Friday, 4 October 2019

Hello Again + Inktober Art

Hey everyone, if anyone still reads AJJ anymore. XD I've been doing this quite a bit now. I leave for months and then return, with hopes of posting regularly and having some kind of posting schedule. But then, poof, I get busy or lazy and push AJJ to the side because I usually like read, write, or draw when I have spare time. ;-;

But yeah, I'm back yet again, so hello and sorry for leaving you hanging once again! Even though it seems like I have left the Blogger world for good, I do keep up with the blogs that I follow. The AJ Friendship Community is the only one that posts often so kudos to the authors for sticking with AJ and their blogging community. <3 I sometimes wish it was 2016/2017, when all the AJ blogs were up and running and I'd have tons of blogs to read. But times change and so do people and the game has changed so in all, I'm okay with the changes. I just get nostalgic sometimes.

ANYWAY, in my last post, I asked for ideas on what to talk about. Violet mentioned I should do a contest or something which sounds like fun but I have a feeling no one would enter and it's hard to hand out prizes when you're a non-member. I also don't really own things that'd be worth giving away. XD

So, since I'm bored tonight and don't have any other ideas, I decided I'd post some of the art I've been doing this month. If you're an artist or keep up with what's going on, you'd know that October is Inktober. If you don't know what that is, lemme sum it up. (I'm bad at these types of things but OH WELL.) Basically, throughout the month, artists use an official prompt list and draw something every day. There's a word for every day and everyone can interpret it differently so it's super fun. This is my first year participating and it's been a blast so far. (I may be burned out at the end of it but it'll be worth it!)

I haven't posted my art on the AJJ in YEARS. Like, ew, the art I posted was awful.



I don't even want to know why I decided to ruin two beautiful book characters. What is GOING ON with Kai's hair? And just... ew.

TRUE, I did use a bad art program. The AJ Paint Studio is pretty bad but still. I clearly had no idea how to draw chibi.

But anyway. Let's move on to the Inktober art that I've done so far. ^v^

The first prompt was ring so I drew EXO's leader, Suho, with the famous and gigantic EXO ring! It was supposed to be mysterious and dark, kind of like EXO's old music videos and clothing style (if you excuse the sparkles). I think it worked out?? I dunno, I just had fun doing his dark makeup. I should have done more. XD

Second day was mindless. I drew my OC, Zuna, daydreaming under the night sky. I was in a starry mood, I guess. Night skies are just so much fun to draw. I was winging it with the background and I was testing out a pose so it's kind of a mess but I like it. ^w^

Bait was the third day's prompt so I drew a character from a Webtoon I'm reading, called Siren's Lament. Lyra gets called "Fist Bait" a lot so I thought it worked! I didn't feel like spending too much time on the art so I was messy and didn't mind being simplistic. *shrugs* (Also, Lyra is Instantmiso's character so don't steal her!)

And today's prompt was freeze and I drew Xiumin from EXO cuz he has frost powers. C: I'm happiest with this one!! I spent an hour longer on it and gah, it was just fun trying out a different pose than I usually do. And blurring his hand was fun. If you can't tell, I LOVED DRAWING THIS. ;-;

Welp, I guess I'm done now. It was enjoyable writing this post, actually. I might be back in a few weeks, not months, haha. XD

Please don't steal/trace my art and let me know what you think about it! <3

Jam on!

Comment call: Which art piece is your favorite? Should I post my other Inktober art?


  1. Ahhh!! All your art pieces you posted are soooo soooo soooo amazing Lost!! Your art is improving everytime I look at it :D I love all the pieces. I think you should post some more of your inktober art!

  2. I agree with Violet, your art is so amazing! I can't wait to see more of your posts (:

  3. So pretty!!! Glad you're posting again.


  4. Hi, I'm not sure if you're still active or not (it's been over a year XD) but I was wondering if you wanted to join my blog team. You could be an author, artist, designer, whatever. Thanks. Here's the link:


  5. Your blog is so cozy and nice <3


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