Sunday, 11 September 2016

My Back To School Party Pictures!

Hi, jammers! Welcome tooooo... ANOTHER POST BY LOSTFAIRY! XD

Edit: Oh goodness, how could I forget... HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWIRLSHINE!!! XD

Today, I shall be posting some pictures I took at my Back to School party. It was yesterday and I loved every second of it. :D

Ok, to tell you the truth, I thought only two people would show up. Turns out, four did! And then some others came later.

The people who attended the party were: Swirlshine, Cosmiccheetah, Purplestarclub, and my sister, Koolestkat! And then later on, Ja983 and Floracutegirl. Thanks for coming, guys! ^-^

Alright, picture time!

First, I showed Cosmic, Swirl, and Koolest my new-ish Liza masterpiece made by moi. XD (thanks so much for complimenting it, guys. ^.^)

Still talking about the drawing. :)

Then I let my guests explorer my school Bunny Borrow.

Then we ate cake and Koolest asked a tough question. Cupcakes or cake?! I said cupcakes but... Cake is soooo good! XD

We were just chilling around, talking. :D

LOL, don't ask why we were talking about mochas and coffee.

I got hot chocolate for Swirl but to repay me, she ate all my marshmallows! (or as I called them, "My babies!" XD) Swirl kindly left one for us but then ate it without knowing. Now she thinks the llama or one of us ate it. XD

Group picture time! If I known Swirl was gonna say "LOST IS AWESOME!!" I would have said something about my amazing guests. XD

I randomly decided to do a fashion show. (Well, all my RIMs are piling up... :P) The theme was your favorite color. (Swirl's is random... XD)

Theme was like a 'famous' jammer. XD

Still the same theme... :P

There was a WisteriaMOON who couldn't buy clothes (XD), Bepper, and GOAT BEPPER?! :o

Random picture... Also, it's the final round! Swirl and Purple are now doing a stare down. XD

Theme was most like an alpha. Oh my word, that was a good round. XD (look at Swirl's awesome Greely outfit!)

LOL, nice goat Liza, Cosmic. :D Also, after a tough time picking the winner, Swirlshine won the 'grand' prize. A RIM. XD

This room gave me such big Jamaasian High vibes... AND LOOK! PURPLE BEPPER! :D

Random chatting. :)

Talking about JH. (thanks guys, your so full of kind compliments. :D)

LOL, now we're talking about my Liza art again.

Aww, thanks, Cosmic. :D

Again, random chatting. :P

Ja983 came in for a little while and then sadly had to go. But thanks for coming, Ja! Also, Floracutegirl came by with some of her accounts.

Then, after a while, I had to go because I had to go pick up a friend and then we hung out for an hour and a half. :)

My sad farewell. >.< I seriously had a TON of fun. This party turned out really good. I can't wait for my birthday.... XD

This Back to School party lasted an hour and all the guests were super duper amazing. Thanks again!

Well, I hope you enjoyed these pictures! ^.^

Jam on!

P.S. Today, at 12:40 PM, me and my parents and Koolest pulled out all of our potatoes from our big garden. We only finished pulling the potatoes out, washing them, and putting them on blankets at 6 PM. o.o I. Am. TIRED. XD


  1. That party was amazing! Made my birthday even better! Thank you for hosting it! :)

    Also, thanks! I'm glad you like the Greely outfit! I bought that wolf solely because I wanted a Greely look. XDD

    1. Thanks, Swirl!! Aww, I'm glad. :D I loved it, thanks again for coming! (I am already planning some parties I could do... XD)

      You're welcome. :D It looks really amazing. LOL! XD Maybe I should try dressing as Peck or Liza or Graham or something. XDD

    2. Awesome, me too! XD

      Yeah, you should do that!! I have yet to see a great Peck outfit, although my sister's is pretty good!

    3. Yeah, but like, Peck doesn't really wear anything... XD I tried yesterday but it didn't work. I was just a pink bunny with purple. XD

  2. ^ Karalee

    That Liza is amazing! You're a wonderful artist, Lost!


    1. Awww, thank you so much!! Your so sweet. <3 ^-^

  3. My sis (ja983) didn't know it was a party. I forgot to come... and my JAGS were full and the place I was in was full O.O

    1. LOL, yeah, Ja told me. XD And it's ok, Sarah! I'll have another party very soon. :D

  4. Btw this is for the School thing, (I think this is the right blog LOL) Look at my wolf please
    *King Tough Bunny

    1. I'm sorry but I can not enter you into the contest. It has been two days since the deadline. (I wish I could enter you but it wouldn't be fair. >.<)

  5. Swirl swirl swirl! It's your bday?

  6. I wish I could've come x.x. EVIL TIME ZONES AHH

    Looks like you all had a great time :D


    1. Aww, I wish you could have too! TIME ZONES, STOP BEING EVIL! XD

      And we did. But I bet we would have had more fun if you were there. :D

  7. That was a great party! I loved meeting the people there! :)


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