splendid way to start this blog post off!

Guess what?! Yesterday was update day!

I really don't feel like taking pictures of all the pages of all the Jamaa Journal pages so here's a little summary of the awesome update:

Pet phantoms came! A new discovery has been found by Swirlshine that the tentacles on the top part of the phantom are actually EARS?! What an amazing discovery. (XD) Also, you can find all the adventures in the Adventure Base Camp, you can now ask people to play games in an easier way, there are new names for your animals such as: Rad, Swaggy, Swag, DJ, Kawaii, Dash, Potato, Bean, and more. Bitter Sweets is back, the Haunted Manor den is back, the Phantom Vortex is back, Snow Leopards are leaving, Polar Bears are returning soon, Haunted Forest Party is back, and World Animal Day is coming up.

Now that that's taken care of... WASN'T THAT AN AWESOME UPDATE?! XD

- - -
Remember how I said on Saturday that I was babysitting for the first time? Well, I had a lot of fun! It was a good time. We went outside, drew with chalk, jumped on the trampoline, ate pizza, played hide-and-seek, play charades, and read stories. Me and Koolest even put the kids to bed! Woo! XD But seriously, it was good. I hope I can babysit there again.
The kids were REALLY shy and sometimes didn't answer but whatever. :P
Also, speaking of my life, yesterday me and Koolestkat went with our auntie out for lunch and then she took us to this place were we painted ceramics. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! We both painted cute little owl mugs. I would show you a picture of them but I don't have them at the moment.
You see, with ceramics, you paint it and then it needs to go in an oven at a really high temperature for a couple of hours. Then it needs to cool down for 12 whole hours. It also gets glazed so it's shiny and stuff. :D
You should expect a picture of it sometime next week. ;)
- - -
Are you guys tired of my silly theories? Are they really hard to read because they don't make any sense? Do you get bored reading them?
Well... TOO BAD! XD I have another one.
Me and Koolest were being super hyper and talking while we were playing Battle for the Beacon (it should really be "Battle for the BACON" but hey, it might offend the animals. XD).
So Koolest said something and we kinda were like, "Whoa." Then I was all like, "I'm gonna post this on my blog!" XD
So. Here. It. Is. (get ready, it's really crazy...)

*cricket cricket*

Ok, you're all probably wondering why it says "Could they be made from mascara?" Well, lemme explain.

There's this one Animal Jam legend that says Mira cried and created phantoms from her tears. How did she create evil when she's supposed to be all good and pure?

Well, have you ever looked at Mira's eyes? She doesn't have mascara on. What if  way back when, she wore mascara and cried once. Her tears were black from all her heavy mascara that they turned into phantoms.

Now she doesn't wear mascara. She learnt her lesson.

So the phantoms, their tentacles could actually be eyelashes. They have one eye because they were formed from tears that come from an eye.

BOOM. There's my theory. XD

NOTE: This is not supposed to be serious at all! I do not believe in this theory. It's just for fun and I like being goofy.

- - -
Well, guys. I gotta apologize to you.
I haven't posted a Jamaasian High chapter in 2 weeks. >.< My life has been busy with school, my siblings going to college, garden work, and other things.
I'm gonna try harder to post chapters faster. :)
Hey, I posted chapter 5 of JH! :D It introduces 4 new characters. It could be you. :o
Enjoy!! ^-^
Well, I gotta go! Bye, guys!
Jam on!


  1. Mascara... Wow. XD
    I'm glad you had fun babysitting the kids. If I ever babysat anyone, I'd rage quit in the middle. >.<
    I liked Chapter 5! Your writing is amazing. I seriously can't wait for me to be introduced. The hype is realll! XDD
    Ooooh and yea, I always mistook "The Battle for Beacon" as "The Battle for Bacon" too. Heh.
    Cool post! Love the fall background too! :D

    1. XD Yup.
      Hmm, yeah. I can see why. If I had really bad kids, I think I'd quit. :P
      THANK YOU! *huggles* I shall add you... Soon. XD
      I know right?! It should be bacon. XD
      Thank you so much!! <3

  2. Wait

    If we apply your theory to AJA

    It means that the volcano is filled with mascara.

    *trashes and rewrites AJA finale*
    Dun dun duuuuuuun

    *Insert sloth faces here*


    1. o.o XD A volcano of mascara?! LOL! XDDD

      You know, I should get YouTubers to make videos on this so more people know that we aren't fighting pollution. No, no. It's more... deadly. XD

  3. Hmm, so Phantom goop.. is mascara......... OH GOOD MAKEUP IDEA! *runs to Hidden Falls and takes some Phantom Goop and puts it on eyes* OUCH *2 hearts left* OUCH *1 heart left* OUCH!! *0 falls to ground asleep*


    1. XD Yup. Phantoms are now free makeup! All you need to do is join an adventure, find a phantom, sneak up behind it (oh wait, they can see behind too. XD), and then... GRAB 'EM AND PUT IT ON! XD
      Oh wait. By then, the phantoms have put you in a deeeeeep sleeeeeep. XD (a nicer way of saying: you died, sucker, and now you get another life, woo!)

  4. Btw, have you ever heard of Lucina from Fire Emblem Awakening? Reply if you did Lost Fairy!

    P.S I'm in love with your blog :D

    -Sparkle daringninja

    1. Hmm. No, I've never heard of that! What is it? :D

      P.S. AWWW, THANK YOU!!! ^.^

  5. Replies
    1. Yea. I know. It was hard for me to take in too. XD Such a life changing fact, huh? XDDD



    That makes a lot more sense than it should. XD


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