Sunday, 1 January 2017

I'm Back!

Happy New Year!!!

Wowie, it is already 2017! That's so crazy! I felt like 2016 just started. Now I shall have to get used to writing out '2017'... XD

Well, I bet your wondering what I meant by my title.

I was gone on a youth retreat! ;)

I left early in the morning on the 28th and came back just 2 hours ago. ^.^

It was an AMAZING experience. It was wayyyy better than I though it would be. I felt at peace and happy. I grew closer to God.

On the 29th and 30th, we had to go to all afternoon events called 'service ops'. On the 29th, I went to a senior home. I helped seniors play bingo and talked to them. What sucked is that I lost my voice on the 29th. And if you can't talk loudly, well, the old people can't always hear. o,O

We went up to the top floor and hung out with seniors who had dementia. It was... interesting. One old lady kept calling, "We're here!" XD I have no idea what she was thinking... And then this other lady was trying to get me and Koolest and this other girl to color in an adult coloring book. But then a nurse came and asked if the lady would like to sit. The old lady replied back with a swear word. O.O XD

And on the 30th, I went to a second-hand store and helped sort out clothes and furniture. Me and my roomie, who was in the same service op, organized purses so they were in the color order of the rainbow. ^.^ I got to know my roomie better. She's so sweet. <3

We went shopping in a HUGGGEE mall yesterday and I bought a little Pusheen toy. ^.^ (I'll post a picture of it later! ;D) It's so cute and teeny and soft!

Also, my roomies that were in my room were a-maze-ing. There was me and Koolest and these two cute girls from far far away and then a youth leader from my group. We had funny talks in our room and made fun of stuff on TV. XD But I'm a little TV-ed out. I watched SO much this past four days. The only good part of watching stuff on the Disney channel. (Yay for Austin & Ally! XD)

And guess who stayed up 'til midnight yesterday?! ME! XD

This was my first ever time where I stayed up until the new year.

My youth group, by the way, was staying at a hotel. Yup. All 200 of us teens and that's not counting leaders. I felt bad for all the other guests staying at the hotel. We must have been noisy. XD

So, we had a 90's themed New Year's party! ^.^ I had my pale blue skinny jeans on with a dark blue baggy hoodie that says something about 90's. I got a youth leader to put my hair up in a HIGH ponytail. And then I wore my mom's old sock/legwarmers. I was so stylish. XD (I liked my hair though...)

The party was fun! The band sang some old songs and we played games. There was this game where this computer voice would talk to us. It showed us 6 different Star Wars poses from different characters. Then, we had to pick a pose and hope the computer didn't pick the one we were doing. If it did, we were out. Me and Koolest won with some other people! ^-^

There was also a runway thing. If you wanted to show off your outfit, you could walk near the stage and do your 'runway walk'. Me and Koolest did. I sucked. XD I didn't know how to walk so I kinda bobbed my head and yelled "Peace!" and did two peace signs with my hands. :P Oh well!

Then there was the COUNTDOWN!! :D When it was 12 AM, we all shouted and screamed and banged the tables. It was fun. ;)

But then, the party ended with a youth leader coming to the front and saying, "Okay, the bus for ____ is leaving right away. Please go get ready now."


So I ran to the room and stuffed random things into my backpack and suitcase. It was... crazy.

I was on the bus from 1 AM to 8 AM. I am SO done with buses. XD (And to make things worse, Koolest threw up. D: )

And to make things even better...

I met someone really special to me. Someone I met years ago online. Someone that I thought I'd never meet in real life. But we did. ^.^ I was SO thrilled to meet her, it was amazing. I think about it and just smile. I'm so happy I got to meet you, Fluffykittenlover17!!!!!!

Well, I just made this post to let you know everything's okay. (Thanks for the concern, Sarah. XD I did tell you I was gonna be busy for a couple of days. :P)

I am so so tired. o,o I haven't slept in a bed since Friday night. :P

I hope you have an amazing start to your new year. :) I really hope this next year will be full of blessings.

But before I go, I wanna do a New Year's resolution.

My resolution is to grow closer to God. I had this one last year and it worked a little. But this is THE year for things to change for the better.

Have an awesome first day of the year and jam on!!

P.S. Sorry if this post is all over the place. I'm tired. XD


  1. I was wondering where you went, sounds like you had fun:)

    1. XD Gosh, I was only gone for 4 days! I'm so glad this community is so sweet! ;) And yes. I had a lot of fun. ^-^

  2. I am SO glad you had such a great youth retreat experience! And I'm even more glad to have you back home. <333

    1. Thanks, Tracey! ^.^ I had such a great time. ;)

  3. Sounds like you have SOOOOOOO much fun Lost! I was wondering why there were no post for the past week! XD
    As for the new year, instead of my family staying up (well, the older kids staying up, no the little kids, usually toxic on down :)
    We do an ALL nighter!
    this is what we did (toxic on up) we watched movies, played computer, had fun snacks.
    around 4:00 I was starting to have a headache, but I wanted to stay up till at LEAST 5:00 (my goal was 6:00 though ;D) so I fell asleep around 5:00, while watching Monster's universality, right after the team discovers Sully is cheating. (So it kinda seemed like it was the end of the movie, MOVIES ARE SUPPOSE TO HAVE HAPPY ENDINGS DISNEY!!!) ;D
    *King Tough Bunny

    1. Heehee! I sure did!!! ^.^ And c'mon! I posted the day before I left! XDD
      Oh nice! Sounds like fun!! ^-^
      I did an all nighter as well. Well, almost. XD I slept a teeny bit. :P
      Sounds like a lot of fun!! Sorry you got a headache though! D:
      XDDD You should have stayed up til the movie was happy! XD

  4. You met fluffykittenlover? O: I wanna meet u. But it most likely wont happen sense your in Canada right? And Im in the USA Suu yeah..

    1. Yeah!!!! I am so pumped I did!!!!! ^.^ We planned that for a LONG time...
      And yeah.... Maybe. Someday. ;)

  5. Your main animal is so cute!

  6. Sounds like you had tons of fun!

    1. LOL, I certainly did! I'm so happy it turned out better than I expected! ^.^

  7. I'm glad you enjoyed that youth retreat!

    Now, I'm gonna reveal something about myself here. Old people, the very old ones...they kinda freak me out.
    I don't WANT to be freaked out by them, but... I can't help it. It's just... it feels really awkward. Like, some of them would have no problem just hugging me, even though I don't know them. However, stuff like that kinda makes me nervous. You never really know what people like that will do, and the kind that can't talk very well make me even more anxious, because I literally CANNOT carry on a conversation, or START one, for that matter, like a normal person. That's why I don't normally like going to nursing homes and all that. They just...make me nervous.
    That sounded SO RUDE, I know. But I'm not trying to say that I hate those kinds of people. I'm just saying that they make me uneasy. I don't want it to be that way, but...I don't want a LOT of problems I have. Sadly, though, there's no escape. ,:1

    You saw someone you met online IRL? That sounds so nice.
    It makes me want Bloggercon even more.
    I'm NOT giving up on Bloggercon. EVER. I'm meeting all of guys, and that's that.

    1. Thanks, Swirl! ^.^

      I totally understand! You don't sound rude at all! You probably feel a little awkward because old people kinda... just say whatever they wanna say. XD I am a little awkward with them too because I have no idea if I get what their talking about or if they will understand what I'M talking about or if I'll be one of those youngsters that is all wonky to them. XDDD

      Yeah! I met Fluffy! ^.^ Now, if only I could meet you! Or everyone else! :D
      Hehe! I wish Bloggercon would happen. (and close to me to!)

    2. :)

      Oh, whew! Glad you understand! I felt rude saying that, but that's just how I feel. I can't really help it. I'm half antisocial, so that might be part of the reason. (I do like socializing, but I'm very shy.)


      And I'm not giving up until I meet you all one day.
      Bloggercon WILL happen!!! We WILL make it work, I promissssee!!! Even if it takes a few years, I'm still finding a way to make it work. Somehow.


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