Monday, 29 August 2016

RIM, Tags, and I'm Back!

Me: Hello, everybody!! I'm baaaaccck!!!!
You guys: ....... *whispers* who is she? I don't remember her.
Me: Uh, hellooo?
You guys: *shrugs and waves*
Me: Yay! You remember me!
You guys: *gives each other nervous looks*

Heh, I just copied my good friend, Swirlshine. She sometimes does these little skit thingies. XD

Anyhoo, guess who's back from a long week at camp? Meeee!!

Ahem, I will tell you more about camp later in this post. For now, let's talk about today.


Today's lovely rare is... a Rare Head Bandage. A purple bandage. o.O Interesting. It's sold at the Medical Center Shop for 900 gems. Wow. XD I don't know why AJHQ likes bandages right now. Last week it was a leg brace or whatever it's called. I would have thought the rares would be school-ish and stuff. (Like bringing nerd glasses back...?!)

And now for my usual RIM calendar!

Blue for non-member rares and yellow for member rares

- - -

Guess what? I got tagged by Graciepopstar91! ^.^ Thanks so much for tagging me, Gracie! And also, thanks 2fangwolf for tagging me as well. :D

Let's start, shall we?

1) If you could only have one clothing item on AJ, what would it be?

Oh man, that's tough! I love all my items! But I'd have to say... my designer skirt. (the red or yellow) I really like them and they and you can still have a great outfit with just that item. I'll show you, using my fox and both of my designer skirts:

See? They don't look too bad, right? XD

2) What's your favorite AJ feature? (such as masterpieces, buddies, etc)

Well, buddies, definitely. But besides that, I love masterpieces! :D And JAGs!

3) What animal would you like to see on AJ?

Oh! Good question! Uh, lemme think. This is really random but... A PLATYPUS! XD I don't know, it'd be kinda cool. :P

4) AJHQ just granted you 100 diamonds. What do you spend them on?

LOL, I almost already have that! (I have 89 diamonds) But if I got 100, I would spend it on animals, clothing, and the armor. Like the Princess set and Phoenix set. Or maybe the Wind set... XD

5) If you could create your own world on AJ, what would it be?

Hmm, maybe like China? Mountainy and lots of bamboo and waterfalls. And really cool, peaceful Chinese music playing in the background. :) It'd be pretty nice.

Thanks again for those wonderful questions! And I don't know who all got tagged so this tag is free for anyone who wants!

- - -

All right, it's time for me to talk a little bit about camp. :D

So when I got there around 4pm on Sunday, the 21st, we were early. But there was this mom with her girl also waiting. Turns out, my mom knew the girl's mom and the girl's mom works where my brother works! ^-^

The girl was really nice and friendly. I was hoping we'd get the same cabin as her. And we did! Me and Koolest were in the same cabin with six other girls and two cabin leaders. The girl we met in the parking lot was in our cabin too. Yay! XD

I had a BLAST at camp. It was a way better experience then I had last year. I connected with my cabin instead of last year where I was my shy, non-me self. :)

My cabin leaders were sooo sweet! One of them woke us up all the time at 8:30 every morning with this bright, beautiful "Gooooood morning!" :D She called us 'munchkins' when we went to bed. She also hugged me and Koolest a ton before we left. :')

Our other cabin leader was one of the people singing in chapel. She had a great voice! :D

Oh, and the camp had hardly any campers. There were forty-five campers when the week before they apparently had a hundred. There were four girl cabins and only one boys cabin. XD

At camp, me and Koolest had the same activities (called 'skills' at camp)! We had (in this order): crafts, drama, swimming, and survival.

In crafts, we sanded a piece of wood, painted it, and then thought up a Bible verse to put on it with nails and thread. I picked Ephesians 3:17-18. :)

In drama, we did a skit on Esther where it was like a talk show thingie. It was kinda like the selection of picking the new queen for the king. I, proudly, was Contestant Number Three. XD I was all shy and quiet. I borrowed a girl's hoodie that was grey and 'shy-ish'.

In swimming, I swam. XD It was a nice big pool. A lot of campers were there. The life guard remembered my name, which is awesome. ^-^ I had to stay in the shallow end because, confession, I can't swim. I haven't swam a lot in my life, maybe a few times a year. So at the pool, I practiced. I could swim a bit but not too much.

In survival, we learnt how to tie cool knots, make a fire, make a shelter with trees. We even learnt how to cook a frog! XD Koolest had a small piece. She said it wasn't bad. We first had to go into groups and spread out into the woods. Then, we caught as many frogs as we could. Next, we brought them back and pulled off their skin. After that, we stuck the frog meat onto a stick and roasted it over a fire. XD I had a lot of fun, though! (not because my camp crush was in survival, like c'mon.... XD)

My cabin leaders said they saw me grow. I do feel more confident in myself and in my faith. I cried a ton when I left camp. I made my cabin leader cry too. But I'm also glad to be home and to sleep in my own comfy bed. ^.^

Oh, I have a story for you guys! You don't mind, do you? :D Okay, so, on Wednesday, we had our afternoon skills canceled because we were doing the Amazing Race! In there, we were separated into teams. So my team was my cabin, Mizpah. One of the funnest games in the Amazing Race was when we had to cross the river. We all had to hold hands and cross the river and find a ball. Then we had to bring it back. The highest the river water went was up to my neck and I was on tiptoes! Also, none of us used life jackets. It was scary at first but then I had a blast. :D After we finished, the person in charge of that game thingie said that some of the boys in the boy cabin didn't even do it. LOL, they were too wimpy! XD

Another fun game in the Amazing Race was pushing a van. XD We had to push a van all the way down a curve in the road and then back to where we had started.

If I had to describe my week at camp with one word, it would be: amazing. XD Or friend-building. :P I seriously made quite a few friends at camp. Which is totally surprising for me!

I hope you enjoyed my blabbering about camp. :)

- - -

I feel like doing another tag made by Violet. It's an awesome movie tag so here it is:

1. Who is your favorite actor or actress?

Oh man, so hard! >.< I really like Ross Lynch and Dove Cameron but Robbie Kay is also good in Once Upon A Time so I don't know. XD OH! And the actor who does Barry in The Flash! He's also really good. :P

2. What is your favorite movie/movies?

Uh, this is hard! Well, I like Teen Beach Movie and Teen Beach 2. I like Inside Out, Big Hero 6, and Zootopia. I like a lot of movies. :D

3. Do you have a favorite movie series? If so, what is it?

Um, I don't think I watch any movie series... 0.o

4. Which do you prefer, books or movies?


5. What type of movies do you like?

Um, family friendly ones, like Zootopia. And some musicals. :)

6. Your opinion on movies vs. TV shows.

I like TV shows because you really get to know the characters because TV shows are longer then movies. But lots of movies are really good so I don't know.

7. Is there a movie you currently really want to see?

Um... Kinda! I really want to see The Jungle Book, The Secret Life of Pets, and Finding Dory. :P

Thanks for that fun tag, Violet!!

And I don't know who to tag so everyone can do it!

Well, that's the end of my post. I hope you enjoyed. Also, I haven't started writing Jamaasian High again since camp so the next chapter might take a little bit of time. Sorry! >.<

Have a fantastic day and...

Jam on!!


  1. WELCOME BACK LOST FAIRY! :D Was your trip exciting?!

    1. THANKS SO MUCH, SARAH! XD And yesh! It was exciting! I had to step quite out of my comfort zone. ^-^

  2. Aw, just that first paragraph made me smile! :)

    Wow, that camp sounds amazing! Wish I could say I'm planning on overcoming be nervousness this upcoming summer (which is when I got to camp), but I find it quite hard to do so. I'm naturally shy. The only reason I am, though, is because I don't want to feel like I'm interrupting anyone. What if a group of people was having their own conversation? I wouldn't want to butt in, only to get awkward looks!
    But I'll try to work on it anyway.

    Well, since you shared a swimming confession, I'll share one.
    Okay...I trust you, and everyone else on this blog, so I'm gonna say my most embarrassing swimming moment.
    Okay, so when I was younger, but not by much, maybe about 8 or 9, I did these swimming lessons for a while.
    Now, I hate swimming underwater. Correction, I HatED it. I actually don't mind it now, but I can't say I'm very fond of it either.
    But I hated swimming underwater SO MUCH back then that, in my swimming class-thing, I wouldn't go under! The other 3 or 4 kids were more experienced, diving under whenever they could, but what did I do? I clung to the edge of the pool like a baby.
    I apparently didn't fit in well in that class, so guess what?
    I get moved to a class with 4 and 5 year olds.
    And even THEY did better than me at the time!
    Humiliating. >_<

    Alright, but enough about me and my used-to-be fear of underwater!

    You cooked a frog? Makes me feel bad for the frogs, but hey, I guess it was going to get eaten by something sooner or later.
    Woah, so you REALLY crossed a river and PUSHED A VAN!? Like, a big, heavy, real one? :O

    Also, great quiz answers! I gotta do those 2 tags today, since I forgot all about them!

    1. :D Yay! I love making people smiling so much, it's almost weird. XD

      It was! ^.^ Man, I sometimes catch myself wishing I was back there. XDDD And hmm, I see where your coming from, Swirl! I feel like that in public too. It's just, in my cabin, I opened up and actually started conversations. (heh, I don't usually do that in public) Maybe what also made it easier was because the girl I met in the parking lot... I thought it was you.... XDDDD I mean, I know you have brown hair and glasses and this girl had RED hair and glasses but I was didn't care. XD So I didn't REALLY think it was you but she talked like you did on your blog and in comments, she drew amazingly, she drew cats, she loved cats, she loves the Warriors... XD I was like, "o.o YOU SOUND LIKE SWIRL!" I told her I thought you was like my awesome online friend and she was like, "Really? You make me think of one my friends in school!" XD

      :O That sounds like something I would do!! I hate going underwater yet... I really want to. But fear keeps me from trying. That totally stinks that you were moved to the little kids. o_0
      I'll bet it was. :( (but it was also humiliating for me at camp to be in the shallow end, trying hard to swim while all the kids, even the little ones, are swimming in the deep end.)

      LOL, yeah! :tries to hug through screen: Man. XD

      Yup! And seriously, there was frogs everywhere. Plus, it's just two little frogs. XD But yeah, it would have died sooner or later. XDDDD
      Yeah! XD My legs were all muddy and seaweedy. The rocks in the river were REALLY sharp! XD And yeah, I pushed a van with 7 other girls. XD It was funny trying to push it up a small hill. XDDD (it was better pushing it down the hill, it moved so fast I couldn't keep up XDDDD)

      Thanks!! I can't wait to see yours!! <3

      P.S. Is this the longest comment I have ever done in the history of my blog?! XD

    2. Man, thats embarrassing.. Don't worry I won't tell anyone... XD

      *runs into Jamaa Township and tells everyone* No jk. Lol

    3. Wow, that girl DOES sound like me!! :o
      Do I have more long-lost siblings out there!? How big of a family am I from? XDD

      Well, it's good to know I'm not the only one who hates going underwater!
      Hey, if I was there, I'd have stayed in the shallows with you! :)

      *Hugs through screen* XD

      Did you have shoes on in the river? XD
      Also, wow!! I can't believe you really pushed a van!! :O

      Maybe it is, but long comments are fun to me.
      I'm so weird.

    4. @Sarahkey


      XDD, jk

    5. @Swirlshine
      I know right?! It's kinda creepy... XDD

      :) That would have been fun! :closes eyes tightly and tries to summon Swirl with mind power: Dang, it didn't work... XDD

      *HUGS!!* XD

      No. I was barefoot. I didn't want to lose my precious flip flops! XD (Also, I don't think I was allowed to go in the river with shoes on... o.0)
      XD Yup, I really did! (it was so fun XD)

      Join the awesomely weird club, leader is moi.

  3. Welcome back :)
    Sounds like you had an amazing time at camp!
    I should probably share my story of summer-but-not-actually-in-summer-camp. Its a rather chaotic story.
    I'll do the first tag because I feel like doing it even though I already did it lol

    1. My party hats. If I had to choose just one, my purple because its in my main outfit.
    2. Am I allowed to say buddies and masterpieces are equal to me?
    3. Ocelots. And chickens. They would look amazing in aj!
    4. I'd likely make 20 copies of a really good masterpiece and trade them lol
    5. I'd like a jungle or a swamp.

    (Ps. Remember all that chaos in Julian2's den XD)


    1. Thank you! :D
      I sure did!! I wish all the girls in my cabin could live in the city I do... :/
      LOL! I would love to hear it if you wish to tell us your 'chaotic' tale of woe. XDDD
      Oki! :excitedly reads the answers:

      1. Lucky! XD I love how the party hats look! XDD
      2. Yesh. You may. You have. XD
      3. Uhh... :looks up ocelots: AWWW!! Those big, big cute eyes!! ^-^
      4. LOL! Sounds nice! XD
      5. :O Oooh! That'd be epic!!

      (Ps. How could I forget? XDDD BEANS BEANS BEANS!!! XDD)

    2. ALL DA BEANS!

      And here goes nothing, my tale of not-quite-summer-camp.

      June last year, my year group (year 6 at the time) went on a residential trip to an activity camp for 5 days. This was the first time I'd ever been away from home, minus one sleepover. The trip there was 5 hours long, and we weren't allowed any electronics, food etc with us on the coach. The second we got there, we had some time in the field. I was by then incredibly homesick, and stared into space. Fun fact, I spent most of my free time there dreaming up most of AJ Adventures. Even though I was homesick, my friends pulled me through.
      Now for some woeful activities.
      Ah, kayaking. So, the instructed tricked half of us, myself included, to sit in the wrong way. Because I'm such a smart child, I tried to turn around by standing up in my kayak. I nearly fully rotated, when I splashed into the water. Because 11 year old Kraft was a wimp, I began to have some kind of mental breakdown, and had to be rescued. Also the lake was full of duck poop >•<
      Eventually, my teacher encouraged me back, but I was soaked, and my size 7 (I think) trainers were weighing me down.
      Furthermore, we had to walk quite a way off the actual manor(lol I didn't even mention that it was at this old manor house. We all had rooms in the courtyard area though. It was pretty draff (how does one spell that XD))
      I should also mention I detest sports, and only went for the banter. So when young Kraft has to trek... Disaster
      Then there were the caves. At this time, I had a terrible back, and if states bent for a while, it'd be rather painful. Hence why I hated caving. They were artificial, but still gross and murky... Maybe I'm just not built for the outdoors XD
      And then we had the bigger problem. Each group had half girls, half boys. And the boys in my group were basically moths. Moth is the word I use for somebody who is unbearably awful beyond belief. So they were pretty bad. This one kid was a pain in the butt, and was like
      "AJKRAFT UR SO SLOW HURRY UP OH MY DAYS ARGHHH" and I'm like •-• "can you not pls."

      Oh and then there was this evil woman who served us food. She seemed to think an eleven year old only needs one chicken leg and a spoon of peas to keep going. Even the teachers from our school who came hated her XD
      We nicknamed her the witch. She still haunts us to this day.

      Oh, ah, yes. The worst thing in the entire camp. FREAKING FOOTBALL ROUNDERS. The game that literally fell from darkness. The game that takes two of my least favourite things, and fuses them together because the PE department knows hoe to torture me. I just stood there for an hour and daydreamed. I have a daydreaming problem.

      The best thing about it though was...

      So my pain was ok :)

      That wasn't even half of it. I had an ok time, but we had the evilest teacher in our school checking on us each night like"GO TO SLEEP YOU PATHETIC CHILDREN"

      Memories :]


    3. Lol, I have only slept outside my comfy home, or yard (I say yard cuz sometimes me and two of my other siblings like to sleep in our trampoline tent, always us 3. do not ask why.) Was when my mom took me and my sis (my older sis) And no. that does not mean I'm second in my faimly. after 6 boys, my older sis was born, then me, then another boy, then another girl, then another girl, and another boy. AND now in October (or late September) another boy! XD ANYWAY my mom took me and my older sis on a girls 2 day vacatation. We went to Holiday Inn and the swimming pool... ahh... so comfy...... WE WENT SWIMMING FOR 3 HOURS THEN THE NEXT DAY WE JUST DID 2 HOURS LOL


      (GIlbert GROUP 4EVER)

    4. @AJKraft
      XD BEANS!!!

      Woah. That is... quite the story. >.< Duck poop? Ewww... XD

      Oh man, that kid does sound annoying. o.0 :shakes head: Tsk tsk tsk. People these days! XD


      Whoa. That teacher sounds evil. XD

      I wish you could have had more fun. :/ Oh well. XD

    5. @Sarahkey
      XD Nice story! The pool sounds like fun... XDD (I love pools and swimming and water except for when you fall into the water and can't breathe. o.o XD)


  4. Yay, Lostfairy! My family went camping, too! It was in a camper, though... Not exactly roughing it there, so I was happy. XD

    Lemme see now. I've already done graciepopstar91's tag, it's on my blog. :) Now for you, violet86271!

    1. Jeremy Brett. He was the best Sherlock Holmes EVER. :D He kept every attribute of the character shown in the books, and added the tiny details that Doyle could not give us in print. In short, he brought the master sleuth to life, deeply and truly. <3 ...Annnd I just realized that none of you want to hear me fangirling out like this. o_o Anyways.

    2. Probably How To Train Your Dragon.

    3. :cringes: Eeezsh, Why do people ask SUCH hard questions? XD I personally believe that, taking all pros and cons into account, there is really no way at all to choose between the two storytelling mediums.

    4. Mysteries first, adventures second. Treasure-hunting movies are the best of both worlds!

    5. I prefer TV shows. Episodes can ostensibly go on forever, and I prefer the long-term emotional arcs that are made possible by that format.

    6. SING, coming in December. Big fan of music here, and talking animals make everything better, right? XD Just ask Animal Jam!

    Thanks Lostfairy and Violet! I enjoyed that a lot! :D


    1. LOL, yay! XD I have never really camped. At all. O.O Just nice little cabins at camp. XD

      Yay, tag answers! :eagerly reads:

      1. XD I love fangirling so I'm all good. :D I could fangirl over Ross Lynch, Robbie Kay, Cameron Boyce... Oops, I just rambled my moviestar crushes. o.o XD

      2. Cool, I like that movie. :D

      3. I dunno, because it's FUN! XD

      4. Nice! :D

      5. True. I love Once Upon A Time and The Flash. So. Good. XD And OUaT is SO long!!! <3 XD

      6. Hmm, never heard of it... Maybe I have and just forgot... XD

      I enjoyed reading your answers. :D

  5. I just looked on AJ's Instagram.

    julian2 will be happy O.O

    1. O.O (BTW, thanks for giving me the link. :D)

      Yup. He will jump up and down, squeal, and run around. XDDD (I doubt it but whatever. He'd probably just be like, "O.O :gasp: Cool BEANS." XD)


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