Monday, 3 June 2019

Welp, Hello Again

Wow, um, you know how five months ago I said I'd be doing more blog posts?

I lied, apparently.

I DIDN'T MEAN TO LIE! I swear, I was planning on posting more, keeping this blog up, and all that. But then life happened. School was a big ol' pain in the butt and brought a lot of stress. I got busy with art. (If you're curious, you can check out my art here!) Recently, I've been going on lots of walks and just simply spending time outside since winter was so long and I was cooped up inside for months. Course, I've been listening to loads of kpop and haha, I just spent close to 100 dollars on two kpop albums that came with merch which makes me HYPED but wow, I coughed up a lot of money. XD (Chloe helped pay since we are going to share them.) Oh, and I've been watching so many kdramas and I have this huge list of other ones I want to start and GAH, I never thought I'd be one of THOSE people who get obsessed over Korean dramas but look at me now. c:

But yeah, reading life updates is probably not interesting for you, so let me continue this... post thing. XD

I apologize for leaving people hanging. I mean, my blog's been dead for months so I've lost the traffic and some followers. Doubt I truly left anyone hanging... but whatever! Animal Jam's blogging community has been half dead but some blogs are thriving which is great! But most of the ones I used to read are dead which makes me sad and yet I totally get it. I've kind of grown out of AJ, I still love the game and all, but it's become boring since all my friends have quit. I guess I could try making new friends on there but I feel like they wouldn't last? I dunno, man.

Speaking of AJ, I lost my membership a few months ago and I haven't really played since then? Let's go on AJ right now and... see what... there is to see? XD

Oh man, ya gotta love AJ. As soon as I log on, I see someone with a beautiful username and then someone wants to get... wacky?

But anyway, if you want to hang out on AJ with me, just drop a comment and you can chill with me and Baekhyun.

Cred to Chloe Grace for making me that amazing Baekhyun masterpiece. <3

No, really, I'd like to catch up with anyone who still plays AJ! We can figure something out and hang out! <3

I might try to post this summer? I'm on summer vacation for three months so I have lots of time. My posts might not be very entertaining but I'll try to come up with something! I think I'll try to comment on some AJ blogs but we'll see what happens!

Sorry this post is a mess... I should stop apologizing cuz apologies are annoying to read so...

안녕, annyeong, bye!

And jam on!

Comment call: How's everyone doing? If anyone's still here, let's chat!
I'm updating small parts of my blog, like my interests on my Blogger profile cuz WOW, it's outdated!
Also, shoutout to Difficult for commenting and giving me a push to do this post. <3


  1. Even though you just seem to be checking in, I'd be really nice to see a blog post occasionally. Since you last left there has been two blogs I'm pretty sure that'd just started.

    (animal jam wild, an old blog that had all of it's posts removed and aj breeze!)

    1. Oh, don’t worry, I will try to post more frequently!

      And ohh, thanks for telling me! And thanks for the comment, Difficult!

  2. YAY LOST POSTED!!! Im so happy you posted Lost! Maybe if you don't post about AJ anymore you can post about your interests and your art:D Thanks for visiting the blogging community again.

    1. Awww, haha! Thank youuuuuuu!! And thanks for being so understanding, ah! I will try to post more often, I miss it a lot!


  3. Hey! It's always nice returning to the blogging world. On my side of the blog I'm sharing a serial about Susan Pevensie... just posted installment 4. Loving it ;D Life is pretty good,just busy cleaning houses and writing words.

    1. Hey, Keturah! Yeah, I totally agree! I forgot how much fun it was to write up blog posts!

      And oohhh, I am glad life’s been treating you well. <3 Sounds busy but fun!


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