Monday, 14 August 2017

My Long Post With Stories and Pictures from my Journey!

Me: *bobs head to music* I remember those days!
You: Whaa?! What days?
Me: *sways* I remember I remember those eyes!
You guys: *notices earbuds in Lost's ears* Aha! *yanks them out*
Me: Hey! I was listening to music! *attacks You Guys*
You guys: AHHH, WE'RE GETTING ATTACKED! *runs with Lost's earbuds and MP3*

Heh, if anyone can guess which song I was listening to, you get a free chocolate chip cookie. XD

Well, I promised a post with info on my vacation and now I'm gonna do that!

Me: *gets distracted by good song on MP3* Oh, this one is good. :o
You guys: *gives warning look*
Me: *whimpers*

Ahem, well, I am sorry that this post will be totally un-AJ related but I hope that's alright! I have a lot of pictures to share and stories to tell so sit back, relax and read on! (I will be telling it in a sort of diary ish way. XD

- - -

Day 1/July 31st
The Beginning of the Journey

Today started off with the hydro going off.

Yup, at 5:50 in the morning, I woke up because of the sudden quietness. It's amazing how quiet the house was. Something was off and I realized it was because a house is never completely quiet. Even without the soft hum of the fridge felt weird.

Anyhoo, I lay in bed, awake, just waiting for the hydro to come back on and it FINALLY did at 6:30. So I bounced out of bed and packed my last minute stuff.

Then after we stuffed everything into our van, we were off!

We drove for a few hours, including going over the border to the US, we stopped at a yummy bagel place. I got a BLT and raspberry lemonade which was delicious! Then we did some grocery shopping which was humorous cause I was hyper and was talking probably nonstop. XD After grocery shopping, we stopped at a YUMMY frozen yogurt place and I heaped mine with brownie pieces, cookie dough, and more. Then we hit the road again!

Credit to Tracey Dyck
This picture was taken when we were almost at our destination!

We reached our cabin after an hour or so and unloaded all of our stuff. I always love exploring cabins and checking out rooms. ^.^ Me and my sisters found the room that we would be sharing. It was quite small, probably cause the bed and bunk bed took up a lot of room but it was cozy. ^-^ After supper, we went out to the lake which was maybe 3-4 minutes away.

Credit to Tracey Dyck
We're almost at the lake!
Credit to Tracey Dyck
Just a cool sign near the cabin. :)
Credit to Tracey Dyck
The lake!
The water looked so tempting that I went into the water with my siblings. We weren't going to get wet since we weren't in our swimsuits but uh, we got wet. XD When we got out of the water, some minks ran right by us on the beach! They jumped onto some rocks and scurried away. They were so adorable. :D

When we walked back, my sisters and I watched the first 2 episodes of Avatar The Last Airbender. (Me and Koolest had already watched those episodes before but we want to show Tracey the show.) After we ate snack, we all went to bed. (Hehe, at 11pm which I don't normally do. XD)

Day 2/August 1st
First Day at the Cabin

Today was basically just a chill day at the cabin which was very relaxing. ^.^

In the afternoon, we all went swimming for an hour or so. The cabin had a two person kayak/canoe and paddle board so we brought them both to the lake! At one time, Tracey, Josiah, and I all went on the paddle board and lemme tell ya, it was hard to balance. We were sitting on it so we had to balance in just a certain way. It was quite funny! XD

Anyway, it got dark super fast and windy too so we hurried inside and read and played Skip bo and laughed. ^.^ In the evening, we watched an episode of The Flash and Once Upon A Time. :D

Day 3/August 2nd
Shopping Day #1

After chilling for the morning, we were off to go shopping at a small town!

At one of the stores, guess what I saw?!

Oh! Funny story! At one store, I was about to follow my mom and dad when this old lady walks like literally right in front of me. She looks at me and I am expecting her to say something like sorry or excuse me but no. All she says is "Mmmmm!!" and then walks away. O,o So then I had a running joke for the day saying that old ladies don't say excuse me. XD And actually, a couple of more old ladies walked in my way and didn't say excuse me! XDDD

After walking around for a bit, we stopped for lunch and got pizza and fries. Then we did some more grocery shopping. :P

At the grocery store, guess what I saw?!

That's right! 2 AJ toys! A monkey and arctic wolf. Except, the monkey is supposed to be smaller, right? I think the monkey is at least a fake one made by some other company. Maybe? XD

After grocery shopping, , we stopped at an ice cream place!

Credit to Tracey Dyck
I got cookie dough. XD
Then we drove back to the cabin! Us siblings went to the lake and swam for a while. It was chilly cause the sun wasn't out much and it was a little windy. We played monkey-in-the-middle with one 'monkey' and three people throwing a Frisbee or water missile.

In the evening, I watched "The Maze Runner" for the FIRST time! It was absolutely amazing! Sure, they practically changed everything from the book but it worked nicely in the movie! (One big thing that they changed is that in the book, the Grievers are slug-like while in the movie, they are slimy spiders. Oh well, it worked out well!) I loved the movie so much, I am going to add it to my favorite movie list on my Blogger profile! :D

After us siblings chatted about the movie, we all went to bed since we all tired from the busy day!

Day 4/August 3rd
Shopping Day #2

Credit to Tracey Dyck
It looks so cloudy!
Today was cold and rainy so we decided to go shopping to a larger city an hour away!

Our first stop was a book store! And of course, I got some books!

The Maze Runner//Camp Half-Blood Confidential//Winter Turning
I just had to buy my own copy of The Maze Runner! (I had just finished reading Koolest's copy a few days ago) And I like Percy Jackson so I'll read that guidebook after I get caught up with Olympian stuff. And Winter Turning is the next book I have to read for Wings of Fire. The cover is so pretty. :O

Then we stopped by Target and I got...


I also got a CUPCAKE Adopt-A-Pet house and I felt very happy since I had never seen anyone post about these. (Of course when I get home, everyone has one. XD Oh well!)

Then we ate lunch! I shared chicken, garlic bread, coleslaw, and fries with my dad. Then we drove to Walmart and I got MORE AJ toys!!

I got the two treasure chests at Walmart and the cupcake at Target!
My first AJ plushie! It's super cute AND it was quite cheap at Walmart! Like, 3 dollars!
Then Koolest, Josiah, and I went to Gamestop while Mom and Tracey went to a clothes store and Dad went to another store. I didn't buy anything but looking at the Funko Pop figurines was fun! I really want to buy some of those... XD

After, we went grocery shopping AGAIN! And we bought -wait for it- 50 cream cheese containers!! I know, that sounds insane! But lots of flavors of cream cheeses aren't in Canada and we always have them on bagels so... We bought lots! XD

Then we went on a hunt with our GPS for a donut store that was open. But after checking a few and finding them closed, we gave up and went to Caribou Coffee where I got a delicious coffeeless dark chocolate brownie cold drink. IT. WAS. AMAZING. Also, on the wall, there was a blackboard where anyone can write facts about themselves. It was so cool, I just had to do it!

Credit to Tracey Dyck
Hehe, I wish I had left my username just because then if anyone who played AJ saw this, they could buddy me. Oh well! I left my mark. ;)
When we finally got home, it was 7pm! After a late supper, us siblings watched an episode of Once Upon A Time. Then me and my sisters watched the 2nd last episode of OUAT season 5! So goooood! XD I love that TV show so much.

Then right before bed, Tracey read me and Koolest a fairy tale for fun! It was called "The Tale of A Youth Who Set Out to Learn What Fear Was." It was hilarious and made no sense! (Note: it includes a boy trying to warm up a corpse and playing bowling with bones and skulls. Don't ask! XD) It was 12am before I fell asleep! :o

Day 5/August 4th
Chilling at the Cabin

In the morning, I basically just read, played DS, and watched Josiah play Tomodachi Life on his 2DS XL. (In case you didn't know, Tomodachi Life is about making Miis and letting them interact on an island. You create anyone you want basically. People can date, get married, be friends, and more. XD) Josiah made me! My voice is so high and squeaky! XD (You can adjust people's voice's and personalities.)

After lunch, we took our big inflatable 'island' thing and paddle board to the lake! It was SUPER windy so there were huge waves. But I had lots of fun because I love swimming with my fam. ^.^

When we got back, I was tired (I always am after swimming) so me and my sisters watched another episode of Avatar. Then we drew together. (I may or may not have started a Blogger related drawing. ;)) After hamburgers, we all watched an episode of The Flash. Then Tracey, Koolest, Mom, Dad, and I watched an episode of Once Upon A Time. :D

Then us girls did our little vacation tradition. We played MASH. XD (We aren't serious about it, it's just for fun and laughs.) After we ate snack, Tracey started reading me and Koolest another fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast. She got half done before we decided to sleep. :)

Day 6/August 5th
Swimming Again

Today I got up and read my book, "Donut Go Breaking My Heart. After breakfast, my dad called me and Koolest outside cause there was a lady with her dog!

Goldie, the dog, was SUPER friendly! She let me and Koolest pet her and loved it. XD She just lay there being pure adorable. So, I ran inside and grabbed the camera. When I came back, she look so happy to see me! I snapped a lot of pictures. ^-^

Oh muddy little puppy!! <3
Her owner said that Goldie is part Shih Tzu which is super cute! ^.^

Anyhoo, in the afternoon, we went out to the lake again! We took the two person kayak/canoe and inflatable 'island' thing. There were 5 boats in the shallow waters so we swam past those. I swam, pulled Josiah on the inflatable 'island,' paddled on the paddle board, and pushed people off the inflatable 'island.' XD

Credit to Tracey Dyck
This was literally our backyard. :D
Credit to Tracey Dyck
There were lots of squirrels and chipmunks running around. ^.^
When we got back from swimming, us girls drew more. (Hehe, more of my Blogger drawing. ;)) After supper, us girls watched the LAST episode of Once Upon A Time season 5!!! IT WAS SO GOOD! (We've been watching season 5 since January... XD) Then we watched the hilarious bloopers which made me cry from laughing! XD

Then we all went outside and had a campfire with s'mores. ^.^ We went around saying things we appreciate about one person in our family, then we went to the next person, etc. It was good. ^.^

Right before bed, Tracey finished reading Beauty and the Beast. Then it was bed time!

Day 7/August 6th
Another Relaxing Day

Today I read and chilled with my family. ^.^ It was super nice!

In the afternoon, we went out to swim! :D We took the paddle board out and me and Koolest used it for a while which was super fun. At one point, we couldn't turn around and we were far away from everyone else so I jumped off to turn us around but I didn't realize the water was up to my shoulders already so that was a shock. XD

Credit to Tracey Dyck
Hehe, there's me! On the paddle board! ^.^
Credit to Tracey Dyck
Nature. :)
Credit to Tracey Dyck
A mink! It's so cute! I love how they run! ^-^
Credit to Tracey Dyck
More nature! XD
After swimming for 2 hours, I sat around and read and relaxed. After supper, us siblings watched and episode Once Upon A Time. Then we all watched an episode of The Flash. Then it was bed time!

Day 8/August 7th
Coming Back

Sadly, all good things must come to an end.

After we packed up and checked and double checked closets/drawers, we hit the road after we ate breakfast. After an hour or so, we stopped for lunch again at the bagel place and I got another BLT. But this time I had mixed berry lemonade. ^.^

After a few more hours, we were home! It felt weird to be back for some reason. After I unpacked and cleaned up, I read all evening.


I think you all know that I love books. A lot. XD And for vacations, I also choose certain books to bring along to read. Want to see what books I brought this year?! ^-^

(Yes, that's right. I took my books on a photo shoot around my yard. Don't ask. XD)

The Maze Runner//Best Friends (Until Someone Better Comes Along)//Call of the Alphas//Donut Go Breaking My Heart//Cress

YES, I GOT THE AJ BOOK FROM AMAZON A MONTH AGO! I wanted to read it on vacation. ^.^

Hand reveal? XD
I recommend all these books to you! ^.^ They were all amazing in their own ways!


A few days before my vacation...

I got...

MY AJ CAP!!!!!!!!!!

Honestly, I love this cap so much! I wore a bunch on vacation, mostly the first day. (I got a few weird looks. XDD)

The weird thing is, this hat is from China. It took almost a whole month to come! Plus, it came in a bag, with a piece of plastic to keep it in a cap shape. Not much protecting.


If you ever see a girl wearing a cap like this, ask if it's me. XD

And that concludes this long post about my journey!

- - -

Thank you for sticking with me for this whole post! XD I hope it was worthwhile!

Also, just a note, I have not caught up with comments lately so please be patient! I'll try to do it this week! :D

Me: Well, have an amazing day and don't forget to ja-
You guys: *snores loudly*
Me: *glares* WAKE UP!
You guys: Hmmph? *rubs eyes* What time is it? Is the post finally done?
Me: *sighs* Yes.
You guys: *jumps up* YESSSSS, IT'S DONEEEEE!!!
Me: *cries*

Well, bye everyone! XD Have an amazing day and...


Comment call: What do you think of all the stuff that I did? Aren't you lucky that I did 2 back reveals in 1 post?! XD Did you enjoy the post?


  1. Sounds like you had a ton of fun =)

    (Also, that AJ plushie in the claw machine IS legit, though it's made by a different company than the usual AJ toys and it's of cheaper quality- it IS licensed by Animal Jam, though)

    1. I did, thank you!!! ^.^

      (Ooooh! Thanks for clearing that up, Cat! :D)

  2. Cool! Love the long posts! Btw, about the mystery song, my guess (which is probably wrong) is... Those Days by Lindsey Sterling? I know you like her music so..........


    1. Oh good! Then you must have liked this one! XDD You're right! It IS Those Days by Lindsey Stirling!! ^.^ Congrats! *hands over fresh cookie from the oven* Enjoy. ;)


    Loved your post, Lost! You remembered details I'd already forgotten. XD Vacation was so fun, wasn't it? I still miss the swimming and the hours and hours of reading. *sniffles*

    1. YESSSS, CONGRATS!!!! *hands over fresh cookie from the oven even though Snow got it first* ;)

      Awww, thanks, sis!! ^.^ And yes, I wrote all the details down! XD *sighs* I miss them so much. You've made me want to go swimming there again... And just sit around and read. Ah, let's build a time-machine, shall we? XD

  4. Oh. My word.


    *hits Paste for signature*

    אני לא מאמין לזה

    *no wait*



    1. Uhhhh... O,o I did not go to Alaska. I have never been to Alaska. And there are more borders than just the one to Alaska. XDDD And c'mon, there are moose and bears in a lot of other places too. XDDD

  5. Woah, that trip sounds awesome! :o

    (I will now proceed to comment about some things. XDD!)

    Aw, you got a Cupcake Adopt-A-Pet house? I went on a search for the Eclipse pets the other day, and my sis found one cupcake house, but we didn't buy it because we both wanted one and it wouldn't be fair, XD!
    By the way, have you seen any of those limited-edition Eclipse Adopt-A-Pets anywhere? I really wanted to buy some before they were gone, but I checked my local Five Below and Target, and neither had them! D:
    I DID end up buying an adorable plush AJ pet bunny keychain, though! XD!


    *Looks at picture of Lost on the paddle board*

    Woah! I've never seen a mink before! They're adorable! :D

    My Owl City hat came like yours did- in bag with a thing to help it keep its shape. Hehe! :P
    XD, I love getting to see how the bloggers look IRL (even though we can't/shouldn't show our faces, XD!)!
    I REALLY have to do some kind of IRL reveal sometime soon. Probably not a face reveal, but something! :D

    Okaaaaay, this comment is offi-


    XD, okay, NOW it is officially over!

    1. It actually was super amazing and fun!! :D


      Yup!! :D There weren't many left so I'm glad I got to snatch one up in time! And I WANT THE ECLIPSE PETS TOO. BUT THEY ARE ONLY SOLD IN THE US. And aww, you guys sound so sweet together. ^.^ Sounds like something me and Koolest would have done or something. :)
      NO! Because, as I said, there aren't sold in Canada.... D:
      OHHHH! :O That sounds awesome!!! :D Probably another US item though. :/

      YEAH, IT WAS FOR A WEEK!! I mean, there was a little bit of grass and patio before the water but still, it was super pretty since I had that view all the time, whenever I sat down to eat, I'd see it. XD

      YEAH, THERE'S MEEEEEEE!! IN MY NEW SWIMSUIT! (That's not really interesting... So why'd I say that? XDDD)

      They are SO cute! They made me think of ferrets. XD

      Oh cool! I love your Owl City hat, its so cool. :O
      Yeah, same!!! ^.^ I am happy I can do 'back reveals' now! ^.^
      Ooooo! :O I'd love that!!!!


      Thanks for the comment, Swirl! It was fun reading and replying to!! ^.^

  6. Oh, you're vacation sounds so much fun! Wow, I love the Mira Statue. On my vaction all we saw was a giant chicken.

    1. It was a lot of fun, yes!!! ^.^ And it wasn't a REAL AJ made Mira Statue, it just LOOKED like her. XDD And CHICKEN!!! :o

  7. Replies
    1. We sure did! But we also relaxed a lot. ^.^

  8. Was the frozen yogurt place called Minchies XD?

    Sounds like you had an awesome time :D! I will probably order the Wings Of Fire series from mi library once I finish all the Warrior Cat books Pob got from the library XDD Oh yeah, also once I finish the Reapers Series, also at mi library (Haven't read it yet, but its by Bryan Davis so it HAS to be good!)

    I want the adopt a pet cupcakes then I could get the pet sloth <.>
    O which reminds me
    still need the pet otter and pet golden bunny XDDDD
    But the pet otter looks like pet ferret suu

    Awww that mink is adorable :o

    The first book of the Maze Runner Trioligy was the best by far XD *grabs banana off of the (tiger?) and runs away*

    1. Nope! It was called Cherry Berry. ^.^

      I did have an amazing time! :D And oooooo!! :O Wings of Fire is AMAZING!! You'll love it! ^.^ And oh cool!! I hope you enjoy the Reapers series! ^.^


      They are cuteeeeee and I saw lotssssss! XD

      Really? I'll have to read the others and see which I like best. ^.^ Everyone has different opinions, right? :D And XDD


  10. Replies
    1. It sure was!! ^.^ Wish I could do it again!

  11. I know that I commented earlier but I just love reading this post! It makes me so happy!!!

    1. Awww!! Your comment made ME happy!! ^.^ I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!! ^.^

  12. Party starting at 4pm GMT! (Half an hour from when I post this)


    1. Sry I couldn't come to your party Kraft I really wanted to, but We're not aloud on the computer in the morning D:
      *Husky Ninja

    2. Aww, sorry I couldn't make it, Kraft!!! D:


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