Thursday, 19 January 2017

Copycating Blogger Outfits

Bonjour, mon amies! Aujourd'hui est jour de mise à jour!

(Heehee! Thanks Google Translate for helping me speak French. XD)

If you had no idea what that said, this is what it said: Hello, my friends! Today is update day!

Yup, that's right! Today was UPDATE DAY!!

Here's a summed up version of the update.

Sheep have arrived! And AJHQ confirmed that the sheep were the ones sending the notes in bottles. So, the notes in bottles are finally done! (I missed over half the prizes, thinking it was already done. o.o) Adorable pet roosters from Play Wild have come as well. And ANYone can buy one! Kraft! CHICKENS!!!!! There is also a New Years party for the roosters as it is the Year of the Rooster for Chinese. A new adventure has come! It's a... New Years adventure?! That is quite interesting... And it is, again, for everyone! The diamond Friendship Amour has returned from last year and the Friendship Festival is coming up quite soon. Better pucker up. Dolphins have left, penguins and pet penguins are still on sale, and a reminder that those AJ boxes have been sent to all who bought them.

Well, that was a pretty sweet update! ^-^

And now! On to the topic of today's post.

It is super random but it was entertaining for me.

I was just randomly playing AJ and was a little bored. So I picked out my arctic wolf and tried my hardest to look like Gracie. Then I thought, "Hey! I should try to look like all the bloggers!" So that's what I did. XD

Sorry for the weird picture of normal 2fangwolf!

Again, sorry for the weird picture.

I know this isn't your main but I forgot which one was! Don't hurt me! XD

Which one do you think I did best on? :D I had a lot of fun doing all 20 of these. ^-^ I did pretty good for not buying anything for it and just using the items I have.

Before I go, I have three quick random things to tell you.

One, I had another dream about JH. O,O

Here's what happened (that I remember) in it! (Just saying, dreams are really random and don't make sense so don't expect this to be all organized and stuff. XD)

I remember walking into my dorm. It looked like the hotel room that I stayed in on my youth retreat. I noticed Bepper was sitting on the ground. I flew myself onto the bed that she was leaning on and hopped around on it. I think we talked a little but I can't remember what we said. Then, I lay down on my stomach and looked at her. "How old is Aparri?" I said, even though my non-dream self knows how old he is. Bepper replied back and said, "Sixteen." But then suddenly, Bepper was replaced by Aparri himself! I have no clue how this happened. "So, glad your almost Julian2's age?" I asked but then I was shocked that I had said JULIAN instead of Wisteriamoon. In my dream, that was obviously wrong to mention Julian while talking to Aparri. I think Aparri just nodded. And then poof, I woke up.

See how that doesn't make any sense? XD Why would I ask the dumbest questions? And why the hay was Aparri in a girl dorm?!

I just hope I can get more dreams about JH. :D

And my second thing I wanna tell ya is a true story from today that is quite humorous because it was me doing something kinda stupid. XD

So, I was walking to pick up the mail with Koolestkat when I saw these piles of snow near the mailbox. I hadn't climbed snow hills all year. So, I decided to climb them.

I bet your all already saying, "Oh no!" and shaking your head. Don't worry, it gets worse. XD

As I'm climbing, I realize that since it is quite nice out the snow is mushy and not very firm. I really don't wanna fall into a big pile of snow so I am about to climb down when I think, "It's not that far from the ground. I should be ok if I jump." So I leap off the pile and...

The snow I thought was the ground was actually almost knee high snow. And I had just jumped RIGHT into it.

I stand there. Koolest laughs at me. I finally realize I have snow in my boots so I hurry up out of the snow and back onto the pile. My pants were all snowy. And it was such perfect timing because my neighbor drives by and probably sees me, all snowy. XD

And my last thing I want to tell you is...

I have a surprise.

A pretty sweet surprise.

A huge pretty sweet surprise.

But I can't tell you now...

So, with that being said...

Jam on!!!

Comment call: What's your opinion on the update? What was your favorite outfit that I copied? Should I next copy YouTuber outfits?


  1. I made a Rooster farm on my 2nd account (sarahkey1234) XDDD Its not finished yet. I had to settle for pig fence sense there are no other nm fences O.O And of course I don't have enough room on my main... lol!

    1. Oh neat! A rooster farm is a great idea! XD Hmm, well, pig fences are good too. ^.^ And of course. XD My account is always FULL... XD

  2. The update was okay in my opinion c: my favorite part was the overly kawaii sheep 😱😱😱😱😱😱
    Pucker up.. 😶
    That should wait until your older children 😬

    Hehe 😂
    You got pretty close with Scooter and Panda! Good job :D

    I've had no dreams of JH or the Blogger portal, wahhhh XD
    Although, recently I dreamed very very briefly of me just sitting there on AJ with Legendary and Wisteriamoon.. O.o

    LOL! If our neighbors saw me do something like that, I wouldn't want them to see my face again XDD


    I sound like a desperate fan girl.. XDD

    Remember, God made YOU!

    1. Yeah. I get what you mean. In my opinion, it was a splendid update! THE SHEEP ARE AWESOME!!!!! XDD

      Heehee! I was just joking around. XD

      Thanks! I think my Violet one was pretty good because it was exactly the same. CX

      It's creepy... I had ANOTHER dream with AJ people... O,O I loved it but I feel like if I tell everyone, they will think I'm lying... D:
      Oh cool!! Did Wisteriamoon look like her real self? :D

      XDDDDD Heh, yeaaaaahh... I laugh about it though. XD

      Nuh uh! No hints! XD You'll just have to wait and see what I cook up. ;)

  3. chickens
    I even bought sapphires on play wild to get one lol

    nah Lost. That outfit is incredibly accurate XD

    Do you want to hear a weird dream I had?
    Me:Here you go.

    I was walking home from school when I fell into a hole in the pavement and was in this cave thing. There was a portal and a pitchfork so I took the pitchfork and jumped in the portal. Suddenly I was in the hunger games and there were a mixture of my friends, my blogger friends, random kids in my form and teachers. Nobody died apart from my computing teacher spontaneously combusted(WHY). Everyone escaped the arena and then I was in disneyland and I met Walt Disney even though he's dead. He told me to follow my dreams and gave me a cheesy dorito. Then a bunch of pickles rained from the sky and then I was reading books? And then I found a pickle on the floor and threw it out my window and it hit a chicken. Then I woke up.

    If that is not the weirdest dream ever I'll eat... Uh. A cucumber!

    Well then this was an extraordinary comment.

    1. The roosters are awesome! You could totally make a bunch of chickens and then build a chicken shrine or something. XD

      XDDD Actually, the outfit for you kinda sucks! Yours is like perfectly cool and mine is like... odd. XD


      *holds back laughter* A portal? A pitchfork? HUNGER GAMES? WALT DISNEY?!!!! PICKLES?!!!!!!!!!!! CHICKEN?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD Sounds like the most wonderful dream. XD

      I'd probably wake up laughing if I had that dream. XD

      And I love extraordinary comments. :P

  4. Thanks for doing my outfit, I thought you would leave mine since I'm literally the most unknown Blogger in the bunch. XD You did a pretty good job copying our outfits, honestly! :D
    And yes! You should definitely do one for the Youtubers. It'd be fun to see what you can come up with! XD
    Oooh, surprisessss. :P

    1. AHH YAY!!!! PURPLEEEEE!!!!!! It's been so LONG!! Welcome back, my friend!

      You're welcome! And of COURSE I would do yours! Your totally part of the blogger community and an important part as well. ;) Thanks!!! ^.^
      Heehee! I would love to see myself trying to do Wisteriamoon's outfit or something... XD
      XD Can't wait to tell you my surprissssssssse. XD

  5. Wow! Your did a pretty good job:)

    1. Thanks so much, Vi! I did a pretty good job on yours, if I do say so myself. XD (Sorry if that wasn't your main look!)


    Nice dream, BTW! XD!
    If I had dreams about AJ...oh man. I'd fangirl. SO HARD. I WANT DREAMS ABOUT AJ! XD!
    Or at least with AJ characters/jammers, like yours, in them!

    XDDD! Snow sounds like so much fun. *Sigh* Can I come through the Blogger Portal to your house and experience it? You, uh, might have to get me some warm clothes, though...since they aren't exactly prepared for snow where I live...because it never snows. Ever.


    1. XDDD Thanks, Swirl!!!!!! I had fun making it and I'm happy I had all the right items, except the necklace. ;D

      XDDD Thanks! It was kinda... weird... XDDDDDDDDD
      It's so WEIRD! I had ANOTHER dream about AJ people!!! Like, how is this happening?! But I feel like everyone thinks I'm lying about them... But it's totally true! I'm not making them up!

      *shoves a dump of snow through screen into Swirl's lap* I wish you could come over to my house! It'd be epic! We'd go sledding, then skating, then we'd throw snowballs and make snow forts. XD *sighs* I wish that was real... And I would love to give you some warm clothes! I have some long sleeve shirts and an extra pair of skinny jeans and we probably have boots. XD See? Perfect!

      XDDDD I love your reaction!!!!!

  7. Lol, fun post! Good job on the outfits! Hehe.

    1. Thanks, Naffy!! ^-^ Your outfit was fun to do! (Yay, a fellow deer. XD)

  8. Why am i not not on?? were buddy's!

    1. Sorry Tox! Your technically not a blogger so that's why I didn't copy you.


    1. LOL! Thanks for telling me but I actually figured that out a while ago. Such an honor. :)

  10. Lost your art of me and 250 likes! WOO WOO!
    *King Tough Bunny

  11. Um.. what about my sister cookycupcake? I'm pretty sure shes a well-known blogger, and Its kinda upsettting to read this.

    1. Hey, I'm so so sorry! I looked and looked but didn't see Cooky's main look. I thought she had none. Sorry this happened!


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