Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Need Ideas!

Heyyyy, look who's back? ^-^

I've honestly been giving this blog some thought over the past week. With Paigeeworld (an art site that I used, it's sort of like Instagram? Ish? I don't know. XD) closing down this month, I have a little bit more free time. I joined Twitter as a replacement for Paigeeworld but I still feel like... I have time? To post and stuff? And since I'm a very talkative person, writing blog posts is quite fun and entertaining.

BUT. I need ideas for AJ posts. Or just posts in general. I want to get back into the swing of writing INTERESTING AJ posts. I'm totally out of ideas so...

I'm in desperate need for ideas! What sorts of content do you miss? I feel like the AJ community is too dead to do fashion shows and contests... is there any tags going around? Should I make a tag? Would doing a book or music tag be boring or fun?

Is showing how I decorate dens boring? Or would setting little AJ challenges for myself be exciting?

...Me asking if things are "fun" and "exciting" makes me feel like I'm an old fart who doesn't know what the cool kids do these days. XDD But it's true!

If you have ANY ideas at all, TELL ME. They can be super lame, whatever, I don't care! Maybe I'll just take any idea, no matter how weird or wonky, and just make goofy posts. You could comment on this post or send me a JAG, either way works!


I'm oddly proud of myself for making a nice den with the non-member items I had. ^w^

Jam on!


  1. Nah, I don’t think The community is to dead for contest or fashion shows, maybe do some mini quizzes and challenges? I’m happy you have returned to the blogging community Lost:)

    1. Really? I feel like if I were to have a contest, no one would enter or not enough people... hmm, I might just give it a go someday! XD

      Ohhh, thanks for your suggestions! <3 And thank you, you're so sweet!

  2. Some post ideas:
    Stuff about the past
    Conspiracy theories
    Challenges w/ possible prizes
    Some rumors floating around Jamaa (such as wild weekend returning)

    1. Ohhhh, thanks for the ideas!! :o These get my brain thinking... hmmm...

  3. There's a fun tag I recently did at my blog called "quote quest" where you take memes you don't agree with and combat them with memes you do agree with ;) Feel free to consider yourself tagged ;D

    1. Oooo! Thanks for the suggestion! I might actually do that, I haven't done a tag in eons, I'm itching to do one. XD


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