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Jamaasian Hospital!

Me: *sings* I'm back, I'm back, I'm back, I'm-
You guys: Shush!
Me: *ignores* BAAAAAAACK.... with another post!!
You guys: 😐

Yes sir, I am back with another post! Since my last few posts haven't been about AJ, it's time for an AJ based post. ^.^

But first, lemme just say...

I'm so sleepy. 😫

Daylight Saving Time does that to people. I mean, having to change the time so we lose an hour of sleep isn't good on a Sunday for me. I have to wake up at 6:30 AM normally so I literally woke up at 5:30 yesterday. Ughhhh. XD

Well, enough chitchat about tiredness, let's jump into today's main topic!

Remember a month or so ago, I wrote a short Jamaasian Kindergarten story? Well, I'd like to do another thing like that and since there are SO many Jamaasian story ideas, I picked one everyone thought wasn't possible.

Give a round of applause for Jamaasian Hospital!! (Note: I can not possibly add very blogger. It would get too... similar. Sorry if I don't add you! It doesn't mean your any less special, don't worry!)

- - -
Jamaasian Hospital
This story starts off in front of a hospital in a bustling city. Cars honk and speed past, so used to the old hospital that they hardly even glance that way. Worried looking men and woman go in and out, some even crying. A loud siren blares as an ambulance zips past onto the street.
We move around a woman and child as they push the door open and walk out into the wind of the cloudy day. We quickly snatch the door before it closes and step inside.
The waiting room is packed and the woman at the desk is speaking softly to a man who is struggling not to cry. He is quite embarrassed as he wipes a stray tear.
We quickly and quietly move past the waiting room and push the door open into a long white hallway. Instantly, the unpleasant smell of hospitals take over any other smells. The chorus of beeping is like the monitors are singing their lonesome song.
We move hurriedly down the hall, hearing bits and pieces of families talking as they see their loved ones and crying either in joy or sadness.
Our shoes squeak on the clean beige floors. We finally open the large set of doors and hurry up the set of stairs. A nurse makes her way down and does not pay any attention to our presence.
We march up several sets of stairs before we take a deep breath and open the big grey doors.
As soon as we do, the loud cries of a baby is sounded. We smile as we see dozens of parents looking over the cradles and seeing their tiny infants. There are too many cradles to count.
We secretly move to the one closest to us. A baby girl sleeps soundly as the parents coo and talk about their child.
"Oh, I can see her future now!" the mom exclaims to her husband. "Swirlshine is going to be such a creative young woman. She's going to make a difference in this world, I know it."
Her husband nods. "She is born to be a kind and thoughtful girl. She's going to bless all she meets."
The parents hug and stare at their child with big grins on their faces. We move on to next cradle.
As we move closer, the baby girl shrieks loudly, tears running down her sweet, chubby face. The mom quickly stands up and tries to sooth her child.
"Hush, little Gfox. No need to get upset, there there," the mother says, calming the baby down. "Oh, honey, your going to be a beautiful young girl. You're going to spread smiles to everyone you meet."
The baby coos and the mother smiles. "Yes, little one. You're going to be so talented."
A loud yell from the next cradle over makes us hurry over. A mom and dad are standing in front of a baby boy who is frowning in his sleep.
"OH, YES!" the mother yells, clapping her hands in excitement. The father shushes his wife.
"Our son is going to continue our legend!" the mom continues, beaming at the sleeping baby.
"Ah, yes. He will continue what we have started. The excellent skill of thievery will come easy to Skorm," the father chuckles to himself. "He'll steal from all sorts of children."
They both cackle and we silently move away from their cradle and move over to the next one.
In this cradle, there are four babies, all squished into one bed. The parents are smiling big and proud.
"Sarah, Ja, Pob, and Tox will all be the best of friends," the father says.
"Yes," the mother says, staring at their quadruplets with a smile. "They all have such big, bright futures ahead!"
As the parents continue to coo and talk to their children, a loud, excited baby shriek comes from a nearby cradle. We hurry over and see parents dressed in fancy clothes plop mini sunglasses on their baby girl.
"Wisteria is going to be a movie star!" the dad says.
"Our little drama queen!" the mom pinches one of her daughter cheeks.
Someone clears their throat from the cradle over. We look up and see a mom holding a baby boy.
"I couldn't help but overhear," the mom starts, bouncing the boy up and down in a motherly way. "But our children were born on the same day, can you believe it?"
"Wow! It's like their destiny to marry or something!" the mother says, perhaps taking things a bit far.
"Ah, yes, Aparri will most likely marry your little daughter, Wisteria," the other mom says casually.
"Not so fast! My little Julian was born the same TIME as Wisteria," a father declares from behind Aparri's mother. "They will marry when they are older, I know it! Doesn't your little Wisteria love nerdy boys?"
We quickly move out of the way as a large argument starts up between the parents. The next two cradles in the row carry two little baby girls. They coo as their two mothers talk.
"My Gracie is ready to take on anything that comes her way. I bet she'll be good friends with your sweet Karalee," one mother says, grinning.
"Mhm," the other mom agrees. "I bet my Kara is going to be a very talented artist. I don't know how I know, I just do."
"Don't all parents have high hopes for their children?" the first mom says, laughing.
We move on to the last cradle.
"Our Kraft is going to be a lover of all things chickeny and Minecrafty," the father says with a British accent.
"Yes, and she's going to be such an amazing, creative writer!" the mother beams down at her little baby girl and touches her cheek gently.
We smile softly to ourselves and start making our way to the big grey doors we had come through what seemed long ago.
Our time here was finished.
- - -
I hope you all liked the story!! :D If I could, I would write every single blogger into this story but over 20 babies would get to be too similar.

Have an amazing day and don't forget to...

Jam on!!

Don't forget! My party is next Sunday at 2:30 PM at my den!
Also! Please no copying this story.


  1. Ahhh! I love this story! :faints of cuteness overload: All the cute, chubby babies... C:
    Great story, sis! Keep up the good work. (I want to read more of your stories!!!!!!!)

    1. Aww, thanks! *reaches out and stops her from falling* WAKE UP! *splashes water on face* Hehe! XD And yes, I love chubby babies... XD

      Thank you, Koolest!!

  2. the idea of Aparri and Julian's parents fighting over who will marry Wisteria made me spit out my tea in laughter.

    seems like my parents.

    apparently my parents predicted the future because Minecraft didn't exist when I was born.

    *points at wardrobe*

    *kids stare in wonder*

    *begins singing about time travel*
    *stares at shattered window*


    I don't actually remember being a baby. My first memory I can recall is my dad teaching me how to play nintendogs, which was when I was about 3

    I don't think any of that had anything to do with anything but whatever :3

    1. XDD That's just awesome. I'm glad to make you laugh. :P

      *bursts out laughing* A TIME TRAVEL PORTAL?! NO WAY!!!! XD

      Honestly... When DID Minecraft come out?? XD

      *Googles it*

      2011? O.o Interesting...

      *joins in the singing*
      *everything breaks*
      *stares at... everything... broken?*

      I don't remember being a baby either. o,o I only 'remember' things because my parents used to film me when I was younger. :P

      Awww! *heart melts at the thought of baby Kraft playing Nintendogs* XD

      My first CLEAR memories would probably be when I was 5. Now THAT is an interesting story... I should use it for a blog post... yeah... XD

      I love comments that have nothing to do with anything but everything except nothing. :P

    2. 2011? I remember when one of my older brothers introduced MC into our family.. *happy sigh* It was when it first came out..
      Then he made his house out of wood, not wooden planks XD

  3. Nice story! XD My favorite part was probably with Skorm's parents or Wisteria's, Julian's, and Aparri's. XD That made me laugh! :D

    1. Thanks, Sarah!! :D LOL, that's my parents favorite part too. XDDD Really? I'm so glad I made you laugh! ^.^


  5. LOL, Lost, what a cute idea! I don't know all of these bloggers too well, but I thought it was funny when, after hearing all kinds of sweet wishes the parents make about their children, BOOM. Stuff like thievery and stardom! XD

    1. ^-^ Thanks, Tracey! Yeah, there are a lot of us AJ bloggers. XD

      And of course thievery and stardom is sweet wishes. XD (not really but whatever)

  6. I need to comment this on like every blog-

    On march 18th at 4pm GMT I am hosting a party on animal jam to celebrate being in the blogger community for about a year. I'll be making signatures/banners/whatevers for everyone who arrives
    If anyone reading this doesn't know, my username is meganfurryfun37

    Hope to see a few people there ':)


    1. its at like 11 or 12 in the afternoon for me. on a Saturday suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
      Should be able to make it?

    2. Oh wow! That sounds amazing, Kraft! That would be 12 PM for me, I think. I SHOULD be able to make it!! ^.^

      I'll also post about this, Kraft!! I hope lots of people come!! :D

  7. Ah! Wonderful story!! I will try to attend the party!

    1. Aw, thanks, Cooky! ^.^ I hope you can come!!!

    All the other babies were born on the same day..
    Oh dear oh dear XDDDD arranged marriage at birth 😜

    Remember, God made YOU!

    1. XDDD Yup, apparently.
      Well, not TECHNICALLY. XD I mean, sometimes hospitals keep babies longer than others, like for a week, before they can come home. Or, like me, they sometimes get born at home. CX
      Wisteria marrying Julian = nerdy drama XD

      Thanks, Gracie! :D

  9. You're great at writing, Lostfairy! The parts about Skorm and Julian/Aparri/Wisteriamoon made me laugh so hard XD

    1. Aww, thank you so much, Craz! That really means a lot!! ^.^ Honestly, I am just so happy I made people laugh. XD

      Also! Welcome to Animal Jam Jumble! I hope to see you more!! ^.^


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