Friday, 2 September 2016

Story and Exciting School News!

Heya hiya, guys! How are ya?! xD

Ok, today, I'm gonna tell you a story... A long story. So get ready.


Once upon a time, a few days ago, there was a penguin wandering a place called Jamaa Township.

This penguin was... me! So I wondered around and saw a bunny. She was asking all guy bunnies to go to her den.

My superfast mind figured out in two seconds that she wanted a guy bunny to date. On AJ. Which is silly. Anyhoo, thinking this would be a great/funny story for my blog, I waddled into her den.

I quickly changed into a bunny.

I then realized that I looked like a girl! Quickly, I changed my clothes.
When I clicked X after changing my outfit, I noticed the girl bunny was staring at me. She then told me that she thought I wasn't a guy. I cleverly said, "How rude." She then informed me that she had been tricked before, thinking girls were guys.
Uh, I guess we are...

I think she means her real mom, right? Like, call her over to the computer and show...?

That was random.

o.0 This is really random.

I don't know. Maybe on the world? XD

Okay, she means her ANIMAL JAM mom.

How sad. XD

I guess so.

O.O Whaaa?! This is so random!

Oh boy, here we go. XD

Sure, I have unlimited gems. I can buy you anything, sweetie. XD

Oh barf. XD

Okay, um, this sounds like a real movie name but I can't remember which... O.o She does know the movies on AJ are about animals, right? XD

I don't have a hand.

Heehee, I just made it ROMANTIC. XD

Yeah, that is creepy! XD

Oh brother. :P

No need to get weird. XD I'll be nice and 'gentlemanly'. Or whatever... :P

Ok, first of all, I don't have arms. I'm a bunny. Second, why are you scared?! XD

Uh huh.

Oh dear...

AREN'T WE A CUTE COUPLE?! XDDD (I feel so bad I tricked her... xD)

Um. What?! Why, why, why?!


Paw, not hand. It's paw.

Ooookkayyy then.

You are so random. XD

Yup, pretty much.

Wow. Right now, I'm shaking my head. XD

What? WHY?

Oh man. Awkward.

I don't know why but for some reason we laugh. XD

Again, I don't have arms. Why do I have carry you with my little, bunny paws? XD

O.O Ok. Now I NEED to get out of here. FAST! (This is disgusting...)

Enough with the 'mouths'! :shudders:

Aw. How sad. NOT! XD


Okay, remind me to never, ever do that again. It's just plain awkward. And disgusting. XD I never want to do that again. Ever.

I hope you found it funny! So I know why I went through the pain of 'dating'. XD

- - -
You all know that summer is coming to a very sad end. It's almost fall. School is starting. Leaves will fall sometime soon. The wind will get colder.
I'm kinda looking forward for school, for some reason. I haven't started yet. I start on the 7th though. Which means, I have 5 days till school starts again. :runs around frantically:
It also means my brother and sister are going to be at collage. So that means I'll hardly see them. :wipes tear away: It'll just be me and Koolestkat. All alone. (XD)
But what I am looking forward to is...

My first ever party!!

Oh yeah! I'm gonna host my first ever party! I've been wanting to host one for a long time and now I get to! I really want to meet all my lovely readers and commenters on AJ. ^-^

I even made a cute, little invitation for you! As you can see, it's a back to school party. To celebrate school. To make school fun. :) I hope you guys can all come to my party. If your confused on the time zone thingie, comment and ask me. :D

And more exciting news!

I'm also hosting a Back to School fashion contest!

The winner gets to request a masterpiece done by yours truly, me. ^.^

So, the theme is Back to School. Comment your username and the name of the animal you are entering. The deadline is the 7th Also, I would love it if you would tell your friends or post on your blog about this. My last fashion contest didn't get a ton of people. I'm hoping for a little more. :D You guys can do that, right?

-No copying, be creative!
-No extra accounts, be fair!
-No entries will be accepted after the 7th!

The voting begins on the 10th! ^-^

For all of you who have blogs: If you want, take this picture and post it on your blog. Maybe give the link to here, I don't know! Whatever you want. ^.^

Well, have an amazing day, everyone!

Jam on!

Psstt! Chapter 3 of Jamaasian High is posted! Go check it out! ^-^
ALSO! (I can't believe I forgot/didn't know...) HAPPY BIRTHDAY AJKRAFT!


  1. Here's a long story, Once Upon a Time ago, my sister met a realllly weird jammer. Anyway, she asked my sister to adopt her and my sister did. For most of the time, the jammer acted normal but, every once in a while, she'd FORCE my sister to pretend to be a guy and flirt with her. She even wanted to AJ marry my sister/her AJ mom/ her AJ "boyfriend" XD Yeah.. She was kinda crazy..

    1. o.o That IS a weird jammer. :P LOL, that sounds even weirder then my story. At least she didn't want me to change from girl to guy.

      There are crazy jammers in this world, I tell ya. XD

  2. One time,
    I was pretending to be a boy.
    This girl was acting weird and wanted to know all my personal info.
    I tried to leave her den, but when I clicked a land, it just X'd me out of the map and I was in her den still. I tried to reload, close firefox and log back in, but I just spawned back in her den. I am not playing AJ until that's fixed. Thanks for reading :)

    1. Oh my! That sounds pretty weird... And the girl wanted your personal info? Tsk tsk, jammers these days. XD

  3. XDD
    I do that stuff sometimes. Except when I do, I act like a weird boy, dress up in weird clothes, and freak the girl out. XDD
    I love trolling too much.

    Wow! A party!? Funny, because I'm also planning on having a party on AJ as well! Except mine's for my birthday! :)
    Hmm, September 10th, huh? I think that's the day of my birthday party.
    Who knows, though, perhaps I can still make it!

    A fashion contest.
    Yes, oh my gosh, YES!!!!
    And the winner gets a MASTERPIECE!!!!!!!!
    Miss Windyspirit, my bunny, and of course, you know my username, XD!

    1. XD That sounds pretty funny! What I like to do sometimes is find a girl and guy online who are a 'couple' and then just stand real close to them and watch. XD Makes them uncomfortable... XDDD

      :D That's cool! I hope you can come! :crosses fingers: And I hope I can come to YOUR party! :crosses fingers harder:

      LOL! YAY! Thanks for entering! ^-^ (hopefully more people enter... >.< )
      XD Hmm, what is your username... Hmm... OH! I know! XD It's um, um, Twisty... twinkle! Yes, Twistytwinkle! XDDD

  4. Wait...


    1. YAY!!!!! WOOOOOOO!!! (Don't you mean your party is the 9th?! XDD)

      YAYYY!!! XDDD

  5. Yikes.

    I'm scarred for life now XD

    1. Sorry... >.< XD But it's not moi fault you read it, right? XD

    2. XD its fine.

      Once I was one of my "hawt" arctic wolfoos and two random girls were attacking me with heart eyes. Then there was a conversation like this-
      Kraft: a. a you're scaring me
      Creep 1: *heart eyes*
      Creep 2: *pins him down*
      Kraft:IM A GIRL!
      Creeps in unison:EWW UR GROSS UGH U CANT BE A BOY ANIMAL IF UR A GIRL!1!1;1;1!!1

      I have no faith in this community anymore.


    3. XD

      Oh my. XD I love how you said "Creep 1" and "Creep 2".

      I don't know why people try to 'date' on AJ! o.o

  6. I remember when I first joined aj I would always be adopted and adopt other people and look for a guy... Then one time I found one ad we bought eachother or he bought us both a matching crystallized alphaXD I Still have it I belive

    1. Oh, really? I have never been adopted before. On Pixie Hollow, I always did but on AJ, never. XD

      Awww, how cute. XDD (But seriously, that's nice of him.)

  7. I might be able to make it if I remember

  8. The party is on my birthday so maybe I can convince my parents to let me go on the computer at that time? Hmm, I'll see. Even if I'm not able to make it, I hope you have fun. :D

    1. Oh! Sorry, I forgot your b-day was on the 10th. >.< I hope you can come! (We can even celebrate your birthday as well as school. XD)

  9. I will lose. I HAVE NOTHING FOR SCHOOL cri cri XDD

    1. Nah, you won't lose. Everybody's a winner, some way or another. :D

  10. Yey! The added backpacks into the stores agaiN! :D Entering my bunny (Snowflake Strongclaws) :)

  11. Ooo, I do that thing too, for trolling XD
    In fact, I use a backup account to be the guy, I host a prom on another backup's den, I find a ''prom date'' and then I develop a crush on me (either my Arctic wolf on Tzatziki, or my super hot panda BD). How not selfish of me to do that. Oh, and, when I troll with my panda, I make sure to host a karaoke competition before, and then I sing a song about sea cucumbers XD

    I'm so mean :P
    Jk I'm just rescuing kids from finding internet boyfriends XD

    1. LOL, that's so funny! A prom?! XDDD

      Sea cucumbers? XD I would love to hear your panda sing about such a lovely topic. :P

      Hm, that's very true. XD

  12. Replies
    1. Aww!! :( I'll have more parties, don't you worry. ;)

  13. *reads scary story* Oh, barf! *+* ICCKKKCKKKKK... *shudders*

    Staying even farther away from those peeps... DX

    *reads about college* Awwww. :'( You will get to talk to them over the phone, though. :)

    *reads about contest* YAYZ! :D

    (DXplorergirl) I'm sure you know why I'm Anonymous by now. XD

    1. XDDD Your so funny! XD

      Yeah. Thanks for caring, DXplorergirl. :) (Though, lucky for me, they aren't living there, they will still come home for night and stuff. Sorry I didn't make that clear. >.<)

      XD Yayz!! (will you enter? I only have 4 entries. >.<)

  14. what time is it at? (the party i mean?) and what time zone are you in?


    1. The time is 1:30 PM CST, so Central Standard Time. The party is tomorrow. :)

  15. ): 1:30 pm? i can't some then ):


    1. Aww, I'm sorry you couldn't make it. But don't worry, I plan on having another party soon. :)

  16. my user name is pob93
    and my animal is a bunny and it's name is handsome futuregem.

    1. I'm sorry but I can not enter you in the contest. It has been one day since the deadline. (I really wish I could enter you but sadly I can not. >.<)

  17. it's okay and i understand that it wouldn't be fair.


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