Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Art Request Details and AJHQ!

Hiya, guys! *yawns* Man, it's pretty early!

This post is gonna be short and snappy. It's about the art requests. :)

I don't think I told you guys but I'm doing the requests in this order: Gracie (already done), Ja983, Sarahkey8, Pob93, and then Swirlshine. It's the order of who asked first. It's fair that way.

I only know ALL the details for the requests for Sarahkey. The rest, there's some things I need to know.

Ja983: You want your bunny and in a stone frame. I asked what kind of background but you didn't answer. I need to know soon other wise, I'll start doing Sarahkey's art. Please let me know what background you want. Like your bunny in nature or just a plain color for the background or something.

Sarahkey: I know ALMOST everything for yours. I just need to know what color of writing for your fox's name should I use?

Pob: All I know is you want your bunny and in a gold frame. Any background? Your bunny standing in nature? Just a plain background? Also, does your bunny always wear the same outfit?

Swirlshine: You want your otter in a wood frame. Any background or nature? Anything at all? Or just your otter, like the style I used for my Aparri and Snowyclaw masterpieces?

- - -
Guess what? You know how I said in my last post how I almost saw AJHQ?
Yesterday night, I was playing Battle for the Beacon to get the phantom statues. After I got them, I quit the game and randomly looked up AJHQ. I went to their den because I wanted to see if they had added some new masterpieces. When I went into their den, I saw this huge screaming crowd. AJHQ?! I looked. And there they were...
Before I came though, my sister randomly went to her friend's jammer wall. THEY HAD MY APARRI ART IN THEIR WALL! I hadn't even given it to her! Koolest asked where they got it from and they answered, "AJHQ." o.o AJHQ gave my art to some random person who turned out to be my sister's friend. Crazy!
Anyway, I quickly decided that I wanted to give AJHQ my Liza masterpiece. So I put it on trade and asked them to trade me.

AJHQ. Traded. Me.
They traded me 6 rares for my art! I clicked yes... AND THEN REALIZED I HAD NO SPACE LEFT FOR CLOTHING! O.O
I then asked AJHQ if they would try again but this time with 1 item. They did. They traded me a snow leopard claw machine.

I took that last night. :D

So then I had to go and left the den.

But this morning, I go to AJHQ's den to see if they put up my masterpiece. And there they are! Again!

I saw AJHQ twice in less then 24 hours. o.0 Weird!

Then guess what! XD

:O AJHQ SAID MY NAME! *dances happily in circles* I was asking them if they had put up my masterpiece and they said "Not yet lost fairy but we will."

MY LIZA ART! ^.^ If you guys wanna see my art in AJHQ's den, just go downstairs and you'll find it. :D

I think AJHQ's my favorite 'famous' jammer. :P

Well, I have to go now. School is calling me.

Jam on!

Hey, Graciepopstar... I noticed you wondered if jammers would have grocery stores in their den in your comment on Animal Jam Community.
Here's my answer. XD


  1. Light blue for the letters. :) Pob93 is sick right now :( Though, I know his bunny always wears the same outfit. Idk what ja983 is doing right now XD *turns around to find her* Nope, she's upstairs!

    1. Oh ok! Thanks! And aww. :( Hope Pob gets better!! LOL, ok thanks. <3

  2. And, CONGRATS FOR YOUR ART GETTING INTO AJHQ'S DEN! :D Your art is amazing ^.^

  3. Also, I once saw AJHQ thrice (That means 3 times XDD) in 1 day.. XD the 3rd time was very short though. But the 1st time I got an auto.

    1. :O Wow! Thrice times in ONE DAY?! Crazy! XD
      :o I didn't get an auto... *sniffles* XD

  4. Pob93 just wants a forest backround with a water fall. :)

  5. Ja983 wants a nighttime place with a moon in the sky. (I'm pretty sure a full moon)

    1. Ok, and which side should her bunny be on? Should it be a close up of her bunny or no? :D I can't start drawing till I know. >.<

  6. Wow! :D AJHQ put up your art right away! That's amazinggggg!! XD They said your name!

    Yes, I really wish we could see where our art goes once we trade it. It ends up in the most interesting places... but how did it get there?? CX


    1. I know right? :O Maybe they looked me up on Google and FOUND MY BLOG?! XDD

      Hmm, it'd be cool to see where it goes... XD

  7. Whoa! Lucky :o
    I wish AJHQ would trade for my art >•<

    1. Just ask them when they're on and your on. And have it on trade. That's what I did. XD

  8. That's so awesome that AJHQ traded you! Wow! And you have your art in their den!! :O XD How cool is that?! ;)

  9. OK a TY to Sarahkey8 for putting in my request, I was busy and couldn't reply.
    btw the reason I didn't tell you is bc, the JAG you sent me didn't include the question (unless you sent a JAG and it didn't get to me for some reason) I couldn't find you on to ask you want the question was! :(

    Congrats at getting your art in AJHQS DEN! THAT'S AWESOME!!!!!
    *King Tough Bunny

    1. That's all good. :)
      Ohhhh, that's fine! But now I need to know some things: do you want a close up of your bunny or farther away like Gracie's? Do you want your bunny on the left or the right? :D
      YWSM! :D

      Thanks, Ja!!

  10. *Cries*


    I need to try harder to get AJHQ to NOTICE MEEEE. XDDD

    As for the art, I'll take a nature background, if it's not too much trouble! Maybe my otter could be standing by on in a river? c:
    Great art takes time, so no worries, I'll be patient! :)

    1. *pats back soothingly*

      It's ok. Calm down. XDD

      Hmm, any other details? I kinda like to know what you want so I don't mess up. >.<
      Aww, thank you!!! ;)

  11. WOO! Yesterday AJHQ noticed me! They liked my Max art!

  12. I saw AJHQ yesterday! I want to trade them a masterpiece!


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