Tuesday, 31 January 2017

To Ja and Gracie!


Ahem, don't know what got over me there. :P

Well, this will not be a normal post. It is actually going to be asking Ja and Gracie some questions about their drawings that they want me to do with my drawing tablet.
Ok, Ja, you asked for a husky, correct? Well, there are quite a few different types of huskies.

Do you mean...

The dark grey and black one with rings around the eyes? Or, as I call it, the classic husky?

Or the lighter grey  and white one with no rings around the eyes?

And Gracie! You asked for your main animal, Lizzy, to be lifting a paw and your seal will be looking at her. What exactly is Lizzy doing with her paw? I'm quite confused with what she's doing. XD Plus, do you want her to face forward? And does her paw have to be lifted up?

I gotta go do school! Adios my friends!

Jam on!

Friday, 27 January 2017

Copycatting YouTuber Outfits and Short Story

Hola amigos and amigas! :P

In my last post, I copied Blogger outfits. Today, I am copying YouTuber outfits!

But before I begin, I know there are loads of AJ YouTubers but I only found 12 that I know of that are a little more famous. But for Bloggers? I found a little over 20! BLOGGERS FOREVERS! XD

Alright, let's begin!

Ok, just a note, I have no idea who Bruizer is and if they are a YouTuber but whatever. Also, I would have done WootMoo but he's a non-member and I didn't know his main look so yeah.

Hope you enjoyed this part two of copycatting people. ^.^

Anyhoo, on to the most interesting part of the post!

Two nights ago, I just could NOT fall asleep. I lay awake. I tossed and turned. Nothing helped.

My brain was still so alive and active. I couldn't stop thinking.

But then, I started to write a story in my head. I got all the right words out and I really liked it. I wanted to remember it so badly. But what if I forgot in the morning?

I remember it though! So now, I shall tell the story in this very post. It's a short story, mind you. But here we go!

- - -

Jamaasian Kindergarten
"Hey guys! It's me, Aparri here!" Aparri announced, angling his video camera so it showed his face and the background behind him. "Today, I'm going to show you around my kindergarten class."
Aparri glanced around the room, thinking of where he should videotape. Loud screams and talking could be heard all around the room.
"Let's go to the Play-Doh table!" Aparri said, shaking the camera everywhere as he walked. A couple of kids sat at the table, some pounding their Play-Doh so hard that the teacher feared the table would break.
"Hey! Wisteria!" Aparri yelled. He marched over to Wisteria who was slightly sticking her tongue out of the corner of her mouth. She carefully moved pieces of Play-Doh around.
"Whatcha making?" Aparri asked, leaning over the table to stare intently at the pieces of Doh. He zoomed in on the table and then really close to Wisteria's face.
"I'm making a-making a-making-a," Wisteria repeated as she concentrated.
"Your making..." Aparri said slowly.
"A flying wolf that is going over the MOON!" she said proudly.
Aparri stared blankly. "Isn't it supposed to be a cow that jumps over the moon?"
"Nuh uh," Wisteria said slowly.
Aparri glanced over to the other side of the table. Artymis was expertly making a wonderful Play-Doh masterpiece of a waterfall.
"Wowwww! Artymis is WAY better at art than you, Wisteria!" Aparri said loudly.
"HEY!" Wisteria shoved Aparri and stuck out her tongue. "Go away!"
Aparri shrugged and wandered over to the other side of the room. It was the painting area called Paint Corner.
Lost and Swirl stood by a double sided easel. They both painted on opposite sides. They both had huge splotches of paint in their hair and on their clothes.
"Whatcha painting?" Aparri asked, zooming in on Lost's side of the easel.
"Can't you see?" Lost giggled. Swirl giggled on the other side of the easel.
"Ummm, it looks like a..." Aparri trailed off. Lost was painting was a green splotch with purple and black smaller splotches. Lost proudly swiped a huge paint stroke upward in blue paint.
"It's Swirl's wizard wolf toy!" Lost announced.
Aparri ducked over to Swirl's side of the easel. Her painting was a brown blob. Swirl quickly added a grey mark on the top of the blob.
"That's Lost's deer toy!" Swirl declared.
"That's, umm, great. I suppose," Aparri said unsurely.
With that being said, Aparri wandered across the room.
"Now I'm going to go the reading room! Maybe Mrs. Liza will be there," Aparri said to his camera before he walked into a boy. Coins from the boy's hands fell to the floor.
"OOF!" Skorm said. He quickly bent down and picked up his money.
"Watch where your going!" Aparri shouted. "And why do you have money?"
"None of your business," Skorm said snootily. Just as he was about to turn around, he stopped. "Actually, I do want to tell you so your jealous of me."
Aparri stared at him, like he didn't care but he actually did. Skorm smirked.
"I just sold a Play-Doh wolf that I made in FIVE seconds for FIVE cents! Pretty good, right?" Skorm said arrogantly, his voice raising louder and louder. "Not only does he know, he can't even keep it because it belongs to this classroom! So, he gave me his money for NOTHING! WAHAHAHA!" Skorm laughed as evilly as he could.
Aparri blinked at him and turned back to the hallway where the reading room was.
As he opened the door, he groaned when he realized who was reading.
There, sitting on a little stool in the middle of the room, was Julian. A little herd of kids sat and listened while some others snored and drooled.
Julian looked up from his science book. "Are you going to stay and listen or just be in the way?"
"Uhh, I'll listen," Aparri said, scooting into a chair.
Julian nodded and cleared his throat before continuing. "Therefore, however, for this reason, accordingly, consequently, on account of, hence..."
Aparri yawned and rubbed his eyes. He pushed his chair, causing it make a loud screech. The herd of kids close to Julian all turned at the same time and raised their little fingers to their lips and in unison said, "Shhhhh!"
Aparri dashed out of the room and slammed the door as loud as he could, laughing to himself. He then wandered over to another corner where three girls sat on the ground and colored with crayons.
Gracie, Ja, and Sarah all looked up and stared at Aparri expectantly.
"Hi guys! I'm videotaping!" Aparri said.
"HI CAMERA!" Sarah shouted, raising her arms above her head and waving them around for no reason.
"HELLO WORLD!" Ja yelled, bouncing as she sat on the ground.
"UMM, HOLA!" Gracie screamed and did a weird face at the camera.
"What are you drawing?" Aparri asked.
"I'm drawing a horse RIDING a husky!!" Ja said as she drew a squiggly line on her paper.
"A horse riding a husky?" Aparri scratched his head, messing up his spiky hair.
Ja nodded proudly.
"Well, I'm drawing a seal!" Gracie said. Aparri zoomed in on her paper and saw a blue thing with a tan hat.
"And I'm drawing a fox!" Sarah said. "But get THIS! It's a fox in-in-in ICE ARMOR!
"Ooooooo," Ja and Gracie said, not looking up from their papers.
"HEY, WE'RE HERE!" Karalee, Frozen, Gfox, and Custard said as they plopped down making a huge circle.
Aparri scrambled away from all the girls and wandered back to the middle of the room. Just as he was about to end his video, Bepper flew at him and grabbed the camera.
"Hey! Give that back!" Aparri whined.
"Hey guys! BEPPER IS GOING TO TAKE OVER APARRI VIDEOS!" Bepper screamed at the camera.
Aparri reached over and yanked Bepper's hair.
"Ow!" Bepper dropped the camera and ran away, laughing.
"Yuck. Cooties," Aparri muttered as he examined his camera.
"Well, hope you enjoyed this video! Don't forget to leave to a comment, like, and subscribe and I'll see you guys in my next video!"
Suddenly, Bepper ran past and grabbed Aparri's top hat.
"Hey! GIVE THAT BACK!" Aparri yelled. He quickly turned to face his camera. "PEACE OUT!"
- - -
Well, I hoped you enjoyed that story! ^-^
Sorry if I did not add you! It's super hard to add a lot of people into a short story.
Have an amazing day and...
Jam on!
P.S. Guess what?! On Dream Miner AJ, I won Blogger of the Month! (I added it to the sidebar.)
Also, CanineClaw hosted a drawing contest. You have to draw a scene from any book on AJ Fan Fiction. I chose AJKraft's JH. ;)
This scene is where Julian is locked up in a cupboard and is plotting his revenge. (He's thinking of hitting Aparri over the head with a book. XD)
Note to Canine, I did draw this with pencil but then outlined it with a pen. ;)

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Copycating Blogger Outfits

Bonjour, mon amies! Aujourd'hui est jour de mise à jour!

(Heehee! Thanks Google Translate for helping me speak French. XD)

If you had no idea what that said, this is what it said: Hello, my friends! Today is update day!

Yup, that's right! Today was UPDATE DAY!!

Here's a summed up version of the update.

Sheep have arrived! And AJHQ confirmed that the sheep were the ones sending the notes in bottles. So, the notes in bottles are finally done! (I missed over half the prizes, thinking it was already done. o.o) Adorable pet roosters from Play Wild have come as well. And ANYone can buy one! Kraft! CHICKENS!!!!! There is also a New Years party for the roosters as it is the Year of the Rooster for Chinese. A new adventure has come! It's a... New Years adventure?! That is quite interesting... And it is, again, for everyone! The diamond Friendship Amour has returned from last year and the Friendship Festival is coming up quite soon. Better pucker up. Dolphins have left, penguins and pet penguins are still on sale, and a reminder that those AJ boxes have been sent to all who bought them.

Well, that was a pretty sweet update! ^-^

And now! On to the topic of today's post.

It is super random but it was entertaining for me.

I was just randomly playing AJ and was a little bored. So I picked out my arctic wolf and tried my hardest to look like Gracie. Then I thought, "Hey! I should try to look like all the bloggers!" So that's what I did. XD

Sorry for the weird picture of normal 2fangwolf!

Again, sorry for the weird picture.

I know this isn't your main but I forgot which one was! Don't hurt me! XD

Which one do you think I did best on? :D I had a lot of fun doing all 20 of these. ^-^ I did pretty good for not buying anything for it and just using the items I have.

Before I go, I have three quick random things to tell you.

One, I had another dream about JH. O,O

Here's what happened (that I remember) in it! (Just saying, dreams are really random and don't make sense so don't expect this to be all organized and stuff. XD)

I remember walking into my dorm. It looked like the hotel room that I stayed in on my youth retreat. I noticed Bepper was sitting on the ground. I flew myself onto the bed that she was leaning on and hopped around on it. I think we talked a little but I can't remember what we said. Then, I lay down on my stomach and looked at her. "How old is Aparri?" I said, even though my non-dream self knows how old he is. Bepper replied back and said, "Sixteen." But then suddenly, Bepper was replaced by Aparri himself! I have no clue how this happened. "So, glad your almost Julian2's age?" I asked but then I was shocked that I had said JULIAN instead of Wisteriamoon. In my dream, that was obviously wrong to mention Julian while talking to Aparri. I think Aparri just nodded. And then poof, I woke up.

See how that doesn't make any sense? XD Why would I ask the dumbest questions? And why the hay was Aparri in a girl dorm?!

I just hope I can get more dreams about JH. :D

And my second thing I wanna tell ya is a true story from today that is quite humorous because it was me doing something kinda stupid. XD

So, I was walking to pick up the mail with Koolestkat when I saw these piles of snow near the mailbox. I hadn't climbed snow hills all year. So, I decided to climb them.

I bet your all already saying, "Oh no!" and shaking your head. Don't worry, it gets worse. XD

As I'm climbing, I realize that since it is quite nice out the snow is mushy and not very firm. I really don't wanna fall into a big pile of snow so I am about to climb down when I think, "It's not that far from the ground. I should be ok if I jump." So I leap off the pile and...

The snow I thought was the ground was actually almost knee high snow. And I had just jumped RIGHT into it.

I stand there. Koolest laughs at me. I finally realize I have snow in my boots so I hurry up out of the snow and back onto the pile. My pants were all snowy. And it was such perfect timing because my neighbor drives by and probably sees me, all snowy. XD

And my last thing I want to tell you is...

I have a surprise.

A pretty sweet surprise.

A huge pretty sweet surprise.

But I can't tell you now...

So, with that being said...

Jam on!!!

Comment call: What's your opinion on the update? What was your favorite outfit that I copied? Should I next copy YouTuber outfits?

Friday, 13 January 2017

New JH Chapter and Dreams

hoi boi it's dat boi and imz goins 2 telz u bot suf.

(Heh, thanks Swirl for the idea of doing bad grammar and spelling. XD And if you can't tell what I said: "Hey boy, it's that boy and I'm going to tell you bout stuff." Okay, the 'hoi boi it's dat boi' doesn't make sense in good spelling. o,o)

Anyway, as you can tell by the title...

A brand new JH chapter is out!

I know, it again took forever. But right now I'm kinda stressed with a bunch of art requests and things.

But to make up for taking so long, this chapter is a little longer than usual! ^.^

I added 3 new characters. (it may or may not be you...)

So be sure to go on and check out Chapter 8 on my tab, Jamaasian High. :D

And your probably wondering, why does the title say something about dreams?

Well. You know you think about Jamaasian High and a blogger portal when you dream about it.

*crickets chirp*

I'm serious! A couple of days ago, I dreamed about me being in JH! (it wasn't a daydream!) It was SO cool! Sadly, I didn't meet anyone and only saw Koolestkat and one other person. But it was still cool!

So the next night, I hoped I would dream about it again. (Maybe someone made a blogger portal that comes like a dream but it's actually real?!)

I didn't dream anything that I could remember. o,o

So the night AFTER that, JH struck again!

I'm not joking! I dreamed that I met Swirlshine in JH or something!! Like, how is that possible?!

In three nights, I had TWO dreams about JH/blogger portal! That's crazy!

I haven't dreamt about it again but I still find it so freaky... And pretty cool! ^.^

Well, I gotta go. Just wanted to let you know about the dream stuff and the new chapter. ;)

Jam on!

I found two random masterpieces that I just had to share!

This little Fluttershy is SO adorable! I love how it looks colored with markers or something. ^.^

This is such a good realistic Alpha masterpiece!! I practically like Greely. (The Peck one looks pretty creepy but whatever... XD)

P.S. This is the 101th post!!!

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Baa! Art for Sarah!

You guys: Umm, definitely NOT Lostfairy. I mean, she's definitely NOT the only author on this blog.
Me: You guys! Stop being sarcastic!
You guys: o,0 Whatever...

Anyhoo, yup, it's me! XD

I know, I just posted yesterday but I have something to post about today so... I couldn't wait!

First things first.

You all have probably done the new adventure, The Phantom Fortress. In it, you rescue sheep! AJ just confirmed that sheep are the new animal coming soon! And boy, do they look fluffy!

(graphic made by Scooter)

But doing the adventure, I found something... interesting.


Well, no one can open it at the moment but really, that seriously confirms it! Plus, the sheep on the stone thing looks super cute. :o

And by the way, I'd like to give a shout-out even though I doubt she'll see it.

Cheetahbug gave me those wings that I am wearing in the picture. She told me she even over traded for them!

Thanks so much, Cheetahbug!

Back to the adventure, me and my friend, Fluffykittenlover17 did the adventure yesterday and Fluffy pointed out a glitch that happened to us...

We got our prizes at the end of the adventure and the sheep haven't even escaped! o,o They are just standing there. And they are at the bottom of the vine/stalk too! Greely also didn't move. O.O

Well, it wasn't too bad of a glitch. XD

And now! The moment you all have been waiting for!!

Yesterday, I asked for 3 art requests. And I already finished the first one!

Thank you, Sarah, Ja, and Gracie for asking for requests! ;)

Sarah, here is your art!

I know you asked for a couple of trees in the background and you didn't ask for the words but I thought it looked okay. ^.^

Hope you enjoy!

After I finished the picture, Koolestkat asked to try out my drawing tablet. I allowed her to. And look at the beautiful masterpiece she created:

*crickets chirp from somewhere*

I bet your all like this GIF.

Yup. I did that too. XD (Sorry, I just HAD to add that adorable GIF of Boo. XD)

Whoever guesses what her drawing is gets a free virtual hug. ^.^

Well, have a splendid afternoon!

Jam on!

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Thingies and Stuffs

Well, well! Look who came marching into my lair of terror! *grins evilly*

*coughs* I have no idea what came over me, guys! XD I'm not evil or anything. Perhaps it was my evil twin, Lostpixie...

Alright, let's begin today's post! :P

So, I really wanted to show you guys some of my Christmas presents that I got! I know I always love seeing real life pictures from different bloggers so I hope you are entertained! ^.^

Before I begin, I first wanna show you my lovely, squishy, cuddly, Pusheen plushy!

I bought my little Pusheen at a very, very huge mall when I was at my youth retreat a week ago. (It's been exactly a week since I bought Pusheen.) I remember squealing happily when I saw her on a shelf but then reading the price tag. 16 dollars. For a little plushy.

I left the store and wandered around the mall with my little group. But then, 30 minutes before we had to leave on the bus to go back to the hotel, I decided I was gonna go buy that Pusheen. So we made our way back toward the store and I bought it. ^-^ The last original color! All the others were green or pink or blue.

Some of you might not know how Pusheen looks like or who she even is. Lemme explain. She is a grey cat that is very fat. XD She has a couple of friends, one being named Stormy is a very small version of her. And way fluffier.

Here is the original Pusheen!

And here is my plushy!

ISN'T IT SO CUTE?!!!! XD I love it so much. It's SO soft. And teeny. And adorable. And the tag is a little moving Pusheen. Her tail moves up and down. :P

Alright, time for my Christmas gifts!

I'll do my AJ toys first. ^.^

I got a little green fox and a peacock! Guess what? The peacock is one of the two ultra rare Adopt-A-Pet toys... I GOT AN ULTRA RARE PEACOCK! O.O I haven't done the codes yet but when I do, I'll post about it. ;)

I got a Light-Up ring toy! It's called a Twinkle Panda. And then I got another Adopt-A-Pet house and got a pink panda with wings! And I also got a koala that came with a pet horse.

Just some close-ups. :)

These four beauties are my books that I got. "Disenchanted, the Trials of Cinderella", "The Last Present", "Cake Pop Crush", and "Sea of Monsters". I have read them all except "Disenchanted". :D

My parents bought us the black Wii U!!! And four games! I love all the games. Mario Kart 8 came with the Wii U. And then we also got: The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD, Super Mario 3D World, and Nintendo Land.

We have already played hours on it. XD

And my favorite present...

I got a Wacom Intuos Draw tablet!!!! <3 I have dreamed of getting one of these. A couple of years ago, I wouldn't have ever wanted one but I have certainly grown to love art.

Me and Gracie both got the same color of tablet for Christmas so we decided they are twins. Mine is named BlueSea and Gracie's is BlueOcean. XD

I finally tried it out yesterday!!

Heehee. <3 I love how I can handwrite pretty nicely on the computer now! Having a pen is so nice. And I LOVE how using the paintbrush tool blends colors together! (check out the eye)

I will take a little while to get used to all the tools but I really love the paintbrush tool and the ink pen tool.

Also! Since I love this tablet, I am feeling generous. XD

I will accept 3 art requests to draw on my tablet! The first 3 people who ask are the ones who get the art. Sorry, I can't handle any more requests. D:

All you gotta do is leave your user and ALL the details. Remember, these aren't masterpieces. I will post the finished art.

And to Swirlshine and Pob, I am REALLY sorry that I haven't done your requests that you had. :( I feel really bad but I got crazy busy... I will try to do them someday but please, just be super patient with me. I am sometimes lazy with art.

Well, hope you enjoyed today's post!!

Jam on!

Comment call: What did you get for Christmas?
Sorry if it sounded like I was bragging in this post!!