Saturday, 26 August 2017

A Jumble of Photos - Part 2

Hellooooooo, everyone!! I'm finally back with a real post! XD
I know, it's been over a week since I last posted. But I honestly couldn't think of anything post. And I kept forgetting to post. >.< But I'm back now!
I know I always love a good laugh. I think everyone does! Over time, I have collected some pictures of things that I found humorous or interesting. So, why not post them and let you guys enjoy? :D This is a part 2 of a post I did like this so if you want to check it out, click here!
Alright, sit back, grab a snack if you want, and read on! ^.^
Warning! This post contains serious weirdness and craziness! If you are not prepared, do not keep scrolling! Warning!

- - -
Uh, we might need to call the flooring company who did Sol Arcade. It's attacking the machines! XD
What's this? A normal masterpiece at first glance. But I saw a subtle straight line going across the wolf. I have no idea if that means anything but still, it's quite weird how perfectly straight it is and that it goes across the whole picture...
You have no idea how long I've had this picture, just waiting to post it. XD

So many Gracies!! Is Jamaa getting taken over?! RUN!! XD
I saw this name in Best Dressed and found it funny!
Here's another. XD
That moment you go to an empty server on AJ and find... whatever this is... XD

Uhh, since when did the clovers decide to trample the clover tree things?!

Love this user. XD

Uhhh, you don't look very babyish... You look scary and BIG! *runs away, screaming*
You do that. XD

GASP! Someone has the SAME voice as WISTERIAMOOOON!!! Auto meeeee!
Also, someone is saying a beautiful poem. "Roses R red, Violets R blue, Aparri is best, Shipped with Wisteriamoon." *wipes tears from eyes and claps* Beautiful, so beautiful! XD
Erm, alrighty then.
You need perfect silence to eat ketchup? O.o And who eats just ketchup? XD

Anyone remember that on July 24th, AJ released a picture of a RIM straw hat but it never went into shops? And AJHQ also took down the post after a while. Weird.
Why is there a weight loss center in AJ?!!
Why is it Crack _Shot? XD
Yes. Cringe indeed.
Um, no clue. Maybe you?
Okay then. XD Who wants to adopt sick Pokémon?
Woah! This is a big coincidence. O.O
Swirl, look! It's "King Koala!" XD
I remember Swirl posted something about the plushie called King Koala when the koala plushie was clearly a girl. And now I found someone dressed up like the plushie!
Oh, I'm sure AJHQ loves bullying random players on their free time. XD
Yummy! XD
A 'brake' out? Well, zombie are now driving cars and braking. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! XD
Um, no comment...
That is... good. I guess. XD

O.o Um, why are you advertising this?
Liza! Now is not the time to sleep!!
Wow, I wonder how many spikes and 'autos' they get. XD
I'm sorry, I know they mean Gellyjones but Jelly Gone looks funny. XD
*bursts out laughing* I don't think that person meant to say 'kewl' to the scammed person but um, yeah... XD
That moment you find someone who has JH in their user. XD
Ugh, online daters. o.o
Good idea but I don't think so...
O,o What did I just walk in on?!
Random conversation. XD
Another coincidence. How many times do you see two parties in a row that are both named the same word three times?
What an interesting roleplaying name. o,o
Uh, no comment. XD
*is offended* XD
Oh boy. Jammers these days.
Amazing grammar! *gives gold star*
Um, alright. What about his right one?
Wait. Now I gotta check.
Okay. Just wanted to know. XD
This literally just happened a few minutes ago. So, Oreos says "be with me" to Wolfie but Star says "ok." This got mixed up all of a sudden. XD
Who needs spoiled kids? o.O
You made it to the end of the craziness, congratulations!
- - -
Well, I have hardly made a dent in my collection of pictures of funny things and glitches. I'll just have to do another post like this soon. XD
Also, yesterday was the last day that I was accepting entries for the summer story contest but I just want to ask if anyone is ALMOST done and just need a few days. Let me know and I'll extend the deadline a little!
Have an amazing day, listen to "Peter Pan" by EXO, and...
Jam on!!
I know, a different signature. I felt like it! XD
Comment call: Did you like this post? Want me to do more? Do you need more time for writing the story?
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