Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Tag and Aparri Vs. Julian2 Thing

Ahoy there, matey! XD

Before I begin this post, guess what?!

*crickets chirp*

I got a whole year membership on Sunday for the first time! Now I have almost 100,000 gems and 270 diamonds! *jumps up and down* I'VE MADE SO MANY MASTERPIECES RECENTLY, IT'S INSANE! XD

Ahem! On to one of the two main topics of the post!

A little while ago, Karalee AND Gfox tagged me for a tag made by Purplestarclub.

I've actually done this tag before. But since it was a while ago and two people tagged me, I will do it anyway. :P

If you want to read the first time I did this tag, click here! (That was actually the post where I first started talking about JH!)

Let's begin!

1. Who was the last person you buddied?

I think that was ccmmacaroon who is super sweet. ^.^ We were just randomly sitting in Coral Canyons and talking about macarons and cake pops. :D

2. Do you have any famous jammers on your buddy list?

Yes, I do! I have hymns (who's a semi famous artist), orangewing (who I heard was redwing's extra account but I have no clue, honestly), snowyartmuseum10 and snowyartmuseum8 (who are Snowyclaw's art gallery accounts). And, of course, all the AJ bloggers who are on my list. I count them as famous. ;)

3. What thing done by your buddies makes you happy?

Hmm, when I get gifts by them or masterpieces. Or when they just come over and we just chill and talk about random things or more serious, life things. Or when I get a comment from one of them. Or if they just send me a JAG asking how I am. I don't know, I guess I'm pretty easy to make happy. :D

4. Who was the last buddy you talked to?

Well, me and Fluffykittenlover17 just talked through some JAGs. But the last person I talked 'face to face' with was Graciepopstar91. :)

5. Do you have any one "best friend" on AJ?

Ok, well, I have a lot of friends. All the AJ bloggers, Fluffy, and Koolest. But the closest of close would have to be Koolest and Fluffy because I know them in real life and I have known them the longest. But honestly, in my eyes, I have a lot of BFF's. There's not just ONE. ;)

6. How many people do you know IRL that play AJ?

Wow, this is almost the same as last time I did this tag. I know Koolestkat, Dreadwisp, a girl I met once at the library who doesn't play very often, and I THINK my little cousin did play a bit but I don't know...

I hereby tag...

PenguinBoss from The Animal Jam Spring
Doomypanda from Animal Jam Stream
Scooter from Animal Jam Sky Blog

And now! Onto the second topic! ^.^

A couple of days ago, I randomly decided to go around Jamaa and ask random people this:

Well, I got various answers! And to be fair, I made sure I asked five non-members and five members and made sure the question was written the same way.

So! Let's see what answers we got...

I think they mean "Who is that?" XD

XDDD WHAT are they? How about who are they? XD

This one and the just the one underneath go together. The person had first said this and then said the thing underneath.

Spelled "Aparri" wrong. XD

So! Let's see who 'won' this thing!

Aparri-2 votes
Julian2-4 votes
I don't know who they are-3 votes
I don't care-1 vote
Well, Julian won by 2 points. But every time I could do this, it would be different.
Can I just say, I'm glad 3 people didn't know who they were?! XD THEY HAVEN'T TAKEN OVER AJ, WOOOO!
Let me just thank everyone I asked! Here's the list of usernames without a specific order:


Hope you guys enjoyed the little 'test' thing! Want me to do something like it soon?

Well, I must go! Have a splendid day and don't forget to...

Jam on!!

PS. I got Google+ but it's so confusing, help! XD

Also! Be sure to enter Gracie's fan fiction contest!
For more info on it, click here!


  1. XD I'm FAMOOSE! :P lol that's funny that u did that

    1. XD But you aren't even a moose! LOL, thank you!!

  2. Yeah, I dont have any BFFS in AJ either, (Except for Pob, Ja, Tox, Nas, and Bunnygirl cuz they are my sibs who play AJ XD)

    Oh yus, J2 for the win XDD

    And I dont have Google+ so I cant give advice XD Sorreee! (Did I just say Sorreee instead of sorry?!)

    1. Yeah, I count all my blogger friends as BFF's! XD

      Nuuuu, I didn't want J2 to win. XD

      It's okay! I'll figure it out somehow... XDD It's okieeeeeeee!

  3. I hint you should do more of the those things in the future!

    1. Thank you for your opinion!!! I'll totally do more in the future. XD

  4. http://quizyourfriends.com/take-quiz.php?id=1703291758485151&Ink&

    ^^Quiz on me lol

    I prefer Julian to Aparri because of reasons


    1. XDDD I did it, nice quiz!

      I actually prefer Aparri over Julian but each to their own, right? :D

  5. I like your post; however, sadly I will not be doing the tag. Awhile back, another jammer asked me to do something similar to this, and I had to decline because if I do it for one jammer, I have to do it for all jammers. And if I do it for every jammer who tags me, that would be a LOT of tags! I hope you understand, and thanks anyway!

    --Scooter (chocolate4050)

    1. Oh, that's okay! I get it. :)

      Thanks for stopping by my blog, Scooter! :D

  6. Awesome post! I had fun watching you ask all those people.

    "Wat r they?" Haha! That is too good! I bet they would love being called a what...

    You should totally do another one of these kind of questionnaires!

    By the way, I like you doing AJ tags they are pretty cool. :D

    1. Thank you, sis!! :D I had fun doing it with you watching. XD

      Best sentence ever. XDDD

      Thank you! I think I will! :D

      Awww, thank you so much, Koolest!


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