Friday, 28 December 2018

Lost in the Melodies - Unfair

Me: *jams out to super fun song* HEY MAMA, EVERYONE STAND UP NOW!
You guys: *growls under breath* Not this kind of nonsense again.
You guys: This is really unfair, we have no clue what you're even talking about.
Me: *changes songs with ease* I KNOW IT'S UNFAIRRRRRRRRRRR!
You guys: *points angrily* YOU. YOU NEED TO GO.
Me: *grins and keeps screaming* ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, WE GOTTA GO-O-O-O-O, WE GOTTA GO!!
You guys: *face palms*

Let's ignore this mess called "hyper Lost listening to too much EXO." XD

Anyway, YES. You read the title right! I'm finally doing another Lost in the Melodies post! Sorry it took me forever, Ja! My greatest apologies!

If you don't remember (since it was months ago, whoa!), I'm going to be a post series called "Lost in the Melodies" where I basically fangirl over a random song that I enjoy and want to share. Sometimes the little reviews will be about what the song means to me, sometimes it'll just be me screaming how awesome the song and how you all need to LISTEN TO ITTTTT! XD

Are you guys excited for the second part? I know I am! LET'S GO!

- - -

Because Christmas just passed and I'm still feeling festive, today's song is Unfair by EXO! I linked to one of EXO's concert videos but if you want a lyric video, feel free to look one up!

My thoughts on this wonderfully festive song? Well, lyrics wise, I think it's talking about a boy who wants to start a relationship with this girl he's over the moon for but she's being a bit unfair and not really letting him. She seems to taunt him by being so beautiful and making the boy experience deep feelings that he wants to express. If you already know, please stop playing around (don't you see?)

The lyrics of the song are really fun and full of descriptions! I like the imagery of the words and how playful they are. I've already had several cups of coffee, baby, but why do I still feel like I'm in a dream?

And even though the song lyrics themselves don't sound Christmasy, the music and vocals somehow sound so FESTIVE! All the vocals in Unfair are beautiful and blend so well together at the right times and stand out at the right times! I gotta gotta slow down, baby ooo~

But now! Let's talk about the hilarious concert video! XD

First of all, I LOVE THE HUMOR IN IT. Honestly, the way they dance or do little actions or funny faces just cracks me up every time! Xiumin's little sliding and heavy sighing. Kai's puckering his lips to make the fans scream and then his comical way of walking back on stage. Chen's goofy smile and actions to go with his lines. Chanyeol's smirks and his funny little antics with Chen. Baekhyun's dramatic actions and flirtatiousness. Sehun's pure concentration as he dances and his derpiness. D.O's sweet vocals and the fact he didn't wear anything goofy for the song. Suho's smiles and dorky actions. I just love it all! I know it's unfair, are you being selfish? (Stop it.)

All of their facial expressions are PRICELESS. They look so happy and full of life. Every time they skipped around or looked like they wanted to laugh fills my heart with happiness. (Don't get me started on Chen's random bouncing at the very end! I just noticed it a minute ago and oh my gosh, someone hug that sweetie. XDD)

I think my favorite part in the video is around the end when they are all close together and singing. It's cute, sweet, and reminds me how close they are to each other. Girl, girl, be my love! It's time that you come to me. Oh, baby, falling, let's falling in love! Oh my-a!

- - -

Whew, that was a lot of fangirling. Sorry this wasn't as deep and meaningful as the last Lost in the Melodies post. I didn't want all the LitM posts to be sad or thoughtful, we needa be fun and crazy too! ^.^

Welp, I am finally done a post! I've hardly done any posts this year, I seem to take random hiatus things all the time. XD But! Expect a What-I-Got-For-Christmas post soon! :D

Have a splendid day, I know it's unfair that EXO is flippin' awesome, and...

Jam on!

Comment call:
If you listened to the song (WHICH I SURE HOPE YOU DID!!), what was your favorite part about the song or concert video? Hehe, I can easily figure out what Tracey's favorite part is... oh my-aaaa! c; Did you enjoy this post?


  1. Very nice written post Lost! I can see why you like this song so muchXD
    Can’t wait for the Christmas item post

    1. Aww, thank you! I hope you enjoyed the song too. <33
      Hehe, I’m glad! I’m excited to show you guys the stuff I got! XD

  2. OH MY-AAAAA! Ahem. XD You're cute. Thanks for sharing the Exo love!

    1. Awww what, me? Cute? Nahhhhhhhh. XD

      Haha, as if you don’t get enough of that IRL! But you’re welcome. <33

  3. That song was adorable! I couldn't understand half of the lyrics, but I loved the dancing.

    1. Ahhh, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Also, oooh, are you into dancing? I personally wish I knew how to dance. It looks fun. XD

      Also, thanks for commenting on my blog! I greatly appreciate it! <3

    2. Yes, I'm very much into dancing, though I'm not near as good as I want to be. But I devour dance videos and take hip hop lessons once a week, plus barn/line dance whenever I can!

      I've been watching that "Rich Man" drama and it's so addictive. Ready for episode seven already ;D

  4. I know that you shouldn't advertise, but I posted a long post about what I've been doing. Miss ya!

    1. Yikes, wow, I'm late commenting back but hey Q! <3 Missing you too!

  5. I used to view your blog a while ago. It seems you've left.
    If you ever stumble upon this, start posting again!

    1. Hey, thanks for commenting! You gave me a push to do another blog post so thanks. <3


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