Thursday, 16 March 2017

Happy Birthday, Boo and an Invite!

Hey, hi, hello, hola, bonjour, yo, hullo, sup... XD

Lostfairy here with a quick post! ^.^

So, I don't think I've told anyone but for Christmas, I got the most adorable calendar.

It's a Boo calendar!! :D (If you don't know who Boo is, here's a quick summary: He is really famous and is said to be the cutest dog in the world. He lives with two other dogs, Buddy and Bluebeary Pie. He has a Facebook account where it's like he 'wrote' the messages. :P)

On my calendar, it shows special holidays, like most calendars do. Well, today had a little blue party hat and it say it's someone's special day...

Happy Birthday, Boo!!!

He does NOT look like he wants to be wearing those clothes. XD

With his best friend, Buddy <3

His whole family, Buddy, Bluebeary Pie, and himself :P

This one is seriously adorable. :3

Well, now that I have posted loads of pictures... XD

My friend, AJKraft, told me that she is having a party pretty soon. With her not having a blog, it's hard to get the word out.

So, I decided to post about it! ^-^

I hope you all can make it!!

Also, don't forget, my party is on the 19th at 2:30 PM CST!

Jam on!

Pssst! Check back tomorrow for a St. Patrick's post! :D


  1. Boo is so cute! <3

    And i should be able to attend both parties! :D

    1. I know! Right?! XD

      Yay! :D I'm so glad! ^.^

  2. BOO IS AMAZING. I like pusheen better though:P

    1. BOO IS AMAZING AND CUUUUTE! XD I like Pusheen and Boo. :P

  3. It's a little walking stuffed animal.. Squeeee!!!! XDD

    I have a lil' Boo stuffed animal and recently found a Boo change.. Keychain.. Thing.. XDD U must get one o:

    Remember, God made YOU!

    1. XDDD He looks so soft....

      :O You have a Boo stuffed animal?! NO WAY!!! I WANT ONEEEEE! XD


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