Friday, 27 January 2017

Copycatting YouTuber Outfits and Short Story

Hola amigos and amigas! :P

In my last post, I copied Blogger outfits. Today, I am copying YouTuber outfits!

But before I begin, I know there are loads of AJ YouTubers but I only found 12 that I know of that are a little more famous. But for Bloggers? I found a little over 20! BLOGGERS FOREVERS! XD

Alright, let's begin!

Ok, just a note, I have no idea who Bruizer is and if they are a YouTuber but whatever. Also, I would have done WootMoo but he's a non-member and I didn't know his main look so yeah.

Hope you enjoyed this part two of copycatting people. ^.^

Anyhoo, on to the most interesting part of the post!

Two nights ago, I just could NOT fall asleep. I lay awake. I tossed and turned. Nothing helped.

My brain was still so alive and active. I couldn't stop thinking.

But then, I started to write a story in my head. I got all the right words out and I really liked it. I wanted to remember it so badly. But what if I forgot in the morning?

I remember it though! So now, I shall tell the story in this very post. It's a short story, mind you. But here we go!

- - -

Jamaasian Kindergarten
"Hey guys! It's me, Aparri here!" Aparri announced, angling his video camera so it showed his face and the background behind him. "Today, I'm going to show you around my kindergarten class."
Aparri glanced around the room, thinking of where he should videotape. Loud screams and talking could be heard all around the room.
"Let's go to the Play-Doh table!" Aparri said, shaking the camera everywhere as he walked. A couple of kids sat at the table, some pounding their Play-Doh so hard that the teacher feared the table would break.
"Hey! Wisteria!" Aparri yelled. He marched over to Wisteria who was slightly sticking her tongue out of the corner of her mouth. She carefully moved pieces of Play-Doh around.
"Whatcha making?" Aparri asked, leaning over the table to stare intently at the pieces of Doh. He zoomed in on the table and then really close to Wisteria's face.
"I'm making a-making a-making-a," Wisteria repeated as she concentrated.
"Your making..." Aparri said slowly.
"A flying wolf that is going over the MOON!" she said proudly.
Aparri stared blankly. "Isn't it supposed to be a cow that jumps over the moon?"
"Nuh uh," Wisteria said slowly.
Aparri glanced over to the other side of the table. Artymis was expertly making a wonderful Play-Doh masterpiece of a waterfall.
"Wowwww! Artymis is WAY better at art than you, Wisteria!" Aparri said loudly.
"HEY!" Wisteria shoved Aparri and stuck out her tongue. "Go away!"
Aparri shrugged and wandered over to the other side of the room. It was the painting area called Paint Corner.
Lost and Swirl stood by a double sided easel. They both painted on opposite sides. They both had huge splotches of paint in their hair and on their clothes.
"Whatcha painting?" Aparri asked, zooming in on Lost's side of the easel.
"Can't you see?" Lost giggled. Swirl giggled on the other side of the easel.
"Ummm, it looks like a..." Aparri trailed off. Lost was painting was a green splotch with purple and black smaller splotches. Lost proudly swiped a huge paint stroke upward in blue paint.
"It's Swirl's wizard wolf toy!" Lost announced.
Aparri ducked over to Swirl's side of the easel. Her painting was a brown blob. Swirl quickly added a grey mark on the top of the blob.
"That's Lost's deer toy!" Swirl declared.
"That's, umm, great. I suppose," Aparri said unsurely.
With that being said, Aparri wandered across the room.
"Now I'm going to go the reading room! Maybe Mrs. Liza will be there," Aparri said to his camera before he walked into a boy. Coins from the boy's hands fell to the floor.
"OOF!" Skorm said. He quickly bent down and picked up his money.
"Watch where your going!" Aparri shouted. "And why do you have money?"
"None of your business," Skorm said snootily. Just as he was about to turn around, he stopped. "Actually, I do want to tell you so your jealous of me."
Aparri stared at him, like he didn't care but he actually did. Skorm smirked.
"I just sold a Play-Doh wolf that I made in FIVE seconds for FIVE cents! Pretty good, right?" Skorm said arrogantly, his voice raising louder and louder. "Not only does he know, he can't even keep it because it belongs to this classroom! So, he gave me his money for NOTHING! WAHAHAHA!" Skorm laughed as evilly as he could.
Aparri blinked at him and turned back to the hallway where the reading room was.
As he opened the door, he groaned when he realized who was reading.
There, sitting on a little stool in the middle of the room, was Julian. A little herd of kids sat and listened while some others snored and drooled.
Julian looked up from his science book. "Are you going to stay and listen or just be in the way?"
"Uhh, I'll listen," Aparri said, scooting into a chair.
Julian nodded and cleared his throat before continuing. "Therefore, however, for this reason, accordingly, consequently, on account of, hence..."
Aparri yawned and rubbed his eyes. He pushed his chair, causing it make a loud screech. The herd of kids close to Julian all turned at the same time and raised their little fingers to their lips and in unison said, "Shhhhh!"
Aparri dashed out of the room and slammed the door as loud as he could, laughing to himself. He then wandered over to another corner where three girls sat on the ground and colored with crayons.
Gracie, Ja, and Sarah all looked up and stared at Aparri expectantly.
"Hi guys! I'm videotaping!" Aparri said.
"HI CAMERA!" Sarah shouted, raising her arms above her head and waving them around for no reason.
"HELLO WORLD!" Ja yelled, bouncing as she sat on the ground.
"UMM, HOLA!" Gracie screamed and did a weird face at the camera.
"What are you drawing?" Aparri asked.
"I'm drawing a horse RIDING a husky!!" Ja said as she drew a squiggly line on her paper.
"A horse riding a husky?" Aparri scratched his head, messing up his spiky hair.
Ja nodded proudly.
"Well, I'm drawing a seal!" Gracie said. Aparri zoomed in on her paper and saw a blue thing with a tan hat.
"And I'm drawing a fox!" Sarah said. "But get THIS! It's a fox in-in-in ICE ARMOR!
"Ooooooo," Ja and Gracie said, not looking up from their papers.
"HEY, WE'RE HERE!" Karalee, Frozen, Gfox, and Custard said as they plopped down making a huge circle.
Aparri scrambled away from all the girls and wandered back to the middle of the room. Just as he was about to end his video, Bepper flew at him and grabbed the camera.
"Hey! Give that back!" Aparri whined.
"Hey guys! BEPPER IS GOING TO TAKE OVER APARRI VIDEOS!" Bepper screamed at the camera.
Aparri reached over and yanked Bepper's hair.
"Ow!" Bepper dropped the camera and ran away, laughing.
"Yuck. Cooties," Aparri muttered as he examined his camera.
"Well, hope you enjoyed this video! Don't forget to leave to a comment, like, and subscribe and I'll see you guys in my next video!"
Suddenly, Bepper ran past and grabbed Aparri's top hat.
"Hey! GIVE THAT BACK!" Aparri yelled. He quickly turned to face his camera. "PEACE OUT!"
- - -
Well, I hoped you enjoyed that story! ^-^
Sorry if I did not add you! It's super hard to add a lot of people into a short story.
Have an amazing day and...
Jam on!
P.S. Guess what?! On Dream Miner AJ, I won Blogger of the Month! (I added it to the sidebar.)
Also, CanineClaw hosted a drawing contest. You have to draw a scene from any book on AJ Fan Fiction. I chose AJKraft's JH. ;)

This scene is where Julian is locked up in a cupboard and is plotting his revenge. (He's thinking of hitting Aparri over the head with a book. XD)
Note to Canine, I did draw this with pencil but then outlined it with a pen. ;)


  1. *Falls to ground laughing*

    I wanna see more funny short fictional stories like this o: I love *kid friendly* funny stories. They rock XD

    Remember, God made YOU!

    1. XDDD I am so glad you liked it!!! ^.^ I had a load of fun writing it. ;)
      Ah, yes. Kid friendly things are great. :P I would like to write more short story Jamaasian things. Such as Jamaasian Graveyard, Jamaasian Seniors, etc. XD

    2. Ooooo Jamaasian Senior Care for the wiiiin XDD

      Remember, God made YOU!

  2. I LOVE YOUR STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too cute... ^.^

    1. Thanks so much, sis!!! ^-^ I'm glad you think it is cute. :D

    2. You're welcome, munchkin! XD It WAS cute!! No, actually, it was ADORABLE! ^.^ XD

  3. ROTFL! Jamaasian Preschool made me laugh so hard! And whenever I see someone making a video I say "Hello World" XDDD And I also say weird stuff. I'm weird and I'm proud of it!:D XDDD

    1. Heehee! Thanks! (Even though it wasn't Preschool... XD) Sometimes when I see people making a video, I say "HI! CHECK OUT MY BLOG, ANIMAL JAM JUMBLE!" XD

  4. O gosh that is a stunning work of art. Dun dun dun

    lol seeing that JK i need to somehow get mine off my iPad onto my laptop to post it darn

    You got Skorm pretty accurate X'D


    1. Thanks, Kraft!! I hope you like it. ^.^

      LOL, thanks! I wish he hadn't come back though... o,o XD

  5. Ohhhhhhhh wow! :o :D That was so adorable and amazing! EPIC story, Lost! C:


    1. Thank you so so much, Kara! I almost wish to continue it but I think I shall keep writing my JH. ;)

  6. Good job again with looking like jammerXD

    1. LOL, thank you, Vi! ^-^ I sucked at Theshopking since his look is ALL rares. o,o XD

  7. *laughs* that is SO me! I gotta make this but like in a preschool form LIKE I DOO

    1. Yay! :D I had a ton of fun writing this short story. ;)

  8. Sorry that I left Lost bad internet connection!

  9. you forgot the daily giveaway XD

    1. Oops! That's a good point! XD Umm... *gives virtual cookie*


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