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What is Chibi - A Guest Post by Koolestkat

Hey howdy hey! XD (PS. Chapter 11 of JH is up! No new characters this time but I gotta let the characters we already know grow. ;D)
So, today's post is going to be a wee bit different. I'm actually doing a guest post!
*collective gasp* :P
My sis, Koolestkat (she comments by the name Chloe) has a knack with art. So she's going to be doing an art post. I really hope you enjoy and learn something new! ^.^
Take it away, sis!
Hullo, friends and fellow artists!

You are probably all wondering "What the hay is chibi??" Maybe not in those words but something along those lines. I'm here to show exactly what that is.

Pronunciation: chee bee  (Plural: chee bees)
Definition: Small
Chibi is a Japanese style of art. Chibis are usually small, bubbly people. And their heads are generally as big or bigger than the rest of their body.   
From: "Manga Crash Course" by Mina "Mistiqarts" Petrović
The picture above is a basic body for any type of chibi person, boy or girl. Chibis have large eyes that are not always your typical color. You can have chibis with electric blue eyes, red eyes, purple eyes, any kind of color you want!

Chibi style and manga styles often get outlined in a black pen, called manga or art pens. If you don't have them, you can just use a regular pen and a permanent marker for the big shading areas.  

Chibi girls have super long hair a lot of the time. Big bows are also a big hit with chibi.

(Isn't that one so cute?!)

You can do chibi versions of your favorite movie and book characters. So that usually turns out real cute.

In fact, I drew movie/TV show characters for my siblings and parents for Valentine's Day. And it's your special day because I'm going to show you them!

The first one I'm going to show is one of Gru from "Despicable Me", a movie.

For all of you who don't know how Gru looks like, here he is.


And... This is my chibi Gru! (I made him for my dad, who loves the movie he's from!)

Chibis don't always have noses, but I added a nose to Gru because it's such a big part of his character. This was one of my first times drawing a bald head. (The only other times, I can think of, that I drawn a bald person is when I draw a stick figure.)
And this next one is Jack Frost from "Rise of the Guardians." (He's a cutie...)
This here picture was made for my mom.

As you can see, I did not add a nose to this one.

When I did his hair, I was a little unsure of what a should do with his white-ish, blue-ish, gray-ish hair. I didn't want to have be just plain ol' white. So I asked my oldest sis, (who is an awesome artist, just like my youngest sis) "what should I do?" And she let me borrow her blue-gray colored pencil to shade the edges a wee bit. I think it turned out pretty cool! (You can't really see it on here, but it is there.)

Coming next, is Captain Hook from "Once Upon a Time", a TV show.

Captain Hook is an awesome character! He is so funny sometimes. And he has this great one eyebrow raise that he does.

I drew this one for my oldest sister. I used three or four black colored pencils on him, just so there's a little variation and not all one big mass of black, in which you wouldn't be able to tell what's what.  (Do you like his eyeliner? I'm not sure why pirates wear eyeliner, but it looks good on Hook, surprisingly.)

And for the second last one, the Flash from the TV show "The Flash." (That was kinda redundant...)


Tada! This one took me the shortest to draw, I believe, because I didn't have to draw the base of the body and then draw clothes a little bit bigger than that. I just had to draw it right on the base. I didn't add a light spot in his eyes because it just wasn't working when I did it. And it went well even if it doesn't have that. The Flash was drawn for my older brother.

Now this last one is not a movie or TV show character. It's a real, live person I've seen.

This boy is was done for Lostfairy, my little sis. I think his eyes that I drew are my favorite of all of the pictures I drew. The browns worked really cool together.

And, you see, I was thinking real hard about who I should draw for her. It was tough because I didn't want to do just any anybody. I wanted to do a crush of hers. But I didn't want to do the regular crushes, like Ross Lynch, for example. So I thought about it long while. Even went to talk to my mom and my oldest sis about it!

And, then, it came to me.

I would do Puck.

Now, Puck isn't his real name, just a nickname we came up with a looonnngggg time ago. We, as in Lostfairy and I and our family, were in church and standing around waiting for our parents to finish talking to their friends. We're near the area of the baby Sunday school class room, and babies are being picked up and dropped off because the service had just ended and the second one was starting. And then I noticed this cute guy with curly brown hair and a slightly mischievous face (in a good way). He made me think of someone. So I whispered into Lostfairy's ear, "Hey, see that guy over there." I gestured at him. "He makes me think of Puck from "Sisters Grimm," only with brown hair, not blond."

Lostfairy agreed with me. And so we watched him for a bit. (I don't know why I stared at him, it's a bit weird and rude to do that. But I was younger then and did it anyway.)

Right then and there, two sisters both were falling in love with him. (Okay, I wouldn't really call it love, but we both thought he was cute.)

The next Sunday we saw him he was singing in choir. On stage! Oh happy day! Puck sings on stage!!

And, sadly, he, for some reason, stopped singing on stage in the first service, the one we went to... We didn't see him for a long time. Maybe only once or twice in a long span of time.

And couple months ago, we went to our church's youth group. And guess who was there?!

Puck!!! Finally!

He was still as cute as I remembered, maybe even cuter!

We have gone to youth a couple more times after that, and he's there every time. Sigh... Blissfulness...

And the last time we went some youth got to speak on stage and give a mini message on the same Bible verse.

Puck was one of the ones chosen to speak that very night! Talk about perfect timing to go to youth, am I right?

Boy, did Puck paced a lot! Back and forth, back and forth. (Cute little quirk...)

And he said the one thing he wanted us all to remember about his speech was this: "God is good."
And he's right, God is good!

Now, I hope I haven't cream-crackered you out. And I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about chibi and seeing my chibi!
Have a good day!
Cheerio, my friends!
What do you think of chibi? Will you want to draw some of your own sometime? What was your favorite chibi I drew?


  1. OH THATS WHAT CHIBI IS! I was wondering what it was XD My fav was the Gru one lol ;)
    Great post Koolest! :D

    1. XD I'm glad I could help you, Sarah! Really? I'm happy you like it. ^.^

      Aww, thank you!

    Man you're good artist!
    like all the members in your family! XD :D
    people aren't really my style though i do animals. XD
    umm my favorite prob the Flash.
    *King Tough Bunny

    1. Oh, thank you so much! That makes me feel happy! :D

      You can do chibi animals, too! All you got to do is make them bubbly and have big, cutesy eyes. C:

      That's one of my faves too!


  3. My mom used to read manga XD SUCH A CUTE PICTUREEE

    1. Cool! Manga looks so awesome! :D

      Thank you!!!

  4. Awesome guest post, and great intro into the world of chibi art! Koolest, betcha can't guess which piece of art is MY favorite. XDDD

    1. By the way, Lost, I tagged you for the One Lovely Blog Award!

    2. Aww, thanks, sis! You are too kind! <3

      Teehee! I bet I CAN guess!


  5. Hey Chloe it's Rachael( Oh wait... that's rather obvious)! Great job on these chibis! I think my favorite one is cpt. Hook ;) You did a good job on that one, and the others too, but especially that one. :) Despicable Me is my favorite of the movies listed though. :P
    On other news, I have no idea what animal Jam is. Guess it's a game?

    1. Lol!

      Aww, thank you! Do you watch the show too? Yeah, Hook was the first one I did and it's my favorite. :) Just something about him I like best. :P

      XD Yes, Animal Jam is game. In the game, your avatars are animals (XD) and you can hang out and talk to others players around the world. You can dress your animal in cool clothes and decorate your home. :)

  6. Lovely chibis! Personally, I put noses on mine and I don't like chibis with heads too big so mine are rather small haha.

    1. Thank you!

      Yeah, I interchangeably switch from no noses to having noses on my chibi. XD

      Lol! That's perfect fine! I do that too sometimes.



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