Friday, 19 August 2016

I'm leaving...

Hey guys!

Today, I have to say something sad...

I'm leaving.

HA! Got you! XD Ok, probably not because you can just see down here that I said "HA!" so...

Well, actually, I am leaving. But not forever! That would be awfully sad. I couldn't leave all my friends. >.<

I'm leaving for camp on the 21ist to the 27th. I'm going with my sister, Koolestkat, so it should be a lot of fun. :D It's my second time going to camp so wish me luck!

But. I'll miss you guys. And I'll miss my RIM post! Ah! I'll miss all your comments that I get.

And speaking of comments, I'll be turning off comment moderation just of the week I'm gone. But no spam and mean things. If I get any, I'll delete it when I get home.

Oh man... I can only imagine how many posts I'll have to catch up on after I come home. Man, it'll be a lot! XD

Since I'll be leaving, I thought I should post another chapter of "Jamaasian High"! In it, you'll meet some new characters... COULD IT BE YOU? XD

And just a reminder, if your not in the story yet, don't worry. You'll get in it soon. :)

Well, this is goodbye... Forever... Nah, just for a week but still. XD

Bye, guys. Oh man, I think I'm tearing up.

Jam... sniffle... on! (XD)

Wow! This is the 50th post! :O


  1. I will miss you while you're gone! I hope you have fun, though!

    1. I'll miss you too. :'( XD I hope I do too. O.O Hopefully, my horse is going to be ok... xD

    2. YOU.

      OH MY GOSH THAT'S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! :O

    3. XDD I'm really sorry to disappoint you but I meant my horse at camp. I don't actually own a horse and I should have been more clear that it wasn't mine. XDDD LOL, BUT I DO OWN A PLUSHY HORSE! DOES THAT COUNT?!!!! XDDD

    4. Ohhh! Hey, that's still awesome! My camp doesn't have horses!

      XDDD, sure, it counts. XD

  2. I got so scared when I saw the title XD. Thank goodness you're only going to be gone for a little while! We'll still miss you though! And yus for JH


    1. YES! Someone thought that. XDDDD Yeah, I don't think I'd survive without this little community. I'll miss you to!! And :O You just nicknamed Jamaasian High! I didn't even think of that. XD YAY!!!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Violet!!! :D I'll miss your comments. *sniffles*

  4. Have fun at camp!!! Try not to worry too much about your blog while you're there. Unless you really wanna document everything that went down on AJ since you left, I'm sure it's fine if you just feel like skipping a few days. It's your decision! :D

    BTW, I see you got a follower widget! Yay!!! Now I can follow u and remember to comment more often!!! Your blog is excellent as always, but I always forget to comment lol. You leave such kind comments on my own blog, so it's only right I return the favor :D

    Again, have a wonderful time at camp!


    1. Thanks, Doomy! :D Yeah, I'll probably just skip the rare item post. ^-^

      LOL, I actually got that a while ago but yeah! Now you can. :D Awww, thank you, Doomy. That is really sweet of you. <3

      Thanks so much! I'm super nervous, because I love my family and don't wanna leave them but kinda excited too. :)

  5. Aw, have a safe and fun trip! :)

  6. Srry I haven't been commenting, been busy lately. And now when I'm NOT your camping! LOL

    1. XD It's totally fine! I know how it is to be busy. ;)

  7. OK I NEED TO DO MY SCHOOL, I HAVE ONLY DONE MEH MATH!!! I still have English, Spelling, and cursive.... CYA LATER XD

  8. HEEEEEEEYYYYYY have a good time!

    1. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! XD I'M BACK!!! LOL, I had SUCH a good time!


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