Thursday, 29 March 2018






You guys: *pops in randomly* Can you cut it with the capital letters?

Me: FINEEEEEeeeeeee.

Last July, I posted a pretty intense chapter of Jamaasian High. Back then, I posted a new chapter every month or so. Sometimes more!

But for some reason, I ditched JH. Just randomly.

As the weeks turned into months which now is almost a year, I finally had enough with the guilt I had about not writing it. Since it's spring break (WOOHOOOOOO-ahem sorry), I promised myself that I would write that Chapter 16 this week. No excuses.

I'm proud to say I actually did it. I ACTUALLY DID IT.

If you're an old fan of JH but don't remember what last happened cuz it's been forever, read Chapter 15 to refresh your memories! If you're new to AJJ and have no idea what I'm talking about, I'd suggest heading over and reading the story if you're interested!

And remember! JH has it's own blog! (WITH A LIKE AND DISLIKE BUTTON ON EACH POST, WOOOO! XD)

So what I'm saying is... let's get back into the AJ school adventure called Jamaasian High. ;)

Jam on!!

Comment call: ARE YOU EXCITED?
*dances around* SO EXCITED, JUST CAN'T HIDE IT!!!!

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

You Voted For It, I Posted It!

Helllloooooo, everyone!

So sorry I haven't posted in so long!! I've been a teeny bit stressed with school since I've fallen behind in math and stuff. And I've been spending a lot of time with my family. BUT I'M BACK WITH A POST NOW, SO YAY!! XD

A week ago, I put up a random poll asking what I should post about next because I like knowing what sort of posts you all like and wanted to see how it would go to have this poll. It went pretty well! I might do this kind of thing again. ;)

Since there is a tie, I'll do the one I feel like doing most right now and do the other one next week, don't you worry! ^.^

Art and edits time! (Though I must admit, I don't have a ton of edits to show you. Hmm, maybe I'll just make one for the post. XD)

This was an experiment I did on Chicken Smoothie, I was testing out the smearing tool and airbrush and stuff. I kinda made it into Hyrule Castle from Breath of the Wild but it's super messyyyyy! I kinda like the mess of it, though. :D

(If you want to see it on CS, click here!)

I really ship Ghirahim and Fi from Skyward Sword and I love both of their characters so I drew themmm! ^.^ I seriously could gush about them but that would be boring. XD

I'm pretty proud of how I did each of their cloaks, to be honest. :D

(Again, if you want to see this on CS, click here!)

This is a WIP of my AJ Friendship Quilt! I still have to add two patterns and then I think I'm done?! But I really love how the first two patterns turned out so yay! The cherries... turned out way better than I thought they would. XD

This is also a WIP! It's for Koolest and I had started it, like, in September? But I didn't really feel motivated to work on it until this month. I'm not so sure how it'll turn out but hey, it might look better once it's done!!

Cuz that shading looks funky. *glares at it*

Also, in case your wondering, this is the dog I'm drawing:

 *looks back at drawing* Yup. I have a lot to fix and add. XD

I'm watching my brother play Undertale and I keep noticing things I want to draw (Like Mettaton lying on Undyne's piano and eating grapes... XD) and one of them was baby Toriel with baby... Frisk's ancestor? I guess?

This is shown in the beginning story of the game and I just loved the thought of baby Toriel hanging out with Frisk's.... ancestor.... or something... XD It's still a WIP but I like how it's turning out. ;) When it's done, I might post it or you can find it in my CS gallery.

This was one of my first drawings on CS and it's still nottttttt done. I have a lot to fix and add (like ARMS. XD) but I like how I did the pattern on the Inklings shirt. I love Splatoon soooo I really wanted to try drawing an Inkling. I should try drawing a guy one sometime too. :o

Anotherrrrrr WIP. (I'm working on too many things at once...) It'sssss Frisk from Undertale! I'm using those markers I got at Christmas and I am not used to how wet they are so IT'S SO MESSY. XD

*wonders why only one leg is colored* Eh. I have weird methods. XD

I gotta color this one so IT'S ANOTHER WIP, GUYS. XD

I..... don't exactly know how to explain this one... It was a crazy roleplay done by Swirl, Sarah, and Ja and it had to do with a dragon, DanTDM and his pugs, a cat from Warriors (WHO HAS WINGS BECAUSE OF A THEORY SARAH HAS. XD), and a unicorn. So um... yeah. It was insane to read. But super hilarious. XD

I must say, I really like how it turned out. Although the cat is the size of a unicorn?????? IGNORE THAT.

And before I end this post, lemme throw in an edit I made just now.

I like making CS edits so I asked Koolest to show me one of her favorite pets and it was her pet named Savitar. (after the villain in The Flash. I wouldn't look him up cuz there's tons of spoilers.)

The quote is by Savitar, by the way! ;D

Anyhoo, have an amazing day, I'm gonna try to write JH sooooooon, and...

Jam on!

Comment call: Did you like the art and edit? How are you all doing? :D

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Oooo, Some Tags!

Me: *hums to All My Friends and types this intro*
You guys: Oh noesy, a singing intro? EVERYONE DOES THOSE. DON'T GO THE DARK SIDE, LOST.
You guys: *moans* It's tooooo lateeeeeeee, there's nothing left of the old her. Unless... *has an idea*
You guys: *sighs deeply* Well, it has to be done. We can't let her madness continue. *runs out of the room*
Me: LEMME HEAR YOU SAY YEAH! *dances around in chair like a weirdo*
You guys: *runs back into room with a chainsaw* We're sorry we have to do this, Lost. But we have to.
Me: *doesn't even notice the roaring chainsaw* STAND STRONG, STAND TRUE.
You guys: *takes deep breath and quickly swings chainsaw right at Lost and cuts headphone cord*
Me: *opens eyes* HEY, WHERE DID MY MUSIC GO?!
Me: *starts blubbering and crying* Bu-u-u-u-t my music-c-c-c-c! *wails*
You guys: o.o


So, how is everyone? I'm feeling good! (my nose is a bit cold... *wrinkles nose*) I was sick last week with a sore throat, cough, and stuffy nose. But I feel a lot better now! ^.^

Today's post is going to be all about TAGGGGSSS, YAY! (I am hyper, by the way.)

This first wonderful tag is created by Sarah and she tagged me too! And it's about something very close to my heart...


Book Tag

1. What book are you reading right now?

I am reading "The Stolen Chapters" by James Riley! It's the second book in Story Thieves and I loveeeeeeeeee this series! Owen and Kiel are my favoritest characters. THEY ARE SO CUTE. AHH. I LOVE BOTH OF THEM. Plus, Kiel with Bethany is adorable. ;)

I would talk more about this but spoilers! XD

Note: I love how the first book is in this cover. IT'S SUCH A COOL EASTER EGG.

2. What book did you previously read?

I last read "The Last Thing I Remember" by Andrew Klavan. It's not a book I'd normally read but it was good! I will definitely finish this series. ;)

But yeah, it was a very interesting humorous Christian actiony book about a teenage guy who can't remember how he got kidnapped and other stuff I would say but can't. XD

I am so good at describing books. XD

3. What book are you planning on reading next?


Ahem. I really LOVE this series and it's taken me so lonnnnnng to get to reading this book. I read the third book in August so I REALLY NEED TO READ WINTER.

I wouldn't recommend this book for young readers but I totally tell a bit older readers to PICK THIS SERIES UP. ^.^

4. What series are you planning on reading next?

I don't usually read like, one series straight away, all the books back to back. I do it slowly and read a ton of series.

But I really want to read Harry Potter! It looks interesting to me and I like fantasy stuff so... XD

5. What is your favorite book series?

I don't have just ONE favorite series! I have so many! Story Thieves, Wings of Fire, Lunar Chronicles, and The Maze Runner are just four of my favorites. I would recommend all of these series! But then again, I like that series too... And that one...

Heh, I love too many books! XD

6. Favorite book character?


This is going to be a very long list...

-Newt from The Maze Runner
-Owen and Kiel from Story Thieves
-Winter, Moonwatcher, Qibli, Turtle, and Kinkajou from Wings of Fire
-Kai, Cinder, Thorne, and Cress from The Lunar Chronicles

Thanks again, Sarah, for this super fun tag!

Anyone can snatch this tag because... I don't know who has been tagged and I don't feel like searching for that information. XD

This next tag is called the Trio Tag and it was created by Ja Ja! Swirl kinda sorta tagged anyone who wanted to do it SO THANK YOU SWIRL FOR KINDA SORTA TAGGING ME!! :D

The Trio Tag

1. Share 3 random things you did in your life that you've never shared before.

Oh boy... Things I've NEVER shared before? Hmm...

1. I used to play with stuffed toys and toys a lot and they all had voices and I made up CRAZY plots with Koolest. One time we had a war happen. We even had waves of toys that would come at different times. XD My favorite toy to play with was a little grey bear named Teeny Bear. She had a very squeaky voice and was demanding. XD Koolest had her companion, Little Bear. Ah, we had such weird plots. We had hospitals for the war soldiers and a orphanage called Miscellaneous Children. I was such a weird kid.

Then again, what's changed? XD

2. This one has a long story, yayyyy! XD

One day, me and Koolest biked to the library to drop books off. We saw some guys around our age just hanging around but something felt a bit weird to us so we went to the small park nearby and waited for them to leave. But as we waited, we saw two of the guys go behind a wooden shack thing that's close to the ice rink that is there in winter. The shack is for putting your skates on where the wind can't get you. Then the other dude bikes around the library as if he was searching or looking for something. That was a bit odd to me. o.o

 Then he biked around out of view into the shack and we couldn't see them anymore.

But a few minutes later, all three of them started walking/biking away kinda fast. They went past us and kept looking at us or back at the shack. Me and Koolest then noticed a small wisp of smoke coming from the shack after the boys left. So we ran over as fast as we could and saw a fire that was growing because of the dry hay and wooden shack.

Me and Koolest were panicked because we don't own cellphones and the library was closed that day. We couldn't phone 911 or anything! But then a lady drove up to drop books off and she quickly phoned 911 for us.

Then librarians who were working in the library even though it was closed just for that day came out and told me and Koolest could come and sit and wait for the police cuz they would want to ask us questions about the boys.

So the police came and asked us a bunch of questions on their appearances and stuff. I was really nervous and shaken up and hoped I remembered all the right details.

I don't think they found those guys, sadly. o.o

3. Um, I can't really think of any so LET'S JUST SAY THIS. XD

I have kicked Mocha before. A few times, actually.

I KNOW, I KNOW, THAT IS SO BAD. MOCHA IS JUST A CUTE LITTLE FLUFFBALL OF ADORABLENESS. But I was just walking and didn't see that Mocha had stopped in front of me and POW, I kicked her.

She gave me her death glare and kept walking. I felt bad. XD

2. Name your 3 favorite movie series.

1. The Maze Runner!!! I love the cast together and they are just such good movies! :D The Death Cure might be my favorite of the three. (even though I sobbed)

2. Umm, I don't watch any other movies series so I'll say TV shows! The Flash!! IT IS SO GOOD. I CAN'T EVEN EXPLAIN HOW AMAZING IT IS.

3. Once Upon A Time! I loveeee the twisty plots and characters. ^.^

*sneakily adds 4* 4. Avatar The Last Airbender! I love Sokka and Zuko so much. Plus, I have SOOO MUCH FUN watching it with Koolest!

3. Name your 3 favorite places to go.

1. Home is where I'm happiest. ^.^

2. Church/youth. It's such a fun place to be. :D

3. The library or bookstores. SO MANY BOOKS. I LOVE THE SMELL OF NEW BOOKS.

4. Name the top 3 smaller things you want to do in your life right now.

1. Um, read/watch Harry Potter! XD

2. Finish my Fi and Ghirahim (from Legend of Zelda) art on Chicken Smoothie!

3. *whispers* Write more JH. XD

Thanks Swirl for kinda sorta tagging me and Ja for making this fun tag!!! :D

Anyone can do this tag, too!

Welp, have an amazing day, stay awesome, and...

Jam on!

Comment call: What did you think of these tags? I loved them!
P.S. Ack, I will tryyyyy to reply to comments soon! Sorry, I've been busy. DX