Saturday, 15 September 2018

Jumble of Photos - Part 5

Heyyyyyy, guys! How are you all doing? I hope you're doing fantabulous-tastic! ^.^

It's timeeeee for another Jumble of Photos, one of my favorite types of posts to do! I've collected so many weird and funny pictures over the past... well, months, and I just want to share the hilariousness! And clear out some of my folders, heheh.

*gets distracted by Cloud 9 by EXO* Girl, you got me (flying up) higher higher nopi nopi (flying up)

Ahem, anyway! XD (Note: Sorry that most of this post just has pictures of people saying weird stuff and not as many weird glitches, users and stuff. Sorry!)

Do not advance in this post if you hate smiling, laughing, and just being happy in general. If you are a grumpy, cold-hearted person, YOU WILL GET FOREVER SCARRED HERE.

- - -

*laughs* Poor random dood, he got scammed. XD
Wait. Why am I laughing that someone got scammed?
That's not funny at all. Nope.

Which is now for everyoneeeeee so everyone can be as happy as this Littlecookie.
That user is amazing. XD

Oh, and just in case you don't understand, socks as in PLURAL. Like twoooo socks not one. Last time, someone traded me just one sock, it sucked. :C

so i can scam em blind without anyone seeing me, EH HEH HEH HEH HEH.
*whistles* XDD

This user. Is the best. XD

Alright, guys, let's gift this person all of our rares cause they had a loss. Who knows what the loss was? Maybe a fish died and they have to bury it? *shrugs* WHO KNOWS?!

Om, WHATTTT?! XD Is this a weird roleplay or something?

^ They said this next before leaving. ^

Also, why do people say "someone with a good heart?" It's weird!


*says in British accent as well* Oh my, that is rather bothersome, I suppose you'll have to get a new designer fur coat! But honestly, what did you expect, Miss? You're walking on top of a giant cake!

Om, I think this was at a family roleplay or something. XD This person doesn't know how to be a parent! WHERE'S A PERSON WHO'S ACTUALLY BEEN A PARENT? *looks around for an adult* XD

A school of your soul?
Well, maybeeeeeee go back to this school hallway, your soul needs to get, uh, taught... in a hallway! :D

I don't even know what to say about this one. XDDD

Not quite sure that's how it works... XD
*shrugs and picks up seal and tosses in a box that's for donations*

*backs away and squeaks weirdly* Uhhhhhh, whattttt?!
*thinks of a DanTDM video* Wh-who, meh? *laughs at the memory of that part*
In case you are curious, it was Dan's Cleverbot video when he talked to Evie. XD

What is this THING?! XD
Also, this was way back when it was the old gallery! :o And LOOK, LOOK AT MY LITTLE NON-MEMBER AVATAR! Wow, I don't even have a tiger anymore... I think. XD
(Also, ITS MY USERS. Whatever that means, little bunny.)

This userrrrr, I literally burst out laughing when I saw it!

Kind of hard to do in a busy Jamaa Township, Super!

This was taken a long while ago, by the way. No one talks about J2 anymore. C:

...I have no words for this beautiful outfit.

Ohh, I remember this! I just randomly stumbled upon these weird all dark non-members and they kept yelling things about blocking members or trying to get rid of all members.
Also, "block animals who animals who are member" makes no sense. XD

*quickly spams buddy button*
BE GONE, ELMO, YOU FOUL... UH... what is Elmo, anyway? A red fluffball?

Oh, sureeeeeeeeee. Lemme guess, this person will tell you an item that you will get and then just gift you it or something. Or it's a scam!
Don't trust fortune tellers. In real life and in AJ!

I found this small glitch a while back in Best Dressed, it makes the blanket have snowflakes or something! Cool. c;

I can't remember if I've posted this... hmm, I don't think so!
Anyway, the sign was like this for a while! They finally fixed it, though. XD

These people are the definition of "mature."

Good for you. )o3o(

O,O That is, uh, not normal...
*gives a big derpy grin* Unless your a cyborg.

How could you not even know wat scam is? I mean, like, wat, how?!
Wat is the world coming to.
Okay, I'll stop now. XD

They came to my den and bugged me into becoming "pizza." It was surprisingly fun. XD

What an odd request. o.o

Did all of you make it? Congrats! None of you are cold and soulless!

- - -

Whew, I actually finished a post in one day, WOOHOO! XD

Well, I hope you enjoyed it! ^.^ It was long but I hope it was enjoyable!

Have an awesome day, you're all amazing, and...

Jam on!

Comment call: Did you find this post funny? What have you all been up to?
NOTE: The template will be fall ish very soon! Say goodbye the the oceany summer background and say hello to the autumn leaves background. ^.^

Saturday, 1 September 2018

Lost in the Melodies - The Great Divide

Hey guys! I know I could apologize again for my random absence but my posts lately have been filled with apologies so I'll make it short and snappy. I am so sorry I left for, like, half a month! I've been busy, trying to enjoy summer since I'm going back to school on Tuesday... darn you, summer, you're too short. those three months flewwww by way too fast. :1

Anyway, today's post is going to be different.

And it will change the world FOREVER, MUWHAHAHAHAHA- *has a coughing fit*

Nah, not really. It will change my blog... kinda? I don't know. XD

I've had this idea for a new post series that deeply interests me so these posts will be super fun to write and just throw out into the internet for everyone to read. And today's the day I start this post series. It has nothing to do with AJ, sadlyyyy, but that does not mean AJJ won't get AJ content. It just means I'll post on here more because I'll have this exciting post series to write about and that means this blog won't die, you'll get more reading content.

And c'mon, think about it. Has this blog ever truly just been about AJ? Maybe back in my first year of writing but eh, not now. XD

Now! For the grand reveal of Project-Super-Secret-Except-Not!


Confused? Let me explain!

I have a huge interest in music. Which is kind of odd, since for most of my life, I was never interested in music. I had no albums, I never listened to music I enjoyed because... well, I had no taste of music. I had no genres I liked more than others and I just listened to whatever my family listened to.

Then last year, something changed. I don't know what, to be honest.

I suddenly found out I love pop music, soundtracks, some rap music, video game music, some music I don't even know what to call! Now, my headphones are something incredibly important to me and I can't go on the computer without my headphones because I need music. It feels dull if I go online and have nothing to listen to. *shrugs*

If you know me, you know that I love blabbering about things I love and it's kinda impossible for me to stop talking about it. (See how this was supposed to be a SHORT intro for the post series? I talk too much. XD) Since music is important to me, I usually find meanings or deep feelings about songs. But throwing them at my friends when we're talking about something that's totally NOT my music is not... the best option? XD

So, in these "Lost in the Melodies" posts (hehe, thanks, Chloe, for helping with the name!), I will talk about one song in each post and say what it means to me and what it makes me think of. Basically, a very opinionated review... kind of. Is that cool with you guys? :D

- - -

This song. It's insanely powerful for me. Like, whoa.

Swirl was the one who recommended this song to me, so THANK YOU, SWIRL, FOR GIVING ME THIS AWESOME SONG.

The lines in The Great Divide are important to me. To most people, this song could sound rebellious and hurtful but seriously, I've gone through situations that the song talks about. My thoughts on them are jumbled and angry but this song? It puts it in such a poetic, beautiful way. It's so truthful.

Let's just say, a lot of my friend life has ended up in the way this song talked about.

I had a best friend who I knew since I was young and we grew up together, we hung out at church all the time.

Suddenly, for reasons I won't say, she did something that hurt me so bad that I stepped back from the relationship. Funny how history ends in an instant, how something so close can end up so distant.

Another time, I was really good friends with a different girl, we had such good times together. Talked lots, laughed even more. She was an amazing friend.There was a few rare times, she'd act differently. Stuck up. She'd act all high and mighty, just for a moment. But then everything went back to normal and I forgot about it.

Then, we had some debates and arguments. I was frustrated with her way of doing things, her ego was way too big to me, and she didn't understand that some of my opinions were different than hers. So, our friendship broke. I'm done feeding your ego, forgetting everything that we had.

But that wasn't the end of it. She kept coming back and told lies behind my back about me. She had a whole group of friends that all thought I was an awful person and some even told me what she had said. You go where the wind blows, destroying everyone in your path.

So I ended up going with my other friends and blowing up at her. She tried to lie and push her way out of the awkward situation. Finally, I gave up and have decided to leave her do whatever. Let her lie and bully others, be my guest. Good luck when you wake up, and realize all that you've lost. Shining lies are what you're made of, I hope it's worth the price that it cost.

There are more friend situations that I've been through like this but yeah. That's all I'll spill today. ;)

Anyway, what I mean to say, these lyrics are super special to me since I can relate to it. And this song is SO GOOD. Seriously, I haven't heard the normal version but the Crash Cove Remix is so good! The music is really fun and ahhh, I hope you all listen to it. <3

It kind of awes me that a song that only has a few lyrics can be so amazing. o.o

- - -

Anyway, I gotta boogie off, I have to bike over to the library and pick up the next Wings of Fire book before the library closes!

Have an amazing day and...

Jam on!

Comment call: So, what do you think of this new series? :D How did your summers go?

Monday, 13 August 2018

This Post Series Really Needs A Proper Title

HELLOOO! I'm in a very good mood at the moment, so I thought, "Why not do a post?" ^.^

I have a lot of screenshots of masterpieces just growing in my folders and I really want to clean some out and show you some really awesome art. Is that okayyyy with you? XD

Let's begin RIGHT NOW cuz I have lotssssss of art to show and this is gonna be a long post. XD

Okay. This just blows my mind. o.o The colors are so gorgeous and vibrant! I feel like I would lose my patience if I tried to use that many blues. XD

It's su cute!! :o I love the light orangey tones, makes the whole art super pastel and pretty. The eyes really stand out too!

OKAY. THIS IS ONE. IS. JUST. PERFECT!!!!!!! I have NO IDEA how they made it look exactly like the actual Majora's mask. o.o (In case you aren't a LOZ nerd like me, this is from... Legend of Zelda... XD)

It also creeps me out. *gives Majora a weary look*

Ahhhh, I love the bright reds in this!! :O The fur looks so soft and the purple eyes really just pulls the whole art together to me.

ISH SU CHIBI AND COOT!!!! :O I WANNA HUG ITTT! Seriously, it is adorable!

Oh my word.

Seriously people.

How do you draw so perfectly on AJ?!!!

It's so perfectlyyyyy anime/manga!! I love ittttttt so much. (if you can't tell, manga is my favorite art style.)

The shading in this is stunning! I love all the purples together. :o



If you don't know, I'm a hugeeeeeeeeeeee Undertale fan. And Tictactaco did an stellar job on drawing W.D. Gaster. o.O

Iciblue has done it again. This fox is so detailed and realistic!! :O Even though the background is orangey, the fox still stands out. The fur looks so soft!

Aww, this cat looks so bashful. XD I really like how it's all pink, just a lot of varying shades! And the hearts for the background are really nice. <3

I actually really like the pixel one! It's really cool, I love all the greens and blues and the moon looks so COOL. This masterpiece reminds me of Minecraft, for some reason. XD

Againnn, this is so perfectly anime. The shading is nice and stands out and the background is simple but really awesome! :D

I have no idea who this is, but this simple cute style is really appealing to me! The smooth lines make me envious. XD (it is harddd to get smooth lines on AJ.)

*says panicky* It's Zoom, it's Zoom!! *freaks out*

Ahhh, when I saw this, I freaked out (not just cuz Zoom is a creepo) because I love The Flash TV show and I haven't seen anyone draw something from it on AJ!

Please don't talk about spoilers for the show if you have watched it! Any comments with spoilers won't get published, sorry!

Oh my goodness, this looks straight out of a fantasy novel! :o I am in love with thisssss, I can't stop staring. Those clouds. I love the clouds. o.o

It's so cute and squishy! :O I like the wittle expression. XD And the bright greens of the background is really pretty to me!

*faints AGAIN*

Okay, seriously, what are people's secrets?! This drawing... is JUST STUNNING! The shading in the hair is soooooooo fun to look attttttt. (I feel like I should know this manga girl's name... but I can't remember it at the moment. I see her all over the place, how do I not remember...)

And those eyes.

Sorry, I'm just a hugeeee manga fan. xD

Oh my word, this looks so accurate to the game. o.o (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) My jaw dropped when I saw this. XD (Also, kudos to Austinbeta for being a LOZ fan and superb artist. Seriously, I wanna go onto AJ and snoop in their den if it's unlocked.)

AHHH, this is super cute! :o I like how soft it looks and the eye is veryyyy adorable. It's su CHIBIIIII! ^-^

Okay, I have no idea what the context of this art is but whoa. It's really clean and crisp looking, with its super straight lines, and the TEARS. LOOK. SO. GOOD. The writing is amazing too.

And I really like that mouth. o.o I needa figure out how to draw wolf mouths like that. XD

This is a really fun, unique masterpiece! I love how its just a Converse, that's it. I reallllly want Converse shoes, they are so cute... XD

Sorry, sorry, sorry! Its another video game one... BUT ISN'T IT SO GOOOOOOD?!

Also, very creepy. o.o But I kinda love how creepy it is. I love creepy stuff. XD Like Flowey's face is kinda adorable somehow. Its su round and almost derpy to me. Yet terrifying.

*gives Flowey a look* You're making my brain do trippy things. Do I love you or do I find you insanely creepy? o...O

Don't worry, this post is almost done but before I finish it, I gotta share my discoveryyyyy. XD

I was checking my last masterpiece post (seriously, this post series needs a NAME. Also, my last masterpiece post was made 6 months ago. o.o I hope you guys are okay if I do another art post sooner then that. XD) and I saw this:

I gave this part a double take. I squinted at it.

Before realizing.

I actually KNOW who these anime people are!

They are from an anime I really wanna watch (Chloe has watched some of it, she says it's awesome!) called Snow White with the Red Hair!


I can't believe someone on AJ actually drew Zen and Shirayuki and I somehow recognized them! (I honestly can't tell some anime people apart. They look so similar!)

So yeah, that was my happy little discovery. XD

Welp, I hope you enjoyed this post! (Also, speaking of my old masterpiece, I'm really sorry I didn't reply to blog comments for a few months. DX I don't know if I'll go back 6 months and reply to them cuz it seems pointless... but from now on, I hope to reply back to people faster!)

Have a stellar day, you are AMAZING, and...

Jam on!

Comment call: What was your favorite masterpiece? Do you have a favorite art style, if so, what is it? What the heck should this post series be called?!