Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Tag and Aparri Vs. Julian2 Thing

Ahoy there, matey! XD

Before I begin this post, guess what?!

*crickets chirp*

I got a whole year membership on Sunday for the first time! Now I have almost 100,000 gems and 270 diamonds! *jumps up and down* I'VE MADE SO MANY MASTERPIECES RECENTLY, IT'S INSANE! XD

Ahem! On to one of the two main topics of the post!

A little while ago, Karalee AND Gfox tagged me for a tag made by Purplestarclub.

I've actually done this tag before. But since it was a while ago and two people tagged me, I will do it anyway. :P

If you want to read the first time I did this tag, click here! (That was actually the post where I first started talking about JH!)

Let's begin!

1. Who was the last person you buddied?

I think that was ccmmacaroon who is super sweet. ^.^ We were just randomly sitting in Coral Canyons and talking about macarons and cake pops. :D

2. Do you have any famous jammers on your buddy list?

Yes, I do! I have hymns (who's a semi famous artist), orangewing (who I heard was redwing's extra account but I have no clue, honestly), snowyartmuseum10 and snowyartmuseum8 (who are Snowyclaw's art gallery accounts). And, of course, all the AJ bloggers who are on my list. I count them as famous. ;)

3. What thing done by your buddies makes you happy?

Hmm, when I get gifts by them or masterpieces. Or when they just come over and we just chill and talk about random things or more serious, life things. Or when I get a comment from one of them. Or if they just send me a JAG asking how I am. I don't know, I guess I'm pretty easy to make happy. :D

4. Who was the last buddy you talked to?

Well, me and Fluffykittenlover17 just talked through some JAGs. But the last person I talked 'face to face' with was Graciepopstar91. :)

5. Do you have any one "best friend" on AJ?

Ok, well, I have a lot of friends. All the AJ bloggers, Fluffy, and Koolest. But the closest of close would have to be Koolest and Fluffy because I know them in real life and I have known them the longest. But honestly, in my eyes, I have a lot of BFF's. There's not just ONE. ;)

6. How many people do you know IRL that play AJ?

Wow, this is almost the same as last time I did this tag. I know Koolestkat, Dreadwisp, a girl I met once at the library who doesn't play very often, and I THINK my little cousin did play a bit but I don't know...

I hereby tag...

PenguinBoss from The Animal Jam Spring
Doomypanda from Animal Jam Stream
Scooter from Animal Jam Sky Blog

And now! Onto the second topic! ^.^

A couple of days ago, I randomly decided to go around Jamaa and ask random people this:

Well, I got various answers! And to be fair, I made sure I asked five non-members and five members and made sure the question was written the same way.

So! Let's see what answers we got...

I think they mean "Who is that?" XD

XDDD WHAT are they? How about who are they? XD

This one and the just the one underneath go together. The person had first said this and then said the thing underneath.

Spelled "Aparri" wrong. XD

So! Let's see who 'won' this thing!

Aparri-2 votes
Julian2-4 votes
I don't know who they are-3 votes
I don't care-1 vote
Well, Julian won by 2 points. But every time I could do this, it would be different.
Can I just say, I'm glad 3 people didn't know who they were?! XD THEY HAVEN'T TAKEN OVER AJ, WOOOO!
Let me just thank everyone I asked! Here's the list of usernames without a specific order:


Hope you guys enjoyed the little 'test' thing! Want me to do something like it soon?

Well, I must go! Have a splendid day and don't forget to...

Jam on!!

PS. I got Google+ but it's so confusing, help! XD

Also! Be sure to enter Gracie's fan fiction contest!
For more info on it, click here!

Saturday, 25 March 2017

The Post in Which I Finally Announce the Long Awaited Surprise #2

Heyho, yoho, yoyo, yolo! (That literally made no sense...)

Welcome to back to another Jumbbbbbbbble post!

Today is finally the day where I tell you guys a secret that I have had for a month. I am so pumped about it, I can't even express my excitement. I hope you guys will be excited too. ^.^

So, before I say (gotta leave some suspense for a little), let me just say, I have given some hints before. And I did get this idea after I was talking to.... um, Gracie and.... I actually don't know... It could have been Gfox, Custard, Annabellle, Ja, Sarah, I dunno! But we kinda talked about this certain topic and I got this huge idea.

I didn't know if I could do it. Or should do it. But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to do it.

You wanna know what it is?! :D

Here. It. Is.                                                       I will be making an video with audio!

There! I said it! ^.^

You wanna know when I'm gonna do it? I was thinking... April 15th? My one year bloggeriversary!

I hope you guys are excited! Wait, what? You don't know what the surprise is? You think it's a joke?!

No, no, no! I have hidden the secret somewhere in this post. If you wanna know what it is, you better find it! XD

Now! On to the next topic of the post!

I have gotten a few tags that I need to do. I'll start off with the one that I got first.

It's called One Lovely Blog Award and I was tagged my sister, Tracey Dyck. Apparently, all you need to do is to share seven facts about myself. Some of these you probably already know but let's get started! ^.^

1. I can be a bit shy on showing my art or stories.

I guess it's because I used to be afraid to draw. I thought people would laugh at my art and say it's bad. But last year, I was finally able to start drawing and showing others my art. I think Animal Jam helped me find that I like drawing cartoony animals better than people. And why am I shy on sharing my stories? Well, I live in a home where my two oldest siblings write beautifully and everyone loves their style. A couple of years ago, I tried writing a report for my school on lionfish. I was so surprised everyone loved it. That gave me a boost of confidence. Maybe I'll share that report sometime on here. :)

2. I blabber.

You all probably already know that. XD It's not like I like hearing myself speak, I just sometimes ramble on about nonsense and make the weirdest jokes. Usually when I'm out and about, I don't talk as much but when something gets me going, I can talk a lot. I think all my friends know me for my blabbering. :P

3. I usually daydream about Animal Jam.

I'm not kidding, I catch myself daydreaming about meeting AJ bloggers or talking to them online or something! I can hardly daydream about anything else. When I lie in bed, waiting to fall asleep, I sometimes think about my Animal Jam friends. ^.^

4. I love to bike and run fast.

I honestly love biking and running. In summer, I go on a bike ride every day. Sometimes twice a day. And running makes me feel so good. Like, at camp last year, my cabin and I were racing down the path and all of sudden, I just ran right past my group and kept on going. One of my cabin leaders called "Whoa, Lost sure is competitive!" Which brings me to my next one...

5. I am competitive.

Make me play a board game, card game, video game with someone (like my bro. XD) and I will be so competitive. But then sometimes, I realize I'm winning and I feel bad so I let someone else win. But not all the time! Just don't ever make me play checkers with my brother, he's just going beat me so bad. :P

6. Once I get a new CD I love, I will listen to it over and over again for a while.

It's true. I got a Royal Tailor CD for Christmas and I still listen to it all the time. Forget my other CD's, just let me listen to that one. Or my sister's Royal Tailor CD. Just something by them.

7. I like surprising people yet I dislike it when someone surprises me.

One thing I like doing to surprise someone is waiting outside the bathroom when someone's in it and just as they walk out, jump in front of them and yell something. I also get surprised by my brother all the time and usually when I do, I get so surprised I immediately sit down on the ground. What gives?! XD

I hope you enjoyed these super random facts about myself! And now I must tag some people as well!

I hereby tag...

Chloe Grace from Faeries and Folklore (WELCOME TO THE BLOGGING WORLD, SIS!)
Swirlshine from The Weekly Jammer News
Ja983 from Animal Jam Friendship Community

Have an amazing day, good luck finding the surprise and...

Jam on!

Isn't this siggy awesome?! Thanks Kraft for making it!

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

The Post in Which I Finally Announce the Long Awaited Surprise #1

Hey guys! And girls. And boys. And gurls. And bois. Andddddd.....

I'm done now. CX

Well, a few months ago, I told you guys this:

I made it pretty clear I had a nice surprise planned. But that was in January.

Goodness. I literally was going to post it in February. But look at it now, it's almost the end of March (Crazy thought...)! I was just making you guys wait and wait and WAIT!

Well, I mentioned it again in one of my last posts. And this time, I'm actually going to say it!

Get ready...

So, a few months ago, Koolest decided to draw my Jamaasian High story.

Okay, before you get all excited that it's a comic book or something, it's more like she's gonna illustrate it. Which is still freaking awesome. XD

She's going to be drawing an important scene from each chapter. She's already done the first one and is working on the second. But my busy sister hasn't had a whole lot of time to draw more so we're gonna have to be patient. ;)

Wanna see the most amazing illustrated picture you're ever gonna see?!

Honestly, this is the most epic thing ever. ^.^

So, the scene my sis, who goes by Chloe Grace, captured perfectly was when shy Lost comes to school and is greeted by the perky Snowyclaw, who is a cheerleader. As you can see, Lost is looking a bit unsure. I just love that face that my sister did. XD

This is SO perfect! My outfit looks just like I imagined and so does Snowy's cheerleader outfit. The blue and yellow are like Mira and Zios. Pretty nifty, right? ;)

I love the fact that my sister got all the details just right. Like, she didn't randomly add the beret just because it's in my main look. She actually looked (or got me to tell her since I seem to have my story memorized. XD) to see if I had the beret in the beginning of Lost's big school journey.

I also love that my sis used almost like a made-up style. It's kinda chibi but yet... not? I really love it. I can't wait to see how she's gonna draw everyone else...

I have to stop now or else this post will just be me cooing over the beautiful art. :P

Before I continue on with this post, I'm gonna have to say something serious: Please do not steal this drawing, copy this drawing, or repost this drawing on any other social blogs or websites. This is just for the sake of copyrights.

Now that all that seriousness is over, let's go on with the post. ^-^

As you all know, I had my St. Patrick's Day party on Sunday. Sadly, I didn't catch any pictures besides a group shot but that's not on this computer. :P

Party recap: The party started off with just me and my sis and Violet. After a few more people showed up, I put on a mini fashion show with these themes: superhero, book character, video game character, and AJ Blogger main look (that wasn't your own) Then, a decent amount of people came. Sadly, things started getting, uhhh, drama filled. After the drama was sort of solved, we played a few rounds of Find the Plushie. After that, the party slowly stopped.

Overall, not my best party. But I really hope the next goes better! :)

Before I end this post, I want to show you guys one quick picture I edited.

Note: all the edited clothing along with the model are not mine and can be found on Google

Outfit look sorta familiar to you?

It should! It's my main look on AJ! Except... humanized.

If I could, I would have gotten a younger model but there wasn't any that I could find. So, no, I am not the model at all and I am not that old. XD

I kinda like how it looks. It's fun to see how my main look looks like on a human. I may do more of these, I'm not sure. :P

Welp, I must close off this post now! Have an amazing, splendid, wonderful, beautiful spring day!

Jam on! (Remember to come back this Saturday for the second surprise!)

Comment call: What do you think of the illustration Koolest drew? Do you want to see more? What do you think of the edit I made? Do you want me to try doing you?

Sunday, 19 March 2017

St. Patty Party on NOW!

Hey guys, come on down to my den on AJ! The St. Patrick's party and 50,000 pageview party is in full swing. Come, join the fun! ^.^

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Kraft's Party is On NOW!

Come to meganfurryfun37's den for Kraft's party!!! ^.^ It is going on right now!

You know what this is for, Kraft. ;) You can crop it however you want.
Thanks again!!

Friday, 17 March 2017

Happy St. Patty's Day! - a collection of lucky stories

Ahem... Just ignore the weird leprechaun... :P

Well, today is the luckiest day of the year! It's St. Patrick's Day!

I honestly don't believe in luck. To me, the word 'luck' could be a coincidence or a blessing. Sure, I use the word 'luck' probably more than I think but I don't really believe in it. It's kind of weird. XD

But today, I'm gonna use the word lucky a lot.

Since today is, as AJ calls it, Lucky Day, I thought I'd post some lucky stories. ;)

Enjoy my tales of woe and luck! :D

- - -

A couple of years ago, me and Koolest decided we wanted to buy rollerblades.

Spring had just come and memories from when we skated on ice in winter were fresh in our minds. We both enjoyed the thrill of going fast, your hair in the wind, moving your feet fast, going as fast as you could go.

Rollerblades would fix the problem of having to wait all the way until next winter to skate. We could skate pretty much all year!

So, off we went to the store. When we got there, we rushed to the section with rollerblades. There were these beautiful ones that had a little bit of blue on them. We each tried them on. They were amazing.

But, we decided to buy them in a week or so. (I don't remember why...)

When we came back, our dad made us check a few more out, just in case. We tried on black and red ones, built for taking on anything. They fit wonderfully.

We decided to buy them. But the lucky thing was, there on sale for an amazing price!

- - -

Just last year, me and Koolest were dogsitting an adorable dog, named Mocha. We loved her to pieces and she was so funny and sweet.

Every evening, we had to take her out for a bathroom break. So, we let her out in the backyard.

Bad mistake.

As we let Mocha go out in the yard, I watched her. She wandered a bit in the grass and then stopped. Curious, I moved my head so I could see behind the bush. I saw a rabbit.

Almost in slow motion, my mind thought, "Oh no! Mocha is gonna run after it!"

Sure enough, the bunny darted through a hole in the fence, just the right size for a bunny. And Mocha.

Mocha bolted after the bunny and paused slightly, her head peeking out hole.

"Mocha!!" me and Koolest yelled.

Ignoring us, she continued her chase and ran out of view.

I rushed up to the hole and peered through, looking for Mocha. I was hoping she'd be right there, waiting for me. No such luck.

Frantic, I whirled around to face Koolest. "Go get her treats and leash!" I yelled and ran as fast as I could to the front of the house. My feet pounding, I ran down the street a little and turned onto a sidewalk the ran along the houses next to Mocha's.

I reached the side of the house that was next to Mocha's and poked my head through the bushes.

There, standing calmly in the middle of her neighbor's backyard, was Mocha. Not caring that I was going on someone's private lawn, I dashed up to Mocha, swooped her up in my arms, and made it out of the yard in just a few seconds.

Still shaken, I walked down the sidewalk, holding Mocha and scolding her gently.

How lucky I was that she didn't run far or go onto a street.

- - -

This next story is a little longer but that doesn't mean boring.

One day, last year in summer, I was just chilling online with my friend, who on AJ goes by Fluffykittenlover17. My mind suddenly thought of a youth retreat I was going on in December with Koolest. It was going to be out of my country.

So I told my Fluffy about it. She asked where I was going. I told her. She then told me she was going to find a way to be there at the same time I was so we could meet. In real life.

At first, I laughed at the idea. How could it possibly work?

I went along with it. The more we talked about it and the closer it got to the date of the retreat, I was so excited. I wanted this to happen so bad.

In December, she asked again when I was going. I told her the 28th.

She was going to be going back to her home farther away on the 29th. We could only make this work on the day I arrived, the 28th.

The evening before I left, I was so panicked. We needed to know a certain time Fluffy could come to my hotel but I had no idea when we were arriving.

I told her a rough guess my mom had. I also told her which hotel I was staying at.

Going to bed that night, I was so panicking and crying. What if it didn't work?

The next morning, I tried to not think about how it could totally not work. As we got closer to the time I had told Fluffy, I felt so bad.

Finally, we reached the hotel. For some reason, the idea of meeting Fluffy went to the back of my mind as I hurried around, getting my room key and finding the hotel room. As soon as we dropped of our suitcases, me and Koolest rushed downstairs.

As I walked out into the lobby, I randomly glanced to the area where a couple of people were sitting in armchairs.

A girl turned around. We stared at each other. My legs felt like they were going to melt and my head felt like I was going to black out.

Now you see, I knew how Fluffy looked like. She knew how I looked like. But SEEING someone in real life is much much different than seeing someone in a picture online.

Fluffy got up and I walked over to her. We hugged for a long time. :)

Now THAT was more than luck. That was a pure miracle.

I'm so glad I got the chance to meet my awesome best friend from online.

- - -

I hoped you enjoyed my stories!! ^-^

Have a happy St. Patty's Day and be sure to wear green and spread the luck and.....

Jam on!!

Comment call: What was your favorite lucky story? Has anything lucky happened to you?
Bonus! Whoever comments the number of time I say the word 'lucky' and 'luck' wins a prize!

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Happy Birthday, Boo and an Invite!

Hey, hi, hello, hola, bonjour, yo, hullo, sup... XD

Lostfairy here with a quick post! ^.^

So, I don't think I've told anyone but for Christmas, I got the most adorable calendar.

It's a Boo calendar!! :D (If you don't know who Boo is, here's a quick summary: He is really famous and is said to be the cutest dog in the world. He lives with two other dogs, Buddy and Bluebeary Pie. He has a Facebook account where it's like he 'wrote' the messages. :P)

On my calendar, it shows special holidays, like most calendars do. Well, today had a little blue party hat and it say it's someone's special day...

Happy Birthday, Boo!!!

He does NOT look like he wants to be wearing those clothes. XD

With his best friend, Buddy <3

His whole family, Buddy, Bluebeary Pie, and himself :P

This one is seriously adorable. :3

Well, now that I have posted loads of pictures... XD

My friend, AJKraft, told me that she is having a party pretty soon. With her not having a blog, it's hard to get the word out.

So, I decided to post about it! ^-^

I hope you all can make it!!

Also, don't forget, my party is on the 19th at 2:30 PM CST!

Jam on!

Pssst! Check back tomorrow for a St. Patrick's post! :D

Monday, 13 March 2017

Jamaasian Hospital!

Me: *sings* I'm back, I'm back, I'm back, I'm-
You guys: Shush!
Me: *ignores* BAAAAAAACK.... with another post!!
You guys: 😐

Yes sir, I am back with another post! Since my last few posts haven't been about AJ, it's time for an AJ based post. ^.^

But first, lemme just say...

I'm so sleepy. 😫

Daylight Saving Time does that to people. I mean, having to change the time so we lose an hour of sleep isn't good on a Sunday for me. I have to wake up at 6:30 AM normally so I literally woke up at 5:30 yesterday. Ughhhh. XD

Well, enough chitchat about tiredness, let's jump into today's main topic!

Remember a month or so ago, I wrote a short Jamaasian Kindergarten story? Well, I'd like to do another thing like that and since there are SO many Jamaasian story ideas, I picked one everyone thought wasn't possible.

Give a round of applause for Jamaasian Hospital!! (Note: I can not possibly add very blogger. It would get too... similar. Sorry if I don't add you! It doesn't mean your any less special, don't worry!)

- - -
Jamaasian Hospital
This story starts off in front of a hospital in a bustling city. Cars honk and speed past, so used to the old hospital that they hardly even glance that way. Worried looking men and woman go in and out, some even crying. A loud siren blares as an ambulance zips past onto the street.
We move around a woman and child as they push the door open and walk out into the wind of the cloudy day. We quickly snatch the door before it closes and step inside.
The waiting room is packed and the woman at the desk is speaking softly to a man who is struggling not to cry. He is quite embarrassed as he wipes a stray tear.
We quickly and quietly move past the waiting room and push the door open into a long white hallway. Instantly, the unpleasant smell of hospitals take over any other smells. The chorus of beeping is like the monitors are singing their lonesome song.
We move hurriedly down the hall, hearing bits and pieces of families talking as they see their loved ones and crying either in joy or sadness.
Our shoes squeak on the clean beige floors. We finally open the large set of doors and hurry up the set of stairs. A nurse makes her way down and does not pay any attention to our presence.
We march up several sets of stairs before we take a deep breath and open the big grey doors.
As soon as we do, the loud cries of a baby is sounded. We smile as we see dozens of parents looking over the cradles and seeing their tiny infants. There are too many cradles to count.
We secretly move to the one closest to us. A baby girl sleeps soundly as the parents coo and talk about their child.
"Oh, I can see her future now!" the mom exclaims to her husband. "Swirlshine is going to be such a creative young woman. She's going to make a difference in this world, I know it."
Her husband nods. "She is born to be a kind and thoughtful girl. She's going to bless all she meets."
The parents hug and stare at their child with big grins on their faces. We move on to next cradle.
As we move closer, the baby girl shrieks loudly, tears running down her sweet, chubby face. The mom quickly stands up and tries to sooth her child.
"Hush, little Gfox. No need to get upset, there there," the mother says, calming the baby down. "Oh, honey, your going to be a beautiful young girl. You're going to spread smiles to everyone you meet."
The baby coos and the mother smiles. "Yes, little one. You're going to be so talented."
A loud yell from the next cradle over makes us hurry over. A mom and dad are standing in front of a baby boy who is frowning in his sleep.
"OH, YES!" the mother yells, clapping her hands in excitement. The father shushes his wife.
"Our son is going to continue our legend!" the mom continues, beaming at the sleeping baby.
"Ah, yes. He will continue what we have started. The excellent skill of thievery will come easy to Skorm," the father chuckles to himself. "He'll steal from all sorts of children."
They both cackle and we silently move away from their cradle and move over to the next one.
In this cradle, there are four babies, all squished into one bed. The parents are smiling big and proud.
"Sarah, Ja, Pob, and Tox will all be the best of friends," the father says.
"Yes," the mother says, staring at their quadruplets with a smile. "They all have such big, bright futures ahead!"
As the parents continue to coo and talk to their children, a loud, excited baby shriek comes from a nearby cradle. We hurry over and see parents dressed in fancy clothes plop mini sunglasses on their baby girl.
"Wisteria is going to be a movie star!" the dad says.
"Our little drama queen!" the mom pinches one of her daughter cheeks.
Someone clears their throat from the cradle over. We look up and see a mom holding a baby boy.
"I couldn't help but overhear," the mom starts, bouncing the boy up and down in a motherly way. "But our children were born on the same day, can you believe it?"
"Wow! It's like their destiny to marry or something!" the mother says, perhaps taking things a bit far.
"Ah, yes, Aparri will most likely marry your little daughter, Wisteria," the other mom says casually.
"Not so fast! My little Julian was born the same TIME as Wisteria," a father declares from behind Aparri's mother. "They will marry when they are older, I know it! Doesn't your little Wisteria love nerdy boys?"
We quickly move out of the way as a large argument starts up between the parents. The next two cradles in the row carry two little baby girls. They coo as their two mothers talk.
"My Gracie is ready to take on anything that comes her way. I bet she'll be good friends with your sweet Karalee," one mother says, grinning.
"Mhm," the other mom agrees. "I bet my Kara is going to be a very talented artist. I don't know how I know, I just do."
"Don't all parents have high hopes for their children?" the first mom says, laughing.
We move on to the last cradle.
"Our Kraft is going to be a lover of all things chickeny and Minecrafty," the father says with a British accent.
"Yes, and she's going to be such an amazing, creative writer!" the mother beams down at her little baby girl and touches her cheek gently.
We smile softly to ourselves and start making our way to the big grey doors we had come through what seemed long ago.
Our time here was finished.
- - -
I hope you all liked the story!! :D If I could, I would write every single blogger into this story but over 20 babies would get to be too similar.

Have an amazing day and don't forget to...

Jam on!!

Don't forget! My party is next Sunday at 2:30 PM at my den!
Also! Please no copying this story.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

The Post in Which Lost Rambles About Science

Hellooooooo and welcome to another post of Animal Jam Jummmmmmmble! XD

Today's post is going to be a little different then usual. It will contain interesting facts (not about AJ, sorry!) and basically my opinion on some things. Did I also mention it has a science and history?

You are all probably wondering, "Why are you making me read a post about school?!" Well, this is actually INTERESTING! But, yeah, I did read it in school.... :P

Just bear with me, okay? :D There will a reward for you listening to me yammer about 'school.' ;)

Alright! Let's begin!

NOTE: All this information comes from the book "Exploring Creation with Physical Science 2nd Edition" by Dr. Jay L. Wile.

NOTE: This post contains some of my opinions at the end that do not mean any offense.

- - -

The motions of the stars and moon in the night sky have always fascinated people. Since the beginning of recorded history, people have tried to understand them. Indeed, most calendars (even ancient ones) were based on the appearance of the moon in the sky. As time went on, people realized that if they could predict the motions of the stars, moon, and sun, keeping track of dates and times would be relatively easy.

The ancient Greeks were probably the first toe develop a systematic view of the motion of the stars and the moon. Although many other cultures developed intricate calendars and the like, the ancient Greeks were the first to develop a systematic theory based on observations of the night sky. In the second century AD, the Greek astronomers Hipparchus and Ptolemy mapped the motion of 1,000 stars and thought of them as a "backdrop." They placed them on the surface of a rotating sphere, called the "celestial sphere," and then said that the earth was at the very center of the sphere. The moon and the planets, then, moved about in the sphere on circular orbits that were arranged within the sphere.

That was the start of what is called the geocentric view of our solar system. In a geocentric system, the earth was placed at the center of the solar system. Although there were several problems with this geocentric view of things, the ancient Greeks were able to use this system to predict the motion of the moon and other planets better than anyone else had ever done. Thus, although it was far from perfect, the success of the theory made it popular among scientists.

Many adjustments and commentaries were made on the geocentric theory, but it remained the general view of scientists until the sixteenth century A.D. By that time, too much data had been piled up that it was inconsistent with the theory. Things began to change in 1543 when a Polish scientist named Nicolaus Copernicus published a book called On the Revolution of Heavenly Bodies. In that book, he declared the geocentric theory sorely lacking. Instead, he postulated that the solar system would be much more orderly if the sun was at its center and the planets orbited in circles around the sun. This was the beginning of what physicists called the heliocentric view of the solar system, where the earth was taken out of the center and replaced with the sun.

Copernicus was raised and educated in the Roman Catholic Church. At that time, the Roman Catholic Church adhered strictly to the geocentric view of the solar system. After all, since God created man, he must be the most important aspect of creation. Therefore, his dwelling place (the earth) must be at the center of everything. The Roman Catholic Church  also pointed to various Scriptures, such as Joshua 10:12-13. In these verses, Joshua commanded the sun to stand still and, through the power of the Lord, it did. The Roman Catholic Church argued that Joshua would not have to command the sun to stand still if it were at the rest in the center of the solar system!

Copernicus' work was put on the Roman Catholic Church's list of banned books, but that didn't end the interest of the heliocentric view. In 1609, Italian physicist Galileo Galilei made a crude telescope and pointed it skyward. He was able to use that telescope to notice the phases of Venus, which could only be explained with the heliocentric view. He also discovered the four largest moons of Jupiter. This lent more evidence for the heliocentric view because it showed the smaller bodies orbited larger bodies, and even back then it was known that the sun is larger than the earth.

When Galileo, a well-respected scientist, published a work showing all the evidence in favor of the Copernicus system, the Roman Catholic Church put him on trial. They were firmly in support of the geocentric view, and they would not allow even a good scientist such as Galileo to say otherwise. Because Galileo was deeply committed to his church and did not want to be excommunicated, he publicly recanted his belief in the Copernicus system. As a result, the Roman Catholic Church was lenient on him, and his punishment was house arrest for the remainder of his life. Even though he publicly recanted his belief in the heliocentric system, he continued to collect data that supported it.

At about the same time (1580-1597), a Danish astronomer named Tycho Brahe (brah) and his German assistant, Johannes Kepler, began compiling a huge amount of data on the motion of the planets. As a result of the data, Kepler devised a series of rules that the planets always followed. They became known as "Kepler's Laws." Even though these laws did nothing to explain why the planets moved as they did, they clearly indicated that the planets orbit the sun and that their motion is guided by an overriding principle. What that principle was, however, Kepler did not know.

Sir Isaac Newton was the one who figured that out. When he formulated his Universal Law of Gravitation, he showed that the heliocentric view was the best way in which to understand the solar system. By that time, so much evidence had been accumulated that the Roman Catholic Church had to back off its desire to cling to the geocentric theory, and the heliocentric theory quickly dominated the scientific community.

After Newton's time, astronomy really took off. The telescope became one of the most widely used instruments in physics. New stars were charted, the surfaces of the planets were studied, and accurate predictions were made regarding the motion of the planets. After a while, physicists even developed a means of measuring the distance to a planet using a telescope. As technology increased our ability to gather more data increased. Today, we can study the chemical composition of stars, comets, and other objects in space. We can do all that and more without even venturing into space!

Notice what happened in this story. From the second century AD to the sixteenth century AD (1,400 years), not much process was made in the field of astronomy. That's because scientists of the time were working with a flawed theory. No matter how much they tried, they could not get the geocentric view of the solar system to be consistent with the data. Nevertheless, they just kept trying. Rather than throwing out the bad theory and coming up with a new one, they tried to make the old one work.

Through the efforts of Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Brahe, and Newton, however, a new theory slowly took over. Once it really took hold, incredible advances were made in only a few centuries. This story should teach all scientists a valuable lesson: Don't cling to theories simply because they have been well-established in the scientific community. If you can't get the data to agree with the theory, find a better one! That's what will advance science.

In my opinion, scientists have been doing the same thing today with the theory of evolution. Just like the geocentric theory, the theory of evolution has become well-established in the scientific community. As a result, it has a lot of support. Nevertheless, nearly all data that relate to the origin of life on the planet squarely contradict with the theory of evolution. If scientists want to really advance the science of biology, they need to throw evolution away and work in a better theoretical framework. A creationist framework is much more in agreement with the data, so that's a good place to start!

- - -

(Whew, that was a LOT of typing. XD)


So, your probably wondering why I just shared this section of my science book. Well, I know a lot of school books shove evolution down kid's throats when data doesn't even back it up.

So what are we doing?

We, humans, are teaching kids false info.

Is that what school is for?

I looked up the word school. The results I got was that it meant: to educate; teach; train.

Are we really educating kids? Or are we just going with the flow of the scientific community and saying that evolution is real when a whole whack of data clearly says no?

If I was up against someone who told me evolution was real, I'd have a bunch of facts ready. In fact, I'll even take on people who think global warming is real. I got the facts to tell them it isn't.

I honestly do not mean any of you to take offense by this. I just get quite upset when I hear something that contradicts what I know is right.

So the reason I told you this is this: Think about what your reading in your science books. Don't just suck up all these evolution 'facts.' Actually THINK about it. You can either take the info I just told you or leave it. It's your choice.

- - -

Congrats! You just read through my whole science teaching and survived! XD

For that, you deserve a reward.

St. Patrick's day is coming up quick! (Thank goodness you don't have to write in cards for at least this holiday. (In a family of six, writing cards seems to happen every month. XD))

Also, since we recently reached 50,000 views, this party will also be celebrating that. ^.^

I hope you all can come!! ^.^

Jam on!

PS. Okay, a longish while I mentioned I had a secret. I said I was gonna spill it to you guys soon but oops, that was forever ago. XD So, I will most likely tell you guys it in the next post and something. And now I have two secrets, hehe. The new will get told on the 25th of this month. ;)

Friday, 3 March 2017

What is Chibi - A Guest Post by Koolestkat

Hey howdy hey! XD (PS. Chapter 11 of JH is up! No new characters this time but I gotta let the characters we already know grow. ;D)
So, today's post is going to be a wee bit different. I'm actually doing a guest post!
*collective gasp* :P
My sis, Koolestkat (she comments by the name Chloe) has a knack with art. So she's going to be doing an art post. I really hope you enjoy and learn something new! ^.^
Take it away, sis!
Hullo, friends and fellow artists!

You are probably all wondering "What the hay is chibi??" Maybe not in those words but something along those lines. I'm here to show exactly what that is.

Pronunciation: chee bee  (Plural: chee bees)
Definition: Small
Chibi is a Japanese style of art. Chibis are usually small, bubbly people. And their heads are generally as big or bigger than the rest of their body.   
From: "Manga Crash Course" by Mina "Mistiqarts" Petrović
The picture above is a basic body for any type of chibi person, boy or girl. Chibis have large eyes that are not always your typical color. You can have chibis with electric blue eyes, red eyes, purple eyes, any kind of color you want!

Chibi style and manga styles often get outlined in a black pen, called manga or art pens. If you don't have them, you can just use a regular pen and a permanent marker for the big shading areas.  

Chibi girls have super long hair a lot of the time. Big bows are also a big hit with chibi.

(Isn't that one so cute?!)

You can do chibi versions of your favorite movie and book characters. So that usually turns out real cute.

In fact, I drew movie/TV show characters for my siblings and parents for Valentine's Day. And it's your special day because I'm going to show you them!

The first one I'm going to show is one of Gru from "Despicable Me", a movie.

For all of you who don't know how Gru looks like, here he is.


And... This is my chibi Gru! (I made him for my dad, who loves the movie he's from!)

Chibis don't always have noses, but I added a nose to Gru because it's such a big part of his character. This was one of my first times drawing a bald head. (The only other times, I can think of, that I drawn a bald person is when I draw a stick figure.)
And this next one is Jack Frost from "Rise of the Guardians." (He's a cutie...)
This here picture was made for my mom.

As you can see, I did not add a nose to this one.

When I did his hair, I was a little unsure of what a should do with his white-ish, blue-ish, gray-ish hair. I didn't want to have be just plain ol' white. So I asked my oldest sis, (who is an awesome artist, just like my youngest sis) "what should I do?" And she let me borrow her blue-gray colored pencil to shade the edges a wee bit. I think it turned out pretty cool! (You can't really see it on here, but it is there.)

Coming next, is Captain Hook from "Once Upon a Time", a TV show.

Captain Hook is an awesome character! He is so funny sometimes. And he has this great one eyebrow raise that he does.

I drew this one for my oldest sister. I used three or four black colored pencils on him, just so there's a little variation and not all one big mass of black, in which you wouldn't be able to tell what's what.  (Do you like his eyeliner? I'm not sure why pirates wear eyeliner, but it looks good on Hook, surprisingly.)

And for the second last one, the Flash from the TV show "The Flash." (That was kinda redundant...)


Tada! This one took me the shortest to draw, I believe, because I didn't have to draw the base of the body and then draw clothes a little bit bigger than that. I just had to draw it right on the base. I didn't add a light spot in his eyes because it just wasn't working when I did it. And it went well even if it doesn't have that. The Flash was drawn for my older brother.

Now this last one is not a movie or TV show character. It's a real, live person I've seen.

This boy is was done for Lostfairy, my little sis. I think his eyes that I drew are my favorite of all of the pictures I drew. The browns worked really cool together.

And, you see, I was thinking real hard about who I should draw for her. It was tough because I didn't want to do just any anybody. I wanted to do a crush of hers. But I didn't want to do the regular crushes, like Ross Lynch, for example. So I thought about it long while. Even went to talk to my mom and my oldest sis about it!

And, then, it came to me.

I would do Puck.

Now, Puck isn't his real name, just a nickname we came up with a looonnngggg time ago. We, as in Lostfairy and I and our family, were in church and standing around waiting for our parents to finish talking to their friends. We're near the area of the baby Sunday school class room, and babies are being picked up and dropped off because the service had just ended and the second one was starting. And then I noticed this cute guy with curly brown hair and a slightly mischievous face (in a good way). He made me think of someone. So I whispered into Lostfairy's ear, "Hey, see that guy over there." I gestured at him. "He makes me think of Puck from "Sisters Grimm," only with brown hair, not blond."

Lostfairy agreed with me. And so we watched him for a bit. (I don't know why I stared at him, it's a bit weird and rude to do that. But I was younger then and did it anyway.)

Right then and there, two sisters both were falling in love with him. (Okay, I wouldn't really call it love, but we both thought he was cute.)

The next Sunday we saw him he was singing in choir. On stage! Oh happy day! Puck sings on stage!!

And, sadly, he, for some reason, stopped singing on stage in the first service, the one we went to... We didn't see him for a long time. Maybe only once or twice in a long span of time.

And couple months ago, we went to our church's youth group. And guess who was there?!

Puck!!! Finally!

He was still as cute as I remembered, maybe even cuter!

We have gone to youth a couple more times after that, and he's there every time. Sigh... Blissfulness...

And the last time we went some youth got to speak on stage and give a mini message on the same Bible verse.

Puck was one of the ones chosen to speak that very night! Talk about perfect timing to go to youth, am I right?

Boy, did Puck paced a lot! Back and forth, back and forth. (Cute little quirk...)

And he said the one thing he wanted us all to remember about his speech was this: "God is good."
And he's right, God is good!

Now, I hope I haven't cream-crackered you out. And I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about chibi and seeing my chibi!
Have a good day!
Cheerio, my friends!
What do you think of chibi? Will you want to draw some of your own sometime? What was your favorite chibi I drew?