Saturday, 7 January 2017

Thingies and Stuffs

Well, well! Look who came marching into my lair of terror! *grins evilly*

*coughs* I have no idea what came over me, guys! XD I'm not evil or anything. Perhaps it was my evil twin, Lostpixie...

Alright, let's begin today's post! :P

So, I really wanted to show you guys some of my Christmas presents that I got! I know I always love seeing real life pictures from different bloggers so I hope you are entertained! ^.^

Before I begin, I first wanna show you my lovely, squishy, cuddly, Pusheen plushy!

I bought my little Pusheen at a very, very huge mall when I was at my youth retreat a week ago. (It's been exactly a week since I bought Pusheen.) I remember squealing happily when I saw her on a shelf but then reading the price tag. 16 dollars. For a little plushy.

I left the store and wandered around the mall with my little group. But then, 30 minutes before we had to leave on the bus to go back to the hotel, I decided I was gonna go buy that Pusheen. So we made our way back toward the store and I bought it. ^-^ The last original color! All the others were green or pink or blue.

Some of you might not know how Pusheen looks like or who she even is. Lemme explain. She is a grey cat that is very fat. XD She has a couple of friends, one being named Stormy is a very small version of her. And way fluffier.

Here is the original Pusheen!

And here is my plushy!

ISN'T IT SO CUTE?!!!! XD I love it so much. It's SO soft. And teeny. And adorable. And the tag is a little moving Pusheen. Her tail moves up and down. :P

Alright, time for my Christmas gifts!

I'll do my AJ toys first. ^.^

I got a little green fox and a peacock! Guess what? The peacock is one of the two ultra rare Adopt-A-Pet toys... I GOT AN ULTRA RARE PEACOCK! O.O I haven't done the codes yet but when I do, I'll post about it. ;)

I got a Light-Up ring toy! It's called a Twinkle Panda. And then I got another Adopt-A-Pet house and got a pink panda with wings! And I also got a koala that came with a pet horse.

Just some close-ups. :)

These four beauties are my books that I got. "Disenchanted, the Trials of Cinderella", "The Last Present", "Cake Pop Crush", and "Sea of Monsters". I have read them all except "Disenchanted". :D

My parents bought us the black Wii U!!! And four games! I love all the games. Mario Kart 8 came with the Wii U. And then we also got: The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD, Super Mario 3D World, and Nintendo Land.

We have already played hours on it. XD

And my favorite present...

I got a Wacom Intuos Draw tablet!!!! <3 I have dreamed of getting one of these. A couple of years ago, I wouldn't have ever wanted one but I have certainly grown to love art.

Me and Gracie both got the same color of tablet for Christmas so we decided they are twins. Mine is named BlueSea and Gracie's is BlueOcean. XD

I finally tried it out yesterday!!

Heehee. <3 I love how I can handwrite pretty nicely on the computer now! Having a pen is so nice. And I LOVE how using the paintbrush tool blends colors together! (check out the eye)

I will take a little while to get used to all the tools but I really love the paintbrush tool and the ink pen tool.

Also! Since I love this tablet, I am feeling generous. XD

I will accept 3 art requests to draw on my tablet! The first 3 people who ask are the ones who get the art. Sorry, I can't handle any more requests. D:

All you gotta do is leave your user and ALL the details. Remember, these aren't masterpieces. I will post the finished art.

And to Swirlshine and Pob, I am REALLY sorry that I haven't done your requests that you had. :( I feel really bad but I got crazy busy... I will try to do them someday but please, just be super patient with me. I am sometimes lazy with art.

Well, hope you enjoyed today's post!!

Jam on!

Comment call: What did you get for Christmas?
Sorry if it sounded like I was bragging in this post!!


  1. I didn't get a Wacom tablet for Christmas but I bought the Wacom tablet for sale on Boxing Day week:) I got the white one, I am not sure if I like the program that comes with it though, quite a few people say it works well with Krita which I have that lags. It probably lags cause I have to update itXD And yeah.... Also since you can use the pen as a mouse. I wonder if you could draw with it on the aj paint? I'm gonna try that when I go on aj soon:P

    1. That is so cool! Oh I bet it looks super cool in white! ^_^ I got Artrage and its pretty neat. I love using the pen! Much easier use than the mouse! Apparently Gracie her tablet on AJ but it didn't work for me. (BTW, I used my tablet to write this comment! XD So much work though! XD)

    2. It didn't work for me on aj eitherD:

    3. That's odd o.o it should work on purty much everything.. I mean, the buttons on the tablet probably won't connect with AJ, but it should still draw.

      Remember, God made YOU!

    4. @Violet
      D: Whhhyyyyyyyy???

      YOU GOTTA HELP US! XD Seriously, how DO you do it?! XD

    5. Hmmmmmmmmmm, I'll try again later

    6. Hi, Can't get my Wacom Intuos to work, maybe I need to adjust settings?? .. Any help appreciated thanks ��

    7. Well um.. :scratches neck: when I got it my mom helped me with all the settings, and um she did a few updates on her computer, restarted her computer, then I um.. Just started using artrage then the AJ art studio.. And um.. Yah? XDDD

      Remember, God made YOU!

    8. @Kooky
      Hmm, well, use the cord that was in the box and plug it into the computer. If the light doesn't go on on the tablet, restart your computer.
      Sorry if that didn't help!

      By the way, welcome to Animal Jam Jumble!

    9. @Gracie
      Hmmm.... I really want my tablet to work on AJ! D:

      Umm, what Windows is yours?

    10. Maybe it doesn't work for me on aj cause I'm using a Mac

    11. Actually, I use either a Mac laptop, or a Mac desktop computer..

      Remember, God made YOU!

    12. My Wacom intuos stopped working on AJ'S tool recently... It's really inconvenient, I cant draw with a mouse.

    13. ^.^ Such a long conversation! I like it. :)

  2. Can you draw me and Supercat having a picnic? The picnic blanket is red and white checkers, and the backround is just a couple trees, and the sun to the left, also make Supercat digging into the pie XDD

    1. Sure thing! (LOL, I already finished it! XD) Sorry about not doing the trees in the background!
      YES! YOU ARE THE 1ST!!! XD

  3. Can you please draw a Husky? tysm!
    Did you see my presents?
    I forgot to ask for AJ toys! *embaressed*
    New post up just now.
    *King Tough Bunny

    1. Should the husky be doing anything? Any certain colors you want for the husky? ^-^
      Yeah I did! They looked pretty cool. ;)
      O.O NOOOOO!!!!! XDDD
      Really? That's so cool! They are super helpful and incredibly fun!
      I saw it, great job!!

  4. Cool! I. Must. Have. A. Plushie. Like. DAT

    1. *tries to give plushy to Gfox through screen* XDD


    Could you draw me (Major Majormajor) with one paw up and one winking eye, and I'm on the right hand side, and my pet seal is looking up at me on the left side <3

    Ok now to reply about the post XD

    AWWWWWW YOUR PUSHEEN IS SOO CUTEEEEE XD If it's not leaking personal information, what store did you get if from? I want a Pusheen now 😂

    Ooo! I have that fox Adopt-A-Pet, and an ultra rare butterfly. I hope to get the ultra rare peacock sometime :)!

    Ooo a Wii U! Is it much different from the regular Wii?

    Hehe! I love my BlueOcean tablet XD I tried to draw a dog on it today o.O it's on my Wacom Drawing Tablet page on my blog :P

    Remember, God made YOU!

    1. You are! Good job! XD

      Sure thing! But, um... why is Major holding up a random paw? XD

      Heehee! Thanks!! XD And um, I don't think so! I didn't get it anywhere close to where I live sooo... I got it from a store called Eagle Anime. But there was a different store in the mall called Tomodachi that had Pusheen toys too.

      Oh cool! It's fun to get ultra rare toys. XD

      Um, sorta! I mean, the GamePad makes things very different. And I feel like the game animations are incredible! But not too many differences!

      And I love my BlueSea tablet. XDD OH! I saw the dog! It's super cute!!! ^.^

    2. Woo XD

      Not a random paw 😂😂 her right paw would be up. Meep o.o her holding up some other paw would be.. Creepy.. XD

      Hm, I wonder if they have those stores here.

      Yas XD I love ultra rare pets, although all I normally get from them is some gems and a rare pet I may already have 😁

      The GamePad XD? We have a super old Wii o.O

      Aw, thanks XD. My mom liked the dog too, but I didn't think it was the best :P but yet, I'm my biggest critic XD

      Remember, God made YOU!

    3. XD

      I meant... why is she even holding up her paw? Is she waving? Is she high-fiving? What?! XD

      Or you could order it online. :D

      Who doesn't love ultra rare pets? XDD

      O,O The GamePad only comes with the Wii U. It's a handhold remote that is kinda like a DS. XD

      Everyone is their own critic. Don't beat yourself up. ;)

    4. OHHH 😳
      Nu, I meant she's holding up her paw, in a high five pose, but her paw folded instead of straight to give a high five? Oh dear.. I'm not good at discribing XDD

      Yeah, that's true!

      Oh! So sorta like another remote?

      Yeah :)

      Remember, God made YOU!

  6. me wants art XD I will make a full comment later XD

    1. D: Sorry, Flora! 3 people already requested art. But since this is so fun, I perhaps will do another one of these things soon. ;)


    you lucky nugget that's a nice haul

    I have an Intuos too (an older version thou)
    Mine also came with Artrage, but I got Firealpaca soon after (it's 100% free, I'd recommend it) and I now use photoshop which costs an arm and leg.
    One of the thing I liked about Artrage is the different paper types and the palette knife tool.

    For Christmas I got an Ipad pro (I payed for half of it though), an apple pencil, the animator's survival kit and a bunch of randomness like a chicken garland.



      Heh, thanks, Kraft!

      Oh neat! (even if it's older. XD)
      I decided on Artrage because the other free options were only 30 day memberships for some art programs.
      Yeah! It comes with great tools!

      :OOO YOU GOT AN IPAD?!!!! Wow! Congrats! I asked for an iPad but I didn't get one. That's ok, I'll just spend all my money on one. XD And a CHICKEN garland?! XDDD I would love to see that!

  8. Wait, do you have a light blue drawing tablet too? Because I do! Yours, Gracie's, and mine can be triplets, XD! Mine can be...BLUEWAVE! YEAH!

    Anyway, those toys look SUPER cute! I wish I had a Pusheen plushie!

    1. :OOOO When did you get yours?!!!! YOU NEVER TOLD MEEEE?! XDDD That's so cool! BlueOcean, BlueSea, and BlueWave!! ^.^

      Thank you, Swirl!! *tries to shove Pusheen through Blogger portal*

    2. I got it for my birthday in 2016! I think I have a post showing the box, but I hadn't opened it at the time. I think it showed the color I had on the box, but they might have that color on ALL the boxes, soo...


      *Reaches out for it* MUST...HUG...PUSHEEN!!!!

  9. Hey, my intuos WACOM Tablet is not working on the animal jam art studio.. This update though, my best friend's tablet started working.. I am not sure what tablet she has but, mine is not working and I love making art! Please help!


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