Monday, 13 August 2018

This Post Series Really Needs A Proper Title

HELLOOO! I'm in a very good mood at the moment, so I thought, "Why not do a post?" ^.^

I have a lot of screenshots of masterpieces just growing in my folders and I really want to clean some out and show you some really awesome art. Is that okayyyy with you? XD

Let's begin RIGHT NOW cuz I have lotssssss of art to show and this is gonna be a long post. XD

Okay. This just blows my mind. o.o The colors are so gorgeous and vibrant! I feel like I would lose my patience if I tried to use that many blues. XD

It's su cute!! :o I love the light orangey tones, makes the whole art super pastel and pretty. The eyes really stand out too!

OKAY. THIS IS ONE. IS. JUST. PERFECT!!!!!!! I have NO IDEA how they made it look exactly like the actual Majora's mask. o.o (In case you aren't a LOZ nerd like me, this is from... Legend of Zelda... XD)

It also creeps me out. *gives Majora a weary look*

Ahhhh, I love the bright reds in this!! :O The fur looks so soft and the purple eyes really just pulls the whole art together to me.

ISH SU CHIBI AND COOT!!!! :O I WANNA HUG ITTT! Seriously, it is adorable!

Oh my word.

Seriously people.

How do you draw so perfectly on AJ?!!!

It's so perfectlyyyyy anime/manga!! I love ittttttt so much. (if you can't tell, manga is my favorite art style.)

The shading in this is stunning! I love all the purples together. :o



If you don't know, I'm a hugeeeeeeeeeeee Undertale fan. And Tictactaco did an stellar job on drawing W.D. Gaster. o.O

Iciblue has done it again. This fox is so detailed and realistic!! :O Even though the background is orangey, the fox still stands out. The fur looks so soft!

Aww, this cat looks so bashful. XD I really like how it's all pink, just a lot of varying shades! And the hearts for the background are really nice. <3

I actually really like the pixel one! It's really cool, I love all the greens and blues and the moon looks so COOL. This masterpiece reminds me of Minecraft, for some reason. XD

Againnn, this is so perfectly anime. The shading is nice and stands out and the background is simple but really awesome! :D

I have no idea who this is, but this simple cute style is really appealing to me! The smooth lines make me envious. XD (it is harddd to get smooth lines on AJ.)

*says panicky* It's Zoom, it's Zoom!! *freaks out*

Ahhh, when I saw this, I freaked out (not just cuz Zoom is a creepo) because I love The Flash TV show and I haven't seen anyone draw something from it on AJ!

Please don't talk about spoilers for the show if you have watched it! Any comments with spoilers won't get published, sorry!

Oh my goodness, this looks straight out of a fantasy novel! :o I am in love with thisssss, I can't stop staring. Those clouds. I love the clouds. o.o

It's so cute and squishy! :O I like the wittle expression. XD And the bright greens of the background is really pretty to me!

*faints AGAIN*

Okay, seriously, what are people's secrets?! This drawing... is JUST STUNNING! The shading in the hair is soooooooo fun to look attttttt. (I feel like I should know this manga girl's name... but I can't remember it at the moment. I see her all over the place, how do I not remember...)

And those eyes.

Sorry, I'm just a hugeeee manga fan. xD

Oh my word, this looks so accurate to the game. o.o (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) My jaw dropped when I saw this. XD (Also, kudos to Austinbeta for being a LOZ fan and superb artist. Seriously, I wanna go onto AJ and snoop in their den if it's unlocked.)

AHHH, this is super cute! :o I like how soft it looks and the eye is veryyyy adorable. It's su CHIBIIIII! ^-^

Okay, I have no idea what the context of this art is but whoa. It's really clean and crisp looking, with its super straight lines, and the TEARS. LOOK. SO. GOOD. The writing is amazing too.

And I really like that mouth. o.o I needa figure out how to draw wolf mouths like that. XD

This is a really fun, unique masterpiece! I love how its just a Converse, that's it. I reallllly want Converse shoes, they are so cute... XD

Sorry, sorry, sorry! Its another video game one... BUT ISN'T IT SO GOOOOOOD?!

Also, very creepy. o.o But I kinda love how creepy it is. I love creepy stuff. XD Like Flowey's face is kinda adorable somehow. Its su round and almost derpy to me. Yet terrifying.

*gives Flowey a look* You're making my brain do trippy things. Do I love you or do I find you insanely creepy? o...O

Don't worry, this post is almost done but before I finish it, I gotta share my discoveryyyyy. XD

I was checking my last masterpiece post (seriously, this post series needs a NAME. Also, my last masterpiece post was made 6 months ago. o.o I hope you guys are okay if I do another art post sooner then that. XD) and I saw this:

I gave this part a double take. I squinted at it.

Before realizing.

I actually KNOW who these anime people are!

They are from an anime I really wanna watch (Chloe has watched some of it, she says it's awesome!) called Snow White with the Red Hair!


I can't believe someone on AJ actually drew Zen and Shirayuki and I somehow recognized them! (I honestly can't tell some anime people apart. They look so similar!)

So yeah, that was my happy little discovery. XD

Welp, I hope you enjoyed this post! (Also, speaking of my old masterpiece, I'm really sorry I didn't reply to blog comments for a few months. DX I don't know if I'll go back 6 months and reply to them cuz it seems pointless... but from now on, I hope to reply back to people faster!)

Have a stellar day, you are AMAZING, and...

Jam on!

Comment call: What was your favorite masterpiece? Do you have a favorite art style, if so, what is it? What the heck should this post series be called?!

Monday, 6 August 2018

Let's Talk About Juno, The New Animal Jam Alpha

Hellooo, I'm back, and it's only been a week! Woohoo! :D

I think I'm actually slowly getting back into loving AJ. After spilling my thoughts about it in a post and seeing posts like Sarah's (she and I had a lot of the same thoughts) and then seeing Penguin's post just gave me a huge boost and made me realize stuff I shoved out of my mind a long time ago.

And just now, seeing a comment on Penguin's post just gave me another boost of encouragement to keep playing AJ, writing on this blog, etc.


That is one reason I wanna keep writing.

For those younger readers who get inspired by us. They want to get a blog because of all of US.

That comment just made me think about those new people who discover AJ blogs and think, "I want to get a blog someday!" That was ME two years ago!

So, since I sounded dangerously close to quitting in my last post, let me assure you...

You haven't gotten rid of me yet. XP I think I'm here to stay for a long while, we'll see how life goes, right?

ANYWAY, I am totally getting distracted and not talking about the topic I wanted to talk about today. XD

My topic for the post? It's something a lot of people have talking about. The whole AJ community has been buzzing about this. And I honestly want to spill my opinions and theories and just TALK about it.

Warning! I have huge opinions that YOU might not be okay with. If you don't want to see that, then just stop here.

You have been warned.

Last Thursday, AJ released an update and the most talked about part was this new Alpha, Juno. Now, when I saw Juno, I was like, "Dang, this looks cool! The design is awesome!" even though I hate arctic wolves, I excused that detail because the pattern was prettyyyy cool.

Yesterday morning, I'm reading some blogs before church and I see Doomy's post about Juno. She mentioned that AJHQ just called Juno "themselves" or "them." Personally, I didn't even... notice?!

Now people are saying Juno is "non-binary." But that can't be right, AJ would never add something like THAT into the game...

...and now an AJ worker confirmed that Juno is "non-binary."

A rush of emotions come with this for me.

Pure shock. I thought AJ was a place of safety, they wouldn't get involved in such... dramatic situations that the world has. I thought that if kids were going through something hard IRL, they'd be able to come on AJ and just get AWAY from that stuff.

Stinging hurt. I trusted AJHQ to not get involved or add something weird like this. They broke my trust and now I'm not so sure I'd recommend this game for younger people, or just people in general.

Confused disappointment. Just when I was getting back into the game, they add... this. I mean, that AJ worker talked about showing kids that "LGBTQ+ folks can do amazing things!" How does having a fake sex make you a hero? How does that show that they can do amazing things? I'm so disappointed in AJ.

And lastly, raw anger. I'm trying hard not to scream but it's HARD. I am FURIOUS about this. I have had to deal with LGBTQ people all over the internet or IRL. Chicken Smoothie has SO MANY LGBTQ people that I have to put up with. And please don't say, "Well, quit then!" because NO. I am not letting them shove me and manipulate me into quitting things I enjoy.

Honestly, why, AJ? There are so many little kids playing this game that DO NOT need this klunk, excuse my language.

Lemme guess, someone's thinking, "But kids need to know that it's okay to be LGBTQ and need to know about it all!" OKAY, NO.

Kids have minds that are like sponges. They soak up everything. You don't know what they will keep or get rid of. If they get told about being "transgender" or "pan-sexual," that's all they will know and OF COURSE, then most likely down the road when they are older, they will be confused and just do what everyone told them about when they were little. Teenagers already go through confusing things, don't add more to the list.

If figuring out your sex is a feeling or you just know you are different, then why must we bombard kids with it all? Can they not just... have that feeling or thought later in life when they actually are old enough to know what "love" truly means?

Because for me, lots of the younger people who say their part of the LGBTQ community, it's because they have had that dumped in their head before and that's all they know. It's not cuz they ACTUALLY feel that way, it's cuz their parents or friends or online forced that FEELING upon them.

It's kind of like this: Parents behavior and things they do can hugely affect their children. Let's say the dad is always drunk and is addicted to drinking. His kids may end up getting addicted to drinking too, even though they hated it when they were little.

Or let's say the mom abuses her family. Her son might hate it so much and say, "I will marry someone way better then that." but then accidentally gets attracted to abusing woman.

Can't you see? We have to be SO careful with kids. We need to help them grow and figure things out themselves, meaning, don't force all this LGBTQ stuff on them. If they are "transgender," don't you think they will FEEL it?

Now we have Juno in this game that is aimed at young kids all over the world. It was already bad having rainbow masterpieces getting approved, now we have THIS. How will this affect the kids? What if a kid mentions something about it to their parents and they are confused how on earth their kid knew that when they didn't want them to know about it? Will they know it's from a KIDS GAME?

I'm not just worried about kids seeing this. I'm also upset that older players, like me, that don't support that lifestyle will now have to put up with this.

I have a feeling I'll get a lot of hate from this post.

I don't care.

I have to stand up for what I believe in. And that means listening to this verse in the Bible:

Romans 1:24-27 [The Voice]
So God gave them just what their lustful hearts desired. As a result, they violated their bodies and invited shame into their lives. How? By choosing a foolish lie over God’s truth. They gave their lives and devotion to the creature rather than to the Creator Himself, who is blessed forever and ever. Amen. This is why God released them to their own vile pursuits, and this is what happened: they chose sexual counterfeits—women had sexual relations with other women and men committed unnatural, shameful acts because they burned with lust for other men. This sin was rife, and they suffered painful consequences.

Lots of people say, "God doesn't talk about LGBTQ people!" Yes, He does. He talks about it more in other verses too. People just don't look for them.

Everyone has opinions, beliefs, religions, etc. We live in a world where everyone has millions of opinions and it's just the way it is. This? This post? It's my opinion. And I will NOT be shaken from it.

You'll just have to deal with it, I guess.

And, honestly, I do NOT hate LGBTQ people. They are all loved and Children of God. God loves them, which means I do too. But their sin, that's what I hate. I cannot imagine living like they do, it kind of pains me to think about.

But no, I do NOT hate them. I have some friends who have told me they are LGBTQ and I just keep on loving them and being their friend. ;)

So what will I do now, what with Juno and all?

I don't know, to be honest. Just keep playing AJ and ignore Juno completely, no matter how cool her design is. (I always think of Juno as a female.)

I know this post wasn't as fun but I just needed to say this.

Have an awesome day, you're amazing, and...

Jam on!

Note: I know Sarah did a post about Juno so if there are any huge similarities, I did not copy her, I haven't even read her post yet. I'm waiting til I'm done this post so I don't copy anything. :P

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

What's Going On? - An Update For You Guys

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, guysssssss. It's, uh, been a while!

I know I've promised people a lot of things.

I promised more posts. It's flippin' summer. I should have loads of free time to whip up a post. (Is that even a thing... my posts take me hours to write. XD)

I promised a brand new time for Koolest's graduation party. Stillllll haven't figured that out. :1

I promised I'd comment back to people. Yeah, heh, I've been bad at that.

And I just really promised myself I'd do all this stuff and that I wouldn't randomly disappear from the blog. I've had this hanging over my head for a while and I just felt like you guys deserved to know this:

No, I'm not quitting AJ or the AJJ. I've barely played AJ recently, other than making masterpieces or logging on for a bit to goof around. AJJ has been dead, but it's not fully dead... I guess. *shrugs*

Am I thinking about what to do with this blog? Yes. Sadly, I am. AJ hasn't been... my interest lately. I still love it, or I wish I did as much as before, but it's been boring lately. I really hate admitting that but I think once my membership runs out, I won't buy anymore... maybe... Not sure. We'll see.

Do I read every single comment that comes through? Yes. Am I too lazy to respond? Yes. Do I wish I wasn't? Of course, I hate that I'm messing up on hanging out with people in the comment section.

Do I still read AJ blogs? Every day! Even if I don't comment, just know that I probablyyyyy read your post. :3

Am I super active on the AJ Blogger Hangout? Yup! :D And on Chicken Smoothie, if you feel like talking to me on there.

Do I have a new time for Koolest's graduation party? Not yet. I'll try to have that soon... I'll try. XD

Is this post pretty much useless? Yup, pretty much. It's just kind of an update for you guys. ;)

Sorry for being such a bad blogger, I really feel horrible for letting everyone down. DX

Have an amazing day, I'll see you hopefully soon, and...

Jam on!

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Party Postponed - New Date Will Be Announced Later

Hey guys, just a quick post to say Koolest's grad party will be postponed and will not be happening today. DX Things came up and we'll have to have it another day. I'm so incredibly sorry and I'll let you all know what the new date will be soon.

Sorry and thanks for understanding!

Friday, 22 June 2018

The Random Animal Jam Taggy and Grad Invite!

HELLO, FRIENDS. IT IS I, THE GREAT AND GLAMOROUS LOSTFAIRY. *chokes on grape and has a coughing fit*

I'm fine. Really. I'm not a weirdo. :-)

ANYWAY. XD Today, I'm being lazy (sshhh, I can do that sometimes!) and I'm gonna do a quick tag! It's created by Graciepopstar91 and I got tagged for it so WOO, LET'S DO THISSS.

1. How many animals do you have on AJ?

Uh, let me check!

Exactly 40! Woah, that's more then I thought I had! No wonder it feels like I barely use them all.

I highly doubt I'll ever get 1,000 animals. That's extreme. XD

2. Direwolves or sabertooths?

Sabertooths for sure! I just find them more charming then the direwolves? I dunno, I like them best! :D



3. What's your favorite AJ soundtrack?

By soundtrack, I'm assuming that means track? Or song? XD

Oh goodness, I have too many favorites! A handful of them are: Bass Camp, Ocean Base Camp, The Hidden Falls, Mt. Shiveer, and Winter's Dance. I love 'em!

4. What's your favorite blogger meme?

Hmm, this is toughhhh. But I'd have to go with THUD!

Edit created by the wonderful and amazing Ja983!! :D
AH, THE MEMORIES OF COMING UP WITH THIS. :'D Seriously, that was one of the best nights I've ever had!

5. Seals or penguins?

Seals, probably. I don't use either of them on AJ a lot but the seals are cuter then the penguins! But you CAN make a lot of hilarious outfits with the penguins. But I'm still sticking with seals. XD

I tag anyone who wants to do this!

And nowwwww, the grad invite I promised everyone. (I think?)

As you can see, we'll be celebrating Koolest's graduation on AJ! I feel like not a lot of people have AJ grads SO THIS WILL BE FUN! XD

There will be speeches, food, and laughter! I hope you all can make it!! :D

Since the date is so far in the future, it MIGHT change! Stay tuned, I guess! XD (If I can it, I'll try to inform everyone.)

Have an awesome day, everyone!

Jam on! ^.^

Comment call: Will you be able to make it to Koolest's grad? What do you think of AJJ's summer look? See the brand new mascot? :o

Monday, 4 June 2018

A Jumble of Photos - Part 4 and Huge Apology!

Me: *starts listening to a song and taps foot to the guitar*
You guys: *stares at Lost*
Me: *wants to burst out into song cuz the lyrics are so... singableeee*
You guys: *keeps staring like creeps*
Me: *really wants to sing* *makes funny faces while trying not to burst into song*
You guys: *stares like super creepy creepos*
Me: *can't help myself* AND IF I'M DREAMING, THEN I'M DREAMING OF YOU.
You guys: *flinches at the abrupt loudness but keeps staring*
Me: *song changes to my favorite* FLY AWAY, YEAH, I'LL AWAY, JUST ONE OF THESE DAYS!
You guys: *keeeeeeeeeps staring*
Me: *suddenly notices You Guys staring at me* Oh HELLO THERE!
You guys: *normal staring turns into a glare*
Me: *is defensive* WHAT?!
You guys: *says in a low evil voice* Just do your post.
Me: Um, okay??!


Which is perfect cuz today's post is something I promised you guys I'd do and it's a goofy post where I clear out my files a teeny bit and share some random and funny stuff with y'all! XD

Best description ever. Don't deny it.


Okay, I'd better start or this post will get more outta hand then it needs to!

Warning! This post contains some strange and crazy content! Continue with caution!
- - -
What was wrong with the old job? YOU'RE HURTING ITS FEELINGS!! XD
Hmm, what kind of party is this... It's so hard to figure out...
Good to know this Jammer isn't sponsored by Nike! It's hard to tell these days who's sponsored by Nike and who isn't...
I'm... confused. XD
A wild Ronald McDonald appears...
My, what long legs you have, bunny! XD And might I say... very creepy teeth? o.o
Yeah, I agree. She does need to have her head examined. O.o
Fcan is Fman confirmed. XD
Ohhh, thissss. XD
Okay, so this was a while ago and I had seen someone say "come to my den im mad at you" on Aparri's Jammer Wall and I found that a bit odd... So I went to their den and they were expecting me to be Aparri... even though he wasn't online... XD

Guys, the number one reason to be mad at someone: They are on the ground. That's a bigggggg no-no because, well, it JUST IS. XD
Ohhh, this was way back when I was a newer Jammer and some penguin punk was making stupid jokes about my user.
Don't ask what that fox is talking about.
I'll stop singing now. XD

I honestly don't know what happened. I was supposed to put this on my blog so uh, yeah. XD And snow leopards kick their behinds... (GUYS, THAT PERSON ALMOST DID THIS )o3o( FACE!)
This person kept asking and asking for my fruit bowl.
We all have met people like this. XD
This user... I love it. XD
*shares a knowing look at a few people*
Imma fish head! XD
One day, I was in the middle of a 2D adventure when I fell. And kept on falling.
And falling.
And falling.
And falling.
And then I stopped in a black area and stayed there. So I had to quit. XD
Hello, Mr. Ghost! How's your drink? :D
Why is there a smaller version of "sale" behind it? o.o
Yeah, um, good job, sis... You didn't even get one pair yet... XD
Secret chat options, hmmm?! :O
I bet those falcons are saying "OMG" about something else but it looks like their both freaking out about "neat junk". XD
I keep typing "Newt" instead of "neat!" XDD
Aww, look at my son! He's making a huge mess in my art gallery, how cuteeee! XD
So many Flyaces! :O I can't remember how I saw, like, all of his accounts. XD
I don't know why, but I find this hilarious. XDD
OH MY GOODNESS. GUYS. LOOK WHAT I FOUND. ITS A FRUIT BOWL PARTY! (Which randomly made me think of a gnome party.)
*gives another look at a few people before examining the masterpiece* I see an ORANGE. And a pear? And apple? And banana? And a lemon? BUT WHAT'S THAT OTHER THING, IS THAT A PEACH, PLEASE BE A PEACH CAUSE THEN THERE'S AN ORANGE AND A PEACH. XD
And second, a good ol' Tuesday. I should reply like that next time someone asks me how I am. XD
Ahh, those good old days when AJHQ was funny and replied to questions that weren't serious. :')
Another funny AJHQ reply! That's so funny to me. XDD
Also... cweepy. We're finding new words today! Babay and cweepy! XD
This JAG is olddddddddddd! Like, one of my first JAGs ever. XD
Maybe this jammer should meet the person who sent me the JAG about a rare spike. XD
Yay! You made it to the endddd! XD
- - -
Before I end off this post, I have a few things to say!
Firstly and most importantly, I am apologize SO much for going on a unsaid hiatus! I wasn't expecting it! But school was hard, life was busy, I forgot, I didn't feel like it, and I just needed a break. That leads me to...
Second, I am on summer vacation! From June 1st til the second week of September (I think? Not sure. XD) so that means I will have more time to post! I don't know how often I will post, seeing as this month is pretty busy but I will try!
Third, I am finally changing the blog's template! It's been winter for too long. XD AND HECK, IT'S SUMMER NOW! XD
And fourth, I will try to come up with some fun summer events and polls and things! Also, a party for a certain special sister of mine will be announced soon so stay tuned! XD
Oh, yeah, and the fifth thing is that half of this post was written in April? XD So uh, the intro was old, I wasn't actually listening to that music for the last half of post. XD But whatever!
Have an awesome day, you all rock, and...
Jam on!

Comment call: What have you been up to? DIDJA MISS ME?! XD