Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Random Story and Back to School Fashion Contest Day #1

Me: Hello, world! It's me, Lostfairy!
You guys: Um. We're not the world. The whole world doesn't even read this blog.
Me: Aww, don't crush my dreams!
You guys: Whatever. :crushes:

XD That was a good way to start this post off, don't you think?

Well, here's a proper post starter.


Alright, now that that's done, let's begin this post!

First off, lemme just say that I'm sorry I keep missing the Rare Item Monday posts. I just keep forgetting. Sorry. But like, you all already know what it is so why should I say it again? But yeah, sorry.

Now, today I want to tell a story. A true story. You guys ok with that? Good. :P

So, this happened yesterday evening. Me, Koolest, and my mom were all home. My dad was at work and my other siblings were at college. It was just the three of us. So we decided to go to Walmart. Me and Koolest's memberships are running out and we were gonna buy membership cards. (Cause truthfully, I don't like being a non-member after I just had membership. I was fine when I hadn't had membership before but now that I have lived with the perks, I can't go back for long.)

So we got to Walmart. I used the joke I had heard in a video (made by a guy named Brent Miller, I believe.) for some random reason. XD So I say:

Me: "Hey, I bet a guy named Wallie met a guy named Marty and said, "Hey, let's put our names together and make a store!" I mean, that's the only reason why it's called Walmart, right?"

Mom: "..."

Koolest: "..."

Me: :shifts in chair:

XD So my joke fell flat but whatever. Anyway, we walk inside Walmart and I suggest going to the toy section. (I was hoping AJ toys would be there!)

Once we get there, I walk the aisles and of course, no AJ toys. Then I ask my mom if we should ask someone if they have AJ toys. So my mom asks a worker if they have them. She says she doesn't think so but to go ask some worker who's a toy expert or whatever. So we ask her and she also doesn't think they have them. My mom says the toys are new. The lady thinks the toys are too new to be in their store.

In my head, I'm like, "Um, these toys were supposed to be out in AUGUST and it's SEPTEMBER! I NEED THE TOYS!!" XD

So yeah, I go out of Walmart with a membership card (that my parents bough for me because I worked so hard on digging the potatoes out on Sunday!) and no AJ toys. I really want them!

LOL, I hope I get the toys for my birthday or Christmas or something!

Speaking of which, I will probably be having a birthday party for my b-day. It's kinda fair-ish away but not by much. So, expect a b-day invite in a month or so... XD

Also, I have this crazy idea. While I was trying to do school, my mind was wandering around and was thinking of my Back to School party. I had this random thought. What if, I had a party almost EVERY month? Wouldn't that be crazy?! So then I started yelling to Koolest. "A PARTY EVERY MONTH! A PARTY! EVERY! MONTH!" XD

Here: (if your confused by my excitement. :P)

January: New Year's party
February: Valentine's party
March: St. Patrick's Day party
April: Easter party
May: nothing (maybe)
June: Summer party
July: July 1st/Canada Day
August: nothing (maybe)
September: Back to School party
October: 'Halloween' party AND Thanksgiving party
November: Birthday party
December: Christmas party

LOL, I think I'm in a party craze. Lemme know in the comments if this sounds like TOO many parties!

- - -
Alrighty, it is time! It is time to vote! We've got 6 lovely back to school outfits on 6 lovely jammers!
Thank you: Swirlshine, Koolestkat, Dreadwisp, Fluffykittenlover17, Graciepopstar91, and Sarahkey8 for entering!
So, the voting is simple. Comment OR send me a JAG on AJ the name of the animal on who you think should be out. Be kind in your voting comments! :D
Since I posted this so late today, you can vote all day tomorrow too before I do another voting session post.
And remember! The winner gets to choose what kind of masterpiece I will make for them!
Happy voting!
- - -
LOL, this is really random but next door, there are kittens. Adorable kittens! I think there are 5 or 6 of them. The mom is there too. I love seeing the kittens play. I WANNA TOUCH THEM! XD Me and Koolest think the kittens are tuxedo cats. ^.^
Also, my neighborhood is like, cat neighborhood. We have 10 or so cats running around. Now we have more. o.o So. Many. Cats! XD
Well, have an amazing night!
Jam on!
Expect a new chapter in Jamaasian High tomorrow... or sometime soon. XD


  1. Introductions in posts are always so awkward. XD

    My old teacher use to call Walmart WallyWorld!

    I still haven't gotten any toys. =L I'm not quite sure I wanna spend my money on them though.. the peacock tail or the Alpha Sword are probably the only items I want. But the Alpha Sword is like 300 dollars. XD I'll try trading for the peacock tail!

    AdmiralVonScurvy? Sorry!

    All those parties sound awesome! But if people keep hosting parties, others won't get a chance to host them and some people might be torn apart by parties to go to.

    Aww! The kittens are so cute! How old are they? Lemi is about 4 months! I'm so mad at her! She grew a inch. XD I'm not really mad at her but, she's not as itty bitty as before.

    1. Don't worry. My older brothers sometimes call that too. (even though they are not exactly 'old'

    2. Ha, yup. They are. XD

      LOL! WallyWorld? XD

      Hmm, yeah, well, I am SO putting AJ toys on my birthday list and Christmas list because I WANT THEM! BADLY! XD Also, I don't want a ton for Christmas so my parents can buy me tons. XD

      (SORRY, BRO! XD)

      I can see where your coming from but, having lots of parties doesn't mean NO ONE can have another party. You just have to choose which one you go too. And if I had lots, more people would have the chance to come and I'd get to meet everyone. :)

      Um, hate to break it to you but... That picture is NOT my neighbor's cat. But it looks a TON like them. I have no clue how old they are. My neighbors aren't exactly the type who would talk to me or tell me. >.<

  2. Blossom Acrticmoon X

    1. Nobody should wear chains to school.
    3. That bow.. nobody in my school (with 700 students) ever wears a sparkly bow.

    1. Um...

      1. Some people might, right?
      2. This is AJ. Not a real school. There are no dress codes.
      3. Just because nobody in your school doesn't wear sparkly bows doesn't mean NO ONE does.

      This is an Animal Jam fashion contest. It's not an actual school. :)

  3. And that kitten looks like my cat, but it is a tuxedo cat instead of all black.

  4. Question, if you are in do you vote out someone else?? XD

  5. hmm i hate it when things like this arise. but i will have to vote for........... blossom arctic moon


  6. i like alot of the party ideas but i thing some of them would be unfair for non members, and why is the only month that doesn't have a party happen to be my favorite month?


    1. Hmm, can I ask why they would be unfair? :D Non-members get all kinds of clothes too. :D

      And I might do a party then. I don't know for sure. ^.^

  7. I vote Admiral Von Survy out Sorry who ever put that in :(
    *KIng Tough Bunny

  8. I vote out Admiral, sorry x.x


  9. What about a Thanksgiving Party? My bday is on Thanksgiving this year. XD

    1. OH RIGHT! Then October will have 2 parties! :D Woo! (I'll edit my post and add that. :D)

  10. *waits for Chapter 4 of Jamaasian high* XD I'm still waiting for the update too! HURRY UP AJ! LOL

    (And good nobody voted me out. *sigh of relief*) XD

  11. THAT CAT IS ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. You know when you click on your hamster it eats something? I always thought it was candy corn. But I think it might be cheese cubes. Thats one of my hamsters favorite food. XD

    1. O.O I THOUGHT IT WAS CANDY CORN! XD Man, cheese cubes?! *hurries onto AJ and clicks hamster* Uh, I think they are candy corn. Because it's orange and white. And cheese doesn't have white...

  13. That kitten look strikingly similar to my friend cat who died. D,:

  14. Lol! I remember that Walmart trip! XD (I thought the joke was funny... :P )

    A party every month would be pretty cool! :D Do you think you're going to do it?


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