Saturday, 13 August 2016

Tags, Theory, and Teeheehee!

Hey. Pssst. Hey, over here!

:leaps out from behind a bush:


Well, that was a different way to start this post. But hey, I'm different (in a good way XD).

Today, I have answer two tags! Well, one was just a tag if you wanted to do it and I wanted to. :)

So, it's an Animal Jam tag made by Purplestarclub. Thanks for tagging me! ^.^

1. Who was the last person you buddied?

Well, the last person who became my buddy was someone named isabella822.

2. Do you have any famous jammers on your buddy list?

I have Nafaria9. :D And that's it. I almost got to Julian2's buddy a couple of days ago.

3. What thing done by your buddies makes you happy?

I like it when my buddies talk to me. But not like the boring conversations that go like this:

"Hi." "Hello." "How are you?" "Good, you?" "Good." "Well, bye." "Bye."

XD I'm sorry but that's boring! I like actually having a great conversation with them. It makes me happy. :)

4. Who was the last buddy you talked to?

Oh man... I think that was fluffykittenlover17. ^.^

5. Do you have any one "best friend" on AJ?

I have tons of awesome blogger friends that I all call my best friends but the one I have been friends with the most would be fluffykittenlover17. We actually met in a different game and then switched to AJ last year. I've known her for three or four years. :)

6. How many people do you know IRL that play AJ?

Three. XD My sister, my brother, and a girl I met one time.

Thanks again for the most awesome tag, Purple!!

And now I tag...

Anyone who wants to do this tag, take it and post it on your blog! :D

Now for the tag anyone could use made by Graciepopstar91!

1. What's your favorite Animal Jam animal?

I'd have to say the fox. It looks good in a lot of clothes and I just like the style of it. :D

2. What's your favorite Animal Jam clothing item?

Oh man. That's tough! I'd say designer skirts, head flowers, flower crowns, nerd glasses, and butterfly head bows. :)

3. Have you ever been scammed? If so, do you have any advice for jammers to stay away from them?

Yes. I have been scammed. It's not fun. XD

My advice for advoiding getting scammed is to think what the scammer is saying. Does it sound right? Probably not. So if someone says, "Trade me ___ for ___, you'll get a ___ if you do!", it's probably a lie. Why can't you just directly trade for it? So, just trade the normal way and be careful.

4. What is your favorite land in Jamaa?

Oh, I don't know! This is too hard. I love them all. :)

5. What's your favorite Animal Jam song?

I like "Bass Camp" and "Ocean Base Camp". I also like "Mt. Shiveer", "Crystal Reef", "Appondale", and "Twists And Turns". ^.^

Thanks for the wonderful tag, Gracie!

And anyone can take this tag! Have fun with it!

- - -

I have theory! XD

Yesterday, me and my siblings were chatting about AJ. All of a sudden, I got a theory. :P

Here. It. Is:


Look at their eyes! They both have weird, green eyes. And before "The Hidden Falls" came out, Sir Gilbert wasn't in any adventure. You never met him. And yes, when he had creepy eyes, it was beta but still! :P

- - -

I have a surprise for you guys. A super secret surprise. I'm not ready to tell it yet but I will be soon... I just wanted to get some suspense. XD It's pretty big. And secret. And a work in progress.

Wah hahaha! You must wait... XD Aren't I so evil?!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my post! Also, feel free to answer the tags in the comments! And what do you think of my theory? What do you think of my secret? Make a comment and let's chat. :D

Jam on!!


  1. I'll answer the tag here and then copy/paste the comment below onto a blog post because I'm lazy and I'll post again tomorrow :P.

    1. I honestly forget. (Also -- Isabella822 sent me Jam-A-Grams, too!)
    2. I would count Nafaria9 and Awesomepanda868.
    3. Just talking to them, honestly!
    4. On a chat box, Xray64al663. On Animal Jam, Xray64al663, Crispycorgi, DewDropReptile, and Victoria78873.
    5. Nope.
    6. 1. I persuaded her to.. She's currently a member and she doesn't play much.

    (PS: I dunno if this is okay with you, Lostfairy, but this is a sneak-peek of something big happening over on the AJGC!)

    1. Nice answers! ;D
      That's cool that you persuaded her to, even if she doesn't play. ^.^ The girl I met already played AJ.

      (PS: :O That's so epic! Thanks for sharing!)

  2. Did I get tagged for Purple's tag? I forgot. I'll check in a sec. That rhymed, XDD!

    I'm gonna do Gracie's tag, too! :)

    Woah, I never made that comparison.
    However, Sir Gilbert's look has changed now, and I do not think that AJHQ uses that art style anymore. Now, he looks like he does on the Home screen. ( Sorry if I sounded rude! I'm not trying to be, I promise!
    I think that that mysterious figure in Bitter Sweets is, maybe, one of the minor Alphas? Or....:O

    A PET ALPHA!!!

    Think about it! The pets are basically avatar-sized in Bitter Sweets, and that figure looks to be about that size, too! Oh my gosh! :O I need to do a theory post on that!

    Surprise? Surprise?! SURPRISE?!

    Yay yay yay yay YAY!!!!!



    1. XD Nice rhyme!

      Yay!!! :D

      I know right?! It's kinda freaky that they are kinda similar... I'm glad Sir Gilbert changed. XD He was pretty creepy. o.0 (It's totally fine! I was kinda joking around, not completely thinking it was him. It's just fun to throw ideas around. :D)

      XD GASPTH!! A pet alpha would be... Odd. XD I kinda agree with Aparri's pet opinion. Animals owning... animals. He had said something about that one time. XD

      True! You totally should. :)

      XDDD You bet. I love surprises, even though I know them already. XD I CAN'T WAIT TO TELL IT ON HERE!!! :tries hard not to yell it out:


      Don't ask. XD

    2. I'm totally doing a post on how all the BETA Alphas looked. Cosmo was also quite creepy.

      Yeah, animals owning mini animals isn't exactly...right. But, of course, we can't replace our avatars with people ones! I wouldn't want to, anyway.
      A buddy and I once mentioned that AJHQ should release HUMAN avatars for one day, and one day only, on April Fools Day! I guess they'd have to be taken away a day later, though.

      NO, NOT MY DOUGHNUTS!!!! * Shoves every single doughnut in mouth*


  3. I love tags, but I don't have a blog ao imma just shove my answers here XD
    1. I don't remember.. I think it was some rare person o.o
    2.well, I have a buddy, Meeska I think, who I've seen in famous jammers videos before. Of course, I'm also buddies to Naffy and some of le blog crew. I used to be Thunderpig'a buddy, but they unbuddied me *cries*
    3. Me, trollursoul (whose usernam was changed recently to jammer then a bunch of numbers), Skream20 and some other people were in a gifting war, and we ended up sending each other spiked stuff. It was quite fun, so I'd say gift wars, bur I also just like talking to people online because I'm really shy in real life, not too sure... I have short term memory XD
    5. I have lots ^•^
    6. A few, but mostly they all quit. My friends Marzipan25 and Panda68433 still play though, and I talk to them often

    Other tag

    1. The snow leopard! hats. By far.
    3.yep. My advice is TRUST NOBODY DX
    4. The temple of zios
    5. The great escape has always been. I also like the lucky party music!


    1. My favorite music is Lucky Clovers!

    2. Thanks for sharing your answers! ^-^
      :o Oh, how dare Thunderpig do that to you?! XD

      XD Yup, basically. Because, online, you can't hear the person's voice and see their face to see if they are lying. You can do anything on the computer. o-0
      I like "The Great Escape" too! So. Intense. XD And "Lucky Clovers" is so fun! XD

  4. Ooh! I'll be sure to post those tags on my blog as well. :D

    And I really think that little theory is quite interesting! I never thought about that before... mind blowing, if you ask me. Your blog never fails to inform me! ^.^ Keep up the great work, Lostfairy!

    1. Yay!! I can't wait to see them! :o :D

      Oh my goodness, you make me feel so happy. I read this comment and practically floated. Thank you so so much! Your so sweet, Taffy. (XDD)


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