Friday, 13 January 2017

New JH Chapter and Dreams

hoi boi it's dat boi and imz goins 2 telz u bot suf.

(Heh, thanks Swirl for the idea of doing bad grammar and spelling. XD And if you can't tell what I said: "Hey boy, it's that boy and I'm going to tell you bout stuff." Okay, the 'hoi boi it's dat boi' doesn't make sense in good spelling. o,o)

Anyway, as you can tell by the title...

A brand new JH chapter is out!

I know, it again took forever. But right now I'm kinda stressed with a bunch of art requests and things.

But to make up for taking so long, this chapter is a little longer than usual! ^.^

I added 3 new characters. (it may or may not be you...)

So be sure to go on and check out Chapter 8 on my tab, Jamaasian High. :D

And your probably wondering, why does the title say something about dreams?

Well. You know you think about Jamaasian High and a blogger portal when you dream about it.

*crickets chirp*

I'm serious! A couple of days ago, I dreamed about me being in JH! (it wasn't a daydream!) It was SO cool! Sadly, I didn't meet anyone and only saw Koolestkat and one other person. But it was still cool!

So the next night, I hoped I would dream about it again. (Maybe someone made a blogger portal that comes like a dream but it's actually real?!)

I didn't dream anything that I could remember. o,o

So the night AFTER that, JH struck again!

I'm not joking! I dreamed that I met Swirlshine in JH or something!! Like, how is that possible?!

In three nights, I had TWO dreams about JH/blogger portal! That's crazy!

I haven't dreamt about it again but I still find it so freaky... And pretty cool! ^.^

Well, I gotta go. Just wanted to let you know about the dream stuff and the new chapter. ;)

Jam on!

I found two random masterpieces that I just had to share!

This little Fluttershy is SO adorable! I love how it looks colored with markers or something. ^.^

This is such a good realistic Alpha masterpiece!! I practically like Greely. (The Peck one looks pretty creepy but whatever... XD)

P.S. This is the 101th post!!!


  1. I'm just wondering if I'm part of the "pack" now.... um.... thanks for adding me in.... um.... I hope I can be in it more... peace

    1. Don't worry! Your part of the pack. ;) And you will be in there more! I just have to squeeze as many people in the story without shoving too many details around.

  2. Whoa... that's actually REALLY good art. Both of the masterpieces are fantastic! I especially love the one with the alphas, though. :3

    1. I know! Right? I love the Greely on the Alpha masterpiece. So good! ^-^


    Remember, God made YOU!

  4. I needa read jamasian high, keep forgetting toXD

  5. YAY JAMAASIAN HIGH!!!!!!!!!! *screams* XD

  6. Hey I got the pen to work on the computer again! All I did was have to reset the settings and then it fixed it:)

  7. Not sure if my previous comment posted but... I GOT THE PEN TO CONNECT TO THE COMPUTER AGAIN!!



    I wish I had meaningful dreams, but sadly, the only one I remember that I've had recently is one where my friend, the one in JM, who now ignores me IRL, was my friend again, and it was so nice. *Sigh*
    Well, I doubt that'll happen.

    1. YEAH!!!! *jumps up and down* I wish I could remember the dream more but I know I met you and that you were like I imagined you in my story. XD Wizard hat and all. ^.^

      I don't usually dream meaningful dreams. Though, (this sounds crazy) I sometimes dream about boys that I think are cute. XD Those ones usually leave me in a happy mood when I wake up.
      Awww.... *pats back* It'll be okay. I'm sorry you had to go through that. But just know that us bloggers are all here for you and we got your back. ;)

    2. Nice. ;)
      I should dress like that IRL, see what people think. Heheh.
      They'd probably think that I'm dumb and think it's Halloween...XD!

      That sounds better than a dream about a giant statue of my grandma's old dog's head. (Yes, I did have a dream like that a long time ago.)

      You're so kind, Lost! All of you are! Thanks so much for being such amazing friends! ;,)


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