Sunday, 18 September 2016

Back to School Fashion Contest Day #3

Good afternoon, jammers! It's a beaaaauuttiful Sunday! Time to relax and enjoy family. ^-^

Today is the third day of the contest! Wow, time does fly by. XD

Let'sa see who ya voted out...

Aw, sorry, Koolest! You did superb! (I love the bow. <3) I'll always have more fashion contests though. I love 'em. XD

Alright, it's the same as usual. Vote one person out in the comments OR on AJ in a Jam-A-Gram. And I finally posted this on time-ish. XD So the today's voting session will only be for today.

Happy voting, everybody!

Also! I have some exciting news!

The Animal Jam Friendship Community is hosting an awesome contest! You get to write an AJ fanfic! :O And the winner gets a secret rare item! Awesome!

Check out the AJFC blog with the link up above! There's a post with some contest info and that post is where you will comment your fanfic. :)

Here are the rules that were posted on AJFC:
  1. Your story must be 3-5 chapters long. Each chapter must be 750 (minimum) -950 words (maximum) words 
  2. Please do NOT include ANY personal information in your story. Such as your phone number, or your parents phone number, your name, email, home address, etc. If you do, you may be disqualified from the contest. 
  3. Please do NOT copy ANYONE else's stories.
  4. You MUST have your stories in the comments by November 30th. And for safety reasons, I will only have your story published in the comments for a few minutes, then save it in my writing program, so no one can cheat and use parts of your story in theres. 
  5. Please do NOT include ANYTHING: inappropriate, anything with rude humor, anything with language, drugs, anything with God's name in vain (such as Oh My ...) in your story. If you do, you may be disqualified. 
  6. You MAY get more points if your story includes faith in it. Such as someone witnessing to Jammers about God. 
  7. Please, do NOT find stories online to enter in this contest. 

I am so entering this! Also, random question for you guys. Is Jamaasian counted as a fan fiction? XD

Jam on!


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. It doesn't have to involve religion!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Skywatcher, it doesn't HAVE to have anything Christian in it. The rules say that you may get extra points if there is any.

      Gracie doesn't mean to be 'biased' as you said. Gracie has a Christian AJ blog, which is awesome, so that's just what she thought would be epic to have in the stories. Again, it does NOT say you have to add God into your story.

    4. I love that Gracie's not afraid to talk about religion! :)

    5. OH MY GOD SWIRLSHINE, YOU GAVE ME THE BEST IDEA EVER! I can't wait to get started on this! It's gonna be epic!

    6. Uh oh, now you got me worried.... XD

      Also, Sky, can I just say I'm sorry I offended you yesterday? I didn't mean to put it that way but it's not my fault I'm fired up about my faith. Sorry you felt offended, though.

    7. XD Don't worry about my secret idea, I'm not planning to destroy the Earth or anything. I was thinking it would be so cool if someone could make an app that lets us use AJ Emojis when we're typing! But then I realized you know, copyright. =( I have no idea how I got that from SwirlShine's comment. XD

      Thanks for apologize and also, I wanna apologize too. I wasn't really thinking about if my comments were offending. What about we just put it all behind us and have a Ice Cream Party! 🍦 *Hands you a Chocolate Ice Cream cone*

    8. I really have nothing against Christianity. In fact, I love churches. They are beautiful pieces of architecture! And the stained glass windows are gorgeous! It's just I don't feel comfortable in a contest where not writing about Christian things makes me have a worse outcome. Maybe one day Ill feel more comfortable? I did go to Church School in my youth. I just really love exploring other cultures! I read so much mythology. XD

    9. @SkyWatcher

      I did? :o

      I know what you mean, Sky. I myself am a Christian, but I don't usually include religion in my stories. I'm one of those people who get super awkward talking about a few certain topics. I dunno why, I just do.

      I'll try to think of something, but I have till November, so I've got time, I suppose!

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah, that's kinda what I thought too. :D

    2. Hehe, I'm Miss Windyspirit. But I vote out...hmm...oh gosh, it's getting hard.
      I'll go with that.

      Anywho, a FANFIC CONTEST!!!!???

    3. Although I'm pretty sure NOTHING will beat Jamaasian High! :D

    4. XD LOL!

      Um, I would use JH as my fanfic but... It's too long! XD I'll probably just come up with something else. XD

    5. Oh, I didn't think of that!
      Wait, WHY didn't I think of that!? We're on Chapter 4 or 5 so far! XD

      I personally love long stories, though! XD

  3. I think your blog is quite nice. I do not know too much about Animal Jam, so I will be reading more of your blog in the future in hopes of learning about this game. (:

    1. Aww, thanks, Vi!! <3 And welcome to Animal Jam Jumble. I will look forward in seeing you again. (:

  4. I vote miss also sry


  5. Also, I think Jamaasian high is fan fiction! :)

  6. I vote Snowflake. It's so hard to choose since everyone did a great job!

  7. Cool contest! I'm not quite sure if I'll enter it...

    I wonder who's going to win in the fashion contest. :)

    Till next comment,


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